hopefully i can answer most of your questions. feel free to ask about inuk fairy tales, whalers, europeans, native hunting ect ect good night, keep the question coming. wll answer again today. thanks guys for showing interest in my culture, really appreciate it.

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nikki-etc42 karma

Are Eskimo kisses a real thing or have people just been shitting us?

Jordon199325 karma

lol. yes they are a real thing. not popular anymore but its still use alot in 1 community i know.

NaiveMonk28 karma

Are Narwhals on the menu?

Jordon199340 karma


RoggBiv17 karma

Is there Narwhal bacon?

Jordon199330 karma

none that i know of. however there is caribou jerky and caribou burger. fish candy which is dumb cause its basically fish lol

chipstone10 karma

Canadian Eskimo or murican?

Jordon199331 karma


DaphneDK6 karma

My first thought was Danish (Greenlandic) eskimo, then Canadian or American. But whatever. Is there some sort of pan-Eskimo sentiment? Do you feel like the Greenlandic eskimos are your brothers?

Jordon19935 karma

sorry i dont read enough to know what pan-eskimo and sentiment is. but its like the greenlandics are neighbors you dont visit. they're different in a few ways i know. i think they have like little horses or some shit lol and the language is different but thats al i know about them.

Kaputaffe6 karma

when you use "pan-" before a word, it means "everywhere", "all-over", or "all of them". And Sentiment means "feeling" or "belief". So s/he is asking if all eskimos have common beliefs.

Jordon19934 karma

yes we do. our beliefs are. co-operation, respect, help each other,work hard. those are just some of like 8 beliefs we have. it is practiced at school each month. and which ever student shows the most of one of them they get an award at the end of each month

Kaputaffe5 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Don't listen to dickwads who judge people because they happen to not know every word out there :)

Jordon19933 karma

yeap, i had fun doing this. :)

DaphneDK5 karma

Well we're almost neighbours then. I'm Faroese/Danish but have a couple of Greenlandic eskimos in the family. No small horses though. Oil, diamonds, gold, silver, and a shitload of ice. But no horses.

Jordon19933 karma

thats cool. diamonds from up north specifically in northern canad, nunavut area are the clearest i hear :)

Ghanni9 karma

Does being called an eskimo offend you or your people?

Jordon199321 karma

me personally no. i dont know about the rest but i think they're pretty cool about it. its not like an inuk would be like "wtf did u say" i think they'd be more like "its inuk bro"

Dmuff9 karma

What do you do for fun?

Jordon199355 karma

play halo reach sniping.

sasquatch6067 karma

How far have you traveled from home? What was the reason and mode of transportation? Thanks for doing this.

Jordon199313 karma

we are more modern in my generation. toronto by plane. but in terms of travelling on land. i went to another community on a 3 hr ride by snowmobile

sasquatch6064 karma

I bet your butt was numb after that. I imagine that everything is ridiculously expensive up there. Milk, gas, and so on?

Also, how old were you when you went to Toronto? Do a lot of people travel to big cities in your town/village?

Jordon19932 karma

it wasnt bad, i was riding in the qamutik (sled) though. yes grocery is very expensive. i dont remember the price on milk atm, but gas is about $26 for 5 gallons i was 12 when i went to toronto. i believe most people from here travel alot now. but from here to winnipeg is like $1500 1 way

sasquatch6063 karma

I just looked up your hometown and I'm from an even smaller town in PA (Pennsylvania) Go figure.

What are some fun Inuk games/events/traditions that the rest of us are missing out on?

Jordon199310 karma

inuk games are 1 foot highkick, leg wrestle, musk ox fight, ear pulling, 2 foot high kick, knuckle hop, airplane, an some more i forgot

sasquatch6062 karma

so many to pick from. Could you pick your favorite and describe it?

Jordon19935 karma

i dont do inuit games. its more like a sport now in this day. but my fav would probably the 1 foot high kick. 5 n a half feet inuks can kick up to like 9 feet. lol

vozdra786 karma

where do you currently live? have you traveled to any tropical countries and what is your experience? your favourite non alcoholic drink and your favourite alcoholic drink? thanks.

