I became deaf due to meningitis at age of two. Currently studying graphic design in a college. Fire away any questions you got. AMA

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Dude, you just totally won my respect.

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The joke actually has been done to death... haha.

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Done to...deaf.

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I have this bad habit of misreading "deaf" as "dead".

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OH MY GOD I literally LOL'D.

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How can you be sure? :)

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Poke the body with a stick?

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That leads into my question. You don't hear the pronunciation of words in your head like I do, right? Is that why you often misread "deaf"?

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No, I just read it really fast.

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Do you have a favorite band?

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Nope... I don't.

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On a serious note, I remember reading somewhere that Beethoven could feel the vibrations from his music and what not, is this the same with you? Or is it more or less just silence?

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I can feel the same, but I have no sense of rhythm.

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Are you white? Might explain it. I have the same problem, and I can hear.

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Oh you.

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How do you know if your farts are silent or loud?

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Reactions of other people.

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I, too, judge my farts this way.

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Glad to know. Tell me, do you judge the scent of the fart as well?

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It's impossible as I am proud of my scent. I have to entirely base the offensive power of my flatulence on the reactions of others.

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And I, too, am proud of it.

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Come to a deaf man's AMA, get reminded of my lack of sense of smell. Shucks.. (Not that it's comparable to the difficulty of being deaf)

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Now I get why people keeping asking me about missing hearing things... I wonder the same for you.

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I actually lost my sense of smell when I was 7. (19 now) I hardly remember the smell of things, but occasionally I get "phantom smells." For example, when I watched Hugo from Lost the other day go face down in some grass, I could smell grass for a moment. At that time I could remember instantly that I was smelling grass, but I can't recall the smell of grass since and I couldn't remember it before. It was weird.

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I wish I could articulate this question better, but anyway:

Because you could hear when you were extremely young, do your thoughts have sounds? I hope you understand my question. For example, when I think out a sentence, I can "hear" in my mind what that sentence sounds like, even though I don't physically hear it. Is there any "sound" for you in your head, for want of a better phrase?

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Not at all, I think by using visuals or words. Sometime, instead of visuals, I think in sign language. I associate the object with words to give it a purpose, like how you associate some objects with sounds.

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Thanks for answering! I've often wondered about that

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No problem :)

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So you don't know what the words you read sound like?

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I've always wondered this as well. Same as people that speak a bunch of languages, like, what language they speak in.

So you visualize people signing stuff when you think? or do you visualize just like the hand signs, with no person attached to them?

I speak french and english fluently, but only think in english, the concept of thinking in sign blows my mind because it would require you to visualize everything.

would it be like, dangerous for you to think in sign while driving? if that makes sense, do you have to like, really focus on the "mental images" you are creating to think? o_o

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It comes by naturally. I think majority in words than in sign language. It's not that hard to think... lol.

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I find this absolutely fascinating. I hope you don't find this offensive. I love how the human body and mind work, and I've always wondered the same thing.

As I am reading this thread, I read the words sort of in a monologue voice, and I can figure the articulations of the mouth that it would take to make the sounds of the word. So what is it like in your head when you read? You may have already answered, but I'm just trying to get it straight. Do you figure the movements and signs of the hands and picture them in your head?

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Nah... I think in words.

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What about when you read and write? Like when I do it, I kind of hear my voice in my head saying the words. Do you visualize signs or objects when you see words?

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Yeah I do.

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When you're masturbating, are you ever worried someone will hear you?

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Not really... no.

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If someone walks in on you just keep eye contact.

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It happens naturally. Show them your dominance in sexual drive.

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Do you think it's nice or rude if someone tries to communicate with you through hand gestures if they don't know a lot or any ASL?

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It's nice to see them put an effort into trying to communicate. I actually appreciate them more for that. When I was a kid, I was the only deaf kid on the block and I communicated with everybody through gestures.

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I've been told that a lot of the gestures people make while talking are a part of ASL.

