I'm 25 years old, started in porn when I was 21. I've done a lot of scenes for a lot of great companies, and I get asked crazy questions all the time. I figured this would be a great way to answer them all. IF I DONT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION PLEASE ASSUME IT HAS BEEN ANSWERED BELOW AND KEEP LOOKING! THANKS GUYS! KEEP EM COMING AND ILL BE BACK. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @SONNYHICKSXXX PROOF: http://imgur.com/6SAqEjm

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LyingPervert1668 karma

Does size matter? Not that I have a small penis, mine is 17 inches.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar869 karma

Somewhat. Can't be small, but as long as it works and looks good it doesn't have to be huge.

onnoj8171167 karma

Have you ever been talking to one of your buddies and came to the conclusion that he had accidentally fapped to you fucking a girl? Like "I was totally about to blow a load, but the camera zoomed in on the dudes face, and it was fucking you! But I was right there so I couldn't stop, so I busted a nut while looking at your face. Want to go to taco bell?"

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1425 karma

Most dudes won't admit it, their stories usually go "i was jerkin it and then realized it was you and it was weird", but I know better. They've definitely jerked it to my porn, and it just is what it is.

Now that I think about it, my life is definitely a little strange sometimes...

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1121 karma

Why does the # of comments go up sometimes when i refresh but i don't see any new comments?


How do you sleep at night?

Lately, I haven't been able to sleep flat on my back, just on my right side. It's troubling.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar840 karma

I go through phases. Lately I've been a flat on my back sleeper, but I've been known to favor the right or left side from time to time. When I'm really drunk I'll end up on my stomach a lot too.

somaliansilver971 karma


SonnyHicks_Pornstar750 karma

Woop woop

thombudsman872 karma

What has been your worst experience working in the industry?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1819 karma

Seeing girls strung out on drugs.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar750 karma

Woop, this is fun. Thanks for all the great questions, keep em coming! I'm doing my best to figure out how this all works...

calculusknight741 karma

Have you had scenes that made you just think "Ugh, just have to get through this"?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1077 karma

Yes, absolutely. Not very often anymore because I can mostly pick and choose who I work for/with, but yeah there's been some rough days for sure.

calculusknight520 karma

Care to elaborate? No need for names

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1354 karma

Mostly just bad attitudes or lack of perfect hygiene...

Xhotas697 karma

What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen during filming that you've witnessed?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1787 karma

Its funny... I'm not a studly, buff, huge dicked guy. I guess not what you'd call a stereotypical male pornstar. But when they put me next to one of those guys, big buff with a 11in cock, and we're supposed to tag team a girl, and then they can't get their dick hard to save their life, and I have to save the day with my averageness.... its pretty embarrassing for them.

Also, girls that don't quite know how to prep for an anal scene and shit on the couch. That's embarrassing.

Xhotas998 karma

I was seriously hoping that last part was a myth.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1698 karma

Mostly it is a myth. But then, one day, out of the blue, when you think everything is great..... that myth gets busted in a nasty way! haha


How many times have you had poop on your weiner?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar998 karma

once or twice... not fun

NoobWithSkill447 karma

How are girls supposed to prep for anal?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar868 karma

Clean out their rear with enemas and such.d

BJinandtonic658 karma

Also have your standards for who you hook up gone up? Seeing that you have sex with attractive women quite often

SonnyHicks_Pornstar2011 karma

I'll take a 6 with a great personality over a 10 that's a total bitch any day.

NoobWithSkill642 karma

How did your friends and family react when they found out you started working with porn?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1360 karma

Most people that know me well weren't surprised. I was always banging chicks in my van in high school, then I was in a rock band for a while.... again, not too surprised

ragnaROCKER1588 karma

I was always banging chicks in my van in high school

hahaha that is awesome.

"where's sonny?"

"oh you know him, bangin' away in the van again..."

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1377 karma

You'd be surprised how true that rings...

werewere582 karma

What's your favorite animal?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1400 karma

My cat is a badass.

c00ki3znkr34m528 karma

Dude, how do you last so long? Is it luck, like "oh man, that was a great scene" and they captured it on film but the rest of the week you blew it early? Please be honest. Do they splice multiple shots together to make you look like an inhuman stud?

Typically, are porn stars happy, awesome light people, or are a lot of them shallow, empty people?