Jordon199318 karma

i live in a town called rankin inlet, i have not travelled much because my parents really couldn't afford it. i went to toronto once. mu favourite non alcoholic drink is pepsi. and my favourite alcoholic drink would be smirnoff ice.

JuicyPoot5 karma

.... Just waiting for someone to make a joke about how your favorite drink is smirnoff ice..

Jordon19939 karma

the legal age is 19. and i just turned 19 last month, so i ordered smirnoff ice on my first order. lol

analog_isotope2 karma

Smirnoff Ice is considered a "girly" drink and so on and so forth by most douchebags.

American men are only allowed to drink beer with their friends, lest they be subjected to fervent hazing.

Jordon19932 karma

lol ok thanks for the info. i can see why it would be a girly drink

The-Number-Forty-Two5 karma

From Kuujjuaq Here But Living in Puvirnituq Sup Brother

Jordon19933 karma

nm livin in rankin. i just fkn found about the notifications on this. i was looking through the whole fkn page all day haha

S_2045 karma

I've been to Rankin Inlet plenty of times! I get sent there for work probably 5 times a year. Cool little town, people could work a little bit harder if you asked me, everyone shows up for work whenever they damn well please.

That Inukshuk behind the store up there is cool, I've got a sweet photo with that.

What do you do for fun up there? I've always been curious but I can bring booze with me so for a day or two me and the guys can stay occupied. Having to bunker down for a whole winter seems like it would be a bit of a challenge though.

Also, don't know if you've tried the Wild Wolf yet, but the food is great and not too badly priced compared to what I've found up there.

Jordon19935 karma

cool. i havnt had much job experience so far. the innukshuk now has a spraypainted penis. you can order alcohol mon-fri. i play game and play the guitar. and i think the wild wolf is a hotel now.

seanadb1 karma

Rankin Inlet, very well known for its issues. How is life in the Inlet these days? What do you/people do there on a daily basis? What kind of jobs (or if not jobs, things that require doing) go on there?

Jordon19933 karma

its pretty modern here aside from huge buildings, bunch of traffic and trees.

bassmatty1 karma

I was working in the mining camp 3 hours north of Rankin about 5 years ago. I made friends with some guys from Rankin and surrounding areas and when we stopped over in Rankin we went walking around. Each of the 4 guys pulled out a joint each and they got me super stoned. I hadn't smoked weed in ages so I was super wrecked and then they took me on a quest to find a cup of coffee. It was very interesting walking around an unfamiliar place while high as f*ck made it an adventure to say the least. It was really decent of them to invite me in on their little session too since the cost of pot up there from what I was told is $15-$20 for a joint since it is quite scarce.

Jordon19931 karma

lololol thats awesome. did u find that cup?

bassmatty1 karma

Yeah I did. Walked into this little restaurant and I felt like they were staring at me like I had 3 heads. F*cking weed. They were all laughing at me fumbling with the creamers.

Jordon19931 karma

lol i had a similar experience. i went to a northern store high out of my mind in a different community

Roscoe_P_Trolltrain5 karma

I apologize in advance if this question is offensive, but have you ever built an igloo, or witnessed one being built?

Also, do you hunt? If so, what animals do you hunt?

Do you speak another language? Does your language have several different words for snow?

Thank you.

Jordon19934 karma

thanks for asking. not offensive at all. i really wish i could watch and or build an igloo. i will probably ask my blood father if he can teach me. it looks fun. my snowmobile isnt running right now but i hope it runs soon so i could go out caribou hunting with a brother. we hunt seals, polar bears (got to have tags for polar bears), wolverines, geese, ptarmigans, walrus',musk-ox: beluga whales, narwhals... i speak english and some inuktitut. i can read and write in english and inuktitut. i understand when people are talking inuktitut but its hard to make a sentence for me. i try

sasquatch6061 karma

That's awesome! How much of your food come directly from the hunt if you could even put a percentage on it? Are you seeing fewer young people hunt these days now that they can simply buy food at the market?

