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Did Goldust sing to you in public during the Plane Ride From Hell and if so how was it?

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Are there currently active wrestlers you'd like to work with but haven't yet and if so, who?

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Hey Chris, I made a subreddit for your band Fozzy, I hope you like it: www.reddit.com/r/fozzy/

My question: What are your memories of Curt Hennig? The reason I'm asking is because I saw him "saving" your life after you kinda missed a lionsault in WCW, to me those were one of the things he was one of the greatest (you too, of course). Huge fan of you and I hope I'm gonna see Fozzy in Germany next year. ;)

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Is William Regal jealous of you because Fozzy toured with Saxon?

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Why did you turn down the offer to be in the 2015 Royal Rumble?