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That's a rather shitty consolation prize.

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I've opened for some pretty cool artists. I've performed in some really cool venues. I've met some really cool people. It'd be really cool if I could buy a donut truck with my rap money though.

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I'll count it as a show, I was live streaming to a website with a buddy of mine, named Joe. A homeless girl walks by our hotel window and asks if we're partying. Of course we are. She comes in, we start to undress her and give her a body massage on camera. Things are getting heave so naturally I take off her shoes to rub her feet. The stench of her feet turns my stomach six ways from Sunday. I run to the bathroom and take about 8 giants shits, flushing 3 times during the process. It was a disaster. 45 minutes later, good ol' Joe was still rubbing her back and she was ready to shower with us. We to the bathroom, she gets naked and a bell hop knocks on the door. Our billionaire acquaintance Alki David called the hotel and told them his 15 year old daughter was locked in our room. The bell hop sees a naked girl, good ol' Joe takes him the the front desk to calm him down and I'm too dumbfounded from taking the monster shit to handle business in the shower with this pretty hot homeless girl that waved me in. Weird fuckin' night.

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Shit. Don't tell anybody else, but probably.

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Hopefully I can cement myself in the public eye before anything drastic happens so they can watch the transformation and make up their own scowling remarks about my hanging flabs like I'm officially one of Honey Boo Boo's kin.

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My friend opened the cashews out of spite once. Didn't even eat them. Just wanted everyone to know he doesn't give a fuck.

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Heck yeah, I never buy new!!

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This is a great question. I've tasted it... I've been on the cusp of spilling over, I know it, but for some reason I just have hit that tipping point yet. I think I need to run full force at... maybe go play in Hollywood for a couple months and just make the right people love me. I feel like I'm close!

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It's about him overdosing. The story itself is told with two different meanings. Each line is supposed to work two ways. The girl is always heroin... even when you see her as a girl.

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Sorry about the wait, my laptop battery died and I've been trying to answer form my phone it sucks.

I like the way you think, but I think the best way to support is to share the music and it's especially cool if people buy a copy. I wish I had better ways of getting the message. Thank you for want to spread the word of fridge!