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You have just become my daughters hero mentioning narwhals!

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Hi, thanks for the AmA. Was your first girl-girl experience in front of the camera? If not, how was it compared to your first experience?

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Dr. Reynolds, I am an RN at a local hospital. We routinely use germicidal wipes such as Sani-Cloth to clean surfaces in patient rooms and nurses stations. There is often talk about creating superbugs by doing this. Do you fell that the over use of such products could lead to mutations of bacteria and viruses?

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Thanks for the reply her expression was priceless. Her followup question if you get a chance is "Ask him if when he mentions them if very many people know what they are" thanks agani for the reply.

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Do you think it will be difficult for you to have an average sex life ( as compared with non-industry workers ), or has that part of your life been played out?