**From Wikipedia and IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0750315 Former World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation professional wrestling manager, television host and occasional wrestler. Runnels began her professional wrestling career in World Championship Wrestling as Miss Alexandra York, manager of the York Foundation. She later joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where she worked for eight years. She was also one of the first WWE Divas. In the early years of her career with the WWF, she managed her (then) real-life husband Dustin Runnels (known on-screen as Goldust) and was a member of the Pretty Mean Sisters alliance. She also managed both The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian following the Terri Invitational Tournament in 1999. Subsequently, she had an on-screen rivalry with The Kat, managed The Radicalz stable, and worked as a host and interviewer. During her time with the WWF, she briefly held the WWE Hardcore Championship, her only championship during her career. After leaving the wrestling business, Runnels became involved in philanthropic work.

**My Proof https://twitter.com/theterrirunnels/status/463338159859060736/photo/1

Edit* This was fun Reddit, lets do this again sometime

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Pudie78 karma

You recently said hi to us over at /r/squaredcircle so thanks for that.

While there, there were a few very lewd comments. Have you grown a think skin for that, and did anyone backstage give you advice on how to handle those people?

TerriRunnelsReddit111 karma

You are welcome and yes, you learn not to sell that junk. I remember my Mom always saying..."Never let anyone know where your goat is tied...because they will get it every time!" So true! Plus, I equate those little people with pity and some laughter at their attempts to hurt others...reads "I am desperate to get some attention and you will help me achieve that plus I am a hurting soul and when I hurt others it seems to take away some of my pain!" That is what I think their subconscious is whispering to them. :( Poor little people...

tbdfallstaff71 karma

As a teenage boy growing up watching Marlena, I would just like to say thank you. So thank you.

TerriRunnelsReddit186 karma

Yeah, I think I gotcha...happy to "be there" for you! :D

BruinsFanatic10059 karma

Hello Terri, I have a question for you but I think I have to provide a little backstory. In 1998/99 you were involved in a group called the Pretty Mean Sisters, in which you were in a storyline with Val Venis and D'Lo Brown in which you were "Pregnant" and you had a miscarriage. How comfortable were you in going through with this angle?

TerriRunnelsReddit181 karma

HATED the name PMS, HATED, HATED that cheap angle!!! That was a Vince Russo special that I begged him to change...Vince McMahon sided with Russo on that one! CHEAP and not effective!

TerriRunnelsReddit58 karma

Good evening and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here goes...

TerriRunnelsReddit70 karma

Ha, that is funny. I posted a question for myself instead of sending out a message to the masses. Mama don't beez knowin' her Reddit stuff yet! :D

thenobelone53 karma

What was your favorite story with Owen Hart? And what was your experience being backstage at the unfortunate event of Over The Edge when the accident with Owen occurred?

TerriRunnelsReddit145 karma

Dustin and I always went over to Harley and BJ Race's home to have his award winning chili. The night before the PPV we went over and Owen and I think Mick Foley came too. Harley had made a literal VAT of chili and he was very proud and protective of his bathtub full of red heaven! When Harley wasn't looking Owen went to change the ratio of hot sauce to chili and accidentally (I really don't think he meant to drop the whole bottle in the chili...maybe he did) added an entire bottle of hell's whispers to the blue ribbon pot! Needless to say when Harley realized it and when he finally caught Owen off guard the next day he USED his stun gun on Owen until tears where coming out of Owen's eyes! I really miss Owen! :(

GD790151 karma

What was your reaction to winning the Hardcore Championship?

Thanks for doing this.

TerriRunnelsReddit86 karma

"This is pretty funny!" and..."Are you serious I have to win it in a dress?"

Patrazor49 karma

Did Goldust sing to you in public during the Plane Ride From Hell and if so how was it?

TerriRunnelsReddit86 karma

Yes, he did! He had just gotten remarried not too long before that and if it wasn't for that and the fact that the whole plane had finally settled down to a "cross the pond nap" when he belted out David Alan Coe's Forever My Darlin' at a decibel that would have been offensive even if everyone was wide awake, I would have loved it and simply laughed as I did at many things he did that were SO Funny and socially WRONG! :D

teaminsecurity38 karma

What do you think about women in wrestling who sell their worn underwear for hundreds of dollars?

