My name is Dale Murphy. I played Major League Baseball for 17 years, spending the majority of that time with the Atlanta Braves. I was lucky enough to play with and against some of the all-time greats. I'm currently retired and living in Alpine, UT with the most incredible person I know, my wife Nancy. I'm also looking forward to being the First Base/Outfield Coach for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic next March. I'll be answering questions from 2 p.m - 5 p.m. EST. AMA!


Edit: Thanks a lot Reddit! I had a blast answering your questions. I had a great time, but was definitely a little more overwhelmed with questions than I expected. I gotta run but will try to get back on sometime soon and answer some of the questions I didn't have time to get to today. Thanks again!

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BrodyApproves297 karma

In 'Home Alone' when Kevin is calling the police he says, "Hello. My house is being robbed my address is 656 Lincoln Boulevard. My name is Murphy." Is he referring to you?

DaleMurphy3409 karma


[deleted]188 karma

If you were to build a team around one player. Who would it be and why?

DaleMurphy3626 karma

Mike. Trout.

naaahhman163 karma

Hi Mr. Murphy,

I believe you deserve a nomination into the HOF because of your resume. Others will argue over this stat or that stat. However, you were one of the greatest players of the 1980s and your homerun total for the decade atest to this. I will continue to be a supporter, though I don't have a vote. You gave excitement to the Atlanta area, in a time when the Braves were a "nobody".

As for a question, you were my dad's favorite player. So, a few years ago I bought an autographed bat, that has displayed in the living room. To keep the signature from aging too much, he covers it in a sock. How do you feel about your name covered by a sock?

Thank you.

DaleMurphy3172 karma

Thank you so much for your HOF support and for your kind words. As for the bat, I've heard of a lot of ways of preserving autographs, but that's definitely a first for me. But actually, I've had a few people ask me to re-sign old autographs that have faded over the years due to UV exposure. So the sock might not be a bad idea. Is the sock clean at least?

kal0029158 karma

What do you think of the 1 game wild card in the play offs? As a Braves fan, I feel pretty shafted by it. Hated to see Chipper go out like that.

DaleMurphy3307 karma

Not a fan of the one game playoff. Too many weird things can happen (as Braves fans saw last year) in one game. Would love to see it be at least a best-of-3 series.

mikmak181140 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

unripefruit131 karma

Hey Dale, it's your nephew! All of your children have achieved greatness, so in a way, all of them have followed in your footsteps. But were there times when they were growing up that you thought/wished/hoped one of them would pursue baseball professionally?

DaleMurphy3157 karma

Hi nephew!

I've always wanted my kids pursue a career they loved, no matter what it was.

dahuskers118 karma

What was your role in that Braves-Padres brawl?

DaleMurphy3292 karma

Unofficial referee.

mudpuncher2111 karma

Name one modern day pitcher you'd love to face?

DaleMurphy3307 karma

I'd love to face Craig Kimbrel--Just to see if I could make contact.

Maverick1717107 karma

I've got another question.

What are your thoughts on Sabermetrics and the SABR community as a whole?

DaleMurphy3192 karma

I'm supportive of any attempt to improve and advance the game, and Sabermetrics definitely falls under that category. There's some really good aspects to it, but as a former player I worry about the proposition of relying on Sabermetrics alone to predict a player's future performance. The system is definitely helpful and useful in a lot of ways, but I believe math alone can never fully quantify a player's value. But again, it's a system that I believe has helped and improved the game.

Nationals81 karma

What are your thoughts on steroid era players and getting in the HOF?

DaleMurphy3232 karma

I've always said--anyone who admitted to using steroids, or tested positive, shouldn't get in.

jmpalmer774 karma

How prevalent were steroids in the locker room when you were playing?

DaleMurphy3111 karma

Never actually saw any steroids in the locker room. Anyone who did them did them in secret. You could start to see the effect of steroids in the late 80's, though.

Bigjuicyhog71 karma

Who was the best position player you saw during your time in baseball (excluding yourself)?

What was it like facing Nolan Ryan?

What was your favorite moment?

DaleMurphy3231 karma

  • Tough one. I'm gonna take the easy way out and say it's a tie between Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt.

  • Not fun.

  • Hitting a homerun off of Nolan Ryan.

mttwldngr67 karma

What's the best part about being a professional baseball player?

What's the worst part about being a professional baseball player?

DaleMurphy3211 karma

Sounds pretty simple but... Best part is hitting a homerun. Worst part--striking out.

trinitron1366 karma

I know you have had a bit of a history with Wilco (via Twitter) and that you are a big music fan. Who are some of your favorite artists and what was your walk out song when you bat?