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ASL is refined gestures... we use specific gesture to show what we mean. Gestures are general way of communicating. We'll have different gesture for a word whereas ASL would use one or two different signs.

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I used to work in a daycare, and i'd watch children aged kindergarten through sixth grade There was this one kid i used to watch all the time, he was deaf. I got there 'round 2:45 (the highschool let out at 2:20) and he's already be there. Assuming because theschool for the deaf let out earlier than my school.

All of the other kids would try their hardest to communicate through hand gestures, since none of them knew ASL.

Leading up to my question, how difficult is it to decypher (sp?) the hand gestures of people? Are some just too dumb to gesture well?

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Nah... Make it as simple as you can make it. Don't expect to have a actual discussion through gestures.

Sometime people don't know what they're gesturing and that gives the wrong message.

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stupid question maybe...can deaf people have tinnitus ?

how would you like people to approach you if they are behind you and they want to tell you something...like touch your shoulder? or try to walk around you so there is no physical contact?

cheers mate

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Had to look up in the dictionary for tinnitus... Now that when you mention it, yes. At random though. I don't really get it often. EDIT Ok, let me clarify this. I don't get the ringing in the ear, but rather, in my head.

I actually like it when people tap me on the shoulder since it's the best way to get my attention rather than have them walk around me since it gives me the creepy vibe from the person.

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I don't get the ringing in the ear, but rather, in my head.

That's actually how everyone "hears" it, if its subjective tinnitus. Recent research has finally figured out its a symptom of the brain trying to interpret sounds, and that research has been looking to help the brain stop interpreting the non-signals.

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Ah... Then look like I'm the same as you all are :D

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One of my friends in college was deaf and he was one of the funniest guys I knew. He could communicate with hearing pretty efficiently.

The school I went to had one of the best ASL courses in the nation and had a large deaf community at the school. I came to a couple of these parties that had a majority of deaf kids, i always felt kind of like the odd guy out due to me being hearing. I will admit though, alcohol always helps cross alot of borders where ever you are.

Also yelled out out "Can't Catch Me!" on a dare running through the cafeteria with no shirt.

BrushGod34 karma

Haha I feel the same in opposite environment.

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Since you cannot hear voices or sounds are there any visual clues that let you know that someone is rude, lying, insincere or otherwise annoying?

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Body language.

Maxwyfe16 karma

Okay, obviously. What sort of body language? What specifically would turn you off or cue you that this person is a whacko?

BrushGod55 karma

Hm... wow. Okay... you know when you lift up one side of your upper lip and go like "Uhh..."? It tells me that you're not sure of me or whatever I say. I see this often in deaf people when I tell joke that play on words.

I usually can tell deaf people's behavior easier than hearing people. Often, deaf people aren't good with idioms or a "hearing phrases" (how they put it). I get turned off by people who cannot participate intelligent conversation with me or cannot understand my jokes.

Or another example of body language would be when people sighs and point their eyes to the left or right away from me, tells me that they have place to be or find me uninteresting.

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One of our grandchildren is a 13 year old girl. All of her conversations are punctuated by rolling eyes, wildly waving arms and hands (so dramatic!) and uncontrolled giggling. I imagine this would be like trying to watch a staticy television for you?

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I have never tried talking to children. I usually talk to those that are adults... As for wildly saving arms & hands, I think you may be talking about sign language. Not all sign language are like that (the wildly waving part).

EDIT: Wait! hearing or deaf girl? If deaf, refer to above. If hearing, I don't usually converse with them due to communication barrier D:

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No, not sign language. I am familiar with sign language. I am referring to the overly dramatic gestures that teenage girls make.

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Well then... I'd find this girl obnoxious...

Maxwyfe22 karma

You would not be alone in that. =)

Thank you for your AMA and your responses.

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No problem :)

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I just wanted to say that I found this so insightful and educational at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to deal with all of us. :)

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You guys weren't a bother! I enjoyed this as well as much as you did!

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What's the most awkward experience that you have had because of being deaf.

