Hi, all! This is me.

I tweeted about this, but here's photo proof.

I'll be here for a bit. Whee!

EDIT: Also, I did one of these before, in the Mad Men subreddit. It went a little something like this.

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purplepalmtree917 karma

Which actor on Mad Men is least like their character in real life?

richsommer32 karma

Vincent Kartheiser.

richsommer16 karma

Looks like we did it, folks! Thanks for the fun.

minisodamiranda6 karma

I missed the AMA! Rich, if you decide to come back and check out this reply, can you answer me this:

When you were peeking over the offices to see what was going on in Lane's office (you know what I'm talking about...) was there actually anything on the other side?

Also come back to Minnesota, I will buy you coffee and play board games with you.

richsommer7 karma

I love coffee and board games and Minnesota! I'm in.

There was a lifeless body hanging on the other side of the transom.

canadianclub9 karma

Hi Rich,

First of all I want to mention that I saw you in Harvey last summer. Both you and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job -- I didn’t recognize you at first, not so much because you looked different, but because the character was practically the opposite of Harry Crane. Everyone really appreciated that you stuck around to give autographs after the show.

As for my questions:

1) What is your favourite episode of Mad Men?

2) Do you hang out with any other cast members off-set? If so, who?

3) What’s your favourite Broadway play?


richsommer13 karma

Thanks for the kind words on Harvey! Man, that was fun. Exhausting, but fun.

1) The Suitcase, hands down and prolly forever.

2) Yes. Almost all. Especially Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey).

3) That I've seen? One Man, Two Guvnors. Absolutely ridiculous and hilarious.

ken272389 karma

Remember that CSI episode where you played a super rich computer programmer who killed a hooker because she and your friends made a fool out of you? Good times.

Anyways, what's your favorite non mainstream board game?

richsommer18 karma

I do. I do remember that.

Not mainstream, as in, "you can't buy it at Target?" Either Die Macher or Combat Commander: Europe.

anotherbh7 karma

Do you get to keep those baller clothes you guys are always rockin?

richsommer9 karma

None. Zero. They're rented. Sucks.

samistahpp7 karma


richsommer9 karma

1) No. I had obviously hoped, but it's a long shot that anything like this ever happens, ever. 2) Yep. 3) So, so fun. Huge fan of that show, and to get to be there, and get a tour of Dunder-Mifflin from Jenna Fischer... just stupid fun.

justking7 karma

Two questions:

What was it like working on L.A. Noire?

How do you spend most of your time in-between Mad Men shoots?

Thanks for doing this AmA!

richsommer14 karma

1) Crazy and weird, especially because I was working with Aaron Staton in such a different capacity than usual. It was fast and frantic.

2) I spend most of the in-between time with my family, freaking out on the inside that I'm not working.

mombolpf7 karma

Does it ever make you feel uncomfortable for you saying some of the sexist/racist remarks representative of the era that are common on the show?

richsommer17 karma

I mean, kinda. It can be weird. I've apologized pre-scene before. But there's little I can do about it. I have to say it, and it's telling a story about another time. So it's important not to pull punches.

sparklecakes6 karma

Will we get to see more tightie whities in the new season? Or does your character take up a more carefree commando lifestyle?

richsommer18 karma

I can't answer anything about the upcoming season, but I can tell you that Harry will probably always wear underwear. Seems like that kind of guy to me.

sparklecakes4 karma

I was really hoping for the 'fuck the bowtie and the tie' Harry. He would grow out his hair and become a nudist. Don't lie, you know that's what happens.

zekework22 karma


richsommer20 karma

Oh, good.

BenjaminCarson6 karma


richsommer13 karma

I have zero contribution to what Harry says or does in any situation. That's all up to the writers.

And no, I love that he can be spineless. I love that he's a douchebag.