Jordon19932 karma

we mostly get our food from the local grocery store, but we do occasianally eat traditional food. mostly caribou and whale fat+ skin

banabis5 karma

Hows your weather right now?? Im in toronto and it is crazy snow here for the first time in like 3 years. Do you hate the cold? Is the nature beautiful where you are? How do you feel about the idle no more campaign? Thanks =)

Jordon19936 karma

right now the weathers beautiful. its snowing lots of little snowflakes. the skys covored with clouds and the ground is all covored in slow. the clouds and the snow are basically the same colour. but out on the land that would be bad because you wouldnt be able to see the bumps while driving in the tundra

banabis2 karma

Is it very flat then? What are the animals you have around? Sorry my questions were kind of all over the place, the Idle no more campaign was started recently and I know that Inuit is different then Native American, but I find the cultural and political issues to be similar, I could be wrong. Here is the website. http://idlenomore1.blogspot.ca/ Harper is a piece of shit.

Jordon19932 karma

yes it is quiet flat in the area i live in. we have caribou, polar bears, musk ox around right now

Jordon19934 karma

sorry i dont know what you mean by the campaign.

Jordon19936 karma

also the wind chill atm is -35

briana5054 karma

Do you actually use ulu knives? I love them!

Jordon19937 karma

why yes we do. :) its waay better then knives. im glad u love them

S_2044 karma

I bought one in Tuktoyuktuk. Those things make the best pizza cutters ever!

Jordon199310 karma

i used 1 to cut pizza at lunch :)

lo_shen3 karma

I'm sad. Will you tell me a nice inuk fairy tale/myth?

Jordon19939 karma

the inuk myths are to scare children to not do something they shouldn't do. shall i tell u one?

lo_shen5 karma

Even better! Yes please.

Jordon199316 karma

ok. inuit childern were taught not to go unto the sea shore/ice. this one inuk kid went unto the seashore bored one day and was having fun alone. until he heard 3 knocks coming from the bottom of the ice coming closer to his location. then suddenly qallupilluiq (people who live under the ice who snatch isolated children) popped up and snatched him and put him in their amautik (like a jacket but with a pouch on their back) and dragged him under the ice to live with them. but on the shore his brother noticed he went missing and went to go look for him on the ice pads. he went quiet abit from the shore until he heard 3 knockings coming from under the ice. so he started running as fast as he could ice skiping towards the shore. but then the qallupilluit showed him his brother and he froze on shock. they were a bunch of them closing in on him and they were never seen again.

lo_shen8 karma

qallupilluiq (people who live under the ice who snatch isolated children)

I will remember this forever. :)

Jordon19936 karma

qallupilluit* sry my bad

wouldyestap4 karma

not going to lie.. this story scared me a little, if a situation arises I know I won't be going out on the ice alone.

What do the qallupilluit do after they snatch you?

Jordon19935 karma

they want to bring you home. but eventually you'll drown

notperm3 karma

Are there black eskimos and do you call them eskibros?

Jordon19932 karma

lol there is some for sure, and no i never thought about that. ill keep that one in mind

Jordon19932 karma

there is also a rapper called young black inuk. lol

fuzzyjw3 karma

Is Eskimo pussy mighty cold?

Jordon19932 karma

lol do you eat cold pizza?

r_a_g_s3 karma

I lived in Yellowknife between 1971-2001, and travelled to Rankin a fair bit when I worked for the GNWT. I'm white, but I love the Arctic and really miss it now that I'm back "in the South".

I used to work with Education in the NWT. Are more Inuit kids staying in school and graduating high school? I know that has always been a huge problem all over the North. And congrats on almost graduating! What would you like to do in the future? (Jobs, stay in Rankin vs. move elsewhere, that sort of thing?)