DaleMurphy3294 karma

I'm a huge Wilco fan and have gotten to see them a few times live. Incredible! As for other artists/bands I'm listening to:

-The Civil Wars -The Avett Brothers -Markarians -The War on Drugs

Walk-out songs weren't really around when I was playing, but if I were playing today it would probably be "Daft Punk is Playing at my House" by LCD Soundsystem. Not sure why, but that song gets me pumped!

boilface62 karma

From 1980-1987, you had a remarkably consistent stretch of hitting for both average and power. Did you have any one season in particular where you felt completely on top of your game compared to others?

DaleMurphy3138 karma

Everything came together in 1983.

dsotm7560 karma

Did you have a pregame ritual that you always followed, or did you have any superstitions regarding the game?

DaleMurphy3103 karma

No real superstitions, but habits such as: how many practice swings you take, tapping cleats, whether or not I had a donut on my bat in the on deck circle, and I had a waggle I did with the bat in the box. Different habits like that.

laaabaseball60 karma

Hey Dale, I'm a moderator of /r/baseball so I've been enjoying this whole HOF thing since your son posted there. For an MLB veteran, you're pretty involved in a lot of social media, such as Twitter. Why do you feel the need to be so involved with fans, even after 17 years playing? Also, what do you think of your sons helping out with the Hall of Fame stuff? Thanks a lot for doing this AMA!

DaleMurphy385 karma

Honestly, it's just fun for me to interact with fans on Twitter and other places (like Reddit!). My whole family is pretty linked in as well, so a few years ago I decided to adapt to the times and figure all this stuff out so I could be a little more connected to them as well.

The entire HOF process this year has been a great experience. Watching my kids get involved and in my corner has just been incredibly humbling and amazing. However it all turns out, I'll be forever grateful for the last few weeks and how special they've been to me.

derrrrrs53 karma

Who was your favorite teammate during your playing career?

DaleMurphy3119 karma

I usually give 4 answers to this question: Glenn Hubbard, Bruce Benedict, Phil Niekro and Gary Matthews.

dmagee3348 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA Dale. Hope to see you back in the booth next year.

Did you prefer playing catcher or outfield? Any good stories catching?

DaleMurphy3274 karma

Both positions have their pros and cons, but catching was definitely my favorite. My defense at that position was a bit of a liability though, so I was moved to OF and felt much more comfortable there.

After playing catcher one game (a game that featured several stolen bases) in spring training, my dad was speaking with a scout and asked him what he thought of my defensive performance. The scout told him he thought I would have played amazingly if guys had been trying to steal centerfield.

SchpartyOn45 karma

Dale, you're from Portland, many of us on r/baseball, including myself, feel that Portland is a logical choice for a major league team if any current teams decide to move. What is your thought on this and/or is there another city you think would be better suited for a MLB team?

DaleMurphy381 karma

I think a team in Portland would be fantastic. It's a tough challenge, though, to get a Major League team.

ABKC45 karma

Hi Dale, what's your over/under on how many more seasons before Justin Verlander gets his first hit in the majors?

DaleMurphy374 karma

Over/Under is probably 4. Take the over.

arkdude42 karma

Do you remember hitting your first major league homerun? What was the immediate feeling afterward?

DaleMurphy3133 karma

It was off Randy Jones at Jack Murphy Stadium in 1977. The stadium actually used to be called The Murph, so maybe that's why I loved hitting in San Diego so much.

I tried playing it cool and acting like it wasn't a big deal, but instead of a homerun trot I'm pretty sure I did a homerun wind sprint around the bases.

jpljr7740 karma

First of all, thank you. Thank you for igniting my passion for baseball and the Braves and being a good role model without being overly cloying about it.

I've always had one question that, to my knowledge, I've never seen asked nor answered: given what happened with the Braves immediately after you left, were there any hard feelings? I know you're not exactly a hard feelings type of guy, but was there just a little resentment way in the back of your mind?

Sorry for the hard question, but I'm such a big fan that I feel I already know everything else.

DaleMurphy3106 karma

I definitely hold no hard feelings about the Braves finding success after I left for Philly. I felt that I was at a point in my career when the decision was the right one to make. However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious of their success and wished that I could have been a part of it.

ryanbh8838 karma

What did you think of playing with Lenny Dykstra while in Philly? Ever party with him? Any wild stories to share?

DaleMurphy3111 karma

I really enjoyed playing with Lenny. We actually lockered next to each other, so I got my daily dose of Lenny every time I went to work.

Random Lenny memory: I once saw him dip a towel in his cup of coffee and proceed to clean his cleats with it.

jbobmurph36 karma

I don't have a question, but a story.

My uncle is named Dale. And as one might guess, my last name is Murphy.

And I grew up in Atlanta, at the height of your career.