TerriRunnelsReddit63 karma

To each his own Baby...but WORN...nah! :(

Probablynotstalin32 karma

Who has been your favorite person to work with & why?

TerriRunnelsReddit53 karma

Probably Dust then Perry...the first answer is very easy...TRUST!

ArmySurplusMorphine31 karma

How many behind-the-scenes romances happen between wrestlers and divas? Any notable stories you wouldn't mind sharing?

TerriRunnelsReddit62 karma

Can't tell you now but it certainly seems like it is occurring some more now than in the ATTITUDE ERA! Lots of KayFabe Lovin back in the day!

angelsfan3328 karma

What is your best Ray Traylor (Big Boss Man) story the fans may find amusing and we haven't heard before?

TerriRunnelsReddit71 karma

Oh Dear Lord...there are just SO many and most take too long! I will tell you that Ray legitimately got us LOST in a parking garage for 15 minutes! Not saying what plant from God's GREEN EARTH he might have enjoyed prior to...just saying I actually starting Fussin' at him. For all of you NON Southerners...that would mean I was audibly complaining! :D

sacx0527 karma

One of my favorite moments of your character is when you were managing the Hardy Boyz and got put through a table by the Dudleys. How safe was that spot? Their women table spots always looked vicious.

TerriRunnelsReddit54 karma

LOVED being the first woman to be put through the table with the Dudleys. Vince was VERY nervous and threatened Bubba if he hurt me! I asked for the table NOT to be gimmicked...and my only regret is that Bubba was scared he would hurt me and he protected me too much! I wanted more of that table! TRUE!

JoeJoeTheIdiot26 karma

If you could have a Terri invitational with two current tag teams who would be in it

TerriRunnelsReddit24 karma

Hmmmm...need to think about that one!

thundercatjones26 karma

Did the WWF want you to show your boobs during that period where Kat showed hers?

TerriRunnelsReddit75 karma

I showed what I wanted to where my boobs were concerned. I enjoyed the introduction and perfection of the underboob! Always made some countries a little nervous. :D

Snaket26 karma

One of the worst moments for me had to be when you took the stinkface from Rikishi. I hated him. What was the stinkface like? I can only imagine what was going through your head then! I also hated the Kat for a while after that, although I can't say I didn't enjoy the stinkface match at Summerslam between you two!

TerriRunnelsReddit59 karma

Funny story...Junior said "Girl, I am extra fresh and clean for you!"...and so he was! Who woulda thunk it right!?! If you ever really pay attention...most people don't "take" his finish...I saw it as a respect thing and took it as best I could. He could have made it brutal for me and didn't...so happy we have been good friends for over 25 years! We go way back to NWA WCW days at Center Stage in ATL...them wuz tha dayz! :D

SiriusC24 karma

What's your relationship like with Dustin/Goldust these days? I assume you have some kind of contact because of your daughter.

TerriRunnelsReddit83 karma

Always massive respect and love based on the fact that we have a daughter together. Sometimes I wish his current wife would be comfortable in the fact that he is all hers where the husband wife thing is concerned. We have co-parented and communicated since 1999 w/o any major troubles. I think there might be a bit of a short leash there. That is his choice and he has to live with it. What matters is that we communicate for Dakota. We used to have a lot more fun and laughs though...I have to say that is a bit disappointing now that I think of it. :(

TLeezy1323 karma

What is the best and worst things about working for the WWE?

TerriRunnelsReddit43 karma

Hands down...ENTERTAINING YOU was the best...travel schedule and balancing being a mommy was the toughest for me.

TyrannosaurusOfLove21 karma

I had a crush on you forever (and still do)! How difficult was it to remain so firmly in character when Goldust was so over-the-top and hilarious?

TerriRunnelsReddit44 karma

Awww...now I am blushing! Sometimes it was truly difficult. We had some good times!

justamania20 karma

Who came up with the "horny little shedevil" nickname?

TerriRunnelsReddit66 karma

Jim Ross called me a SheDevil when I turned on the Hardy Boys...Jerry Lawler added the "horny little"...a part I was never particularly fond of...like how did he know!?! :D

Clynser20 karma

Any behind the scenes cat fights you would like to share?