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Gee... I don't get much of awkward moment. But, coming from another awkward deaf people, when I'm trying to cut the conversation short, then the conversation stops. I look away, but I can see them peripherally... Looking at me and smiling... cringes

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but for a serious question, are your eyes stronger now like the other senses compensation for it?

BrushGod82 karma

Yep... My eyes does lift. lol, but yeah. I'm more sensitive of what I see.

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Sensitive as in like certain images make you cry more? lol

Follow up question, do you believe that your eyes are more sensitive to crying when cutting onions than people with hearing?

BrushGod17 karma

No, anything out of ordinary get my attention quick.

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What happens when you dream? Do you communicate via sign language in your dreams too?

BrushGod94 karma

I gotten this often. Some of my friends does that. Some of them dream with subtitles. As for me, I communicate telepathy. I just knew what they were saying or what I had to do in my dreams.

GingerHero19 karma

I love this answer. Thanks for a great AMA!

BrushGod13 karma

No problem!

bigassmoe14 karma

This is how speech is in my dreams too.

BrushGod14 karma

Awesome :D

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How do you wake up in the morning? Do you have a "physical alarm" instead of an audible one?

BrushGod35 karma

I have a vibrator hooked up to my alarm... http://www.harriscomm.com/catalog/images/SA-SB300SS.jpg

The little rounded thing is the vibrator.

icraveyour_chocolate29 karma

I know I'm weeks late, but I was linked here from here
Just had to say; I would be screwed if I lost my hearing. I am the deepest sleeper ever, and have slept through having my mattress flipped.. I'd never be able to wake-up to a vibrating alarm!

BrushGod29 karma

Actually, My friend is an extremely heavy sleeper. She has this huge bed alarm. Size of a math text book if you will. You practically could feel it far away.

You'd do fine if that ever happened.

Graham11022 karma

Vibrators... Have you ever used it for something else...?

BrushGod33 karma

Haha... why don't you ask yourself?

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Why do you no longer wear your Cochlear Implants?

BrushGod32 karma

Didn't find a reason that I needed to.

florange765415 karma

Doesn't it allow you to hear? Wouldn't that be something beneficial?

BrushGod36 karma

Yes, it did... But, I didn't need it. I get by without it.

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My brother, as went deaf at 2 from meningitis, refuses to get a cochlear implants even though my grandma offered to pay for them.

BrushGod20 karma

I didn't have much choice when I was little. So, I don't resent them for it. I just simply stop wearing it.

florange765415 karma

Were they uncomfortable? Sorry for continuing on the same question, I'm just curious to why you wouldn't choose to keep it even if you got by without it. From videos I've seen of people hearing for the first time they seem so happy to first hear

BrushGod38 karma

I guess they were uncomfortable, yeah. As for those people... I'm assuming their part in the society has an impact on their perspective on CI. i.e. all hearing friends talk about how great it is to hear and the deaf person want the same. Then when they finally get CI, they feel like they belong.

As for me, the way I live didn't need me to hear. All I need is to write down my conversation... I love the quietness which enable me to focus better in my academics. People are entitled to their opinion on CI. I don't believe that anyone should bash and hate it. If you don't like it, then forget about it and move on.

florange765413 karma

Oh. Well it seems like you're happy. Glad to know

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Santa_on_a_stick23 karma

I have a friend who's deaf, and he echos many of the things you say here. I met him at a bar, and he taught me the basics of ASL (which I use to this day). He was very, very perceptive visually and could determine my mood by the way I looked (whereas I would require some vocal cues to figure that out). Pretty cool guy. I'm sad that I moved away and don't get head down and get a pint with him every Thursday.

BrushGod22 karma

I feel that it depends on if the person is an introvert or extrovert. Extrovert'd be more likely to catch on body language. I only can tell the obvious body language. I have been told by my friends that I am oblivious at times. Which sucks when girls try to drop hints and I seem can't to catch on.

Donkeyslapper8423 karma

Have your other senses become sharper/better due to deafness?

Do you see science being able to restore your hearing in your lifetime?

Edit: proof?

