Thankyou so much For all the wonderful Questions and many funnies, I had a grand chuckle, It's been a real treat reddit :) G'night :)

My short bio:

I am a young woman who works in an adult shop - I've nunchucked fleshlights, gifted women with the knowledge on how to obtain an orgasm, had a hand in fixing marriages, turned my own opinion on porn right around and learned a whole heap about the people in my community.

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chokemo_girls3320 karma

How much would it cost to create a mold of my cock?

I'm gonna be the best secret Santa ever.

edit: Gold Member

Ipeddlebuttplugs3056 karma

About $60 in our store - It'll vibrate too :)

chokemo_girls416 karma

So, would I make the mold myself or would I have ... assistance?

I have only seen the process in that movie "The Neighbors" and I legitimately want to know. I sat here for about five minutes trying to phrase it in a way that wasn't creepy, but I kept failing so thought 'ah, what the hell, be as creepy as possible!'

You're welcome.

Ipeddlebuttplugs525 karma

nah it's easy as to do it yourself. you just mix the mould stuff with water stick your penis in it for a bit then pour in the jelly and stick in the vibrating bullet.

ReginaldLADOO713 karma

So you're telling me I have to hold an erection for more than 30 seconds? Shit, count me out.

Ipeddlebuttplugs1083 karma

actually I'm pretty sure it's closer to 20 seconds- YOU'RE IN LUCK!

UnsafeHaven2 karma

I regret to inform you that they are actually quite a bitch. I've tried two separate kits and both of them didn't work because the mold sets too quickly to do it alone.

Ipeddlebuttplugs3 karma

Oh really- I had a friend that did one- he just made sure he had the erection before hand and slapped a cockring around it to keep it while he mixed it all up. I get it though- it's a bit of a faff :(

32turtles2 karma

Can you make a mould of anything or just penises?

Ipeddlebuttplugs3 karma

Essentially anything that'll fit into the mould space yeah :)

GoSu-AgY1423 karma

You have picked an excellent username. Thank you for this AMA. Is it awkward for either part if any friends/family come by the store to buy stuff? I remember buying a blowup doll for my friend for fun so he could open it in front of his family for xmas. Turns out the girl working there had some classes with me and obviously thought I made the story up and wanted to use it myself. It was pretty awkward.

Ipeddlebuttplugs1534 karma

The only awkward thing there was probably the story :P I know I get a lot of people who have these really elaborate stories for why they're buying things and it's the elaborate story is what makes it weird :P In truth I've bought my friends toys in store. I've had them come in and I've sold them things I thought they'd really like... It's really ordinary... Family might be a little weirder. But I don't think it'd be that much more odd. I'm pretty disillusioned about sex though... Nearly everyone is having it. Making it better is a kindness :P

GoSu-AgY189 karma

Forgot to mention it was highschool but yeah probs the story, even though it was the plan.. he opened it infront of his very strict christian grandparents so that was funny. I would imagine it could be hard for a familymember to enter your store and buying something out of the ordinary :p

You should totally look into studying to become a sexologist as you are still young.

Ipeddlebuttplugs338 karma

I thought about it... but I also think that becoming a sexologist would bring along with it some real emotional stuff. You'd get to know you're clients and lord knows I already get too emotionally invested in customers. I thought about studying a little more about it and then maybe starting a channel about sexual awareness with tips and reviews and stuff instead. I don't really have any plans for it yet- but I think it'd be cool. Just because there's so much that's not discussed about our toys- like how the phthalates in toys can mess with hormones and how some lubes create a thrush friendly environment or using the right lube with the right toys to avoid a hospital trip... It's crazy how much I didn't know about the things I was putting in and around my body before I started working there.

LargeCzar1090 karma

So who really drills the glory holes in those places?

Ipeddlebuttplugs1511 karma

Our store doesn't have Glory holes- though I've sent many a young man aged 20-30 to the valley where the glory holes are

girraween1018 karma

The valley? Are you from Brisbane, Australia?

Ipeddlebuttplugs1254 karma

I surely am :)

girraween545 karma

Haha oh wow. I've heard about glory holes but I didn't think they were too real, not for the public any way.

