I once had a dream I was ALF. In this dream, I died beneath a tree.

I post strips at www.pbfcomics.com, featuring events from our day to day lives. Sorry I'm late to this AMA.

I'm working on a new book project right now:


Proof http://www.pbfcomics.com/images/RedditAMA.jpg

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srahhh213 karma

Pro- or anti-skub?

StormWeasel305 karma

At this stage in my life, I'm done fighting. Life is too short. I understand that all conflicts are part of a cosmic dance, and that having different perspectives on the same thing is what we're here for.

That being said, fuck Skub.

twoeightnine173 karma

Do you remember at our high school art show when you and Rice had a contest to see who could hide the most penises in a piece? Who won?

StormWeasel270 karma

Rice had a gift that I couldn't compete with. Please don't talk about this any further.

dino_megazord142 karma

Hi Nicholas! I just wanted to tell you that I think the quality of The Perry Bible Fellowship is incredible. The amount of work you put into the writing and the art is apparent in every strip. I introduced your work to my roommates a couple years ago and now they both own the almanack. We have a soft spot for Elite Fleet, especially Part 2. Can we hope to see any more in the future?

StormWeasel64 karma

Thank you, Mr. Dino. I've had some real good laughs talking about some sequel ideas with my friends. Rebecca is tied up with Stephen Universe. If we do more, we'll have to push the "reused footage" thing to the hilt.

river_thames107 karma

Did you see what someone did to your Cave Explorer comic!?


StormWeasel130 karma

Whenever someone shows me this, I wonder why the artist changed the color of the man's shirt.

raedns2 karma

Not bad

StormWeasel7 karma

actually, bad.

brunofm88 karma

Do you draw everything on paper and then scan it, or have you gone fully digital?

StormWeasel168 karma

This is the only strip I haven't physically drawn: http://www.pbfcomics.com/167/

KoreanBoredom78 karma

Did someone just say "weeaboo?"

surlybot61930 karma

I think I just heard someone say weeaboo

KoreanBoredom23 karma


A_Dallas_Welcome16 karma


ApplicableSongLyric15 karma


StormWeasel136 karma

yep, you guys are definitely saying weeaboo.

JasmineForsythe75 karma

How is it that you've had a Reddit account for two years that you otherwise have not used?

Followup: Are bananas actually good for you or are they an empty food like iceberg lettuce

StormWeasel83 karma

I ate two bananas yesterday. I actually wondered whether it might be too much potassium. I don't know. In answer to your first question, I set this Reddit account up to get in on an AMA that was happening a while ago (Pete Docter's, of PIXAR). Maybe I will use it more often now.

pernero64 karma

Do you have any pre-PBF comics that you'd consider sharing?

StormWeasel175 karma


This is the first "comic strip" I did while at Syracuse University. The section that I drew was a parody of an SU strip I disliked at the time. I had my buddy Dan draw the other section. This ran on in the DO's comics page, amongst a page of strips, in 2000. The effect was surely more interesting there.

StormWeasel31 karma

Let me do a gmail search...

r_antrobus63 karma

You get into a fistfight with the guys responsible for Cyanide and Happiness. Who wins?

StormWeasel137 karma

Rob is too sweet to be a good fighter. I'd mess him up pretty good. I think the other guys would be frightened and confused by the sight of this. I'd probably end up jail, so I'm not sure if anyone really wins.

674540862 karma

Hey Nicholas, love your work.

Of all the Easter eggs you've hidden in your work, which is your favourite?

StormWeasel119 karma

I think you can see Baskins (http://www.pbfcomics.com/256/) having a temper tantrum in the background of this comic: http://www.pbfcomics.com/257/

StormWeasel33 karma

I'm not sure what strip that was. I know I took down a few of them because I thought it would be nice if people buying the book got some extra treats that the internet didn't offer. No offense, internet.

nickdaisy54 karma

Are you prepared for people who will ask you questions about religion instead of comics?

StormWeasel67 karma

i adore talking about religion. one of my favorite topics

bttws44 karma

Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of your comics. Did you get inspired by The Far Side? Because your comics remind me of it. Any chance of more comics in the future? Thanks for all the entertainment!

StormWeasel110 karma

Love THE FAR SIDE. Huge influence. I think I liked it even before I understood the humor- round the age of 8. Probably because it was different. Sparse use of googly-eyes & exclamation points. Gary Larson was some kind of funny pages Buddhist. He invited you to look close. To look too close. He put the emphasis on situations and motivations. Larson could draw a chicken on a hill, and it would feel like a lonely creature in a strange world. A lonely creature in a strange world has me laughing already, cause that's me! He might have been my introduction to humor where you laugh as much at the artist as the characters themselves.