Jordon19932 karma

cool, i think kids are doing good and bad. the 90's teens like me are doing good at graduating. but the younger ones are really into todays stuff. stuff like video games, ipods, internet. when i was there age and u probably know we would play street hockey and play out most of the time.

quinnpool3 karma

so, do you know where the Eskimo brothers thing came from and if its a real thing?

Jordon19935 karma

tell me more about these "eskimo brothers"

quinnpool4 karma

for some reason when 2 guys sleep with the same girl they become "Eskimo Brothers"

edit it's a bond for life

Jordon199310 karma

interesting. you know more then i do. i do not know where that has originated from. i dont know any inuit who sleep with the same woman to become eskimo brothers

funkarama1 karma

The origin of this term is the practice of the Eskimos in sharing their wives with travelers/visitors from other villages/tribes. The idea being that if you traveled days in your dogsled and you arrive half-frozen at your neigbor's igloo, she would warm you up quick and you get your dick wet. The biological motivation thought to be that sharing prevents genetic inbreeding in isolated communities. Also, people get sick of the same partner all the time....

Don't know if this is true or not. Vaugely remember it from some book I read.....

Jordon19932 karma

haha yeah i seen it on a movie once too. the inuk woman would warm the travellers cold feet by putting them against her breast and then the inuk offered him one of his wife for the night

Razrz3 karma

What is the best food native to your culture?

Jordon19932 karma

it depends on the person. some people dont like seafood and people have their own favourites. but the most favourited food would probably be caribou or more commonly known as 'tuktu' here in nunavut

basement_kitteh2 karma

Are there any authors or books you would recommend that would be about your culture? Or any fairy tale books? Or just really cool authors from your culture that write bout something different (crime, romance, scifi, anything)?

Is the Inuktitut language or are there many different ones? How bout dialects?

How do you say or write "I love you"?

Jordon19932 karma

yes im glad u asked. try look up 'Michael Kusugak' he die quiet a few years back but he made books on the inuit myths they're awesome. there are many dialects in nunavut. just how many i dont know. if u look up the inuktitut alphabet in our town we use 'si su sa' in some others they use ' he hu ha' like for instance. suvi and huvi. both meaning 'what's up?' and nagligivagit is i love you

NinjaDiscoJesus2 karma


Jordon199317 karma

camera-qangittunga proof-mi qanu piguapiu. i dont have a camera and i am online through my xbox so i dont know how to provide proof

smileyfaceansuch2 karma

You Said something about Fairy Tales? Tell us one!

Jordon19938 karma

inuit were told not to stay in the porch of their igloos for too long or "ma-ha-ha" would come. 1 lady was in her porch for a while and then she heard footsteps coming closer and thought it was a person. until she saw what it was it was ma-ha-ha. he started tickling her with his long gruesome nails for long and eventually until she died. when people saw her her face was stil in that laughing face. couple days later a man was waiting in his porch and eventually ma-ha-ha came. he tried tickling him and he did but the man used all his power and wrestled him outside. he was wrestling him for a while till he got to a sea opening and then drowned him.

smileyfaceansuch1 karma

The tickle monster? Thats Hilarious!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Jordon19935 karma

British Columbia

Gravy-Leg__2 karma

What do you and your parents do for a living?

Jordon19933 karma

my parents are 59 and 65. so they're at home people. my dad was confined to a wheelchair since i was 1 ue to stroke. i play game

Cyber_Janee2 karma

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Jordon199318 karma

lol walk to the freezer

rilie2 karma

Are blubber nuggets good? Do you get to do what ever the hell you what whenever the hell you want, or do you keep a job and go to school like everyone else?

Jordon19935 karma

blubber nuggets im guessing is whale fat. and yes it is very good. we even love it rotten. right now i get to do what i want when i want. but i just quit my job at a warehouse and i have to finish science 25 to grad. so yea job and school like everyone else

rilie5 karma

ah that sucks, just run off into the woods with your blubber nuggets and your life would be set.

Jordon199314 karma

theres no trees anywhere close to here lol

sasquatch6061 karma

You finishing H.S. or are you starting college/higher Ed?