TheMday6 karma

Which Mad Men scene was your favorite to shoot?

richsommer17 karma

Tough call. Maybe a toss-up between the scene in my underwear in 1.13, and the scene with the White Castles last season. 5.03, I think?

randomfurniture6 karma

love your work, particularly in Mad Men! What was it like working on L.A. Noire? Have you played it?

richsommer9 karma

I have played it, but not all the way through. Got impatient and watched my scene on YouTube. Tried to link it here, but can't find it right this second.

richsommer7 karma

There it is! EDIT: I just watched it again. Man, I look like my brother there.

thefuncooker865 karma

Do you find the pictures of the Earth to be majestic?

richsommer13 karma


St-Moustache5 karma

Harry Crane was one of my favorite characters in the earlier seasons but it seems he changed in the last season, now he just rubs me the wrong way and he's kind of annoying.

Was this deliberate on your/the writers part of am I crazy?

richsommer9 karma

Oh, I don't think you're crazy. I root for the guy, but i would not want to hang out with him.

krp314895 karma

Hi Rich, I don't have a question, I just wanted to say that shortly after moving to Los Angeles I was at a bar and you were standing next to me and like a giant tool I asked if you were in Mad Men, I've felt super lame ever since and wanted to say sorry for bothering you that night at the bar.

richsommer8 karma

HOW DARE YOU just kidding. That doesn't bother me. Unless it did that night... Did it? Maybe I owe YOU an apology.

krp314898 karma

No, no, not at all, I think you were more perplexed cause after you confirmed that you were in fact who I thought you were I just said "ok" and turned away. When I moved to L.A. I made a very strict vow to treat actors, directors, etc. like any other people and not point out who they are or bother them, and the night I saw you I was kind of drunk and to this day you are the only person I've been like "Hey, are you so and so?". Point is I've always felt bad about that one time, and this was my chance to rectify what I felt was very lame behavior on my part.

richsommer10 karma

Oh. Then, good news: you're off the hook! Because it didn't bother me.

liverbirds4 karma

Hi Rich! I'm wondering where you all filmed Fairhaven? Or have you acually visited the area? I'm originally from a nearby town and did a double take at the movie title! Can't wait to see it!

PS Harry Crane is one of my favorites!

richsommer4 karma

We shot Fairhaven IN Fairhaven! Such a great little town We had a blast. It was freaking cold, but it was awesome.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: It's on-demand starting today! Please check it out on iTunes or Amazon or wherever you demand your videos.

Darksaber854 karma

Thanks for doing this. I love hearing your opinion on boardgames, and you've influenced me to buy quite a few. What games are you most looking forward to this year?

richsommer5 karma

I just ordered a copy of Myrmes. I know that's SO last year, but I am catching up.

Just got an email today about new Summoners being available for Summoner Wars. That got me all tingly, too.

Also Tzolk'in. Played it at BGG.con. So freaking cool.

deathmelon4 karma

What happened to the bow ties? They looked sharp!

richsommer9 karma

Times, they were a'changing!

JimmyRustlesTheThird4 karma

Do you shop at trader joes or whole foods?

richsommer10 karma

Trader Joe's.

TCRVVW4 karma

Is Harry Crane secretly a CIA assassin? I like to think he killed Lane and made it look like a suicide.

richsommer7 karma

Man, I hope so. Send a note to the writers, will you?

hemjesti4 karma

Hey there! I was just wondering, are the cigarettes you guys smoke on set real or props? Love the show!

richsommer13 karma

Herbal. And totally disgusting.

Kahloquialism4 karma

Top five board games at the moment?

richsommer5 karma

These are unplayed, but they're what I'm dying to get into:

City of Remnants, Sergeants Miniatures Game, Mage Knight, Mage Wars, Lords of Waterdeep

daskaputtfenster4 karma

Do you ever miss Minnesota at all? Dead of winter right now and just dropped to the single digits here in Duluth. Yay!

richsommer12 karma

I miss Minnesota every single day. It is absolutely my goal to have a home there. We get back as often as we can.

OliverDalstonBrown4 karma

Who is the funniest person on the Mad Men set? Who is the most serious?

Also, Mr. Stache is one of my favorite short films of all time; great job.

richsommer10 karma

Funniest: Slattery or Hamm.

Most serious: I honestly can't think of an answer for this one. Everyone's fairly laid back.

Thanks! I loved Mr. Stache.