So I'm 12, and tasked with getting my uncle on the phone (pre-cell phone days) when he was shopping at Home Depot.

I call. I ask them to page Dale Murphy. They hang up on me. This happened 2 or 3 times.

They never did page him.

DaleMurphy330 karma

Ha! Good stuff!

skeletoria34 karma

Hi Dale! My boyfriend is a HUGE fan, so he will probably die when he finds out that you are doing this and that this is my only question for you:

Favorite place to eat while you were in Atlanta?

Thanks so much for doing this! I hope you get your place in the HOF like you deserve.

DaleMurphy392 karma

South City Kitchen, The Varsity, and Chik-fil-A.

db9834 karma

Do you feel that you belong in the HOF? (You can say yes, I won't think less of you!)

And do you enjoy calling games with Chip and Joe for SportsSouth?

DaleMurphy3104 karma

I've always felt that one of the prerequisites of going into the HOF is that you should believe you belong there. So I do feel that there's a place for me there.

Always a good time with Chip and Joe! They're real pros and they helped me out a lot as a rookie broadcaster. The best part is when Joe goes down to the clubhouse and comes back with bags of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for between-inning snacking.

I_am_Statler34 karma

I grew up watching you and Brett Butler, Glenn Hubbard, Bruce Benedict, Phil Niekro, etc. I can't believe that I am actually writing you and that you actually might see this.

You are something of an idol to both me and my sister. You always came across as a good man. And to have you as an idol growing up was an honor and a real privilege. If you would just acknowledge this message, it would be fantastic. Thanks for all you did for Atlanta.

DaleMurphy335 karma

Thanks Statler! Reading things like this are what makes it all worth it.

manskies30 karma

Who was the toughest pitcher to get a hit off of?

DaleMurphy399 karma

Anybody that played in the late 70's or early 80's will probably give you the same answer: JR Richard from the Houston Astros. Had a fastball and slider in the high 90's and was just barely wild enough to keep you from digging into the batter's box.

da_bears629 karma

What was the funniest conversation you've had while standing on base.

DaleMurphy3119 karma

Not exactly while I was on base, but instead it was while I was catching a game for Phil Niekro and Bill Buckner was hitting. Phil threw one of his best knuckleballs of the game and Buckner swung and missed. Buckner immediately turned to the umpire and said "Check that ball. Think I saw a booger on it".

I couldn't stop laughing for a couple innings.

dahuskers28 karma

Favorite current Braves player?

DaleMurphy380 karma

Brian McCann.

sucksqueezebangfart28 karma


I wanted to know your initial reaction when you were selected by the Rockies in the expansion draft in 1992.

Thanks for doing this. You are a class act.

DaleMurphy391 karma

I thought I got traded by the Phillies at the end of Spring Training...I might have to google that.

drballoonknot28 karma

Hi Mr. Murphy!

I was wondering what your opinion is of the D.H. and what, if anything, you would change.


DaleMurphy364 karma

I'm not a fan of the DH. But, if they are going to have it in every baseball league, (including high school, college, all professional leagues except the NL) then we've gotta incorporate it in the NL and start playing by the same rules. As much as I hate to say it--it's time.

mttwldngr27 karma

What is one aspect of the game do you believe has changed from when you were playing to now?

DaleMurphy371 karma

I think one major change over the last decade or so was a decrease in speed. Not pitching, but speed in the defensive and baserunning sense. I think that aspect of the game is definitely in the process of making a comeback, however.

AeroZep26 karma

As a personal hero to many, do you have a favorite memory of an interaction with one of your fans?

DaleMurphy3107 karma

In AAA ball in Richmond, I fouled a ball off and it hit a guy in the arm. Afterward, he had me sign the bruise.

senorpuerco23 karma

How do you feel about all the attention that Mormonism has been getting in the press lately?

DaleMurphy344 karma

It's been a really interesting year to be a Mormon. Some of the attention isn't great, of course. But I feel like it was generally positive attention and it's resulted in a strange but exciting time for church members. I'll let Buzzfeed help me out in explaining why this year was so interesting to us:

senorpuerco22 karma

"Murph" was one of my favorite books as a kid. I was wondering if you ever thought about writing another autobiography. A lot has happened since 1986!

DaleMurphy358 karma

Nancy and I talk about it every now and then, but there's nothing in the works yet. Between being a grandpa and discovering Twitter, I've been a little busy lately!

TheMagicalJTrain22 karma

Dale, What was the most exciting ball park you played in?

DaleMurphy370 karma

Worst road ballpark--Olympic Stadium, Montreal Best road ballpark--Dodger Stadium

DaleMurphy393 karma

Dodger dogs, of course.

hippoop22 karma


DaleMurphy349 karma

I've said before I think Pete Rose should be in. I think the ban for gambling on the game should be shortened from a lifetime ban to something like a 25 year ban.