Also, will you be staying in the community or heading to the city?

Jordon19932 karma

i am finishing high school. i will be living here until my parents pass away.

sasquatch6061 karma

Good for you. Are there more higher ed opportunities now (online classes )that you would be considering?

Also, a side from it being your home, is there social pressure to stay until your parents pass away?

Random question: what was the best thin you ate in Toronto that you couldn't get back home?

Jordon19931 karma

i think there are online classes, but im thinking the trade school here in town. i have a good friend here i play game with and hangout with. thing i ate in toronto would probably the food at shit i forgot what the resturaunts called. anyways its a more popular restuarant for meat. i think everyone knows it but i just cant get it off the tip of my tongue

gangy862 karma

What's the marijuana like out there?

Jordon19932 karma

in my town it varies. sometimes theres kush, hash. but regurlarly its jjust regular weed sometimes week as shit. theres dealers that sell goodies often though. in other towns there is always OG kush and purple kush

noahtavlin2 karma

do you have any opinions on harper/conservative party environmental policy, and how it affects northern land?

Jordon19933 karma

im not into politics. but i think the policys fine from what i know. basically what i know is mining companies have to give our inuk government a nice share of their profits.

[deleted]1 karma


Jordon19931 karma


Lookmanospaces2 karma

Do you know anyone in the Canadian Rangers? Have you considered joining them?

Jordon19931 karma

we do have rangers here and all across nunavut. so far i havnt considered joining them but i was in army cadets for like a year

euid02 karma

What do you think is the most common misconception of Inuks?

Jordon19939 karma

that is a good question. i think the most common misconseption is that we live in igloos. some others are riding polar bears and 1 i just recently learnt about is 'eskimo brothers' lol

Lookmanospaces2 karma

Hell, I'm a white dude in Southern Alberta, and you'd be amazed how many people I've met travelling who ask me about living in igloos and riding polar bears.

Jordon19932 karma

yeah. i think most of the weird questions are not up here as to down there lol funny right?

Alpimessi1 karma

Show me a pic of a narwhal :P

Jordon19932 karma

sorry you'll have to google it. xbox doesn't have copy and paste lol

Alpimessi2 karma

Oh ok lol xD What color is the narwhals there?

Jordon19932 karma

neon O_o

[deleted]1 karma

How do narwhals taste like?

Jordon19931 karma

sorry i cant answer that. its been a long time since i ate narwhal meat. its not that much hunted. not by my family anyways. but i can tell you beluga whale and polar bear taste awesome

[deleted]1 karma

what a great ama. I'm from Toronto...it seems that the north and the people who live there are pretty well ignored other than in grade school geography classes. It's too bad. Thanks for telling about all of this!

Jordon19932 karma

you are welcome glad to help on the view of my people. quyannamiit (thank you)

Oroborus811 karma

Do you know Jordin Tootoo?

Jordon19932 karma

ofcourse i do. he was here last month. we have the same hometown. his father and my father are cousins and when they were young they would travel the land on dog sled and walking. his father would visit my father and have beers occasionally in the past few years and tell stories. they have gone to churchill by dog sled together. went to bars there :)

toshi041 karma

Always wondered what makes an eskimo and eskimo. Does one have to live in an igloo and hunt polar bears or penguins (I don't know) for food?

Jordon19932 karma

naw mang. like u we were born into our culture

[deleted]1 karma


Jordon19931 karma

by hotspot i hope u mean internet service provider. we have qiniq. and we have NetKaster. qiniq is the local ISP and NetKaster is based in yellowknife. i just talked with a represenative of qiniq yesterday and sadly our speed isnt gonna get much faster anytime soon :(

[deleted]1 karma


Jordon19931 karma

i remember when i was a kid. i was at a friends house and back then we had use ethernet cable in the phone jack on the wall. so we had to unplug the phone to use the internet. and even then it was always on dial-up lol im guessing it was like that everywhere else at 1 point. im not to sure

specialmed1 karma

I always wanted to know you guys did for vegetables. Like are they hard to get? is there a spot for vegetables in traditional cooking?