Ipeddlebuttplugs887 karma

Oh yeah they're real- there are at least 4 in Brisbane aswell as 2 adult cinemas where you can get freaky with randoms if you like... the gold coast has like 4 seperate sex night clubs... and that's all in like a 100 km radius

girraween361 karma

Whaaaat? How did I not know this? I know there are places swingers go to every month etc, but this i didn't know about.

I've always wanted to know, I know the glory hole is somewhat about anonymity, but how do you know you're getting sucked off by someone attractive, or even the right sex?

Ipeddlebuttplugs682 karma

You don't- I guess that's part of the allure though. If you do ever decide to use one- for the love of god use a condom.

girraween818 karma

Oh no thanks. It's not my kind of thing. I just know, if I go, something will happen, I'll get injured or something and my name will be all over the news as the guy who got his cock bitten at a glory hole in the valley. I'll lose my job and fall into a deep depression where I'll eventually commit suicide.

Ipeddlebuttplugs492 karma

You've really thought that out :P You know if you want a bit of mystery just go into a sex party and close your eyes. They're all painfully polite around those.

Ryinth70 karma

Hiiii Brisbane person!

Ipeddlebuttplugs126 karma

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee So much of Brisbane on Reddit. That's way cool :)

LargeCzar171 karma

So you haven't caught anyone trying to sneak in a drill? I was hoping for that story....

Ipeddlebuttplugs400 karma

In my first week there I did have a man that hid in the bathroom for three hours pantsless to show me his dick- but as far as I know he just wanted to brandish his penis at someone... there was no 'evidence' of anything else

LargeCzar249 karma

What a waste of time, 3 hours to show you his wang? I subscribe to the dick and dash school of thought. It's more of a drive by style really, kinda playing the numbers game. Seriously though you must be one hip lady to not quit after that.

Ipeddlebuttplugs730 karma

It was more surprising and angering than scary. Truth be told I suppose I'm a little hard to intimidate and I had come out of working in a bar where drunk men were far less kind in the way they brandished their junk at me. I was more mad because I had spent time with him showing him the store and chatting before hand. We were cool... and then penis.

SmashedACookie907 karma

So what are your opinions on porn and how have they changed ?

Ipeddlebuttplugs1744 karma

Well I am definitely a feminist- and I knew that a lot of porn companies aren't kind to their actresses. Also I had known some men with actual porn addiction and that sort of made me uneasy.

Though within 2 weeks the regular DVD boys became my very favourite people. All of them have treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, and they're all really excellent human beings. Also I learned about some of the women who have their own porn filming companies - and met a heap of cam girls who have taken charge of their sexuality and finances with porn. It's also been a really great tool in allowing women to experiment into different fetishes or sexual exploits in a safe way.

I think porn's brilliant :P I still think there's a while to go before it's entirely a safe place for it's actresses - though in saying that I think it's getting better.

Also i found Bonnie Rotten who is just a gem.

Arcturion165 karma

regular DVD boys

Sorry, unfamiliar with the terminology; are you referring to the people who buy/rent porn from the store, or the porn actors you've met?

And if customers, why boys; I understand ladies watch (a lot of) porn as well?

Ipeddlebuttplugs388 karma

We have a DVD swap program- so it's not really renting you get to keep them for as long as you like and swap them in for something else for $10 later. And I think most women will watch their porn online- maybe they feel uncomfortable coming into store. As far as I know all our regular porn swappers are men :)

Alternativemethod29 karma

Everyone loves Bonnie. Her tattoos are great

Ipeddlebuttplugs67 karma

They super are- we also have a 'Make your own porno kit" In which you get temporary tattoos that match Bonnies... it's a pretty fun idea _^

TheloniousPhunk11 karma

How do you feel about the fact that men get paid SO much less than women in the porn industry?

Ipeddlebuttplugs14 karma

I do think it's wrong. It's very sad actually. The porn industry definitely needs to fix up some of it's issues- But within that it's not like I have any answers- Porn doesn't really have a Fair work establishment to go to.

The male actors in porn work really hard and put themselves in just as much sexual danger- I don't think that the social stigma is as bad for the menfolk- but I don't think that warrants the difference in pay.

gentry768 karma

Oh, thank you for introducing me to her.

