Hey guys, I've recently been front paged again for my music video "Just A Bill": http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/18chuz/not_your_average_rapper_meet_billy_the_fridge/

I was also Jabba the Hutt in the next level hover hand that was front paged recently: http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/14hu12/nextlevel_hover_hand/

I was also Wrestler that Vomits and Passes out in the ring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8EVosf3NM4

Here is my proof: http://i.imgur.com/VRD8HFx.jpg (It's also sort of proof that I'm wearing nothing but my donut chain right now... deal with it)

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iamaredditer80 karma

Damn Bro 500 lbs is a fucking lot you need to lose like two super models and get down to round 300 if you want to live to see 50.

billythefridge7 karma

Honestly, I think I'm down to around 450lbs. I haven't weighed myself for a while. At one point I was around 550lbs. I have been actively making diet changes tho... but still, I would never want to be below 350lbs. I like being a bigger guy. if I got that low i'd start body building or something. Being big is not inherently unhealthy. There's a whole movement called Healthy At Every Size that pushes that agenda.

_TaseT102 karma

Billy, I would like to respectfully tell you that you are both delusional and gullible.

billythefridge11 karma

fine. i will remember that next time i don't really care.

_TaseT53 karma

Someday you will care. I hope that day isn't your last.

billythefridge6 karma

thank you for your concern, seriously. i just hear it about 3-5 times a day and it doesn't seem to help!

iamaredditer20 karma

Well Oprah started big is beautiful. But she dropped her weight. Do you eat healthy or lots of fast food or greasy foods?

billythefridge34 karma

I gave up Soda and Fast Food in nearly 2 years ago and have dropped 100 pounds or so. I also eat a lot of nuts and proteins. I have been over 300 pounds since before I was 10 years old, so I've always been huge. Only within the last two years have I contemplated losing weight.

PromiscuousSandwich24 karma


billythefridge24 karma


hexagram10 karma

How tall were you at 10? I'm trying to imagine a 300 lb kid in my old fourth grade class, that's crazy. Doesn't just merely having all that extra weight put a lot of stress on (all of) your organs, but mainly your heart, no matter how healthy you eat?

billythefridge-4 karma

i was 5'2"... i was always super built because i was active. i would drink almost a gallon of milk every day growing up. i think that protein made my muscles ridiculous. i don't have any diagnosed conditions so far. pretty healthy.

White-Ninja2 karma

300 at 10!! Could you even walk?

billythefridge3 karma

I was 300 at 12. My bad. Been in Los Angeles for a week doing business.

onafarawaybeach16 karma

Healthy At Every Size

This is not possible. At some upper limit you are unhealthy regardless. That's why you never see really fat elderly people, they're all mostly skinny. I doubt you can be healthy above 250 regardless.

billythefridge3 karma

My grandmother is 300lbs and 83... I've got plus size genes.

NigerianDemigod13 karma

Pretty shitty that you have to be morbidly obese in order to maintain your rapper gimmick. You, Rick Ross, and maybe Fat Joe will all follow Big Pun. Whatever though, #YOLO it up.

billythefridge14 karma

You only live once, but you can eat multiple times a day.

missig68 karma

I assume that you are using the term sex symbol very loosely here.

billythefridge67 karma

naw, there's a large community of fat lovers that look at me like their marilyn monroe. i get facebook adds from people who's entire friend lists are fat dudes without shirts on. so creepy. but beyond that, in a non-fetish sense, ladies love me.

revjeremyduncan20 karma

What?! Where do I find this community of fat lovers?

billythefridge60 karma

they found me. it gets dark. google "feeders"

krazykenn22 karma

What are you sayin' about Billy?

Billy is a sexy motherfucker.

billythefridge31 karma

krazykenn knows!

krazykenn42 karma

There's a comment saying you shoulda named yourself "Die-A-Beat-Es".

I think it's pretty clever. Would you have picked it if you thought of it before 'Billy The Fridge'?

billythefridge44 karma

naw, while it's very clever, i'd save it for somebody who actually suffers from the affliction. i think it would mean a lot more to them. i know of a nerdcore rapper named MC Diabeats, she actually suffers from it, so let her have it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwzP_qitq10

sp00kyd00m26 karma

But "whens the last time ya heard a funky diabetic?"

billythefridge25 karma

i heard that George Clinton got diabetes.

krazykenn11 karma

What if my fridge is named Billy too and he's an aspiring musician?

billythefridge37 karma

just make sure he keeps it fresh and doesn't abuse the baking soda. there's a lot of aspiring musicians out there and not all of them have donut necklaces.