TerriRunnelsReddit47 karma

Geez...so glad the catty ones left in the early days just when the Divas were becoming a "thing"! Ain't nobody got time for that! Personally it just makes a girl look "low-rent" to behave in such a petty, insecure way! Just say Hell No! :D

Uncle_Kangaroo20 karma

Thank you for doing this, you and Goldust were two of my favorites growing up. How long did it take him to apply his makeup every night, and do you still follow the WWE today?

TerriRunnelsReddit38 karma

My pleasure! I hope he will do one of these too...he would have a blast with you all! As for his makeup...he is a very artistic and creative person believe it or not (there is more to that tall, tobacco spittin' Texan than meets the eye! :D) so he gets really artsy and kind of tries to out do himself with each face...or at least he used to. I haven't lived with him since 1999 you know!

cojax9919 karma

You are the reason I kept watching wrestling events, one of the most beautiful Ring Side girls to ever step into this type of entertainment. You are gorgeous! ....how do you think the WWE has changed and what are your thoughts of Vince McMahon?

TerriRunnelsReddit31 karma

Thank you and wow...too many changes to go into here. I have mostly positives for Vince! :)

TerriRunnelsReddit19 karma

What just happened to a bunch of the answers I gave??? Where did they go? If I did something to make them go poof I am really upset. I have accidentally done that twice tonight! :(

Okay, I am going to call it a night. I enjoyed spending it with all of you. Thanks for your time as well. Stop by and say hello on my Twitter. TheTerriRunnels also if you are in the NY/NJ area this weekend I will be making some appearances and would love to see you! Check out the schedule page on my website www.TheTerriRunnels.com

Happy Dreams...Love, Terri :)

Skippy889817 karma

I've always wondered what wrestling move hurts the most and which one the least?

TerriRunnelsReddit29 karma

HaHa...depends on who you are working with! #STIFF #SNUG #TIGHT

Corabal17 karma

Greetings! What was your favourite moment from working in the WWE?

TerriRunnelsReddit27 karma

Too many, but I do have a favorite thing about folks who spell the word favourite with a U...U are my favorite thing!

Jake_Shady2417 karma

Were you backstage at the time of the Montreal Screwjob? Your thoughts on the matter?

TerriRunnelsReddit22 karma

Didn't really have a huge effect on me...I think I was preoccupied with something else at the time. It was definitely the word in the "backstage street" for a while.

TigerMaskV17 karma

Besides Dustin was there anyone you wanted to join the ranks of the elite York Foundation who's services you just couldn't manage to obtain?

TerriRunnelsReddit17 karma

Dang, I just spent 4 minutes answering this and accidentally erased it! Please ask again later and I will answer! :0 Sorry!

someguyfromsomwhere316 karma

Did you actually know how to use the computer you had as Alexandra York?

TerriRunnelsReddit24 karma

Nope! I used to type out snotty little responses to the people who were yelling nasty things at me then we would laugh at my responses backstage. :D

mindycfl15 karma

Does Dakota have any plans to follow in her parents footsteps and go to wwe??

TerriRunnelsReddit31 karma

No! She is our little equestrian. She is majoring in Bus. Admin w/ a minor in Equine Science. Bottom line, she would prefer to be in the company of horses versus humans! :D

thatsnomoon8715 karma

What's one of your favorite backstage moments from your WWE(F) days?

TerriRunnelsReddit17 karma

Man...we used to have so much fun backstage...we used to have a ball doing anything back then!

vaginalwipe15 karma

Hey Terri, Looking Gorgeous as Always ! Who was one wrestler you never had a chance to partner up with that you feel would have been great ?

TerriRunnelsReddit27 karma

I would love to have done more with Steve Austin. We always had fun whenever we had "stuff" to do. He is not the "manage needy type" if ya know what I mean! :D Still liked working with him. Loved working with Edge and would have liked more and also Test.

TerriRunnelsReddit24 karma

I would have had fun with Kevin Nash too!

naimnotname13 karma

Is it taboo to ask about your time with New Jack? You seem like a levelheaded woman with a strong business mind and logic. Why'd you get involved with that blowhard? Do you regret it?