How often do you ejaculate weekly on average?

Thanks man!

SonnyHicks_Pornstar914 karma

You know... I don't know how I last so long. I just do. There are some days when you feel like you're gonna nut early.. then you stop for a second, let it pass, and get back in there. It's one of the reasons we say that not just anyone can do this job. I've always been that way... when I was 16 I would fuck my girlfriends for an hour at a time. Just the way I'm built. I'm also blessed with a cock that, on the very rare occasion I've popped early, can stay hard and just keep going and finish the scene. Again, no secret formula, just blessed I guess.

Just like any other subset of the human population, its hard to generalize pornstars as people. There are plenty (like me) that are normal light fun people that do it because its a great way to make great money, are working towards other things and legitimately enjoy their lives. Then there are depressed, addicted, strung out, angry people that have no other options in life. You do your best to surround yourself with the people that you identify with.

Depends on the week. Some weeks maybe 5 times, some weeks 20. Thats including work AND recreation ;o)

calculusknight480 karma

What female pornstar did you most enjoy working with and why?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar784 karma

There are a lot of great ones, and as BS as it sounds I can't pick a favorite. But I will say that my favorites are not because of how hot they are, its because of personality. If me and the female talent get along great and have great chemistry then it's gonna be a great scene. A recent one I really enjoyed was a MILF named Darla Crane, we did an awesome Valentines scene that's coming out on porn.com soon, check out the preview there and see what I mean.

calculusknight643 karma

Don't mind if I do



calculusknight518 karma

Scratch that, you're welcome

SonnyHicks_Pornstar550 karma

Thanks dude

calculusknight426 karma

How did you get into porn?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar862 karma

My girl and I both lost our jobs and had a mortgage to pay. We did a scene together for an amateur dvd, and when we finished shooting our scene the director was impressed and said that if we would work with other people then we could both make a good living. I got an agent and started working that week

JohnWad400 karma

How was it fucking Joslyn James?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar580 karma

Pretty sweet

kosmox508 karma

Wait, you're eskimo brothers with Tiger Woods?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar489 karma

I believe the commonly accepted nomenclature is in fact "Wiener Cousins". And yes, I am wiener cousins with Tiger Woods. And quite a few other celebrities I would assume. Strange thing, being wiener cousins....

JohnWad196 karma

Did you torque her before or after Tiger Woods? Did she say anything about him?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar381 karma

After. I didn't know who she was at the time but found out right after we shot. She didn't say anything about him.

imnoking380 karma

Did somebody order SAUSAGE?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar838 karma


suckiteazy377 karma

What does a woman's asshole taste like?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar826 karma

I only lick clean buttholes. Tastes like candy. urrr...

titball383 karma

You don't like licking a girls butthole right after a long sweaty day? Da best.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar863 karma

I know dudes that do... but its just not my bag baby.

calculusknight361 karma

Ever hooked up with a female co-star outside work?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar691 karma

It definitely happens, but I prefer to keep attractions strictly at work. If you start fucking someone outside of work then its not as awesome or hot when you have to bang them on camera again! Keeping it just a work thing keeps in way spicier.

ThatMathNerd207 karma

You mentioned earlier that you're still dating the same girl from before you started porn. Obviously she's OK with you doing your job but how does she feel about sleeping with co-stars outside of work? I'm assuming she knows because your response is pretty open about it. You also said you weren't in a polyamarous relationship, so I'm quite confused.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar282 karma

Sorry, I realize that was quite ambiguous. By "It happens" I meant "People do it".

squeezethesoul357 karma

Have you ever caught an STD on the job?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1030 karma

Strangely enough, no. It's quite incredible, and I'm knocking on wood as we speak, but I have gotten calls from the clinic or girls telling me they got chlamydia or something and I need to get tested... but I've never come up with a single thing. Bionic cock or something...

JSsully123348 karma

To be honest i was a little nervous to click the Proof link.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar567 karma

Yeah, understandable. I'm not just gonna go posting pics of my cock though. There's google for that.

ILL_Show_Myself_Out338 karma

Do you take drugs to maintain an erection?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar690 karma

I always keep a pill in my set bag in case it's a particularly rough day, but honestly I only use it for like 1 out of 100 scenes. If I needed it for every shoot it wouldn't be the job for me.

