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I was on a checkride for my pilots license once, and the check pilot was a very laid back dude. So at one point we're kinda just flying, no testing or anything going on just getting to our destination. So the check pilot asks to take flight controls and I hand them over to him, and he starts listing lazily back and forth, and making gun noises. I was like what are you doing? he was like flying an airplane what are you doing. He then proceeded to sing various spanish songs.

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Now i know, if i'm ever flying into the area i'll be sure to one up them and tell tower i see a "dolphin" on the runway or something equally as crazy. Catch them off guard a bit ;)

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I used to work in a daycare, and i'd watch children aged kindergarten through sixth grade There was this one kid i used to watch all the time, he was deaf. I got there 'round 2:45 (the highschool let out at 2:20) and he's already be there. Assuming because theschool for the deaf let out earlier than my school.

All of the other kids would try their hardest to communicate through hand gestures, since none of them knew ASL.

Leading up to my question, how difficult is it to decypher (sp?) the hand gestures of people? Are some just too dumb to gesture well?

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Hello matt! If you would be so inclined we would be honored to have you over at /r/matt

Also, this is a question for the both of you. What was the one food that you missed the most while deployed? Thank you both for your service and i wish you the best of luck on your VR therapy$

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What a coincidence my states hockey team is the wolf pack! (Previously the whalers)

But my school is....i have no idea because i go to a pretty small private aerospace school so we dont exactly do "physical" things