Richard Olen Sommer II

actor best known for his portrayal of Harry Crane on the AMC series Mad Men.

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richsommer381 karma

Hi, Matt.

Which of the Mad Men actors would you say has the most, like, raw sex appeal? Besides Jon Hamm, I mean. And Slattery. And I'm not counting Vinnie or Aaron or Jay or Ben. Or Robert Morse.

So, other than THOSE guys, who is the most sexy guy? Or the smartest or coolest or whatever?

Love, Rich

richsommer32 karma

Vincent Kartheiser.

richsommer20 karma

Oh, good.

richsommer18 karma

I can't answer anything about the upcoming season, but I can tell you that Harry will probably always wear underwear. Seems like that kind of guy to me.

richsommer18 karma

I do. I do remember that.

Not mainstream, as in, "you can't buy it at Target?" Either Die Macher or Combat Commander: Europe.

richsommer17 karma

Tough call. Maybe a toss-up between the scene in my underwear in 1.13, and the scene with the White Castles last season. 5.03, I think?

richsommer17 karma

I mean, kinda. It can be weird. I've apologized pre-scene before. But there's little I can do about it. I have to say it, and it's telling a story about another time. So it's important not to pull punches.

richsommer16 karma

Looks like we did it, folks! Thanks for the fun.

richsommer15 karma

It was the only thing I was willing to do my homework in, so I figured I'd go for it.

richsommer14 karma

1) Crazy and weird, especially because I was working with Aaron Staton in such a different capacity than usual. It was fast and frantic.

2) I spend most of the in-between time with my family, freaking out on the inside that I'm not working.