Pamander337 karma


SonnyHicks_Pornstar469 karma

Heres me right now... http://imgur.com/qPnESFU

fastattaq87 karma

Isn't It kinda bad luck to have a Kokopelli tattoo while working in the adult film industry?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar132 karma

As far as fertility? meh... haha

titball328 karma

Are you a fan of anal gaping? Also what pornstar has the nicest bumhole?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar579 karma

I am. Check out Sammie Spades for an INSANE bum hole

Asmor372 karma

Are you just saying that because she's your girlfriend? :)

SonnyHicks_Pornstar913 karma

Nope, she really has an amazing elastic butthole. One of the best in the biz. I'm just lucky enough to get it whenever I want.

CMpunked309 karma

What was your first shoot like? Were you nervous or more just like "ooooh yeah!"

SonnyHicks_Pornstar592 karma

My first shoot ever was with my girl, so it was no big deal. My first REAL shoot with strangers was.... yeah, I was a little nervous at first, but the director (who is still a great friend of mine to this day) was super cool and the chick was hot and fun.. so it quickly turned into fun and it was over before I knew it. That day I realized I was good at it.

jjodie304 karma

Ah since your missus is also in the industry, does she know any tips for deep throating? My gag reflex annoys me so much.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar656 karma

Relaxation can get it a little further down your throat, but there are plenty of girls in porn (including mine) that give FANTASTIC blow jobs even though they have a gag reflex and can't do the crazy deep throat thing. At this point its somewhat novelty. Its enjoyable, but far from necessary for quality oral sex.

Keep tryin though, its fun to watch you spit and gag ;o)

SadlyNaiveGirl281 karma

How does one get into the business of pornography? Do you just go to a porn industry and ask?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar519 karma

If you're a girl, call up an agency, send some pics and they'll most likely get you work. If you're a guy, its much more difficult.

KamFox280 karma

The dialogue in porn, is any of that real in some way?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar631 karma

The big feature movies are pretty scripted, but with the silly little scenes we usually sit around and think of some dumb scenario and then improv it all.

Brad_Wesley269 karma

Listen, do me a solid please:

Next time you are fucking a chick on the couch and the cameraman gets behind you and focuses in on your ass and the underside of your balls say "dude, nobody wants to see that"


SonnyHicks_Pornstar613 karma

I agree. I've intentionally whipped my dick out of the pussy and gotten juice on the camera man's head for doin that too much.

tdkreturns259 karma

Have you ever been recognized in public? Any advice for lasting longer?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar389 karma

I get recognized once in a while, yes. I wish I had advice for that... but i've heard there's creams or something that can make you last longer if you really need to.

sv21js231 karma

Do you watch porn in your spare time? Or do you feel like you get enough of that at work?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar296 karma



Do your parents know that you are in this business? How do they feel about it?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar363 karma

They do. They know I'm responsible and they don't mind at all.


Have you ever had any awkward conversations or encounters with any of your family or friends regarding your job?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar424 karma

Its always weird when you're talking about your cock to someone that you never thought would ask

Pringlespringles212 karma

I'm gonna be greedy and go for a second question, I've had times where I couldn't stay hard while having sex with a girl because I wasn't that into her, have you been in that situation on a set and if so how do you get through it?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar832 karma

You greedy fucker... haha its definitely another reason that not everyone can do the job. I get paid, so i grit my teeth and think about happy things and get through it, every time. Once in a GREAT while I'll have to pull out that little pill... but in real life, why are you fucking someone you're not really into?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar209 karma

I've only got time for a few more questions right now, I'll come back and answer more later on if they keep coming. Thank you all so much for hanging with me today and for all your great questions. Follow me on twitter @sonnyhicksxxx and keep checkin out my movies. Watch for the valentines special on Porn.com coming out tuesday!

sarty196 karma

Do people get paid more to do kinkier things (ie, like bdsm stuff)? Seems like that would take more effort and pain from the performers, even if it was something they were into.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar355 karma

Depends on the company and the performer. There are plenty of girls that would rather get tied up and beaten than get fucked, so they charge less for that. Its hard to generalize.

suckiteazy188 karma


SonnyHicks_Pornstar278 karma

About 7.75" and a few inches around

fingerblast3r166 karma

This is a extremely high quality AMA.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar44 karma

They get worse?

farmerfoo166 karma

Do you see yourself in this line of work for the long haul, Ron Jeremy style? Ever work on the same set as the hedgehog? Any porn idols?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar239 karma

Ron's a good guy, but I'm not gonna be around the biz that long. Its cool for now but not what I want to do forever.