Jrrtubbs3 karma

Hey Rich! Big fan. Your appearances on the Nerdist are among my favorites and I owe you for contributing to my recent love of board games.

Would you recommend a few of your favorite games? I'm very into Pandemic and Ticket to Ride currently.

richsommer2 karma

From Pandemic and Ticket to Ride, I'd recommend a couple marginal steps up in complexity. Flash Point: Fire Rescue is cooperative, like Pandemic, and super fun. And the next move from Ticket to Ride (aside from the several excellent map expansions for TtR) is from the same designer, and it's called Airlines: Europe. I only learned it late last year, but I LOVE it.

Frajer3 karma

Hey Rich,how do you find transitioning between comedic work and Mad Men?

richsommer10 karma

Luckily, I get to do lots of comedic stuff on Mad Men. That makes it a lot easier. But it's not a hard transition -- it's hopefully all moderately honest, so it should be an easy switch.

dupontcircle3 karma


richsommer10 karma


dang3rmouth3 karma

On Mad Men, I loved how your character was different from the rest because he was the only one that remained faithful to his wife, and regretted it when he wasn't. What caused the producers to want the to Harry to be more promiscuous?

richsommer10 karma

The more the audience wants something not to happen, the more likely it is that it'll happen. Is my guess, anyway.

useriper3 karma

First of all, I am a huge fan of Mad Men, and a HUGE fan of your character. I literally watched 4 episodes of Mad Men last night (the last one being where you were asked to fire Sal =[). Secondly, the show MM has a relatively serious mood, however, I've seen some of the actors on the show do comedy well, any funny onset stories between you and your colleagues you can share with us? Thanks!

richsommer10 karma

Thanks for the kind words!

I mean, we have a great time. We are a very lighthearted group. There are many good stories.

Michael Gladis and I streaked the old Sterling Cooper set, right when they were shooting the final shot in there, where Roger and Don look over what they're leaving in 3.13. Does that count?

jimmyruffin3 karma

Hi Rich! Q: How was working with Anne Hathaway?

richsommer9 karma

She was unbelievably kind to me. Devil Wears Prada was my first legit job, and she was incredibly warm and welcoming. We had a blast doing those scenes. Also: holyfuck is she good in Les Mis.

wiera923 karma

Out of all the cast members in mad men, who are you closest with?

Merry chris-na by the way!

richsommer11 karma

Hare hare.

Michael Gladis and Aaron Staton and I pal around quite a bit. Jay Ferguson, too. But I am social with everyone. We are a very social group.

ThatsKenny3 karma

What inspired you to become a actor?

richsommer15 karma

It was the only thing I was willing to do my homework in, so I figured I'd go for it.

HoneyBadger933 karma

who was the one minor character you liked the most? is there anyone you would have liked to see more often on the show?

richsommer7 karma

I will always want more Freddy Rumsen. I love him deeply.

Mimi1493 karma

I just wanted to say that I have a little bit of a crush on you.

richsommer8 karma

I did it!

missdolly873 karma

Thanks for doing this! I have kind of a lame question, but what's your favorite thing about working on Mad Men? Harry Crane is easily my favorite character. Also, is it fun dressing in period clothing or is it a pain in the ass?

richsommer12 karma

Getting the scripts every week: favorite thing. Love that moment.

Fun in the clothing, except that I am above the average weight for someone in the 60's, so putting on the vintage stuff can, how you say, "suck balls."

itsbengordon3 karma

Have you ever been to Snakes & Lattes in downtown Toronto? It's a board game fan's dream!

richsommer10 karma

YES I HAVE AND IT IS AWESOME. I was fortunate enough to be cast in two back-to-back episodes of Nikita, which had me in Toronto for almost three weeks, but only working six or seven days. They will tell you: I was at S&L just about every other day I was there. That place is amazing. If you are going to be in Toronto, do yourself a favor and look it up. It's absolutely fantastic.

mad_men_enthusiast3 karma

 Hi there Rich! I just want to say thank you for being part of a show that changed, and quite possibly, saved my life.

Can you give us any hints towards what we will see Harry Crane up to in season 6?