BrushGod39 karma

Well, I do feel that I became more sensitive of what I see in the background. Anything out of the ordinary get my attention easily.

There are already Cochlear Implant (I have one, but don't wear it anymore). If I recall correctly, they were working on stem cells for the hearing to restore the hair follicles. But, all in reality, I'm not looking to restore my hearing because I cannot fathom to hear. Could you imagine not being able to hear for the rest of your life?

DeafShaman42 karma

Except when you play video game. I could murder a family nearby and you wouldn't look away. Hue hue hue

BrushGod31 karma

Oh hey, Austin :D

Ameryana10 karma

Why don't you use the implant anymore? Almost deaf person here, gradually worsening over the years, can still hear and talk.

Did you ever get in a dangerous situation because of lack of hearing? And do you have anger management issues? I have a lot of people at my job totally not caring whether I can understand them or not.

Also, damnit man, was thinking of doing AMA myself.

BrushGod4 karma

So, you're hard-of-hearing then?

I never found myself in a dangerous situation due to my lack of hearing.

Sorry for stealing the AMA, lol.

cleverkitteh18 karma

How involved in the deaf community are you?

BrushGod72 karma

Not much. I used to be until I got sick of it. They all are like bunch of crabs in a bucket.

tumbleweed4218 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA, it's really great so far! I've read couple of your responses, and can't help but notice your English is really good. See, my mum works with deaf kids (she's a Polish teacher; I'm from Poland) and tries to teach them how to understand written text and write properly, but hardly ever does a deaf child acquire a linguistic fluency of a kid without hearing problems. My mum explained once that for the kids she teaches, it is like learning a foreign language (since their "mother tongue" is the sign language, and the speaking/writing language doesn't resemble it even the slightest). Many of her students who now are adults can't write a research paper or read a book (and understand it), not because they are dumb, but because it is written in a totally different linguistic medium.

Was the written/spoken language acquisition also difficult for you? Or since you haven't been deaf from since you were born, you don't have such difficulties?

edit: grammar, duh

BrushGod48 karma

It was when I was young. My father would criticize me whenever he could, and for that I am grateful. My english wasn't that great before I joined Reddit. Reddit also boosted since I was afraid to get criticized by "Grammar Nazis"... HA.

johnomuller18 karma

Do you find some people over exaggerate certain lip motions when speaking to you?

CrankasaurusRex38 karma

Only 30% of words can be lip read.

BrushGod45 karma


BrushGod26 karma

Well... I don't lipread often. But... sometime, I feel stupid when they do that. Just write down what you're trying to say or write something on your phone.

Zufushi17 karma

Can you feel musical vibrations? Like a heavy dubstep bass?

BrushGod29 karma

Yeah I can.

qwertyertyuiop16 karma

I've heard some deaf people say that they can feel certain sounds like a scream even without seeing it. Is there any truth to this and have you had any experience similar to this with different sounds?

BrushGod24 karma

Everybody had different level of decibels (measurement of sound). I only can hear really high frequency (I believe). Some people has learned to detect the sound. I can detect whether if the engine are roaring or not... then again, that could be the vibration.

qwertyertyuiop9 karma

Have you ever used a frequency generator to find out what your actual range of hearing is?

BrushGod15 karma

I think it was 60... something... dB. No idea what that's supposed to mean beside being deaf.

qwertyertyuiop10 karma

Db refers to volume. Do you know in hertz what frequencies you can hear?

BrushGod8 karma

No, I do not... Sorry.

veertamizhan13 karma

What do you think about the television show 'Switched at Birth'? What should I do to make my conversation with a deaf person easier for both of us?

BrushGod27 karma

I hate it. I don't dig drama shows on abc family. I prefer One Piece and HIMYM.

EDIT: Be patient when it come to talking to them. The conversation'll be slow at first, then you can just pick up the pace later on. Find what is their communication preferences.

GourangaPlusPlus13 karma

Are there any advantages to being deaf? Or a situation it's come in handy for you?

