As I've seen a few what's porn really like threads I thought I would do a behind the scenes of porn AMA.

Verification: I'm Madison Missina on set with Adult Voyeur.. Check out twitter @MadisonMissina and @adultvoyeur

Please just be patient if its my turn to shoot I'll have to disappear for a couple of hours..

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MadisonMissina133 karma

Here's some photos for you know.. Science!!

Enjoy!! XXX

shadmere101 karma

Wow, you're a lot more attractive than most porn people.

Good... job, I guess. :p

MadisonMissina67 karma

Thank you Babe!!

ryanjames0134 karma

You look familiar.

MadisonMissina54 karma

Hmmm so do you!

TheLazyEngineer27 karma

This isnt your first time on reddit.

MadisonMissina38 karma

No... It's not!!

enoch_lost32 karma

I want to be so creepy you don't even understand. 0_o

MadisonMissina59 karma

Go on then creep the fuck out of me...

iamaredditer20 karma

Are those natural or enhanced?

MadisonMissina53 karma

They are enhanced!! But they feel and act like natural ones!!

iamaredditer39 karma

Well they deff look like they need a good motorboat performed on them.

MadisonMissina69 karma

Are you volunteering?

AveofSpades47 karma

What's something nerdy about you that not many people know?

MadisonMissina94 karma

I only read non fiction in particular research articles and essays.. I absolutely love quantum physics..

The_Serious_Account261 karma

What a coincidence! As a quantum physicist, I absolutely love porn.

MadisonMissina143 karma

OMG.. We're meant to be..

LifelessPoo21 karma

would you give Stephen Hawking a freebie?

MadisonMissina57 karma

I'm actually trained by touching base and on our government list of sex workers trained to see disabled clients.

And I would gladly do a contra with Stephen Hawking! He could tutor me!

dancing_raptor_jesus13 karma

Their's a government list of sex workers who are trained to see disabled people? Could you elaborate?

MadisonMissina7 karma

It's called Touching Base. You have to be a social worker working in disabilities to access it.

lordsenneian12 karma

Do you understand quantum physics?

MadisonMissina28 karma

Parts of it. My favourite theory is fractal time theory. I would say I have a very basic understanding at best. I know enough to understand science articles and read the books by krauss etc. But it's a stretch for me. The whole science just blows my mind!

lordsenneian41 karma

I only ask because the saying goes, if you think you understand quantum physics, then you don't understand quantum physics. So, right answer.

MadisonMissina16 karma

Oh LOL!!

AveofSpades12 karma

What article/paper have you read within the last year that has most moved you emotionally?

MadisonMissina15 karma

The one on jealousy.. It's in my blog which is on my site..

I love the metaphor of jealousy as a broken refrigerator. I think the essay breaks down a difficult concept to make simple and easy to accept!

MelodieMaker8 karma


MadisonMissina18 karma

Yep! I'm an Aussie!

AccusationsGW6 karma

It's funny how you mention jealousy is a problem in monogamous relationships as well as polyamory.

It's obvious if deal with it much, but tons of people think monogamy cures all jealousy.

MadisonMissina17 karma

Yeah, monogamy cures jealousy like amputation cures a stubbed toe!!

this_is_bananas45 karma

Are you still working as an escort?

MadisonMissina53 karma

Yes I am!! That's my first love!

this_is_bananas30 karma

what do you love about it?

MadisonMissina60 karma

I love the theatre of it all.. Getting prepared, setting the scene..

I love getting to know my clients.. Hearing their secrets! It's awesome!

Momento_MoriHL30 karma


MadisonMissina46 karma

You can ask me those questions here too babe.. Anything involving my career I'm happy to talk about!

Momento_MoriHL34 karma


MadisonMissina47 karma

  1. I do both..

  2. I work for myself so I get 100% but of course like all businesses I have expenses..

  3. Hygiene!! The cleaner and more well kept you are the closer I get!! Also cut and vlean your fingernails!And allow me to move at my own pace, I'm about creating awesome genuine sexual experiences. If you come in and expect to start fucking me hardcore immediately, I won't be relaxed, my boundaries will be up and you'll get what you paid for nothing more nothing less and wont be welcomed back.

  4. Perfect time is 2 hours. I can do a really good experience in 90 minutes but 2 hrs means we can both relax and do a good amount of activities..