Jordon19931 karma

well in the past inuit would get their vegetable needs from the animals. i cant remember exactly how but we would get it a good amount from caribou and arctic hares (larger rabbits that live in the arctic)

[deleted]1 karma


Jordon19932 karma

i too think that its not offensive. but people say it is probably because ignorant people think that raw meat is the only way us inuks eat it

FoxtrotPeculiar1 karma

How are you treated by non-inuk people when you meet them? Also, what do you put on the census?

Jordon19932 karma

i think mainly whites come up here for jobs. but they make alot of friends and then they love it here pretty fast and some say they came for a few month jobs and end up living here. so were treated normally

desktopdrummer1 karma

What is your house like? Size, interior, decor, form of heat? Do you live near other people, or is your home more remote?

Jordon19932 karma

we live in a cozy 2 bedroom house. modern food n appliances. we have a furnace. and yes i live in a community of nearly 3000 people.

desktopdrummer1 karma

Haha, that's more people than my town. Who do you live with?

Jordon19932 karma

my 2 parents. my siblings all have their own rented houses

Aaod1 karma

Do you find Eskimo jokes offensive? How is the internet connection where you live?

Jordon19933 karma

i dont find them offensive more then i do ignorant. the connection here is aweful, 2.5 Mbps i believe. i hate it mostly cause of the lag the i got soo used to on halo

Jordon19933 karma

84 dollars a month plus a 10GB download cap

nnikolov301 karma

Can you read the Inuit alphabet?

Jordon19935 karma

why yes i can. read and write it also. :) but i think i am one of the last generations who is able to. even now many inuk teens dont know how so i am worried and will hopefully teach my kids.

basement_kitteh2 karma

Can you find some advice about that alphabet? (Just discovered it, in this thread)

Could you teach some things in Inuktitut language? (How to write and how to say) like thank you, you are welcome, I love you.

What is your favorite traditional food? Is there some traditional recipe we all could try to make? (Extra billion poi to for you if the recipe came from your grandma, aunt etc)

Do the traditional recipes use any vegetables? It may be a cliche but I've always been told that the Eskimos eat just meat, that they didn't have any vegetables around. (I hope that's not the case)

Jordon19932 karma

ill teach you some now. suvi (sue-vi) = what's up quyannamiit (qu-yan-na-meat) = thank you i dont know about your welcome but we say Igvilu (eg-ve-lu) =you too Nagligivagi (nug-lee-ge-va-gi)= i love you

i love tiqtitaq (fried caribou meat) we make good bannock and palaugaaq. which is somewhat like bannock. i will have to ask my mother the recipe when she gets home. in the tundra vegetables dont grow se we get it from caribou and arctic hare.

HatesCats1 karma

How much tradition has been lost or remained in daily life when compared to your parents generation? Grandparents? How many young adults remain within the community?

Jordon19936 karma

allooooot has been lost. our tradition is to help everyone on the community and especially the elders. but now our towns population is about to be 3000. and i dont see that often anymore. in my parents generation they were born in traditional igloos but rcmp, people from the south came up here i believe in the 60's and built houses for us to live in. we didnt want to but there was trading posts so we would trade furs for tobacco sugar ect. and my parents had to go to residential schools at a young age.

PsibrII1 karma


Jordon19935 karma

your asking the wrong eskimo :p

Gravy-Leg__1 karma

Rankin Inlet looks very remote. Do you ever get tourists? What do they do?

Jordon19935 karma

i dont really pay attention to tourists. but if they did come up here. some inuit offer them to go hunting, boating...

S_2042 karma

Check out Churchill MB... a bit farther south but has incredible whale and polar bear watching. The flights about the same and Churchill is more developed. Having been to both, I'd recommend Churchill for tourists. Martha Stewart, Dan Akroyd and a couple of other celebs were up there one time when I was in town.