NoobWithSkill164 karma

What does your economy look like? How much do you get payed per movie?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar259 karma

Depends on the company I'm working for, for sure. Average day is anywhere from $300-600 for a sex scene, usually with some extra if its a "feature" movie with a lot of extra hours of acting/dialogue.

hooahguy121 karma

So how many scenes do you do a year? Do you have another job to supplement your income from porn?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar385 karma

If I'm working in porn full time I average about 120 a year, give or take. I do a lot of other work that I enjoy and also supplements my income. I do carpentry, build movie and tv sets and props, I do lighting, camera, and rigging work for mainstream film and live events, some non adult modeling... I live a good life :o)

calculusknight118 karma

What mainstream movies have you worked on?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar251 karma

Can't get into that in a porn forum, sorry :o/ But I can say I've done over 20 big budget mainstream projects.

Leobkz151 karma


SonnyHicks_Pornstar293 karma

Some people think its cool. Some people just assume I'm a creep. You can pretty much tell how someone is going to react to something like that by how they operate in their daily lives. Conservatives are conservative, liberals are liberal, and freaks are freaks. Most people I choose to tell about that part of my life are people that I'm fairly sure will be open minded and cool with it.

BJinandtonic137 karma

Has your work made normal sex/hooking up feel boring or changed it in any way?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar212 karma

Nope. Work is work, fun is fun. 2 different experiences all together.

IfBaconWasAState113 karma

What tips do you have for an awesome sex life?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar305 karma

Do what makes you feel good and do it with someone that enjoys the same things you do.

fastattaq93 karma

Is there some kind of vitamin supplement that porn stars take to produce those "monster loads" or is that just a matter of saving up for a few days or weeks to produce those crazy money shots?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar176 karma

I shoot huge loads all the time, not sure why. Someone like Peter North or whatever, that's just the loads he shoots. Im sure there are products, but none I could recommend. The HUGE crazy loads are fake.

Pamander59 karma


SonnyHicks_Pornstar155 karma

Either cetaphil, piña colada mix, lube, or a combination.

UpInYourSis87 karma

Would you rather give or receive a rimjob?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar180 karma

Either way can be fun in the right situation ;o)

Garbage75884 karma

Hey, you said you and your girlfriend are both in the business was there any jealousy issues in the beginning and how were they resolved?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar272 karma

We have a pretty solid deal. We're not swingers, poly, any of that. Work is work and home is home, as long as it stays that way its all good. We love and respect each other, and are working towards a better future for the two of us. Simple as that.

Cram43078 karma

So do you have to do gay porn also or is that just a myth?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar152 karma

Definitely a myth. There are plenty of male performers that do gay porn as well as straight, but that's their choice, and they usually just do it to make more money. I have never done any gay or t/s porn, not because I have a problem with it or the performers that do it, it's just not my bag and I don't need the extra money that badly. I make a good living doing only straight work that I actually enjoy doing.

bigcitydandy78 karma

How is your dating life affected by your job? Are girls generally turned on or off when they hear what you do for a living?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar157 karma

I've been in a steady committed relationship since before I got in the business. It hasn't affected it. It's a unique situation, but it works for me.

bigcitydandy173 karma

A stable SO for over 4 years? Props to you, man. People should be hitting you up for relationship advice instead of sex tips.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar179 karma

That's way more complicated for sure! haha

jsh113876 karma

just curious, to what extent (if any) do you worry about your future after porn? I look at a guy like Ron Jeremy, who i think is a good guy and probably alot of fun to hang out with, but he just seems so lonely and sad, like maybe now that his time in porn is over he wishes he had made some different choices. Seems like from some of the reality shows he's done he thinks his porn career pretty much made it impossible for him to have a normal relationship

do you worry about that at all, or are you more of a just live for today type guy, or what?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar108 karma

Someone like that makes porn their life. To me, its just a good job for right now and I'll have plenty of life left after I'm done in this business. I plan on doing it for a few more years then moving on.

jsh113840 karma

fair enough. any idea what you'd move on to? are you saving the porn money to do something else?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar93 karma

Mainstream film/television production is really fun. Lights and cameras and such

900now75 karma

I too have a pretty good endurance, but does that ever affect your ability to "finish" on time, per sé?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar153 karma

There are times when you're supposed to pop and aren't quite ready, but they just stop rolling and you do whatever you gotta do to get there, then they roll again and you nut.