BrushGod46 karma

Those comes to mind:

  1. Not being able to hear annoying sound that people complain about.

  2. Get away with not helping people with direction because of communication barrier.

  3. Able to focus in busy environment (speaking for myself).

Reddit_Wingman25 karma

Also, you don't have to bother with those pesky mall kiosk folks. They are awful.

BrushGod26 karma

What's that?

Reddit_Wingman34 karma

Oh good you don't know. Don't worry about it.

BrushGod11 karma

Seriously, what is it. What's so bad about it.

Reddit_Wingman19 karma

Mall kiosks are those island shops in the walk ways of malls where people set up shop and do weird things to get your attention in order for you to stop so they can sell you products. Cell phone kiosks are the worse as the people working them are typically bro dudes who shout things like "Hey yo, I like that shirt maaaaaaan! Switch to Sprint!" or something like that.

BrushGod19 karma

Oh those things... When they try to talk to me, I just point to my ear and shake my head (no)... meaning I can't hear you.

Gonzo34311 karma

Can you enjoy music in any way?

BrushGod24 karma

Well I wouldn't decide and turn on the music myself. However, if I walked in a place that already had music playing... I'll just enjoy the vibration that I get from it.

stale-scrotum-sponge10 karma

When those of us that can hear cover our ears and there are still people talking, or maybe water from a shower hitting our head/back, our ears still pick up the vibration from the sound or the vibration in our body from the impact of the water. When people talk or music plays loudly do you feel/hear this vibration in your ears, or is it just comeplete silence?

BrushGod10 karma

I feel the vibration in my body, not my ears.

MTurminator2110 karma

What's your favorite food?

BrushGod26 karma

Hm... that's a toughie. I generally love almost everything I eat. I'd say tacos/burritos.

As for sweets, I am sucker for chocolate.

subtlefarts9 karma

God damn, I really want tacos now.

BrushGod9 karma

I had three tacos for lunch today... BOY... It was good!

subtlefarts10 karma

I'm sitting here in a library, so far away from all the tacos in the world.

BrushGod13 karma

And... I am sorry... Does Taco Bell does delivery? Oh right, they don't.

grantly071110 karma

Have you ever used lipreading to your advantage? Like eavesdrop on someone who figured you couldn't hear them or just say whatever?

BrushGod14 karma

I have tried in the past. Only if they're talking to someone in front of me. But, I'm not that proficient with lipreading. Never gotten enough training for it.

StyrofoamTuph9 karma

This may be a question, but do you know what sound is? I'm asking this because someone who is blind from birth will never know what sight is or anything, but since you went deaf at a young age I'm wondering if you can remember what sound is like.

BrushGod8 karma

Well, I wore cochlear implant in the past. So, the ringing in my head I get from C.I. would tell me that it's a sound. A signal or cue, really.

charlessilverbath9 karma

Do you ever dream what your voice would be like or someones voice you love? And have you ever taken a hallucinogenic drug? Because I was just wondering what it would be like being deaf?

BrushGod15 karma

I have no voice in my dream. As for the drug, never took any and don't plan on to.

Mortelli8 karma

Are you not able to hear at all? Does this mean that you can't remember any sound you've ever heard since you became deaf at the age of two?

BrushGod20 karma

Yeah I can't hear anything at all. I don't recall any sound from age of two. Although, I do recall annoying sound from my Cochlear Implant (no longer wear it, though).

amm0x6 karma

Why don't you wear it? I feel like it would be more convenient to hear, but I also think you'd get used to it after a while.

BrushGod13 karma

Would I understand everything that people are saying or would I be hearing what seem to be gibberish? I have attended speech therapy for this kind of thing, but it just never clicked.

[deleted]6 karma

Just wondering, how old were you when you had the implant and how old are you now?

Edit: I don't mean to be rude I just can't imagine not wanting to hear! I used to be legally blind and had my eyes fixed the second I found out it was an option for me!

BrushGod7 karma

I became deaf a age of two, then I got my implant at the age of 3. I'm currently 20.