What_da_Funk18 karma

What would you charge for 2 hours? Do you ever travel interstate

MadisonMissina41 karma

2 hrs is $1150 and I travel interstate where it's legal. The fee is $4000 plus travel expenses.

this_is_bananas28 karma

I never liked the idea of being with an escort because it's a huge turn-off to be with someone who just wants to get the act over with as soon as possible and collect their money. I get the sense that you actually enjoy yourself. Maybe this is a good excuse to finally visit Australia :P

MadisonMissina57 karma

Well, I get my payment first..

And have been known to hold my clients hostage for an extended time to get just one more orgasm!!

It pays gentlemen, to have good sex skills..

iamaredditer43 karma

Do you take it in the pooper?

MadisonMissina58 karma

No I don't.. There is not enough fluffing.

Anal to me is something that I only enjoy with a very few trusted people!

MelodieMaker37 karma

At the same time?

MadisonMissina49 karma

As much as I enjoy group sex.. No

prinxTiger21 karma

Yo, your website has a spelling mistake.


If you are already an established friend of Madison’s than you know how best to reach her.

Should be then. Just helping.

MadisonMissina13 karma

Thank you!! I'll get that fixed!

GrumblesFTW39 karma

I have no question, i simply find it funny that when i first saw this, there were 69 comments in the thread

MadisonMissina37 karma

I actually wanted to stop following people on twitter when I got to 69 for that same reason!!

xVictor38 karma


MadisonMissina66 karma

Like sex!!

iamaredditer37 karma

What is the funniest blooper you have scene on set?

MadisonMissina95 karma


Yesterday we were going hard during a full sex scene, lots of moaning, very sensual, great chemistry.

Then we hear the loudest Moo from a near by cow!! All we could do was laugh!!

iamaredditer48 karma

haha that is pretty funny. I saw this one while disgusting it was funny. Some girl was licking this dudes ass and he cut one. She began punching him relentlessly. he deserved much worse cause he like farted right on her tongue.

MadisonMissina61 karma

Ewhh!!! That's gross! And an actually fear of mine!! I'm also apprehensive of cumshots in the eye!

missyface34 karma

How do you act sexy? My fiance watches a ton of porn and I feel like I look silly when i try to look sexy during intercourse. Do you practice in the mirror?

MadisonMissina40 karma

I learnt by turning myself on and paying attention to what I do..

Then I mimick it..

And lots of slow breathing.. Somehow it gets me there..

The_Serious_Account27 karma

Just a warning. I watch porn, but I'd never want my SO to look or act like that in bed. Just relax and enjoy sex as much as possible. Let go.

MadisonMissina14 karma

I agree with you here.. As talent we fluff ourselves prior to the scene and during breaks.. And I think that is hotter than when the cameras roll..

What_da_Funk31 karma

What's the porn scene like in Aus? Many opportunities to work? What's the pay or other rewards like?

MadisonMissina44 karma

It's much smaller than the US. We have 6 main production companies, and a few very small companies.

The pay is on par with US porn. But unfortunately there is not enough filming opportunities so most of us also do other work!

What_da_Funk14 karma

Did you get any opportunities to work in the states on your recent visit? Would you do more porn here if you had the opportunity?

MadisonMissina24 karma

I met a few agents and producers. I was told I had to do something dogie to get a state ID. Now I also give talks at Johnny Sopornos workshops so I don't want to do anything that will harm my chances of re-entering. So at the moment I don't think I'll bother with US porn.

But if someone's shows me a legal way to do it I will certainly think about it!!

I did however meet a webcam contact, and I will certainly be doing that very soon!

Matingas31 karma

why do porn actresses use the term "pornstar" so much?

doesn't the "star" part means you are internationally acclaimed and achieve whatever pornstars achieve?

I'm not trying to be condescending at all, I love porn too, but there's seriously so many girls that have a few films out and they call themselves pornstars..

MadisonMissina61 karma

We actually call ourselves female talent. But that's industry talk.

Pornstar is what society calls us and the easiest thing for me to say..

I went through a phase of saying I film porn, but everyone thought that meant I was a producer.

So now I just say pornstar to non industry, and female talent or talent to industry folk.

Matingas18 karma

thanks for the reply.

society should stop using "pornstar" so loosely, i think it demeans the girls that really worked for "stardom" and it makes it seem like a title that can be easily attained.

MadisonMissina20 karma

Yes I agree with you!

nomansland33324 karma

What is your absolute favorite part of the whole pornography business?

MadisonMissina47 karma

I love the bonding that happens between all the talent and crew. We become so close so quick.. It's really an awesome environment!!

And... I love being able to just walk around naked and it's all treated as business as usual!!!

Plus I get to play with some pretty hot people!

MrPoliceGaming22 karma

What is a residential porn set?