Aww shit, I just finished fapping

SonnyHicks_Pornstar102 karma

Good for you!

joshywashy43 karma

What is a ZJ?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar290 karma

If you have to ask, you can't afford it

K-Rex-TW43 karma

Do you still masturbate? If you do, do you watch a documentary on butterflies or something instead of porn?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar82 karma

Everyone masturbates. Everyone.

nsgiad34 karma

Do you have any plans or desire to transition your adult film career into an acting career in TV or motion pictures?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar49 karma

It's a nice thought, but I sincerely doubt it. I really enjoy and do a fair amount of work behind the camera on mainstream projects, so that's what I'll probably end up doing.

nsgiad22 karma

Thanks for the reply, are you based in LA? What do you think about the measure that passed requiring condom use in the county there? Will the companies just move a county over or do you see the porn industry up and moving to somewhere in another state?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar39 karma

I actually live in Vegas and work pretty evenly between here and LA. The law won't actually change much. Most productions don't have permits and shoot in random houses in the San Fernando Valley and are untraceable.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar32 karma

If I don't answer a question it has been answered already.

disneyvillain29 karma

Do "fluffers" still exist?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar31 karma

Not that I've seen.

Mojonator23 karma

any tips for average people on getting girls?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar73 karma

Be nice and straight forward. Pickup lines, games, and trying too hard seem to be turnoffs to most chicks. Oh, and trim your pubes and have good hygiene. Fresh breath and deodorant are key.

Mojonator23 karma

Oh and just remembered another question, very off topic to my original but - if you had to quit being a porn star tomorrow and could get any job you wanted, what would you pick?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar190 karma

A goat farmer in the Caribbean

NoobWithSkill14 karma

Is it nice getting payed to receive blowjobs?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar55 karma

It definitely is. I have to say, its really cool to get paid to fuck a hot chick, but that's still kinda work. You have to get all physical and sweaty. When you get paid to just sit back and get a BJ.... yeah, that's a good day for sure

Pringlespringles14 karma

Any tips for shooting a bigger load?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar34 karma

I've always shot huge loads, I think its just how people are made.

duke_throwaway8 karma

Who has the best real tits you've worked with? Are all 'amateur' scenes kind of Bullshit?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar18 karma

Some of the best real tits (and one of my funniest/most fun scenes) is this. Truly fucking great. And hilarious. http://www.porn.com/videos/home-alone-the-return-of-the-wet-bandits-porn-parody-414112.html

qtippy5 karma

What are your relationships with women like, outside of the industry?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar6 karma

see above

joebudden5 karma

  1. What qualifications do you need for your job?
  2. How much would you say you make annually approximately ?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar2 karma

A good attitude, stamina, and decent looks. I dunno.

Jagrafess4 karma

How has the job affected your at home sex life? Is it still as enjoyable as ever, or has it taken on a "Bringing my work home with you" affect?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar6 karma

Work is work, fun is fun, 2 different experiences all together.

fastattaq4 karma

Do you have anything to fall back on for when you're finished with porn? Or do you hope to have enough money at that point so that you never really "work" again?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar4 karma

I've got a lot of different options, even at this point. Mainstream production, real work... its all good.

PaddyMcLitho4 karma

Hey, you're a cool guy for answering everything, just wondering how often do you work, as 2-300$ a shoot would build up if it was often.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar5 karma

Thanks bro! I don't ever do a scene for less than $300, usually more. I could work a bit more if I lowered my rates, but I prefer quality over quantity. But, there is no schedule. Some weeks I do 5-6 scenes, some weeks I do 1, or none. But I have other sources of income and do pretty well in both worlds.

fastattaq3 karma

Is there a particular star whom you haven't worked with yet that you want to work with?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar4 karma

I want to work with any hot girl that I haven't worked with yet. That's a lot haha...