Ipeddlebuttplugs11 karma

You are so welcome. May the blessings of Bonnie be upon you.

IceCubeTrey756 karma

Do you get harassed by customers a lot? and how did you end up working in an adult shop if the first place?

Ipeddlebuttplugs1284 karma

Not as much as I did working in a bar, Initially I thought it would be awful- especially with my first week I had 2 instances... saw way more dick than I wanted to. But outside of that not really... there's one guy that keeps asking me on a date despite me meeting his wife. But a simple no sends him on his way...

And I needed a job :P they were hiring and I thought what the heck - how bad could it be?

dum_dums385 karma

How do you come to see dick in your work? Do you mean on screens or do customers whip it out for some reason?

Ipeddlebuttplugs893 karma

It was just that week- I had a flasher in store, and another guy that needed my opinion on if he was wearing his cockring right.

zincopper739 karma

off topic; noticed your scar, have you had heart surgery?

Ipeddlebuttplugs881 karma

I have :) zipper club 4LYF

zincopper322 karma

Glad your alive and well! That can be some real scary stuff.

Ipeddlebuttplugs755 karma

Thanks :) In truth it happened when I was 4 so it was all free teddy bears and icecream for me... _^

aaronthenia592 karma

How old (roughly) were your oldest customers and what did they buy?

Ipeddlebuttplugs1502 karma

a 92 year old man came in to buy some toys for his sugar baby and a rubberworx magazine (Latex/rubber fetish) He was very proud of being a 92 year old man with a 22 year old lady friend :P I was happy for him :)

mindfulmu540 karma

I have a lobster fetish, does your establishment sell safe red body paint and human sized green rubber bands?

Ipeddlebuttplugs718 karma

red body paint... and we have a spongebob porno. I haven't seen it but it might have a scene with Mr. Crabbs

SpongeBad86 karma

Tell me more about this SpongeBob porno...

Ipeddlebuttplugs200 karma

It's in a collection we have called Pornocopia

It features a Toy story 2, Parks and recreation, Hobbit, and Spongebob Porn parodies.

Patrick and Spongebob look horrifying... but Sandy's hot.

Ipeddlebuttplugs466 karma

Thankyou Everybody it's Been a real treat :) But I have work in the morning :) Stay safe, sexy and super rad :) G'night :)

Alternativemethod393 karma

Do you think girls who go in with their boyfriends are less likely to get what they really want?

Who buys the fake heads? Those things freak me out

Ipeddlebuttplugs681 karma

So in truth I think it depends on who the couple speaks to. I'm fairly good at sending the menfolk to look at porn while the lady tells me exactly what she wants so we can find her something that works. Then I spend time telling the boyfriend how exactly he can use it and what it does for him. Though I do know that when you don't actively separate them for that little bit of time the women are far less likely to say exactly what they want in a toy. They'll almost always say "No babe, you're enough for me silly billy. You wanted to come in here- what do you want to buy"

Ipeddlebuttplugs449 karma

Also, young men buy the fake heads. Ages 20-30. I've never seen anyone older buy one.

Pyro_Dub186 karma

I never understood this. Like I'm not retarded get whatever weird ass shit you want so I have so semblance of an idea of some shit you're into. For God's sake we're in a sex shop we're clearly comfortable enough in our relationship to be here. I've had girlfriends grab buttplugs and tell me they're into mild anal play, which I had no idea about before. And I've also had girlfriends who refused to buy anything without asking if I wanted them to get it, which is incredibly annoying because the whole point of going there is so they can express their interests.

Ipeddlebuttplugs241 karma

Trust me. It's annoying for everyone in store- leave her with the sales girl or for her to shop alone. Refuse to leave until she picks something she wants.

It works. Problem is she might get on a roll if you're paying :P

kdrkwnd153 karma

Went to a sex shop for the first time with the bf yesterday. He kept asking me what I wanted or preferred. I definitely said he was enough for me. Should have added the silly billy part. Also cause I had like three things in my hands for him :9 "also, hurry up man! it I need to get home and try these things now!"

