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If you could have any celebrity of your choice guest star on Community, who would it be and what would they play?

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Hello Buster! Congratulations on the World Series victory and MVP award. So happy to see my favorite player from my favorite sports team take the time to do an AMA. I don’t know how much you know about Reddit or if you come here often, but all of us over at the nice little community of /r/SFGiants welcome you and I'm sure those in /r/baseball welcome you too! Here are some questions some fellow users from there wanted to ask:

  1. “Could you see yourself becoming a manager later on in your career?” /u/a-nutella-sandwich

  2. “Do you hear many comparisons between Bochy and yourself?” /u/a-nutella-sandwich

  3. “Is balls to the walls really that funny?” /u/a-nutella-sandwich

  4. “What was going through your head while the ball was soaring towards Blanco during Matts perfect game?” /u/Jonahoe

  5. “In all honesty, do you want to stay a Giant for your whole career or do you want to try going to other teams?” /u/zapyou42

  6. “Would you rather listen to Brandon Belt sing karaoke or watch Santiago Casilla hit?” /u/zapyou42

  7. “What's your favorite food that the team's chef makes for you?” /u/jumpingtheship

  8. “If you could take one player from the Dodgers to play for the Giants, who do you take?” /u/jumpingtheship

  9. “Would you personally prefer to gradually phase out of the catcher position or can you see yourself being a catcher for the rest of your career, perhaps with a fair amount of games at 1st like in the 2012 season (hey that worked out well, didn't it?)? BTW, I'm a huge Giants/Posey fan, I just got your jersey with a WS patch, of course, for Christmas! Go Giants!” /u/KobraCola

  10. “What part of your overall game are you working to improve on the most, and how are you going about doing that?” /u/supervin

  11. “Aside from the actual winning, what did you enjoy most about the post-season?” /u/supervin

  12. “What are your thoughts on the new year-round interleague format? Is there anything you are or aren't looking forward to about it? For or against the DH?” /u/supervin

  13. “When behind the dish, does any conversation happen between you and the batter? If so, what is it usually like?” /u/PlanetZito

  14. “How often does Bochy call the pitches? When you do call pitches; do you go by scouting reports or do you size the batter up and call based on the pitcher?” /u/PlanetZito

  15. “Why do you like hitting change-ups? (It seems like a lot of your homeruns were off of hanging change-ups)” /u/PlanetZito

  16. “Do you remember me? I got your attention at Fanfest with some giant Kruk and Kuip heads and you smiled at me. Made my day :D” /u/PlanetZito

  17. “In the NLDS, when you hit the grand slam, did you watch it at the plate to see if it would hit the Mat Latos sign in left center?” /u/hargmarlin

  18. “Comparing the division race in 2010 and 2012, when the giants clinched the NL west last year so much earlier than going to the final game of the season in 2010, what was the mindset of the team last year, having secured the spot?” /u/ussbaney

  19. Besides catching the the final outs of two World Series titles, calling a perfect game, and crushing a grand slam off Mat Latos, are there any moments/at-bats that particularly stand out in your mind?

  20. After growing up and watching Chipper Jones, what was it like being able to actually play against him and with him in the All Star Game, and then even get awarded the MVP Award by him? Did you have to contain yourself so you wouldn't go all crazy fanboy on him? Haha

Lastly, I would just like to say thank you, I grew up embracing the black and orange and worshiping Barry Bonds, and after his departure it felt like there was a giant hole in the team, it simply wasn’t the same. He left massive cleats (and helmets) to fill and I’m sure many fans like myself wondered when the next big thing would come and how long it would take for a player to capture the heart and soul of this city. First it seemed as if Lincecum or Sandoval would be it but then you came right out of Fresno and took the league by storm. Two full seasons and you have a ROTY, MVP, and two World Series trophies under your belt. I was there when you played the Dodgers and you took the squat in a Giants uniform for the very first time, and I’ll be there to watch you receive your first (and hopefully not only) MVP Award, I can’t wait to see what it is you’ll accomplish next.

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I think it would be better if he addressed himself in 3rd person and yelled "BUSTER AIN'T HAVING IT!"

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We put up with all of Scott Pollard's crazy hair styles, I'm sure we can handle your mullet.