PimpinPylon3 karma

Did you get good grades in school?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar15 karma

Yup, I did. But, I enjoyed playing guitar and smoking pot more than caring about going to college. Not my best life decision, but I've made the best of it and moved on :o)

Fartless3 karma

Do you fall in love with the girl your shooting a scene with only for the scene? James Dean says he falls in love with girls for 45 minutes.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar7 karma

Nope, I'm not that kinda guy. I can enjoy it and have an awesome time and have great chemistry with a girl, but in the end its still a job. I'm actually in love with someone, so I don't throw that kinda thing around so much

spicemaster2422 karma

Are you concerned with contracting HIV?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar3 karma

I'm pretty picky with who I work with and take every precaution to prevent it. The % of porn performers who have ever contracted HIV compared to the general population is staggeringly low.

imnoking2 karma

  • Weirdest role play?
  • How much do the directors have to do with what actually happens?
  • Are the directors weird people?
  • What are the girls like? Are they happy fun people and treat it like a job, or are they actually always moaning and eating fruit in sexual ways?
  • Has anyone ever looked at you funny on the street like they recognise you?
  • Has anyone ever noticed you from porn and come and said hello?

Thanks :)

SonnyHicks_Pornstar3 karma

  • Anything incestuous.
  • Depends on the director
  • Nope. Definitely no weirder than the performers...
  • Half and half, for sure.
  • Yup. Not as often as the girls, but it happens.
  • Yup, same deal.

You're welcome :o)

HoochCow2 karma

I have a few questions:

  1. Craziest scene you've ever done.

  2. Craziest scene you've been asked to do but didn't because it wasn't your thing.

  3. There is a bit of a stereotype floating around that porn stars are below average intelligence and I've seen some interviews with female porn stars where the girls just come across as being dumber than a sack of rocks. Is this a common thing, or are most porn stars actually fairly intelligent people?

  4. Ever worked with anyone or know any other porn actors/actresses who have really impressive college degrees that make you want to ask them "Why are you in porn?"

  5. As a man who has a lot of sex and gets paid for it what do you think could be done to improve sex education in United States schools?

Edit: Question 6: Any tricks you've learned in the sack from doing porn that you're willing to share?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar7 karma

Craziest? I dunno... its porn, its all a little crazy in my opinion. Any time we shoot somewhat in public is pretty stupid and crazy.

I haven't turned anything down because of craziness... there's just things I don't enjoy so I don't do. Gay, t/s, gang bangs... Just no interest.

There are some very intelligent porn guys and girls out there, with college degrees and a wide range of knowledge and vocabulary. There are also porn guys and girls that are as dumb as a sack of rocks. I'd say more than half are of the latter variety... but I'd say that's Americans in general.

I prefer working with those women because 100% of the time they're doing it because they actually like doing it.

Just because I'm in porn doesn't make me think I have any valid opinion on that subject. Porn has nothing to do with the reality of sex education. If anything they should make it common and expected for sexually active people to get tested regularly.

fastattaq1 karma

Is there a special technique to choosing a porn star name? Is there a story behind your name "Sonny Hicks"?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar3 karma

I have the worst name in the business. I needed a name for my first shoot. I never thought I would actually be able to make a career out of this, so didn't give it much thought. Now almost 500 scenes later, I'm fuckin stuck with it.

My first dog was named Sonny I grew up on Hicks Road.

Sonny Hicks

this_is_a_drive_by1 karma

In your experience, how are women viewed in the industry?

I've heard everything from "they are treated with dignity and respect" to "they are desperate for cash and treated like shit." Do you think women who work in porn are respected by colleagues/financiers/producers?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar3 karma

It all depends on how they present themselves. If a person commands respect, they get it. If they come off as trash, they get treated like trash. There are some porn girls that are high level business people, and they get more respect than the directors. Its just like any other business.

easy_Money0 karma

Does this cause any strain on your relationship? Do you sleep with other people (non co-stars?)

SonnyHicks_Pornstar4 karma

No, not really. We only fuck each other for free. There are people that we both know we enjoy working with, and we're happy if the other one has a good day at work, but in the end that's all it is. We're fairly normal outside of our jobs.

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Would you rather have sex with 1,000 duck size horses or 1 horse size duck?

SonnyHicks_Pornstar4 karma

HA! ask Ellis