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About $60 in our store - It'll vibrate too :)

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Well I am definitely a feminist- and I knew that a lot of porn companies aren't kind to their actresses. Also I had known some men with actual porn addiction and that sort of made me uneasy.

Though within 2 weeks the regular DVD boys became my very favourite people. All of them have treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, and they're all really excellent human beings. Also I learned about some of the women who have their own porn filming companies - and met a heap of cam girls who have taken charge of their sexuality and finances with porn. It's also been a really great tool in allowing women to experiment into different fetishes or sexual exploits in a safe way.

I think porn's brilliant :P I still think there's a while to go before it's entirely a safe place for it's actresses - though in saying that I think it's getting better.

Also i found Bonnie Rotten who is just a gem.

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The only awkward thing there was probably the story :P I know I get a lot of people who have these really elaborate stories for why they're buying things and it's the elaborate story is what makes it weird :P In truth I've bought my friends toys in store. I've had them come in and I've sold them things I thought they'd really like... It's really ordinary... Family might be a little weirder. But I don't think it'd be that much more odd. I'm pretty disillusioned about sex though... Nearly everyone is having it. Making it better is a kindness :P

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Our store doesn't have Glory holes- though I've sent many a young man aged 20-30 to the valley where the glory holes are

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a 92 year old man came in to buy some toys for his sugar baby and a rubberworx magazine (Latex/rubber fetish) He was very proud of being a 92 year old man with a 22 year old lady friend :P I was happy for him :)