Ipeddlebuttplugs151 karma

hahaha, yeah. Trick is to just let him wander and pick up the things you want. It can be intimidating going with someone because you dont' want to offend them- or maybe you're not ready to share a kink yet :P It's way ordinary :P Good for you treating him though :) I love it when ladies treat their special fellas :) dudes don't get too much love in our store- it's very female oriented.

bishbishbishbish378 karma

What delt exercises do you do? You've got some awesome shoulders

Ipeddlebuttplugs479 karma

Thanks man _^ Truth be told I'm pretty sure it's from doing tricep dips wrong because I'm weak as shit and my personal trainer's too kind to make me do them properly... :P

zetadelta333365 karma

Do you ever get to take home free merch?

Ipeddlebuttplugs729 karma

We have sales competitions where we can win toys or giftcards if we prefer, and occasionally we'll be given toys to give the company honest reviews on them. I've also scored some free T-shirts that are pretty rad. One's from Pipedream that says BLOW ME... admittedly it implies that I'm a blow up doll... BUT IT'S SO DAMN COMFORTABLE

private_meta392 karma

That must be quite the inner fight between the feminist saying "That's so sexist, ugh" and "Hell, I wear whatever I want".

Ipeddlebuttplugs510 karma

You have no idea :P If it had just said blow me it'd be fine... It's just right under it- it says pipedream extreme dolls... I just wear it at home now :P It's sooooooooooo cooooomfortable. It's like woven of unicorn mane.

Dcnoob360 karma

How often do you sell one of them huge dildos, like the fist +size ones? My local looks like there hasn't been one sold in ages. If they do sell who are they type of people buying them?

Ipeddlebuttplugs584 karma

I think most people buying larger sized Dongs will buy them online because their's no real problem with them not working ever. So I think that most stores have trouble moving them... Our store has one guy that comes in and splurges about $500 a month on various toys and he normally picks up one of our american bombers or an anal goliath or something like that every time he comes in- and we've a few other people who've come in specially for them... so I'd probably say we sell one a fortnight.

Dcnoob123 karma

That's alot of toys for one man! Thanks for the reply.

Ipeddlebuttplugs273 karma

I think he hosts sex parties... so they're for many men and some women too I think :P and no worries :)

i-am-a-genius318 karma

What's your favorite porn video or scene?

Got any secret fetishes or kinks?

Ipeddlebuttplugs732 karma

I love Pirates- everyone loves pirates :P There's also one dvd Where a dude gets sucked into the Brazzers universe and has to fuck his way out before the evil head of brazzers kills him. That one is awesome also.

And nothing too major... sensory play maybe- I'm pretty much a try anything once kind of gal- I've yet to find anything that's super blown my mind and become a big thing that I'd call a personal fetish though.

I also talk about my sex life so much in store that nothing's really secret.

Priapraxis176 karma

That's actually the same basic plot to a movie Chris Pratt was in.

Ipeddlebuttplugs85 karma

That's amazing

pm-me-ur-window-view272 karma

Which types of customers tend to look the most embarassed to be in the store?

Ipeddlebuttplugs697 karma

Young white middle class girls... Or when a straight couple comes in and the boy pretends he's never seen porn before... one time a couple came in and they were both a bit shy and I was giving them a tour and got to the bonnie rotten cabinet and he was all 'OMG BONNIE ROTTEN!" and she looked at him funny and he said "John. John loves her... I've seen her but JOHN boy is he a fan. I'll have to tell him you have this cabinet." and it looked like she bought it.

pm-me-ur-window-view185 karma

How do you calibrate dealing with these customers?

Ipeddlebuttplugs406 karma

Shock them out of feeling embarrassed most of the time :P I give tours with talking points, so i'll start off with Patsy (She's our sex Machine- I named her Patsy) I'll turn her on and let them control thrusting speed- and that's normally enough to bring out a giggle. I tend to just shock and then explain and laugh along with them. Going to the extreme stuff straight up leaves room for them to not be embarrassed for whatever they actually might want to buy. Also I find that swinging around the sleeve inside a fleshlight does wonders. It's strangely empowering and it tends to break most girl's biggest fear in store.

pickledeggmanwalrus267 karma

The adult DVD store nearest to me sells "Glass tobacco pipes". This is the only reason I ever go to this store (I believe in free tube porn, sorry I'm putting you out of business lol) and I have often wondered of the amount of people who go to this store only to buy glass. Does your store sell glass pipes? If so what is the ratio of porn buyers to glass buyers?

