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SonnyHicks_Pornstar2011 karma

I'll take a 6 with a great personality over a 10 that's a total bitch any day.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1819 karma

Seeing girls strung out on drugs.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1787 karma

Its funny... I'm not a studly, buff, huge dicked guy. I guess not what you'd call a stereotypical male pornstar. But when they put me next to one of those guys, big buff with a 11in cock, and we're supposed to tag team a girl, and then they can't get their dick hard to save their life, and I have to save the day with my averageness.... its pretty embarrassing for them.

Also, girls that don't quite know how to prep for an anal scene and shit on the couch. That's embarrassing.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1698 karma

Mostly it is a myth. But then, one day, out of the blue, when you think everything is great..... that myth gets busted in a nasty way! haha

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1425 karma

Most dudes won't admit it, their stories usually go "i was jerkin it and then realized it was you and it was weird", but I know better. They've definitely jerked it to my porn, and it just is what it is.

Now that I think about it, my life is definitely a little strange sometimes...

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1400 karma

My cat is a badass.

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1377 karma

You'd be surprised how true that rings...

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1360 karma

Most people that know me well weren't surprised. I was always banging chicks in my van in high school, then I was in a rock band for a while.... again, not too surprised

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1354 karma

Mostly just bad attitudes or lack of perfect hygiene...

SonnyHicks_Pornstar1121 karma

Why does the # of comments go up sometimes when i refresh but i don't see any new comments?