SenorDing_Dong1 karma

Oh, my... GOD. Now I want a donut necklace.

billythefridge9 karma

I need to manufacture these things.

1a2a3 karma

Hey big boi, who's your favorite rapper of all time? and what did you think of Tupac?

billythefridge2 karma

Tupav is my fave of all time. Ludacris may have beaten him if he had kept up his earlier style.

TarBarrel2 karma

So sure?
When was last time you checked your blood for sugar?

billythefridge0 karma

i taste my blood all the time, it's not very sweet

Robot_Lizard22 karma

If you could pick anyone in the world (fictional or nonfictional, dead or alive) who would be your ideal sex slave? The catch, you have to eat every baby you make.

billythefridge120 karma

Three-way with Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth!

SmangAllDay19 karma


billythefridge38 karma

i'm easy to hate. there's a large amount of people who see fat as stupid and lazy. i was at a seminar about a decade ago and there was a 50 year old man that told me, that before he met me, he always only saw fat people as human cattle. truly subhuman beings. then he started to cry and really confided in my for opening up his views on other people. beyond that, many people fear becoming fat themselves, society trains them to feel bad if they put on a few pounds. i imagine that somebody with a few hundred extra pounds would be pure evil in their minds.

Mograne3 karma

It's crazy..the stories of people who used to be fat/super fat and then lose a ton of weight and then how people are nicer to them just because they're in shape. Fuck the haters keep doing you my dude. Just gotta roll with the punches...most of the people hating are probably bronies or loners while you're doing something you love.

billythefridge4 karma

thanks Mograne! there is a lot of fat prejudice. people think you're weak or stup, subhuman i've heard it genuinely described by some. at the end of the day, im just glad that i can make it work to my benefit.

Mograne2 karma

Ross did it, Fat Joe did it, Big Pun did it. If you're a big dude, make just as much money as the skinny dude next to you and get ass like him all while eating all the stuff you love it looks like you have the better end of the situation .

billythefridge2 karma

That's the plan!

AnalSmasher15 karma

Being all sorts of drunk, I was really hoping that your doughnut was real.


billythefridge17 karma

haha, i've had so many people bite my donut drunk. a couple girls have taken some of the fake glaze off it. it's very real looking. some people will even touch it and still think it's real.

desitheredhead12 karma

What kind of donut is your favorite? Also, have you ever heard of TWIZTID? Do you like them?

billythefridge37 karma

my favorite type of donut is a dozen. old fashioned, maple bar and apple fritter are almost always in that dozen

desitheredhead7 karma

Do you like the filled donuts?

billythefridge22 karma

i love 'em, there's a Canadian Maple that is like a Boston Cream with Maple topping instead of Chocolate. It's GOOD!!

French872 karma

Too blinded by donuts to even acknowledge the other parts of the question.


billythefridge2 karma

Lol, used to bump Twizted about 10 years ago. WE DON'T DIE!

bubblepilot11 karma

What's the girl situation like for you? Someone with your weight would normally have a difficult time meeting anyone but does the rap thing change that?

billythefridge15 karma

i am not like most people with my weight situation. i don't lack self confidence. i am not socially awkward. i have very adorable characteristics... women find my eyes, hair, humor and talent easy to focus on. not saying other fat people don't have these qualities, but i do think i might be the sexiest man my size in the world. just be the most genuine, quality person you can be and women will admire you... no matter how you look http://i.imgur.com/e48TVyU.png

Errrooorrr15 karma

she looks stable

billythefridge8 karma

She is, as you can tell from this vid of her http://theinterrobang.com/2012/10/drunk-chick-meets-karma/

jpr28110 karma


I'm sorry, BTF. No questions for you. Just would like to say you're awesome.

billythefridge14 karma

yeaaaaah! thanks, jpr!!