TerriRunnelsReddit16 karma

You have done a great job of answering that...I will leave it with you. Thanks, Naimnotname. :)

jeffgoodt12 karma

Good Perry Saturn story? What do you think of his face tattoo? Still keep in touch?

TerriRunnelsReddit15 karma

I just love Perry however he is...with a face tattoo or not...he is my FRIEND!!! Yes, but I need to do a better job of calling more often!

papadoc0311 karma

Terri, thanks for stopping by! I always thought you had the greatest legs in WWE, and it's great to hear your post WWE life is going well. My question is twofold; one is did you ever get to work with Ryan Shamrock and have any idea what she is up to now? and two, what is your favorite Pokemon?

TerriRunnelsReddit31 karma

Well thanks! Do you ever remember seeing a little group called PMS? Ryan was my little one in that group. She and I always have fun now whenever we see each other!
Favorite Pokémon was Ninetales and Ponyta! :)

T-town0411 karma

I'm a big fan and thank you for doing this. Who was your least favorite person to manage or work with?

TerriRunnelsReddit23 karma

That seems a waste of time to answer to me. I have mentioned such before but why really. I would rather talk about what I really LIKE! :)

musesillusion11 karma

Who were your favorite women to work with in WWE?

TerriRunnelsReddit21 karma

Trish and Molly!

TheMikeDaSilva11 karma

So we gotta know, "The Plane Ride From Hell," how awkward was it?

TerriRunnelsReddit16 karma

Quite awkward and interesting!

tamammothchuk10 karma

What would you have done in your career if wrestling didn't pan out?

TerriRunnelsReddit17 karma

I was a makeup artist for CNN, Larry King Live, WCW and any anchor or celebrity that went on air at CNN. :)

MrDrummond10 karma

What is the nicest thing Vince McMahon ever did for you?

TerriRunnelsReddit40 karma

Let me sign a contract to only work TV's and PPV's so I could be at home with Dakota! :)

armintiric10 karma

Weird question I know, but what is your thought about female wrestlers in WWE being referred to divas instead of superstars or something else appropriate? I've always wanted to ask a female wrestler that..and thank you for doing this AMA!

TerriRunnelsReddit28 karma

Yeah, I get what you mean. I too think Divas has a snotty/bitchy/negative connotation but when you realize that it is very good from a marketing standpoint then it becomes "small potatoes"!

goofyasiankid9 karma

Hi Terri, I met you backstage at the Post Fight Press Conference at UFC 88 in Atlanta, GA. Are you a big MMA fan, and how did you get the credentials? Do you have contacts in UFC or were you with someone who did?

TerriRunnelsReddit15 karma

I used to be a fanatic back in the day when the rules were NO RULES! I still like it. Not as informed about all of the guys/girls now. Dana is a friend.

getheadfirst838 karma

At this time in your life, what would make you feel completely happy?

TerriRunnelsReddit14 karma

For you to call in more water damages!

jonscotch8 karma

What is the biggest difference in wrestling today from back in your day?

TerriRunnelsReddit16 karma

It seems as though the characters and their development are like assembly line, cookie cutter characters. Everybody wants to be and thinks they can be a Superstar. I don't want to disparage any of the incredible talent...but the concept and delivery seem a bit packaged. What do you think the big difference is?

djangochained8 karma

Any memories or stories of Undertaker?

TerriRunnelsReddit24 karma

Gave him the world's worst haircut when he was Mean Mark in WCW LONG time ago!

mindycfl8 karma

What is your workout regimen these days? Any advice for someone just starting out their fitness journey?

TerriRunnelsReddit16 karma

Well, I recently lost 29 lbs! I got down to 91.5lbs...NOT A GOOD THING!!! I didn't mean to lose that much and now I am happy to say I have gained back up to 101.5lbs. I feel healthy and very comfortable in my skin now. I am in the process of adding muscle back on where I lost that. I don't know how old you are but focus on the foundation of MUSCLE...you can always take off the fat but you want to create the beauty and foundation of the muscle on the bone. :)

jonscotch8 karma

If you could change one thing about your career or do one thing differently, what would it be?