Jordon19933 karma

yea i think churchull is more for tourists to check out the polar bears. churchill is the polar bear capitol of the world. but if you'd want more of a traditional experience, people can go hunting with inuit here. probably in churchill too but there is alot of polar bears to keep watch

aprilchelseaanne1 karma

Have you ever talked to your parents about the residential schools? If so, how did going to school impact and change their lives?

Jordon19933 karma

i havn't asked them but from what i was taught. the kids would have to travel out of town to a residential school and away from their families for long periods of time. the teachers were pretty mean and strict. and so the "residential school survivers" get a good lump of cash from the government. so i guess it impacted them pretty hard

triit1 karma

Can you take me hunting??? Please? Do you have to adhere to seasons and bag limits or do you have native rights? Do you use all parts of the animal? What are some interesting dishes using parts we wouldn't use? Do you pickle a lot of meat? Have you eaten seal flipper?? I really want to try that above all other things in the world!

Jordon19937 karma

in the spring is when its the most fun for me. hunting geese, using our own skill to copy exactly what the canadian geese and call them right over our heads circling. but its waay easier with the white geese. we call them by whistling and trust me they go right above us. if u go to the north im sure i could go hunting with people. inuit are very very friendly. the only limitations is hunting polar bear as far as i know. we need a tag for that. and yes we use all parts of each animal. skin for clothes. meat for food and bone for traditional weapons. but we dont eat the guts. i havn't tried seal flipper but i did have seal. the best part is the intestines when they are cooked.

HFXmer1 karma

I have more questions haha. Do you listen to inuktitut rap, and if so, who should we be listening to? ;)

Jordon19933 karma

haha i listened to inuk rap lots in 2010 mostly because of the comunity i was in mostly speak inuktitut. not a lot of inuk artist but they're are some but they rap in a different dialect then what im used to so i cant understand them. check out 'Hyper T'

TheShroomHermit1 karma

What does seal taste like? Have you had other "main stream" meats that you could compare it to?

Jordon19933 karma

seal meat is nice and soft when cooked. darkish brown. i dont know anything i could compare it to.its like trying to make up a new colour.

BlueTony91 karma

Whats on tv over there and what movies are available to you guys, is there a theater?

Jordon19933 karma

we have a northern store which gets movies/games before they are released and release it on the release date. :). no theatre. we have satellite. but i have cable, 53 channels. some of the shows are cbc, much, cartoon network, oln, daily channel, comeddy central, movie channel 1, movie channel 2, movie channel 3. 53 channels altogether

qazwsxedrfvtgb1 karma

Is it a big different between inuk and sami(samer)?

Jordon19933 karma

i'll tell you with what i briefly know about the sami from wikipedia. sami heard reindeer. we hunt caribou in the past we both practiced a type of shamanism. and also in the past missionaries converted us. inuit more recently. sami converted in the 1700s. he both had drums. inuit had a style of drum dancing that when we danced we also sang (a-ya-ya). i dont know how the samis did it but i read the missionaries burned their drums and also sent them to museums. im guessing sami also rode their reindeer to travel. inuit had dog teams.

Bearosaurus_Rex1 karma

Have you had any kind of interaction or communication with ethnic Eastern Siberian people of a similar ethnicity to yours? Any cross-Bering Strait hockey games?

(I'm talking about the Chukchi, Yakut, etc. Sorry, don't know all the distinct groups nor what it's appropriate to call them in each country.)

Jordon19932 karma

no i havn't and i dont know anyone of my friends who know anyone from that area of the world. ive seen them on tv. some adventure show that these guys went to go live with them for a bit but thats all i've known from them

LittleKey1 karma

What languages do you speak?

Jordon19932 karma

i can speak english and i can speak inuktitut, i can understand when people speak inuktitut. but sadly i cant speak it as good as them.

Nocturnaldez1 karma

Do you find the term "Eskimo" to be pejorative? Most Inuits I know do.

Jordon19932 karma

i dont find it offending. i dont know why it should be offensive.