MadisonMissina37 karma

It's where talent, crew and producers all live together on set and literally eat, sleep and film porn!!

Release_the_KRAKEN21 karma

What's the food situation like?

MadisonMissina37 karma

We have someone cooking for us and cleaning up! She is awesome and makes time here a pleasure!!

Dinner last night was yum!

We're all very pampered here!

Release_the_KRAKEN26 karma


MadisonMissina35 karma

Breakfast I got bacon and eggs! Lunch was ham cheese and salad!

Last night was a chicken and veggie stir fry!!!

Sparta_Warrior_7022 karma

I gotta say I wasn't turned on until you said bacon, I think I need to take a long hard look at my life.

MadisonMissina17 karma

Well there's nothing better than bacon!

DoYouEvenUpVote17 karma

No sausage?

MadisonMissina62 karma

That was my after dinner treat!!

Release_the_KRAKEN6 karma

That sounds delicious!

What's the dessert menu like?

MadisonMissina16 karma

No dessert around models!! Got to keep our figures!!

4mtomdng20 karma

[tw: rape] What do you think of the documentary "Hardcore" from 2001, in which a single mother comes to the states to get into porn and ends up pretty much getting raped by Max Hardcore. How is a guy like that still in business? How normal is that in your line of work and what recourse is there for actresses who are put into such situations? If a camerman grabbed your ass on a shoot, would that be sexual harassment?

MadisonMissina36 karma

Even though we're in the sex trade we still have our human rights and legislation protecting us.

I haven't seen that doco.. But from what you described.. It's raped and she could press charges.

Yes a camera man touching my ass is harassment.

supertrash20 karma

Have you ever fallen in love with a client?

Do clients ever try to pursue a relationship with you?

Does the GFE ever get so good that they become jealous because you're with other men?

MadisonMissina41 karma

No I've never fallen in love with a client but I do grow love my clients. It's hard to describe. I had one pass away late last year and it did affect me. I genuinely care for my clients.

Yes I've had many fall in love with me and try to pursue a relationship. I don't date my clients as a rule as they are in love with my escort side not me. Dating an escort is not glamourous and contains very little sex.

I recently had to break up with my sugar daddy as he forgot his role. He started sending me mean texts, cancelling out dates as he knew I was working that day. He made me feel like I could not be me.. Yet he was trying to turn us into a relationship. I tried to help him with his jealousy, but in the end, my life is too busy to deal with someone so insecure..

What_da_Funk16 karma

What was the whole sugar daddy experience like? Where did you find each other? What was your remuneration and what did he expect in return?

MadisonMissina25 karma

He was a client who really liked me and wanted to have a "part time relationship" with me..

I charged him way less than I should have but I thought he was a nice guy.

Ultimately that deal was a waste of my time, I lost out on so much money because if him..

Megachick19 karma

do you have a pet?

MadisonMissina27 karma

I have two cats!!!

Megachick11 karma

awh <3 what are their names?

MadisonMissina18 karma

Turbo and Boombus

A_Jewish_Nazi18 karma

Madison, send me a pic and/or video of your sexual organs so I can test the chemical reactions to my testes.

MadisonMissina22 karma

Plenty on twitter.. @madisonmissina

understa12318 karma

What was the most awkward experience you had on set?

MadisonMissina24 karma

I haven't had one..

DonnyShocker18 karma

How often do you get recognised in public?

MadisonMissina24 karma

Not very often but it's becoming more frequent!


how do you react? what do people usually do?

MadisonMissina11 karma

I'm very humbled. I have some amazing fans that are so supportive and I just love them!

I'm happy to pose for photos and sign autographs.

stopdropnrofl16 karma

You've had sugar daddies, and escort / shoot porn. Honestly do you have the desire to be in a long term relationship with a man? A real one. Like.. NOT involving money?

Is it difficult for you or them? And on a side note how old are you?

I used to date a pornstar so I apologize if I come off as rude. It's purely curiosity. If I watched your porn, I'm sure it would be beautiful.

MadisonMissina28 karma

I am in a long term committed relationship with the best man that I've ever found! And it's not difficult, we are both on the same page, we talk a lot it's really awesome!

I'm 30...

yomenimok16 karma

how long does a shoot usually take? do they spread them over numerous days? how did you get into pornography?

MadisonMissina34 karma

It really depends.. My shortest time has been about an hour the longest about 4-5 ish hours..

Shoots are usually done over a weekend.. And the producers usually try to fit in as many scenes as possible!