TerriRunnelsReddit25 karma

I would have taken more that was offered in the beginning. I said no to a lot because I was a Mom first and foremost. Dakota says to me...Mom, why didn't you do those things...I know you love me anyway! :) I am a firm believer that we make choices both great and poor that are needed to define our core on this journey called life!

baddozer7 karma

Any chance that you'll ever write a tell all book about your experiences with wrestling

TerriRunnelsReddit12 karma

Nope, I like my friends and don't think it's nice to do that to them. I think people should have a choice if they want to tell provocative things about themselves...shouldn't be in the hand of others.

Aqua3117 karma

Hello Terri, would you ever come back to the wwe as the Marlena character with Goldust? I think it would be awesome to see you guys one more time.

TerriRunnelsReddit29 karma

One more little stint might be fun as Marlena...???

angelsfan337 karma

What is your feeling about all of the deaths of wrestlers at younger ages due to heart attacks and drug/steroid use? Is wrestling doing enough now to help wrestlers with substance and health problems, or should they be doing more?

TerriRunnelsReddit17 karma

It will always be a part of it...however, I think there is certainly an atmosphere of control and concern where it used to be just crazy! What do I know...I am an old fart who hasn't been on the road in 10 years...maybe it hasn't changed!?! Nah...I am sure it has changed!

Orphan_Babies7 karma

Honest question:

Why so many name changes?

TerriRunnelsReddit19 karma

Why not...it's pro wrestling...it's sports entertainment! ;)

terrirunnelsfan6 karma

Hi Terri! Big fan for many years. What was it like giving Marc Mero the shattered dreams and pouring water down Meat's trunks? I always loved your strong personality!

TerriRunnelsReddit8 karma

Little bit fun! :D

xfocalinx6 karma

I met you at Wrestlecon last year, you were very friendly, just wanted to thank you! :)

TerriRunnelsReddit6 karma

Hey thanks! :)

onlineIcanbene16 karma

When I was young, I thought every wrestler had their go at the WWE divas. I was just an immature kid back then but now that I'm older I would like to know. Do wrestlers get the divas or is there enough groupies to keep them happy?

TerriRunnelsReddit5 karma

Can't say, I am not on the road to see what they are doing. I do think there are more couples on the road now.

LaParka6666 karma

You're my favorite, that's all.

TerriRunnelsReddit12 karma

Awww...thanks and thanks for talking to me yesterday! :)

Simpleplanqueen56 karma

Hi Terri! I met you when I was 7, in MN, The day before our birthdays, (cuz we share the same bday) and Sadly the day before Brian Pillmans death. I remember you taking the time out of your schedule to talk to me and my family, and also telling me you had to go home with pillman (because of the storyline) I would like to thank you for making my birthday a great one

TerriRunnelsReddit8 karma

Aww cool...thanks for sharing that story!

fan7885 karma

Honestly, why did you leave WWE? You were not old! You were in great shape, looked amazing and you were still very popular with the male audience! I know you have a daughter but im sure working just 1 night of the week to bring joy to all your fans could have been achievable? So why did u leave? ps. miss seeing you on wwe! x

TerriRunnelsReddit12 karma

Awwww....bless your bones! I was almost 40 and all of the new chickies were in their 20's. It was time.

koolerjames5 karma

As a Samoan, it was awesome seeing Divas interested in The Rock. The interaction between you and The Rock here was hilarious! How was The Rock backstage?

TerriRunnelsReddit10 karma

Question! As a Samoan...on a scale of 1-10, ten being the top of the charts, how much do you love TURKEY BUTTS???

TigerMaskV5 karma

Take two: Besides Dustin was there anyone you wanted to join the ranks of the elite York Foundation who's services you just couldn't manage to obtain?

TerriRunnelsReddit8 karma

No, I was focused on making money and trying to get back in time to shower and be at CNN by the painful hour of 4am. I had to be there every morning from 4am to 12noon! I was thinking about spending more time with Dustin, making money and getting sleep when and where I could. I left the booking to Dusty back then.

billbapapa5 karma

Tells us what philanthy you've been involved in - how you've given us entertainment and now something even more important! Thanks!

TerriRunnelsReddit10 karma

I am a sucker for any person who helps another...whether it be a very small courtesy or a major investment of time, money, blood, bone marrow, etc.!! I DO NOT do enough. I have helped the Ronald McDonald House on several occasions. We should all do more! That is my charge to myself and to all of you! :)

tapedeckghost5 karma

Do you see yourself in the HOF one day? You deserve it.