Stevens8610 karma

what do you think about bill gates AMA?

billythefridge24 karma

I think it's awesome that he takes his kids to play in Garbage Dumps. Maybe Garbage Dump can be the next big hit to dethrone Thrift Shop. #WritesARap Also, old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woTiQBmMyDg

Veloci-Raptor9 karma

Serious question: Do you ever run out of breath rapping?

billythefridge11 karma

sometimes, not usually tho. i often do about 20 to 40 minute stage sets on my own just fine. once tho, under hot lights, free beer and pain meds because my back was out, I did PUKE about 4 minutes into my set. Then finished the next 30 minutes a champ!

_Charlie7 karma

This is awesome! Absolutely love your flow, you should totally try get a collab going with Andy Milonakis, that'd be heaven!

rsubalex3 karma

damn that shit goes hard, you got a new fan sir

billythefridge2 karma

+1 appreciation

AceVenturas2 karma

Think you made a bunch of fans recently. Definitely gonna put a lot of people on to you.

billythefridge1 karma

that is awesome. i hope your friends don't think you're weird when you show them my stuff!!

_Charlie3 karma

well.. I guess the joke's on me. No idea how I missed this - Massive big ups from England and good luck for the future!

Ninja edit: Question: How did you get the name 'Billy The Fridge'? Found the answer

billythefridge4 karma

ninja vanish! i hope to see England soon!!

bbq-chips7 karma

What are you running on, Billy? R-12, R-22, R-407A, R-442A? I GOTTA KNOW!

billythefridge16 karma

I'm running on R-infinity. Actually, this refrigerator doesn't do much running.

4O4_NotFound2 karma

This reply right here shows that you look at play of words differently than others and that is why you are successful. I have not heard of you before today (sorry), but I will def listen to you more. After listening to your first link in the OP, I enjoy it.

Second: I will probably get downvoted for this, but may I ask what your thoughts are on "Odd Future"?

billythefridge2 karma

I love Odd Future! Met Hodgy Beats at a show I did with Riff Raff and he's been cool as hell!

scissorsbeatspaper6 karma

Loving the music dude! Who are your biggest writing influences?

billythefridge25 karma

I grew up listening to Tupac and Weird Al, all the time. They were the most owned artists in my CD Collection. Very heavy westcoast influence. I truly think Aqua's Barbie Girl has a subconscious effect on my music too.

JoesMonkeyLand6 karma

How did you think of the name "the Fridge"?

billythefridge32 karma

my government is William Berry, a letter off from Chicago Bears superstar William "The Refrigerator" Perry. My size and similar name earned me the nick "Refrigerator" and I adapted it to sound like "Billy the Kid". No regrets.

FreedomorDeath6 karma


billythefridge10 karma

Would you like me to make you some sandwiches?

smish_smorsh6 karma

No question, I just really enjoyed this AMA. Thanks Billy!

billythefridge2 karma

glad you enjoyed it! i'm happy to answer all questions

monkeymetroid6 karma

How long have you been rapping? I liked what I heard!

billythefridge15 karma

i worked with the seatte rap community for over a decade now (late 2000, i started). initially, i just did promotion work with a lot of the local artists. i was very close in the scene. some rappers would freestyle after sessions or shows and i'd jump in here or there. i always had something funny in tow. some would ask me to do songs, then i started recording tracks over industry beats for practice. then around 2008, somebody told me to put out a CD of what I recorded in practice. that was my Billy the Fridge's Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show disc (downloadable for free at BillyTheFridge dot com).

monkeymetroid5 karma

sweet i'll have to check out your website. glad your work got out on reddit!

billythefridge11 karma

very glad too, i've been on reddit for a couple years now and it's pretty cool to get this focus from the community!

Zrel5 karma

Hey Billy, Brian here. Not sure if you remember me from Jeff's card shop. I'm glad to see you doing well. How's your knee doing and are you still playing MtG?

billythefridge3 karma

Don't play a lot. Sometimes online. Miss the ol' store. Knee is doing okay now!

AlexanderSig5 karma

How do you stay so confident?

billythefridge13 karma

there comes a point in life where you have so much success and admiration that you'd be an idiot not to realize it. i am confident because i am constantly reminded by others that i am going in the right direction.

HeartsAcesMaces3 karma

Hey Billy, quick question:

What do you think of Die Antwoord?

Also, diggin the Weird Al vibe man!!

billythefridge5 karma

I want to do a song with Yolandi Visser sooooooo bad!!!!