Ipeddlebuttplugs253 karma

It's fine :P apart from the DVD boys in store I don't know anyone else who actually pays for porn- they tend to be older and not use computers too much anywho. We used to sell pipes- but we stopped about a year ago. We still have a few people coming in to ask for them. But about 40% of our turn over is completely porn.

pickledeggmanwalrus101 karma

Is there a reason the store stopped? Was there an issue with it or was it just not very profitable?

Ipeddlebuttplugs215 karma

It wasn't profitable enough to keep- and it brought our standing with the local community down. Our store was really trying to reach out to the wider community and create a safe place for women especially - and a lot of people didn't like that we sold the pipes :(

pirateradiovoice172 karma

What do you recommend for someone whose wife likes it rough? I know there are all kinds of whips and ropes but it's all kind of strange to me. Any suggestions?

Ipeddlebuttplugs376 karma

Okay so rough is subjective it depends on if she's dabbled in BDSM before and what she's liked from that.

If she's liked the physical pleasure/pain - so it's sensory

A suede flogger is super versatile- you can use it for sensory play by dragging it across her body and build up the tease, You can use it as a flogger by using a flick of your wrist- that creates a very light sting that's quite pleasant for most people, or you can get some elbow in there for a harder sting.

IF she likes the feeling of being dominated- you'd do better with a kit with some ropes or a collar. Having her tied up in intricate knots gives you something to hold on to while you sort of move her around to however you want her and she's completely submissive at that point. A collar does this to a lesser extent.

Another really golden tip if you're down to drop a teensy bit of cash on it. Is Tie her up spread legged- get the tease going. You're going to need a toy called the satisfyer pro 2. Hold the nozzle over her clit bite down on her neck or something and watch her go crazy... you know then have sex and all that good stuff and just like that you became a god king of sex.

captn_morgn166 karma

Do you have 'regulars'?

Ipeddlebuttplugs390 karma

I surely do- There's one man called Roy. He's one of our DVD boys and he just makes my day every time he comes into store :) He's an old fisherman with the best stories :) the last time he came in he pulled up a chair and we chatted for about 2 hours while I priced stock and marked off invoices.

captn_morgn167 karma

hahaha. Does he have a genre that he prefers and did it throw you off?

Ipeddlebuttplugs366 karma

He loves Transexual Porn :P It didn't through me off but it definitely confirmed my growing suspicion that men love penises more than maybe even they know.

SoUpInYa162 karma

What is the attitude toward sex in Aus?

Have you ever had any parents come in with their (adult) kids?

Ipeddlebuttplugs246 karma

I think for the most part Australia's fair open minded in regards to sex- some of Australia certainly has a way to go in regards to fully accepting the LGBT community- but that's not to say the majority of people are like that.

And it's more so people coming in to buy things for their adolescent kids so they stop wanking with their stuff. I have had a couple of girls come in with their mums though.

illinoishokie161 karma

When someone asks what you do for a living, do you just lay it out there or give a more generic answer?

Ipeddlebuttplugs401 karma

In general I tell people that I peddle butt plugs or am an ambassador for anal. But when it's my partner's very conservative middle class white family I just say I work in an adult store. I don't really lie about it ever but that's just because I'm not ashamed :) I like what I do and if other people have an issue- that's theirs, I'm happy to answer any questions and or sit in the smugness that the sex I have is probably better than theirs :P

triface162 karma

Very interesting that you wouldn't sugarcoat your profession even in front of the conservative ones. How did they react?

Ipeddlebuttplugs237 karma

Well I've had some people look at me like I just told them I had eaten a baby and barfed it up in their car. But most people will just say "oh, that must be interesting." and then I say "yes, it really is. I actually really like it- I'm making a difference in the community" and then they either leave it at that or ask how and I roll into a raging feminist lecture about female sexuality and the poor sexual education in schools...