Keep up the good work.

richsommer10 karma

Wow. High praise!

I can't give any specific hints, but I can say that he remains very true to himself. Thank goodness.

altachica3 karma

Who is better at boardgames, you or Chad?

richsommer4 karma

Fucking Chad, of course.

robbiet4803 karma

Hey Rich,

Love you on Mad Men!

If you had to pick your favorite game, whether board, card, arcade or video, what would it be?

richsommer6 karma


Ooh. My two top-rated games on BoardGameGeek are Die Macher and Combat Commander: Europe, so maybe on of those. But I also like Call of Duty on the 360. Although I've barely tried Black Ops 2.

beathau53 karma


richsommer10 karma


wears_Fedora3 karma

Have you ever designed your own games? If so, what was/is your favorite?

richsommer4 karma

No. But I have some ideas. Anyone want to help me design a card-driven game?

mugsnj3 karma

What would be your first choice for a theme if you were designing a game? What do you think the publisher would try to retheme it to (hint: it's zombie pirates)?

richsommer11 karma

Well, of course, I would choose Zombie Pirates. But knowing publishers like I do, they'd probably try to change it to Pirate Zombies or some such bullshit. PUBLISHERS, RIGHT?

soap_dispencer2 karma

Imagine you and your three closest friends are taking refuge from the apocalypse. This particular shelter has all of the survival supplies (food, water, fuel, etc.) to last for 5 years, however all those supplies take up the entire storage and living space of the shelter with the exception of a single shelf large enough to hold 5 board games. Which games do you choose?

Edit: Assume you have a deck of cards in your pocket. Also, there is a chance that any game you do not save will be destroyed and erased from history by said apocalypse.

richsommer4 karma


Okay. Five games. Have to go scenario-based on at least one of them. So Memoir '44 or Combat Commander, WITH ALL OF THE EXPANSIONS. (see what I did there?)

Then maybe the Decktet and its companion book, since there's so much you can do with that deck.

After that, it gets dicier. I mean, I think I'd have to go with impossible-to-solve games. Chess, maybe? That's a lame answer, but I think it makes sense in this TERRIBLE SITUATION.

Maybe a big ol' crunchy game, like War of the Ring.

And then, I DON'T KNOW. Honestly, this question is stressing me out. Summoner Wars, prolly.

soap_dispencer2 karma

To be fair, the only wrong answer would have been Monopoly. After the first day you would end up being trapped in a room with 3 other people who all now hate each other for 5 years. That is what Monopoly does to friendships.

richsommer3 karma

Have you played Diplomacy? You'll be BEGGING your friends to play Monopoly after that. THAT destroys friendships. It's amazing.

CaptainHaggles2 karma

How's it going?

richsommer9 karma

Pretty well, thanks. Just pounded a bunch of Nerds (the candy), so I've got a little buzz on.

DaRedPill2 karma

You have creative control over the next season of Mad Men. What happens to Harry Crane? Don Draper?

richsommer10 karma

Fistfight. FOR SURE. Harry v. Don. Harry wins. That's all I have so far.

MShasta2 karma

Any characters on the show that make it hard to keep a straight face when you have scenes with them? I'd imagine the scenes with you, Cooper, and Sterling must have been fun to shoot.

richsommer5 karma

I can lose my shit with almost anyone. Slattery, definitely. Vincent, often. None as bad as the two days I had on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think Larry David may have wanted to kill me. There's one shot of me breaking that made it into the show. Luckily, the viewer is likely to be looking at Susie at that moment. But I hate that I did that.

sadpony2 karma

Rich, I got to meet you at BGG con and it was awesome. I am a huge Mad Men fan!

What was your favorite part of the con?

richsommer4 karma

The whole thing was fantastic. I loved the Spiel-a-thon, I loved doing the Dice Tower Live, Poker was fun... but probably just sitting around playing games. That was the best.

sadpony2 karma

Since you're such a gamer, I am surprise that Wil Wheaton has had you on Table Top yet. Would you be interested in doing that?

richsommer7 karma

Sure, why not? I love that he is helping to get the good word out about Our Games.

tingey212 karma

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day at your job?

richsommer7 karma

I arrive, put on makeup and a costume, and play Cribbage or Dominoes until I have to work for about 20 minutes.