Dubniam3 karma

Are you worried about losing a limb to diabetes?

billythefridge2 karma

cross that road when it comes, i'm a very active human being and i don't have the betes yet. so that's cool.

ninjette8473 karma

I have to say, I always thought you were kind of a "joke rapper" but I just listened to your stuff and you're really good, I like it a lot. I'm watching the video for Seattle Love Story right now and it's great.

billythefridge5 karma

so glad you like that! that one kind of wrote itself. i like the joke rap stuff, but sometimes, you just have something more inside your pen

i_am_the_fish3 karma

Wanted to hate....CAN'T.

Dug the rap.

Why the fuck were you puking in the ring? Give us the story.

billythefridge6 karma

The story is crazy. 2 matches before mine was a "Yellow Discipline" match. The loser gets pee'd on the man in the winner's corner. I was in one man's corner. Walking to the ring with him, I chugged a gallon of water... you know, to insinuate a big pee. My guy lost. No big deal. Belly full of water, I go to big splash my opponent. It pushes the water upwards. I stand up and it starts coming out. I try to make a joke, every time I do, I puke again. So finally, I drop to roll out of the ring, with the ropes being very tight, so I threw myself at them to make sure i got under. It looks like i'm passing out, just going for the most efficient method of exit.

roo_roo3 karma

Really reminds me of Bruce Bogtrotter from the movie Matilda.


billythefridge6 karma

i eat cake like that everyday.

taytermuffin2 karma

I have a question for you, what do you look for in a girl? It sounds like all types go for you, but I wonder what types you go for.

billythefridge2 karma

i like a girl who looks at me like i'm the only man in the room

fingers2 karma

How does it feel to have gold?

billythefridge7 karma

it's absolutely amazing. i feel like a king. i'm expecting a throne delivered this week

arcinguy0 karma

Um, the opposite of not having it.

fingers3 karma

I gave him gold in another post.

billythefridge1 karma

thank you, by the way. it's pretty cool!

teearrohdoubleell2 karma

Dude your awesome keep your head up :)

billythefridge7 karma

head is always up. i'm in los angeles right now, put up in a hotel after filming some crazy reality show that got shut down in less than 24 hours by the Beverly Hills police department. my life is ridiculous

rsubalex2 karma

I know of you only because of this AMA. I listened to Just a Bill, shits gangsta ha.

billythefridge5 karma


AsksAboutMatrix2 karma

How would it feel to find out that you're actually merely a part of the Matrix?

billythefridge4 karma

it would be a relief. sometimes i feel like my life is a saturday morning cartoon... for adults

jbtk2 karma

Surely there is someone who could tell me the name of those girls in the hover hand picture, right? Please.

billythefridge4 karma

Jennifer Stano David and Lara Kim Kronfeld

radical012 karma

I was expecting a big black dude when i click your verification haha.. Have you ever considered power lifting? Do that shit and cultivate some mass!

billythefridge4 karma

I think if I get down to 350lbs I will start power lifting and then become a human wrecking machine

SPD-132 karma


billythefridge6 karma

thanks! working on giving you more stuff to follow!

Heavy_Chevy1 karma

diging the tunes man keep it up!, i saw maklemore in your video, did you guys ever write any material together?

billythefridge2 karma

I've know Mack for quite a while, but he and I never did a song together. We've done shows together and we run in the same circle, so I've got to drink a lot with him back in his rough days. Very talented dude.

dmanolar1 karma

Billy, what is the biggest thing you remember consuming in one sitting? Thanks for the AMA, Fridge!

billythefridge2 karma

i went to a buffet in Rhode Island, called The Nordic Lodge... they had whole lobsters, filet mignon, prime rib, all types of stuff. All you can eat. 2 hour time limit. I ate 10 heaping plates. it was so delicious... and like $80

dmanolar1 karma

That sounds like some fucking prime shit

billythefridge4 karma

it was great, hidden on a serene lake. i recommend it to everyone once.

K1ngunit1 karma

Hey dude, just listened to "im just a bill"poretty dope beats. Have you had any attention from any well known artists?

billythefridge3 karma

I've had a few artists give me some great feedback. I heard Aesop Rock really enjoyed one of my verses.