So it's a good segue :P

pseupseudio150 karma

This weekend I met a girl at a party who works at the local dong mart.

  1. Do you sell a product which is a tentacle that lays eggs in one's person?

  2. If a sex shop worker has a spare room full of merch they want to get rid of, is it feasible that the items might be simultaneously unused and legally obtained?

  3. Most shocking fetish your store accomodates?

Much obliged.

Ipeddlebuttplugs217 karma

  1. We don't have that particular one- though I completely believe it if that's a thing that's sold. We certainly have tentacle dongs- ours are just glass and don't ejaculate things. We do have Penises that Ejaculate though.

  2. Yes- we certainly have stock that was meant to be display stock or excess old stock that we just never moved and sure if it's going to be thrown out managers will say if you want it take it.

  3. Most shocking is subjective... but I'll take the punny road and say Elecrostim.

Testiculesthemighty148 karma

Does your store have a "theater"? I ask because I work at a 24 hr Adult "superstore" with a theater and it is the bane of my working life.

Ipeddlebuttplugs200 karma

Yeah we don't. Thank chriiiiiist :P that's some cleaning up I do not want.

armored-dinnerjacket89 karma

if I want to take my girlfriend to a similar establishment and we'd like to purchase some toys what would be the best way to do it?

Ipeddlebuttplugs167 karma

If you and her have never been to one before, go into a reputable one (glory holes and adult cinemas can be intimidating) and talk to the staff member and ask them about what they think is awesome.

If you're looking for awesome toys that you're looking to keep go rechargable. If you want to blow your girlfriends mind buy her satisfyer pro 2. If you want something easy to start out with a bullet will be grand... just let the staff member know what you're looking to try and listen to her. You'll know if it sounds forced or shes trying to push a product.

General rule of thumb is ALWAYS SILICONE (unless you're going glass or stainless steel), ALWAYS WATERBASED LUBES WITH TOYS AND DON'T SKIMP ON TOY CLEANER.

Other than that go nuts!

ReginaldLADOO83 karma

How's business these days? Don't most people watch porn for free and buy sex toys online nowadays? I have to imagine this has hurt businesses like where you work.

Ipeddlebuttplugs149 karma

It has definitely hurt business a little bit. But we have an online store so we sell online aswell- and I think a lot of people like the idea of coming into store physically seeing and holding what they're going to spend like $200 on and have somewhere that they can bring the toy back to if something goes wrong.

A whole heap of our higher end toys have a warranty on them and so many of the companies are reluctant to take a return. We-Vibe takes back less than 1% of returns requested.

It doesn't matter who you buy from things with the toys go wrong and when you spend like $150 on something you probably want it to work for a while. So people who have had bad online shopping experiences come back to us and who wants to wait 3 weeks for a toy :P Our prices are essentially the same when you take into account shipping... so I think people who aren't afraid to come into store tend to prefer us. Besides I'll make you a cup of tea :P let's see the wild secrets website do that :P

ReginaldLADOO39 karma

A whole heap of our higher end toys have a warranty on them and so many of the companies are reluctant to take a return.

How's that work? I imagine it has to be treated as hazardous material since it could have STD's on it? Like, do people just walk into the shop with a used dildo and hand it over to y'all?

Ipeddlebuttplugs100 karma

Kind of, so Normally a customer within the warranty period will bring back their item in the box we'll snap on some gloves give it a good clean (Just to be sure) change gloves then check it's working if it's fine and the customer just didn't know how to work it properly (Happens a surprising amount) then we show them how and they take it home with them that day if they've stayed or pick it up the next if they've left it with us and if it's broken we send it back to the distributor for a replacement and they get a brand new one :)

ReginaldLADOO67 karma

My god. You're doing the lords work. I could never do that.

Ipeddlebuttplugs75 karma

Yeah- it's the Managers that do all the test stuff... I'm not getting in on that. The sales girls just get the customers to leave it for managers .

gentry7670 karma

Did you have open heart surgery? ER nurse here.

Ipeddlebuttplugs119 karma

I did :) I'm all set now though- I was very young. Also as someone who has an ER Nurse as one of my best friends- Thankyou so fucking much for all the bullshit you put up with. You're a dead set legend.

some_evil63 karma

In your opinion, is there a company that specialises in 'porn for women'?

