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what do Palestinians feel would be a viable solution to conflict with Israel? do they want to become citizens of Israel? join a different nation( like Egypt)? have a two state solution (if so what borders)? what do the people think might work?

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There are some people that have rape fantasies (as the victim). I was wondering if this is a common response for real victims and whether it is dangerous for mental health to act out those kinds of fantasies.

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In your books you seem to focus heavily on public investment, but it seems to me that the same services could be achieved by a tax rate that redistributes wealth so that poorer individuals can actually buy those goods (education, healthcare, housing, etc) for themselves. Given the current unpopularity of the US government, I feel like that would be a more effective political strategy. It could even win over some small-government libertarian types. Do you think that public investment is a better strategy than redistribution?

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  1. Is it hard to be a vegetarian out there?
  2. What's the criminal justice system like? Do people generally obey the law? Do cops take bribes or engage in other casual corruption?
  3. How do the locals feel about the air pollution?