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That gave me chills, just reading that :D Looking forward to that song!

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Miss Heap, big fan here, I adore you music and your voice, it's a honor to have you here, welcome! I've been dying to ask a lot of questions, sorry for the load of text! (I copy-pasted it from my AMA request for you)

  • Your work has a unique sound to it. I've read about how you threw things on the ground and used the recorded result in a song. What's the most extreme thing you ever did to try and record a specific sound?

  • I heard that you were very stubborn about your music when you were still at school. Did you do things back then you regret now?

  • You've had diverse collaborations with various artists. Did they contact you, or did you contact them? Is there someone who you would like to work with?

  • What do you think working together with Aphex Twin would be like?

  • Among your work, what are your favorite songs to listen to or to perform?

  • Any chance you'll perform in Belgium someday? I'd love to go and see you perform.

  • Do you do particular things to train your voice?

  • How does performing with those hi-tech gloves go? Is it easy to make mistakes with them? Do you think the technology will be used by more musicians?

  • My favorite comment on Youtube was when some moron said you didn't look like your typical pop star, on which someone replied that this is because "Imogen Heap isn't a pretty flower. She's a tree. A big, strong tree." How do you feel about that?

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Why don't you use the implant anymore? Almost deaf person here, gradually worsening over the years, can still hear and talk.

Did you ever get in a dangerous situation because of lack of hearing? And do you have anger management issues? I have a lot of people at my job totally not caring whether I can understand them or not.

Also, damnit man, was thinking of doing AMA myself.

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Hey, great thread! I wonder what you think about Sunstone and about this part in particular?