I'm not sure exactly what 'porn for women' is, but based on my many hours of research I feel like porn is definitely targeted towards men more than women.

Is there a series that you see women purchase more often than men?

Ipeddlebuttplugs81 karma

Okay, sooooo We do have Wicked Passions which are like really bad romantic comedies that have porn scenes in them... But when I do watch porn I watch porn from - it's all interracial- I don't know how down with that you are. Some people aren't. But For real... good god the men they have are attentive, and good, and super good looking and into it. As far as porn that appeals to women they've done a fantastic job. You know if you're cool with interracial porn _^

SmashedACookie54 karma

Hi has anyone gone into your store and bought a bunch of toys in one purchase ?

Ipeddlebuttplugs110 karma

Absolutely- we have people who come in like once a week buying upwards of 10 items in single transactions... It's normally for parties and replenishing items that get lost/broken during.

arkwar172 karma

apparently I go to really boring parties

Ipeddlebuttplugs82 karma

don't worry man :P Me too. I hear those ones aren't all they're cracked up to be anyways :)

loserdoom50 karma

How would you say working at an adult shop is verses working in other industries? Whats the worst part of your job? The best?

Ipeddlebuttplugs125 karma

The worst part about specifically my job is probably upper management. All the girls are really lovely and the managers are all awesome... it's pretty much just the owners. Because it's a small company we have a lot to do with them... and while they're a wealth of knowledge in the adult industry... they're not the smartest sales people and they don't take kindly to suggestion.

Best- The DVD boys. They come in and always stay for a chat- I've been known to make them cups of tea and have a chat. I also really love when customers come back with really great reviews of products or with a thank you. I had one lady come back with a box of chocolates and flowers saying thank you for saving her marriage... that was pretty rad.

Absulute43 karma

Hi! I want to absolutely destroy my sphincter, what product would you recommend?

Ipeddlebuttplugs78 karma

Anal Goliath.

Nnnkingston27 karma

How do you approach a guest who is obviously nervous or says anything strange? I misspoke once and asked for a prostate massage when I meant a prostate messager. The sales rep was friendly and answered all of my questions but I couldn't help but feel like a creep despite correcting myself instantly.

Ipeddlebuttplugs63 karma

I laugh with them, sometimes I'll make them moonwalk with me. Or make them a cup of tea, offer them a doughnut... I always have doughnuts :P When people are in store I'm essentially their slutty friend that they can come to with questions. I'm always comfortable in store- and people tend to become more comfortable with a few chuckles and smiles. We can tell when people are legitimately creeping as opposed to just being nervous :)

poor-self-control14 karma

I always wanted to work in an adult store but never did - it's not great resume material because of societal stigma (especially for women).

What does your family think about your job?

How much do you get paid? Any employee discount?

Ipeddlebuttplugs29 karma

So there's definitely a stigma- but it's a surprising plus for sales jobs. As far as I know all adult shops are sales performance based. And it's surprisingly excellent for honing sales skills. I've been offered 5 separate other sales jobs while at work.

Pay isn't great $20 an hour with no penalty rates- though the job is pretty awesome. I get a 20% discount instore and my family are fine with it. My mother was a might wary for my safety at first- but she's seen that I like it and she's cool. My partner loves it- though he does drop me off and pick me up to ease his mind on my safety also.

poor-self-control19 karma

What? $20 an hour for in store sales is awesome!

Ipeddlebuttplugs23 karma

In Australia under the retail award I should be on a base rate of $21 p/h plus penalty rates so night work after 7 should be at about $28 p/h and on Saturday nights it should be hitting $40 an hour and Sundays should be at about the same...

I'd be earning about that if I were working in a servo... But I wouldn't have Roy then :)

d4m4s747 karma

Do people ever come in to buy gear to use in a non-sexual way. Like handcuffs for someone who wants to learn escapology, or bondage tape for construction?

Ipeddlebuttplugs14 karma

The Bondage tape we sell doesn't stick with glue- it just sticks to it's self so it won't mess with your skin too bad- so that's out.