DaRedPill2 karma

What is the most obscure board game you've ever played? How does it work?

richsommer8 karma

Most obscure. In content? The UnGame. Which is correctly titled, since it is NOT A GAME.

beatlerevolver662 karma

Hi Rich! Thanks for doing this AMA. A lot of people don't believe me when I say that Harry Crane is one of my favorite characters on Mad Men, but it's true. Your character is hilarious and just plain awesome.

  • What's it like working on the show?
  • What's it like working with the rest of the cast? They're all excellent actors, and they all seem pretty cool, any funny stories about them?
  • What's your favorite video game?
  • Do you wish you could get more screen time on Mad Men? Do you realize how awesome your character is and how he needs to be in more story lines?

Thanks again for doing this, and thanks for answering our questions!

richsommer6 karma

  1. It is the single best thing that will ever happen in my career, ever.
  2. They are the best. I don't know how else to say it.
  3. Portal, maybe? Portal 2?
  4. I am very happy with what the writers have given me on MM. I'm, of course, always excited when Harry had a big episode. But I love when he just pops in and says one line, too.

justincrazyeyes2 karma

Rich, Mad Men is my favorite show. As an actor do you do anything to prepare for a show set in the 60s, the way you walk and talk, etc?

richsommer9 karma

Not really. So much of the work is done for you through the dialogue and costumes. I mean, the pants are cut very differently. It sort of dictates your walk.

samlius2 karma

Question relating to boardgames. Did you fund any games on Kickstarter last year? If so, which ones?

Keep up the great work!

richsommer3 karma

Oh my. I funded what feels like a billion games last year.

Checked. Here's what I funded last year: Caveman Curling, For The Win, Di Renjie, Escape!, Ground Floor, Flash Point: Second Story, Pixel Lincoln, Top This!, Airborne in your Pocket, The Resistance: Avalon, I'm The Boss: TCG, The Battle of Red Cliffs, DrunkQuest, Nothing Personal, Moongha Invaders.

Jesus. Yeah, a billion.

useriper2 karma

additionally, where is your photo taken?? that room looks like it has every board game ever and i entirely jealous.

richsommer3 karma

In my board game room! It's not every board game ever, but it's every board game I own.

BrodyApproves2 karma

Did any of that fake foot stuff get in your mouth while filming the Lawnmower scene for Mad Men?

richsommer6 karma

Yes. It did. Sort of sweet and burlap-y.

redditmansam2 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

richsommer9 karma

Answered: the horses. Because, COME ON. I have to have a SHOT.

justincrazyeyes2 karma

I enjoyed reading about the negotiations for the upcoming Mad Men seasons, Mathew Weiner seems like he has a ton of artistic integrity. What's he like to work with?

Also, how often is Jon Hamm's package.... Umm.. Noticeable on set?

richsommer5 karma

Matt is a fucking genius, and I am unbelievably lucky to get to work with him. That is no lie.

I haven't looked for Jon's package lately. I'll let you know.

Edwardskim2 karma

Oops forgot to ask,

If money was not an issue, and you would be paid very handsomely (and equally) for being Harry in Mad Men or being Broadway shows, which one would you choose?


richsommer4 karma

Oooof. Hm. Probably Harry, because it's a specific joy getting to play a character whose situation changes over time. But that is a very difficult question.

fazeone2 karma

Over the course of filming Mad Men, have you ever had to stop filming because something on camera accidentally didn't match the time period?

richsommer7 karma

Bottles of water left on set once in a while. Or maybe a phone sitting on the table. But it's pretty rare.

djcack2 karma

One of my favorite live comedy locations is Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. Did you take some classes there or do some performances with them? What places do you like to go for live comedy?

richsommer7 karma

I took classes, I assistant-taught a youth class, I performed with a longform team, I stage managed two shows, I made a billion copies, I sold tickets, I answered phones, I LIVED THERE. My time there was instrumental in getting me going. I love that place. Sigh.