Waffle_pancake7 karma

Did you go to a deaf school? Or were you specially taught by someone?

BrushGod14 karma

I was mainstreamed from Pre-K to 6th grade. Having attended two public schools. When I was 7th grade, I was placed into deaf institution in Wisconsin. I remained there until I graduated from high school. My family and schools played part in my education. I didn't fall back or anything like that. I was capable of keeping up with my classmates.

FxckNicholas7 karma

How well are you with girls? I can imagine it would be hard to talk to them because of the language barrier...

BrushGod26 karma

Just hit on deaf girls or be more assertive and go out to talk to them. I had 40ish ex'es in the past.

Giannny7 karma

How did you learn to read?

BrushGod33 karma

Like how you all did... By reading books.

foreignsquid7 karma

do you ever scream? like if you get really frightened, or if you're on a roller coaster, or something of that sort

BrushGod15 karma

I love screaming as loud I can on the roller coaster... It's the only place where I don't get judged for screaming.

Richard_bender6 karma

I play on a dart league and we play against a deaf team. I am horrible at signing but i try the best i can. They laugh at me a lot because i guess i try too hard but they always know what I'm saying for the most part. Do you have a lot of friends like me? Is your best friend deaf?

BrushGod5 karma

My best friend is hard-of-hearing. I attend a college where there're decent population of deaf people (like 1/10 of my entire college).

I know that, I have seen hearing people trying to strike a conversation. All I can do is to be patient and hear them out.

Kowai034 karma

I always wonder what Deaf people think hearing is like. If you've never experienced it, surely it must seem like telepathy almost.

BrushGod5 karma

I have heard sound before... by using cochlear implant.

zeitaku4 karma

I found this AMA very interesting, inspiring and I've most certainly learnt loads from reading it. Thanks so much BrushGod. I've purchased you a month of Reddit Gold. Dude, you've inspired me.

BrushGod7 karma

Jeez... Dude. I don't know what to say! I really appreciate it!

Although, can you tell what do I use it for?

Graham1102 karma

Can I come by your apt sometime this week? :)

BrushGod5 karma

Haha... Hey Graham, text me when you want to do that.

Depressed_Downvoter2 karma

I'm going to be a hundred percent honest: let's say you're getting your sexytime on with a girl, and she likes a certain style of music. Do you feel more of a connection to the vibrations and stuff? If you've had sex to music, is there some genres you like more because of more bass or whatever? I like death metal, like a lot, and I know it's a pretty huge turnoff so it would be awesome if I met a girl who enjoyed it and/or was deaf so I just got sex and death metal.

BrushGod2 karma

I'd feel no connection (then again, haven't tried it with music).

TheTurdwrangler2 karma

Most people already asked the questions i wanted to ask, So do you like lemurs?

BrushGod5 karma

I guess so. With their beady eyes... They stare into your very soul. The essence of your life! shivers

pilvlp2 karma


BrushGod4 karma

What was that? Could you speak up a bit?

Bojenkins1 karma

I think I read that there is a controversy over cochlear implant. How do you feel about them? And if you tried them, how well do they work?

BrushGod2 karma

Yeah, majority of deaf population are against them. I don't really care for them enough to argue over it. I have it, yes. But, I just stopped wearing it since it wasn't important to have in my life.

It's also neat to feel the scar from the surgery.

trololady1 karma

If someone came up to talk to you and didn't know you were deaf, can you basically understand what they're saying through lip-reading?(I understand that you haven't had any training) Or do you direct them to write down or gesture their conversation?

BrushGod2 karma

Yeah, I direct them to writing. Usually they reply "Never mind" and leaves... my pet peeve is when people don't want to put any effort into talking.

Afa12341 karma

Can you feel difference in vibrations, in say... Music, and be able to kinda get a sense of what it is? And could you jam to the vibrations or is it just like a back massager?

BrushGod2 karma

For me, it's like a back massager. If I focus enough, I could jam, but I have no sense of rhythm.

GoMrJoe1 karma

Favourite colour?