I've had people pick up cuffs for bucks parties so they can cuff the groom so a stripper can go to town... but that's really it. The majority of people in are in for sexy time accessories :P

Oh I did have a group of boys that bought a blow up doll to just hang out on their couch. They named her Pricilla

thisisatypoo2 karma

How gross as your bathroom floors? Do you see people going in there immediately...?

Ipeddlebuttplugs3 karma

We don't have bathrooms for customers, only staff. I'll let customers use it if they need to pee, like that's fine :) And no one's taken long enough to do anything else- at least I think. I'm mightily impressed if they managed to.

remierk1 karma

Do Hitachi magic wands really destroy marriages?

Ipeddlebuttplugs5 karma

They do feel really awesome... I don't personally like them but that's a me thing. And most menfolk love using toys on their partners- I've never seen a vibrator legitimately drive a wedge between lovers... I've seen men nervous about vibrators because they're all "it'll replace me" but I explain it won't... If they're handling it, it's an extension of them. And the sex you have after already orgasming a bunch of times with toy is mindblowingly awesome.

SemiAnonymousUser1 karma

Who are you voting for, and if you are not going to/can not, who would you pick if you had to?

Ipeddlebuttplugs7 karma

Not in America so... I don't get to vote for Hillary or Trump. But in that regard I imagine anyone but Trump is a good idea. Like the rest of the world is watching you guys like 'Man, I thought shit was bad here... good god.'

But I vote Greens here in Australia for seats and Labour for the big kahuna- the greens are a small party and won't get into actual government but the more seats they have the more sway they have with the Labour government. And Labour is definitely the lesser of two evils... though perhaps not so solid on budgets.

felixthepretzel1 karma

What's the best way to clean things like dildos and such?

Ipeddlebuttplugs5 karma

It depends on your toy- if it's glass, stainless steel or a hard plastic just normal soap and water does fine- silicone is pretty fine too at least for the first year (Just make sure anything you use to clean your toy is completely free of anything that is silicone and is anti-bacterial alcohol based soaps are perfect)

For soft Jellies and things I strongly recommend the a alcohol based toy cleaner or even hand sanitizer. Let it dry completely before using it- but jellies and soft plastics get porous over time and can not be so good for you if not cleaned with an alcohol based cleaner.

Kinosha1 karma

Never thought I'd EVER ask anyone this in my entire life, but.

What would you say is this best thing for a femboy to experiment with? I'M into the whole BDSM scene and such...But it's quite embarrassing to admit I know little about the actual toys.

Ipeddlebuttplugs2 karma

well basics for most fem boys are prostate stimulators and pretty underwear. Depending on how into BDSM and alternative types of stimulation you are- I've heard a lot of good things about electro stim toys. The Pipedream Fetish fantasy have them at a reasonable price as well which is nice. Also in the ways of basic BDSM toys

Silks are lovely (and in personal opinion preferable to cuffs- cuffs bruise and chafe... but silks are lovely they constrain without the pain- but if you're into it go for gold :P)

Also floggers in general/spankers/pig slappers/crops- anything that you use for discipline is fair grand to have in a collection. I always reccommend suede floggers for people starting out because they're so SUPER versatile- they're soft and lovely to start out with but they'll give a nice little sting with some force.

You can pick up really great little BDSM kits for not that much money.

Check out Pipedreams fetish fantasy site- they'll have just about everything at a beginner level so will ouch and Sportsheets have sex and mischief for beginner and the normal sportsheets for intermediate- if you get way into though you're best off looking for special makers in your area :)

Buy anything that looks awesome in the way of BDSM- Just remember to always pick something versatile :) Also Don't be scared of Wartenberg wheels- they're AWESOME

Subzerowindchill1 karma

Any chance of you trying to write a book Ali Davis did?

Ipeddlebuttplugs2 karma

lol no- that's way cool though. Nah I thought about making a youtube channel where maybe I'd tell stories and talk about sexual awareness and how to use toys and all that jazz... But maybe _^

MudButt2000-35 karma

Why didn't your mom and dad prosecute your uncle for fiddling you?

Ipeddlebuttplugs23 karma

They did. Why didn't yours?