In Los Angeles or NYC, I highly recommend the Upright Citizens Brigade theaters. Anyone funny you see on TV or in movies these days is likely to have stopped in there for a spell.

ChemIsAwesome2 karma

Hey Rich, really love the show! Always thought Harry was funny without being too much of a jerk Anyway, when you were a kid did you go to a summer camp, if so where/what was it called?

richsommer5 karma

I went to a couple. Bay Lake in Minnesota (near Brainerd, I think?). And I was a counselor for a couple years at Camp Metigoshe near Bottineau, ND. Four miles from Canada. Up there.

ChemIsAwesome5 karma

How much hiking/canoeing did you do in the north woods. I went to a camp really near Duluth.

richsommer5 karma

Zilch. Never been to the north woods. It's a goal.

ChemIsAwesome3 karma

It is truly beautiful up there. I would be upset with myself if I didn't ask one question about Mad Men, how long does it take to shoot an episode or just the scenes you are in?

richsommer3 karma

Usually 8-9 days, and we don't shoot on weekends. I end up working maybe 1-3 days per week.

ChemIsAwesome2 karma

Also, do you actually wear classes or is that just Harry?

richsommer3 karma

I have worn glasses since first grade.

ChemIsAwesome2 karma

My friend and I are really stoked that you are still answering my questions! Thanks! Are you planning on doing any other projects outside of Mad Men?

richsommer2 karma

No plans, but always hoping. Auditions and meetings and whatnot.

asroka2 karma

Hey Rich! Just stopped in to say I met you at ACTF last year and you were really genuine and helpful. Thanks a ton!

richsommer3 karma

Hi! Glad I helped somehow.

nononomebusy2 karma

omg I just realized that I played werewolf with you at a few strategicons back.

If I see you in February I'll say hello :)

richsommer2 karma

Please do!

bigbang57662 karma

Everybody thinks that all the celebrities in the world hang out with each other. Do you hang out with big stars from other major shows, movies, ect?
And on the note of board games, if it's true all celebrities hang out, I'd avoid playing Scrabble with Alec Baldwin.

richsommer3 karma

I have made friends here and there, at a party or two. There are some I am lucky to call friends, yes. But it's fewer than "all hanging out with each other."

360walkaway2 karma

Favorite board game to destroy friendships with?

richsommer2 karma

Light destroying: I'm The Boss! Heavy destroying: Intrigue

Prone_Blocked2 karma

Do you guys really smoke that many cigarettes while filming? Do you ever have a hard time breathing?

richsommer3 karma

Yep. Yep.

mugsnj1 karma

The success of Mad Men spawned other shows set in similar eras - e.g. the Playboy Club and Pan Am. If you could be in a successful TV show set in the 60s in some industry other than advertising, what industry would you choose?

If you could be in a successful TV show in any time period in history, what time period would you choose?

Edit: Also, nice work on the audio tracks for Mice and Mystics. I hoped that raised a lot of money for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.

richsommer6 karma

Government, maybe? Could be interesting if done well.

After this show is over, I'd like to try a show set in this period in history, right now. Maybe then I could keep some of the clothes. (my point is: i need some new clothes.)

Edwardskim1 karma

Hey Rich, I created an account on Reddit JUST FOR YOU. Question:

1) Were you surprised that Matt Weiner decided to continue the show for 2 more seasons? After initially the word was that the show would stop at season 5?

2) Since you really enjoy playing board games I wanted to ask you: do you like Risk? Don't you think a Mad Men version of Risk (with other advert agencies, big name companies like Coca-Cola, etc) being the "countries" if you will to acquire as the main objective, be a very fun concept?

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to do this for all your fans.

@edwardskim I'm on Twitter and you should totally tweet me as well (that's an order not a question).

richsommer2 karma

THANK YOU. 1) I was a little surprised, but pleasantly so. It would have felt too short at five, I think. 2) I like Risk: Revised and Risk Legacy, both of which mess with the rules enough to make it fun and playable in less than a weekend. A Mad Men theme, though? I dunno. Would have to change a lot of the gameplay to make it feel necessary.

sanfreshes1 karma

Rich, love the show, you're a champ.