I'll post a new comic strip on Monday if it pleases you.

spinnelein6 karma

I would be pleased.

Sadmind41 karma

Would you have space-sex with Zarflax?

StormWeasel65 karma

to level the playing field, I would go down on her

purepoenage40 karma

i'm a huge fan.

i think bee is the funniest comic strip in your archives. the expression on that kid's face when he's clinging to his mother as the dentists optometrists menacingly advance...

it puts me in mind of watterson; he drew expressions like nothing else, that was so much of his magic. that one strip, where calvin sasses his dad, and dad turns to mom for support and instead of the united front she's just... cracking up. she's slouched down in the sofa, legs spread, heels drumming, hand on head cracking up.

i've long forgotten the joke, or the strip, but i'll probably never forget that perfectly captured expression of pure hilarity.

the look of confused terror on that boy's face reminds me of that.

i hope you keep drawing until you draw one better, and then keep drawing until you best that one too.

StormWeasel68 karma

Not sure if there's a question here, but I'm gonna reply to it because you've compared me to Watterson.

Frajer37 karma

have you ever come up with a concept you just couldn't execute ?

StormWeasel107 karma

My friends and I spent a significant amount of time pitching an over-the-top Anime Saga to Adult Swim. I did a good amount of animation for it, but I think we may have needed a million more dollars. The guy we pitched it to laughed his ass off, but he may have been laughing at us.

Sporkfortuna33 karma

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast on a Saturday morning?

StormWeasel69 karma

is this Zach Weinersmith plug bait?

Sporkfortuna24 karma

I thought about it after I posted it; but in hindsight I'm going to say yes.

StormWeasel33 karma

He seems like a cool guy. I've never met him in person though.

neogonzo27 karma

What is your reaction to other web comics that are obviously ripping off your comedic and artistic styles?

StormWeasel96 karma

we are all one entity, moving toward an evolutionary singularity. i should just get used to it.

jasonfifi19 karma

good answer, i've never seen 100 monkeys theory brought up so subtly.

i also like seeing comics/writers that can deal with thieves or "parallel development" with grace and dignity, so good job.

"if you're good, there will be people that are similar. it's just math. there are 7.5billion people on the planet, somebody has probably thought of my tickle-cell anemia joke before me." - me, but probably someone else, too, because no thought can mathematically be 100% original.

StormWeasel21 karma

I'm gonna find one.

Polypeptide27 karma

Hi Nicholas. Is the Instant Bacon comic inspired by real-life events?

Thank you for your time.

Also pro-skub.

StormWeasel49 karma

I'm sure in the history of real-life, someone has blown up a pig. Some of the pork-flack probably tasted pretty good.

ANECDOTAL FACTOID ALERT: When I was drawing that comic, I could not think of a 4th frame that could adequately follow the little guy waiting. Exasperated, I brought it to my roommate at the time, Evan Keogh. I'll never forget the delight that washed over me when he put his hand on the paper (covering the 4th frame) and said "you don't need it".

nocrappysubreddits23 karma

Is that a Shining reference in your proof photo?

StormWeasel33 karma

it was trying to be a Shining reference, yes. Thanks for noticing.

OralAnalGland23 karma

Hi Nick! Big PBF Fan, and eager to see more.

If I remember correctly "GEE GOLLY JEEPERS" was sort of self reflective, and led to you moving away from the strip as to not be creativity painted into a corner.

With comics occasionally leaking out, is it something that you're not more likely to return to, or are you still trying to keep your distance?

StormWeasel27 karma

I've been inspired by the vertical frame orientation I've seen in other webcomics. That's definitely something that has excited me about doing more comics in recent years- breaking out of that 3-4 frame space. A love of experimentation pulls me in all sorts of directions, however. I worked on a TV show for FX for well over a year (though it never got made). I'm pretty excited to do the Little Death book right now because I'll be in control of it entirely.

ConChrisWay23 karma


StormWeasel49 karma

hey man.

BrushGoodDar21 karma

What's the best way to get a web comic out there for the world to see?

StormWeasel59 karma

See if you can get your roommate to like it before you put it online.

BrushGoodDar29 karma

Well, turns out my roommate's an idiot.

StormWeasel74 karma

The next step is this: Imagine he's not an idiot, but a human being with a codified system of understanding symbols and ideas -a system which you can appeal to by clarifying your ideas.

BrushGoodDar25 karma

So I go to ask him, "are you a human being with a codified system of understanding symbols and ideas?" and he sits there for a minute blankly and let's out a loud (I was mildly impressed) fart.

StormWeasel68 karma

Now you need to just draw this whole exchange.



I sent u an email like 7 years ago and you never replied. Why not?

