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How are things going with Anomalisa?

Is Barack Obama going to show up on Reddit again tonight, like he did the last time you did an AMA? Why can't he wait his turn? Goodnight.

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Don't forget - Sagal's got those marathon legs of his.

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I saw THE COMEDY with a friend of mine, and he came out of the movie with a unique perspective. He found a lot to admire in Swanson because the character wasn’t constrained by anyone else’s rules or expectations. My question is: do you see positive traits in Swanson or his behavior? It seems easy to brush his actions off as deplorable, but also kind of lazy to disregard his humanity.

I love this film and how it challenges its audience. You and Rick Alverson did a tremendous job.

Also, I’m probably wrong but I think those sandwich cookies are pretty important.

Thank you Tim!

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Have you ever been to Snakes & Lattes in downtown Toronto? It's a board game fan's dream!

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What was your experience like working on CHANGING LANES?