PS. I also saw you in that Improv Everywhere Times Square thing. Were you just walking by or were you in on it?

richsommer3 karma

In on it. But I have gotten more emails about that thing than any tv appearance/movie role/etc. combined. Cuh-razy.

nothingtolookat1 karma

By now you've worked with a lot of other actors. From whom have you learned the most?

Also: Which actor would you most want to work with?

richsommer5 karma

Chris Messina, maybe. Or Slattery.

Want to work with Tom Hanks so much it makes me choke.

joshwal1 karma

Did you know initially about the plan to kill off Harry, or did you only learn about it after they decided to keep you around?

Great work, by the way.

richsommer2 karma

Only after they chose to keep me around. Thank goodness.

IMP10171 karma

How'd you get your part on Mad Men? And does the recognition from it bug you if/when you're trying to work on a different job? Thanks for doing this!

richsommer2 karma

Just an audition that worked out. The recognition part isn't too much of a problem, since I look pretty different on Mad Men. I do often ask not to wear my glasses, which can be met with different levels of enthusiasm. (I don't get it either)

RalphiesBoogers1 karma

Hi, sorry that I don't know you, but what board games do you like?

richsommer6 karma

Here are the games I own, some with ratings.

daveysoks1 karma

Rich, how was it working with Sarah Paulson in Fairhaven?

richsommer6 karma

I love her I love her I love her. She is one hell of an actress. Working with her and Chris Messina? It doesn't get much better.

Oh, did I mention? Fairhaven is on-demand TODAY! Check it out! Along with Woody's new movie, RAMPART.

thekidwiththefa1 karma

Will you help get my Star Trek script to NBC?

richsommer3 karma

Is it about Hare Krishna?

HairballJenkins1 karma

If you had eleven fingers, how would you use your extra finger to your advantage?

richsommer4 karma

I'd be able to push my glasses up my nose without narrowing my gesticulation quite as much. I'm a handsy talker.

[deleted]1 karma


richsommer2 karma

Good question. It seems so, I guess. Too bad.

octiman1 karma

As a communications and cinema student who is interested in the production of television and film, what is it like to work at a cable network? Do you have any advice for a student who wants into get in the business?

richsommer3 karma

Hard to say, from my side of things. For an actor, the only real difference between working on a cable show and working on a network show is the paycheck. Otherwise, the day-to-day is really the same. Same really goes for production, too.

As far as advice... I guess, just be willing to eat shit for the first few years. Unless crazy money or nepotism was involved, no one got anywhere without putting in a few years of grunt work. Be a PA. Those guys work more hours than anyone, get paid less than anyone, and move up the chain better than anyone.

shotty2931 karma

Is the alcohol drinking real on the show or is that really just coke or apple juice?

richsommer4 karma

Usually cola or tea. Usually.

Screwysole1 karma

Do people recognize you on the streets in Norway if you were to wear a guitar suitcase over your nipples and knees?

richsommer7 karma

I've never been to Norway, but if I go, I will definitely take my guitar suitcase. The one with the nipples cut out.

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Hi Rich! Love Mad Men, thanks for doing this.

How similar is your character on MM to yourself in real life?

richsommer5 karma

We have some things in common. He's from Wisconsin, I'm from Minnesota. Both married. Both with a kid named Beatrice. Both ambitious. But I think we differ in more way than we are similar.

simbajam131 karma

Jimmy Pardo sure is great, huh?

richsommer6 karma

He sure is. He is one of the funniest people you'll ever see on stage.

botanyisfun1 karma

If you could choose any director to direct an episode of Mad Men, who would it be?

richsommer4 karma

Ooooh. David Frankel, maybe? He directed Devil Wears Prada, and I would freak out to get to work with him again.

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richsommer4 karma

I had a summer where: I broke up with my girlfriend of 2.5 years I stood in the room while my brother's best friend died Someone I had had a falling out with died, after several years of not speaking to each other I started grad school

That was a fucked up time.

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Hello, I don't know who you are, but how is your day so far?

richsommer3 karma

Lovely, thanks.