Nocturnaldez1 karma

Wiki quote: "The primary reason that Eskimo is considered derogatory is the questionable but widespread perception[4][7][8][9] that in Algonkian languages it means "eaters of raw meat."[10][11] One Cree speaker suggested the original word that became corrupted to Eskimo might indeed have been askamiciw (which means "he eats it raw"), and the Inuit are referred to in some Cree texts as askipiw (which means "eats something raw").[10] The majority of academic linguists do not agree.[citation needed] Nevertheless, it is commonly felt in Canada and Greenland that the term Eskimo is pejorative.[1][12][13][14]"

And I was told it referred to an Algonkian old wife's tale saying Inus would eat their kids in time of great cold and unbearable winters if they weren't able to go out and hunt. And thus was pejorative.

Jordon19931 karma

i knew about the raw meat eatting part. we love meat and we love raw meat. if u tried the food we have, youd most likely love it too. the best is caribou yumm. no needles. no fake meat. all fresh and juicy. the algonkians tale was probably a myth. our first priority is kids. our future. now and while we were surviving off the land

Nocturnaldez1 karma

The Algonkian stories were lies and slander, I always thought as much.

And I have friends up in Northern Quebec near Deception Bay. When they fly down to montreat the bring chicoute berries, arctic trout and caribou... sooo tasty _^

Jordon19931 karma

thats great! im glad u get the oppertunity to enjoy the traditional foods. u need to try the blackberries and the absolute best cloud berries.

burncycle1 karma

OMG! I just took an Arctic Geography class last semester in college (Got an A).

I remember something about Ice cream. What is the ice cream made from? I know it isn't the regular diary products used around the world. It's made with some sort of meat?

Jordon19932 karma

i dont have any knowledge of this meat based ice cream sorry

burncycle1 karma

Really? I'm going to write back to you when I get back to college in 3 or so weeks. And then I'll figure out exactly what it is!

Jordon19931 karma

cool. and if it does have meat n if i learn how to make it i would try.

CharlesADunham1 karma

I spent this past summer on a 40 day canoe trip in Northern Quebec. We ended up finishing the trip in Kuujjuaq, a small town at the bottom of Hudson's Bay. Have you ever been there/heard of it/know anybody from there/ etc.?

Jordon19932 karma

i have heard of it. but no i havnt been there. i dont really have time to think about travelling due to not having a job. lol i dont know anyone from there

toastyawesomeness1 karma

What is the farthest you have ever been away from home?

Jordon19931 karma

toronto. in '06

[deleted]1 karma


Jordon19932 karma

sent you a message hope its proof enough.

LongrodVonnhugendong1 karma

Have you ever heard the song "Im the only gay eskimo" by corky and the juice pigs? If you haven't, give it a listen.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwO33oUawM8

Jordon19932 karma

i have heard that song long ago. lol and we bother friends and say that there the only gay eskimo lol

funkarama1 karma

What type of technical training are you doing?

Where do you want to go when your parents die? Toronto? Why would you want to leave?

Jordon19932 karma

well i just need science 25, i have finished a bunch of computer courses like database, spreadsheet, word processing. when my parents pass i want to go for a higher education somewhere else i do not know yet. i am not planning to move anywhere specific when they die yet or i dont know if i will move. ill probably just do more travelling

Corrdawg1 karma

Is it true that the only way Inuits are able to hunt whales is using traditional methods? Canoe / Spear... no motors, no rifles. Is their a hunting season for game and for whaling or because of first nation status can you hunt anytime?

Jordon19932 karma

lol in these modern times we have motored boats, aluminum boats, peter head boats, we hardly use kayaks and not many people own kayaks anymore. sdly our religon is dieing and will probably die in the next generation. we have rifles. we dont have restrictions but we do for baleen whales because whalers in the past almost destroyed their population just to sell their baleen. it was used for plastic and that shit wemon used to use to make their hips super small. also for dresses to make em circle.

Alpimessi1 karma

Do you play minecraft

Jordon19932 karma

i do but i havnt played much recently. last night i just learnt about creative mode and how fun it is so ill play it more often