I got into porn by being spotted when I was a host on BabeTVLive..

yomenimok29 karma

is it true that they sometimes shoot the cum shot first in case he accidentaly blows?

MadisonMissina61 karma


Sometimes it gets all too hot and the guy needs to blow so we do the cum shot..

Clean up..

Get him hard and continue!!

youtke15 karma

In your escort work, have clients come to you to lose their virginity?

MadisonMissina28 karma

More than I can count!

Momento_MoriHL14 karma


MadisonMissina26 karma

It depends on what they want. Some just want to experience sex. Others are about to get married and want to learn moves for their new wives..

redspyder14 karma

Hi, thanks for the AmA. Was your first girl-girl experience in front of the camera? If not, how was it compared to your first experience?

MadisonMissina27 karma

My first girl girl was when I was around 5...

So it's very different.. But still with no pubic hair!

5had0w13 karma

Im on the east coast aus. If you ever need a replacement stud, you know who to call.

MadisonMissina19 karma

It's actually really hard for guys. They need stamina, hard erections, fantastic orgasm control.

late_forthesky12 karma

Where is most of the porn industry in Australia? I've lived here my whole life and never encountered it

MadisonMissina14 karma

Mainly on the easy coast!!

The companies I've filmed with are

What_da_Funk5 karma

Is it legal to film porn in all states? I thought you could only film in the ACT or NT (same as buying porn)

MadisonMissina14 karma

Only selling porn is regulated. You can film porn anywhere.

MikeVoldemort11 karma

How do pornstars choose their stage names?

MadisonMissina9 karma

We make them up or someone names us.. There is no formula!

ShovelFace10 karma

what kinds of guys do you date? how can a guy make a good impression on you?

MadisonMissina16 karma

I date normal guys..

How to make a good impression..

Have good hygiene..

Say hi

Be interested in my brains.. They're delicious..

m1llwall10 karma

I saw your prices, and uhh.. how often people pay you 3k for fun time?

MadisonMissina9 karma

Do you mean for the client?

m1llwall5 karma

I mean how often people are buying services from you which cost 1k-3k?

MadisonMissina6 karma

I have a client that sees me twice a week. Others monthly, whenever they can afford really..

whoalymoly9 karma

Do you ever clients who are nervous to have sex with you or even see you in the beginning b/c they've never been with someone so hot or had someone pay attention to, I'm not that guy at all...I have no idea what it feels like to be him ;)

MadisonMissina11 karma

Yes absolutely, I have guys that just want to talk to me.

I of course spend time with them showing them how normal I am! So I can seduce them!!

MelodieMaker9 karma


MadisonMissina20 karma

At a calculation somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 I really wish I'd kept track through the years..

fuck_usernames430 karma

So basically you're a normal Australian girl?

Source: I'm Australian

MadisonMissina27 karma

Absolutely!! We just bonk like rabbits down under!!

What_da_Funk8 karma

Will your porn only be available online or on DVD? When do you expect it to be released?

MadisonMissina9 karma

Online mostly.. I believe popporn may be a DVD but I'm not sure yet.,

madrussiant348 karma

1.What is the weirdest thing you have ever had to do 2. How did you get into the porn industry

MadisonMissina14 karma

  1. Umm squish snails, cling wrap men, milk a guy like a cow..

  2. I was spotted when I was a host on BabeTVLive.. Asked if I would like to film, said yes!

nebnnud7 karma

What positions suck and are just there for the camera angle/good shot?

MadisonMissina9 karma

There are loads of angled positions. So the camera can get in close to capture the action.

All the ones on the side are the most comfortable with large cocks..

What_da_Funk6 karma

Was your fav type of scene? Girl/girl or boy/girl? Or solo?

MadisonMissina9 karma

Girl girl are the easiest.. Boy girl feels most porn.

I like them all..

phucjuu5 karma

What are your views of some women that restrict there husbands/ boyfriends from watching porn? I do realize not all women are the same but most have negative view of the porn industry.

MadisonMissina7 karma

They are asking for trouble.

A large percentage of my clients speak about their wives restricting their sexuality so they come to me to explore.

Their wives are missing out on so much intimacy with their partners from doing this, I really feel sorry for them.

What_da_Funk4 karma

SO how many scenes have you shot so far this weekend? How many to go?

MadisonMissina6 karma

I've shot: 2 boy girl full length scenes. 2 lesbian 1 BJ threesome

Shooting another 6 scenes tomorrow..

What_da_Funk7 karma

Wow!! Do you get paid per scene or for the whole weekend?

MadisonMissina7 karma

Per scene