TerriRunnelsReddit44 karma

I sincerely believe there are SO many deserving older wrestlers that should be given the honor before me.

SpaZticHero4 karma

Honestly, what's it like to be a woman in wrestling?

The product always seems to be so heavily reliant on the male performers, it always feels like the woman's devision is an after-thought.

TerriRunnelsReddit6 karma

I feel as though we are the icing on a delicious cake! The icing is always put on last but it wouldn't be the same without it!

[deleted]4 karma


TerriRunnelsReddit8 karma

Nah...it's all part of the fun! No stories from the show per say but Criss Angel and I had a wonderful afternoon shopping for all of my "outfits" for that show! :D He bought me a belt at Patricia Fields that day that I still love and wear. A black leather rose belt with strips of leather like a whip.

badgimmick4 karma

Hi Terri,

Thank you for doing this AMA. You'll always be welcome in /r/squaredcircle too!

I'd like to know if you were ever approached by WCW or had any offers to "jump ship" as it were.

Also, do you follow wrestling currently? If so, as someone synoynmous with the "Attitude" era, what are your thoughts about the current WWE product (or any other organization!)


TerriRunnelsReddit5 karma

Thank you and let's answer that another time. Time is an issue now.

I_Went_Okay4 karma

Way too late to chime in here, but what was Cody like growing up? When was it clear to the family he was next up for the business?

TerriRunnelsReddit7 karma

When Dust and I were married we were only around him during family events and holidays. Good kid!

vertigo3214 karma

No question I just wanted to let you know that Marlena and Goldust will always be two of my favorite characters ever. You played your characters so well and were always entertaining! Thanks for being awesome!

TerriRunnelsReddit5 karma

I love people/fans like you that give a sincere and genuine thank you to us! We love making you guys happy!

mindycfl3 karma

Do you ever watch or attend the nxt shows? If so..who's your favorite upcoming diva?

TerriRunnelsReddit5 karma

No...nothing against it...just haven't.

checky833 karma

So, you were involved in Brian Pillman's last storyline. I was always a huge fan of his, and I'm not here to try and ask uncomfortable questions about the circumstances of his death. I would like to know if you could answer, what was the conclusion to the storyline they had you involved in with him?

Also, huge upvote to you for creating Moppy. At least, that is what I heard.

TerriRunnelsReddit7 karma

I was going to leave Dustin instead of finishing out the renewal of our vows after Brian "had" me for 30 days. Dustin was going to turn face and I would have become more of a heel. I had nothing to do with the creation of Moppy. :( Sorry to disappoint.

MutualConsent3 karma

It seems many wrestlers are now finding careers in acting positions.

How well do you think the acting that the wrestlers use in WWF & WWE actually helps when transferring over to films? (Playing their character role, the fights themselves etc.)

TerriRunnelsReddit8 karma

Some do great...and some...well, some.............

Still always fun to watch our brethren and their foray into the world of motion pictures. :)

Rearviewmirror3 karma

Have you ever seen the show Suburagotory? The character Dallas HAD to be based on you. Loved all your work, you always looked like you were really enjoying yourself...exceot for the blatantly stupid storylines they sometimes had for you.

TerriRunnelsReddit7 karma

Never watched it but you have now spawned a desire in me to check out this character Dallas. Why do you say it was based on me?

ProfessorSoles3 karma

Hello Terri! Do you prefer shoes, socks, or barefeet? If shoes, what kind?

TerriRunnelsReddit5 karma

All of the above actually! Currently I am sans shoes or socks but I really enjoy being out and about in my stilettos (Gianmarco Lorenzi faves) Love to put on a big shirt or VS flannel pj's with fuzzy socks and I love to rub my bare feet on the leg of my significant other.

classic_guy_3 karma

I loved your wrestling psychology. Did that come naturally or did someone help along the way? Thanks in advance and hi!

TerriRunnelsReddit2 karma

Just me.

jonscotch2 karma

Are you still a fan of professional wrestling? If so, what are your thoughts on the product?

TerriRunnelsReddit9 karma

It is in my blood! I do not invest the time in watching it that often...but I will always be a fan!