StormWeasel49 karma

My apologies. Do you still have the e-mail? If I see it, I could probably tell you why.

jleonardbc20 karma


What's your experience with psychoanalysis? Any insights to share?

StormWeasel40 karma

I went to a psychonalayst last year to do some research on what it's like. I enjoyed it very much (maybe too much). In any case, it was ultimately too expensive.

jleonardbc14 karma

Thanks for your answer!

Follow-up Q: What got you interested in the first place?

StormWeasel29 karma

Psychoanalysis is detective work for the soul. We all have really good reasons for feeling how we feel.

Arrgh15 karma

Did someone say 'Weeaboo'? Because I'm pretty sure I just heard someone say 'Weeaboo'.

StormWeasel41 karma

I'm pretty sure you just explicitly said Weeaboo. Twice.

everfalling15 karma

what do you think about the appropriation of that word to describe anime junkies?

StormWeasel41 karma

The correlation between the appropriation, the comic strip, and its true origin is sublimely meaningless. The word "Weeaboo" comes from a dream my sister had- in which a large room of Victorian-era people were shouting it at her, repeatedly.

ITworksGuys7 karma

Does she like anime though?

StormWeasel14 karma

my older brother does.

nomecks14 karma

Why did you stop drawing for so long?

StormWeasel17 karma

Was wrapped in TV land for more than a few years, working on what felt like a dozen different projects.

drewdidthis10 karma

How do you develop an idea? How many drafts does a 'script' go through?

StormWeasel25 karma

The more comic strips that exist in the PBF repertoire, the longer the gauntlet an idea has to run to enter existence. An idea can sometimes spend 3 years or more in a sketch pad before I see something new in it. If the draft for a comic exceeds 10 versions, it usually just dies. Whenever this happens, you can count on some element of that strip ending up in another strip at a later date. My faith in comic strip "life after death" is one of the few things that makes me OK with this process.

raedns10 karma

Where is Sgt Grumbles?

StormWeasel19 karma

he's in that great big canopy in the sky. Seriously, he's still there eating honey (not dead)

HeroicallyNormal8 karma

Given the success of the PBF collections through Dark Horse, what advantages did you see to using Kickstarter for your current project?

StormWeasel19 karma

I investigated self-publishing for a while, to avoid the tortured conscience I get from having the Almanack printed in China (sans environmental standards). Breadpig (my current publisher) is super flexible and author-friendly, if not author-servile. Working with them has been great. Kickstarter is just the way they like to do things.

professorwexler8 karma

Hey Nicholas,

Huge fan here ever since I found out about you about 7 years ago, and I make anyone check out your genius work at any opportunity - so much that in my undergrad I would get my old students to look at your comics before our weekly tutor sessions.

Beyond just saying thank you for putting out intelligent and artistically creative comics, and how excited I am for notes on a case of melancholia (which I already pledged), I just want to ask where you draw your inspirations for the content of the comics. I can tell you have a cynical, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, and I am just wondering if any specific comic artists or authors inspired that.

And, if I can ask another, was there any factor that influenced PBF having such a variegated artistic style? I know you have your own style interspersed in there, but many of the comics seem to hearken to other styles. Just wondering if this was a choice, or more of a symptom of just wanting to not limit yourself?

Thanks again, the strip today was a great surprise, and I can't wait for future work

StormWeasel9 karma

I could make a list that contains The Simpsons and Monty Python and The Far Side, but I've come to think I might be inspired by a childhood spent drawing with my friends and siblings, sharing pieces of paper, and delighting in the effects of colliding worlds and ideas.

This might also account for varied styles.

spintoband7 karma

What is your relationship with Sylvio Bernardi (the gorilla)?

StormWeasel7 karma

third cousin by marriage

StormWeasel4 karma

you can see "Scorpy the Forest Friend" on the fridge in his latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJFyl1PFA7U

bomb4st7 karma

Will there be any more Trails of Tarnation?

StormWeasel10 karma

I would love more Trails of Tarnation. Not sure if the stars are aligned for it though.

NiceGeoff4 karma

When are we going to see some new Big Play films?

StormWeasel8 karma

Got a number of them almost done, Mr. Geoff. I'm kind of a 1-man studio at the moment, so it's a little bit difficult. If I receive any excess funding from the Kickstarter after the printing is paid for, I would gladly put it toward getting some more short films off the ground. (animators: [email protected])

zebraandgiraffe3 karma

Didn't you get your start with the Daily Orange in Syracuse?

StormWeasel4 karma

I actually started there as a journalist. I was pretty proud to have written a front-page article my first week at school. None of my friends read it though, so I started doing work where I knew they would look (the comics page)

cuntsmasher6969-8 karma

Are you an idiot?

StormWeasel18 karma