BrushGod5 karma

Olive Green.

petecannon1 karma

if given the choice would you trade another sense to be able to hear?

BrushGod8 karma

Nope... I wouldn't give up to be able to smell, see, feel, and taste just to hear again. I have grown accommodated to those senses and they mean a lot to me.

ManicPixieDreamGrl1 karma

What are your thoughts on ASL? If it were up to you would you change anything?

BrushGod2 karma

I'd make it less "loud", less body motion involved. I mainly sign mixed SEE (Sign Exact English) and ASL.

ImWastingMyTime1 karma

Do you ever feel judged by others, like with body language and such? And I think you've done a wonderful job with this AmA.

BrushGod3 karma

Hm... I do know I get judged for my bluntness nature... but, for being deaf? Have been when I was little. I recall them trying to talk to me then I inform them that I am deaf. Their response are usually "OH! I am so sorry that you're deaf!" My thought were usually "Jeez, people. I don't need your pity."

M4191 karma

Thank you so much for doing this ama. i have taken 3 years of ASL in high school with a hearing teacher, and one semester of ASL 103 in college with a deaf instructor. I never got the chance to ask either of them, how difficult was it for you to learn how to read?

BrushGod2 karma

Not at all... I play lot of video games, so I learn from gaming as well.

Mr_Wilcox1 karma

Have you had the chance to [attempt] communicate with speakers of other Sign Languages?

(I know a little ASL and ran into a couple needing help in a department store, but they used LSE)

BrushGod2 karma

That happened before when I was visiting Italy with my school, they were signing ISL. It worked like how you would use gestures toward other people.

CrankasaurusRex1 karma

This is a totally crazy question but, what would you do if you also went blind.

I recently read about a set of twins born deaf that decided to be eutanized rather than go blind as well.

Source: http://www.rr.com/local/topic/article/rr/4473267/80251392/Deaf_twins_euthanized_choose_to_die_rather_than

I actually was studying deaf education in college, and I am fluent in ASL.

BrushGod6 karma

Fuck that. I'd rather to be alive. I'd want to learn how to appreciate life in new way. It's like living a new life. Although I'd have to think how I can do graphic design if that were to happen since I spend majority of my time on computer.

GASP I'll invent something where I'll hook up my brain to the computer!

goodthingihavepants1 karma

Do you know what sound really is? By which I mean, someone can study something for years but not really know what it is until actually experiencing it. I know you had hearing when you were two, but what's it like now?

BrushGod6 karma

I always can go back to cochlear implant to find out again. I would say sound is an essence. I probably wouldn't comprehend the same way as you comprehend sounds.

CrankasaurusRex1 karma

How many of the people you associate with did you have to teach to sign?

BrushGod4 karma

My friends are deaf. This made things easier.

Giblaz1 karma

Research in hearing has been improving dramatically in the past 20 years. We've gotten to the point where hearing was restored in small mammals (gerbils & mice) using stem cells. Would you get this treatment if it became available, or are you so used to your deafness that you have no problem staying as you already are?

BrushGod6 karma

Nah... I wouldn't cure myself. I like for what I am.

Biged_1071 karma

Can you sound out words as you spell them ?

BrushGod3 karma

Could you elaborate more on that? Sound out?

randomduckk1 karma

how do you know when someone is at your door, is your doorbell attached to a light or something?

BrushGod4 karma

Yep... It's also nice to have dog in your household. They'd dash to the door.

spilledonwhite731 karma

So I am assuming as soon as your parents found out you were deaf, they learned to sign and signed at baby you until you got it?

My mom (hearing) was raised by two deaf parents. She will often eavesdrop on strangers sign conversation in public. What do you think of the fact that within a group a deaf people, everyone can watch other peoples conversations? Is it nice to know what people are saying, or does the lack of privacy suck?

BrushGod2 karma

They did get me cochlear implant and learned how to sign too.

As for the privacy, you just don't mind it. Like how you'd be at a restaurant, you can understand people, but you don't bother to eavesdrop on them.