K1ngunit1 karma

sick dude, just read above about the any milonakis feature and listened to the track, good stuff .

billythefridge2 karma

yeah, i met andy on a social cam site. he used to have me troll girls in Tiny Chat with him.

czcss1 karma

I get it. Billy The Fridge because you're as big as a fridge.

And I'm sitting here thinking "Why the fuck would somebody name themsel... OOOOHHHHHH."

Clever, dude.

billythefridge1 karma

super clever!

leylens1 karma

Are you a Big B fan?

How much do you bench?

billythefridge5 karma

Big B is cool. Haven't heard a whole lot of his stuff, but I dig it. I don't know how much I bench. I throw logs and stuff around for exercise.

leylens2 karma

Holy shit so when you're not throwing it down, you're throwing them up. Awesome. Big B is a good guy hear more.

billythefridge4 karma

I will actively pursue more. Thanks.

leylens1 karma

thanks for being brave enough to do an AMA :)

billythefridge3 karma

if you think this is brave, you should have heard what i did last friday... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a71rf7AC_uI

DragonDriver1 karma

Found your video on the FP yesterday and listened to "I'm just a Bill" about 5 times on the way to work this morning.

As a man of larger carriage myself, I must ask:

Top Pot or Frost Doughnuts? Have you been to Po-Dog? It's fucking delicious. Upcoming shows?

billythefridge2 karma

Frost has a wilder selection, Top Poet's basics are superior. Po Dog is great, but nothing beats street corner dogs with cream cheese and grilled onions.

Chopsteryo1 karma

Yo, thanks for this ama. Do you know the rapper LD50? I think your style is quite similar to his. Also who are your inspirations?

billythefridge1 karma

not familiar with LD50, i'll check him out tho. and my inspirations are Tupac and Weird Al!

Chopsteryo1 karma

sweet thanks allot man. good luck in the future, your rhymes are dope. in your opinion which rap album is the best? also what do you think of kendrick lamar?

billythefridge1 karma

I think the best album might be Ludacris "Word of Mouf". That album is stacked. Kendrick Lamar is cool, but I'd be a liar if I said I've listened to his whole CD. I was kind of caught in the Macklemore rush during Kendrick's release. I don't usually look for music, I let it find me.

If the Gorillaz 2001 album had a little more rap on it, it might be the best rap album.

willsu1 karma

Just found out about you today.. love the tracks man. Keep up the good work :)

billythefridge1 karma

Glad you found me! I will keep it going.

earthworm_jim71 karma

Billy, I'm really diggin' the tunes dude.

I read down below that you were talking about losing weight. How do you think that will effect your potential as a rap artist?

billythefridge1 karma

I'm just losing weight so I can fit in an airline seat.

JimmyofTroy1 karma

I think I remember you from the BYWL. You used to hang with Scott Henson and VCW yeah?

billythefridge1 karma

yes, those are my roots. back when i wanted to be the next Yokozuna.

AceVenturas1 karma

Where is your music available for download? Your sense of humour and attitude is refreshing. Keep it up man!

[deleted]1 karma


billythefridge1 karma

awesome! i try to be more than a rapper. entertainer is a more apropos epithet

[deleted]1 karma


billythefridge1 karma

Glad to hear that. I've found smaller men to be more entertaining too.

C_hustle1 karma

Wow. There are amazing amount of A holes in this AMA. Props to you for being cool to people that were not cool to you. And most of all props to you for doing what you love and following your dreams. Good luck.

billythefridge1 karma

thanks, i do what i can with what i got and it works out most of the time.

niemandgeist1 karma

Duuuude... I don't normally like this kind of music but you are very talented and I am really, really digging your "Just a Bill" song, man. Seriously, this is good shit. Thanks for sharing! Everything that comes out of your mouth just flows so smoothly and at parts it's pretty fucking funny, too.

I only have one question, and I'm not asking you this to be a dick or anything. Honestly, I'm happy that you're finding success, but I have to ask: Are you concerned at all for your health being at this size? Do you have plans to try to get to a healthier weight?

