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"This guy doesn't have AIDS. Let's keep trying to give him AIDS!"

So my question is is there actually any risk of getting HIV from this study?

And what do you mean by "Synthetic HIV"? What the fuck is that? It fakes being HIV in some way?

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It's nice to see a couple of dudes feel comfortable with a "you're looking good, bro". It's a nice day today.

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Indian (from India) are "dots" in casual racism due to the dots they put on their foreheads. "Feathers" would be American Indians (on the North American continent) due to the classic image of the native with feathers in his headdress.

If you think less of people who use those terms you wouldn't be wrong, but it's generally considered pretty mild racism.

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I'm enjoying your back woodsy wisdom.

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Yeah. Just like you can show Republicans that Fox is bad by having them watch it.