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No, just answer them all.

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I only ask because the saying goes, if you think you understand quantum physics, then you don't understand quantum physics. So, right answer.

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Do you understand quantum physics?

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Don't take it so serious.

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I have to tell you that I'm not really a fan of a cheap disposable gun that will probably be unreliable and useless after one or two uses. But I also understand this is just the larval stage of this technology.

I'm also glad that this may change the debate away from stricter gun laws to how to make a better society by going after the real problems of inequality in schools, the workforce, and healthcare as ways to stop crimes. Politicians cling to easily repeatable catch phrases to earn votes and pass legislation. I believe your work in the forefront of this technology will force the politicians to confront WHY someone would want to commit crimes rather that HOW they do it.