I used to be around 230 pounds and I'm only 5'4" tall, so I've been big. Now I'm not big, totally changed everything around, and I'm happier for it. You seem like an awesome dude and it'd be a shame if you had to suffer from health problems due to your weight. Again, just an honest question man and I hope you aren't offended. I certainly don't mean to offend. Now, off to post your music video to Facebook and spread the awesome.

billythefridge8 karma

I'm 6'3". Very strong. Very active. I'm currently losing weight. I think I'm actually closer to 450 or 420 than 500 pounds. I was much higher than 500 at one point. I do plan on losing more weight, but not because I'm having health problems now, I'm tired of having to pay First Class or buying two coach seats whenever I fly.

niemandgeist1 karma

I'm glad you're staying active. Even at a higher weight, the activity helps a ton! I wish you all the best and the most success, man. I'm glad you posted because, otherwise, I probably would never have discovered you.

I noticed on your website that you were a professional wrestler. I don't see that anyone else here has really asked you about that. Can you elaborate? I'm pretty damned curious and I'd love to learn something more apart from that video where you vomit in the ring.

billythefridge2 karma

i started in backyard, then got some training up in Vancouver, B.C. - I stopped around 2007, having traveled the eastcoast and midwest a few times. Only coming out for special occasions, last being in Las Vegas, 2011. Here's an old clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzuBV5SciCM

themanof391 karma

Who are some of your main influences?

billythefridge1 karma

Tupac and Weird Al! Also, I am influenced by comedy when I right. I try to have a lot of 'haha' moments.

Yaminashe1 karma


billythefridge2 karma

yup, it's crazy there

Sirlagalot1 karma

Billy are you going to have a threesome with Celeste an the security guard tonight?

billythefridge1 karma


Fudz31 karma

No question, just stopping by to say that there was a kid a few years older than me named Mikey who looks a whole lot like you. He has the same hair, face, and weight as you. Love your music, keep at it.

billythefridge3 karma

Thanks! Shout out to Mikey!

I_pee_in_coke1 karma

Is rapping your full time gig? I like your stuff, keep it up!

billythefridge7 karma

i don't really have a day job. i do some freelance work at times, but mostly rely on my music and entertaining to stay paid. right now i'm in Los Angeles trying to become an actor or something cute. maybe a male model.

asnof1 karma

I saw you and thought "pfft what a joke" then watched the video and you have some decent flow. Keep at it champ

billythefridge1 karma

Thanks, been changing perspectives for 20 years.

trabedmorningshow1 karma

I will be honest in saying that I had never heard of you before this and now you've got yourself a new fan. Loved reading all your responses!

As for a question: If you could visit any place in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?

billythefridge1 karma

I'd prolly go to Japan. I like the tech evolution there and if I was lucky I could find some Sumo groupies to do dumb stuff to me. Glad you found me!

fingers1 karma

I was in Seattle last summer. I really love the graffiti. Do you have a tagger posse?

billythefridge2 karma

A buddy of mine does some great stuff: http://andrewmorrison.org/ziplok.html

MikeFSU1 karma

I remember you from the MTG Salvation Boards. Just wanna say congrats with your success so far

billythefridge3 karma

thanks, yeah. i started playing magic when i was 11 back in '94. love that game

bobbrah1 karma

How tall are you?

You should start power lifting or strength training, so you can stay fat and get strong as fuck.

how you feel about Action Bronson

billythefridge4 karma

I love Action Bronson. Maybe I could punch some rappers with him.

AND I should start lifting. I could be a house.

Prefect220 karma

Billy, You rock. That is all. - Your buddies in Shoutbox land

billythefridge1 karma

Thanks, Pre!! WESTCOAST!

Mfazzina70 karma

Billy I love you and your donut necklace. I have to ask where you got that from.

billythefridge2 karma

I won the fake donut in a eating contest about 5 years ago. Fashioned it to chain myself. I'm an artist.

Mfazzina70 karma

I hope it was a donut eating contest

billythefridge2 karma

but of course! Seattle's Top Pot!

omfgspoon0 karma

maybe a sex symbol for elephants

billythefridge2 karma

elephants never forget... how sexy i am

capnd0 karma

Has Psychopathic Records ever contacted you? Or shown any interest?

billythefridge3 karma

I wish, Axe Murderers don't even die.

cakeslol0 karma

how much does alkali pay you

billythefridge1 karma

like sisssxy baucks

ChocolateTugBoat-3 karma

One question....who are you?

billythefridge5 karma

Billy the Fridge, google me

iamaredditer-9 karma

When was the last time you saw your penis?

billythefridge20 karma

You really wanna know? At full mast I can see the head. So the last time i seen it was this morning.