DaleMurphy334 karma

Gary Matthews was the best influence on me when I was a young player. I feel Pete should definitely be in. I feel a lifetime ban is too harsh in that situation and that he deserves to be let in. It's time.

wasteofxpaintx21 karma

who are you most looking forward to working with at the WBC?

DaleMurphy349 karma

The official player roster hasn't been formed yet, but I understand that David Wright is a strong possibility to be on the team. He's a player I respect and love to watch. I'm mostly really excited just to be coaching with Joe Torre and his staff. It should be a great experience!

imnotmarvin20 karma

What player inspired awe in you during your playing days?

DaleMurphy356 karma

Pete Rose and Ozzie Smith are the two players that come to mind when I think "awe inspiring".

santosh0720 karma

Outside of sports, what was your favorite part about living in Atlanta?

Also, how did it take so long to figure out that the one guy was posing as an ex-Brave last year on alumni weekend? Thanks, you are the man.

DaleMurphy332 karma

-Southern cooking and hospitality.

-Nobody knew he was posing as John Sullivan, our ex-coach. I just figured he was a sponsor of some kind, not necessarily an imposter.

Bspringsjames17 karma

I know that you are at Spring Training usually as an instructor, is there a young player Braves' fans should be excited to see play that hasn't made it to Atlanta yet?

DaleMurphy336 karma

Sean Gilmartin and Christian Bethancourt

costa2414 karma

Hi Dale! Just wanted to say I loved the comic your son drew about his relationship with you. You must be very proud of him.
For all who don't know, Dale's son works as an artist at Blizzard.

DaleMurphy319 karma

Thanks! He's a real talent.

phineasphreak14 karma

Hey Dale! What current major leaguer reminds you the most of yourself?

DaleMurphy345 karma

Probably Corey Hart from the Brewers. He's a taller, right-handed outfielder with a similar playing style.

RustyTrawler14 karma

Hi Dale, You are my first favorite baseball player! I saw you in Atlanta when I was about 8, so I can say I am a true Braves fan.

Who do you think will become the new face of the Braves now that Chipper is gone? Could it be Prado?

DaleMurphy320 karma

Someone will have to rise up into that role. Could be Prado, Mccann, or Heyward.

The_Iron_Chef13 karma

Hi Dale. Im a fan of baseball and your name all ways came up in conversation about the game. So, Tell me what it was like to hit against Charlie Hough? He's my cousin! Good luck in the WBC.

DaleMurphy314 karma

There's another question somewhere in here asking about knuckleballers and I mentioned your cousin. When he was on, he was incredibly difficult to hit. That was never fun as a hitter.

evil_bunny9 karma

My Mom is a HUGE Braves fan. I was at the July 4, 1985 Braves vs. Mets game. I was a kid and it was absolutely a miserable experience for me. I was cold, wet, and exhausted. I made my parents leave in the 18th inning and we went back to our hotel across the street (Howard Johnson I think it was back then). I remember watching the fireworks from our hotel room. What was the experience like for you? Were you just as miserable as I was?

DaleMurphy313 karma

Yeah we were all exhausted. I think I got home at 5 AM. If we would have won it would have been better.

boilface8 karma

As a Portland native, were you sad to see the Beavers leave the city? Do you think baseball has a chance to return to the city at any level? What do you think of how Portland has developed over the years?

DaleMurphy311 karma

My dad took me to Beavers games when I was little, so I was definitely sad to see them go. I have a lot of great memories from their park. I know there's an active group trying to get baseball back to Portland, but it seems like it might be tough to get a team back in the city. It seems a little more likely that a team could end up in the surrounding suburbs, but probably not at a stadium downtown.

jwwiii19828 karma

Huge Braves fan ever since I was born, pretty much a family thing. I was wondering do you have a "most memorable HR"? Also you deserve to get into the HOF, and I hope it happens for you soon.

DaleMurphy314 karma

All-Star-Game 1984 is the first one that comes to mind.

DaleMurphy319 karma

Also, pinch-hit HR off Doc Gooden

warhawk7548 karma

What was it like the day you were called up to the bigs? Another question what player playing today do you feel is most similar to your game?

DaleMurphy316 karma

To be was a little scary. Played my first game in Dodger Stadium. I was nervous, but excited.

USP1237 karma

Hey Mr. Murphy, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this.

I was wondering what your funniest clubhouse story was?

DaleMurphy318 karma

It's fun! Sorry I can't get to everyone's questions.

Hubbard used to always give people "Hot foots"... He would light their shoelaces on fire, even caught a guys pants once too.

mrwatkins836 karma

Mr. Dale Murphy! I shared your son's recent petition to have you included in the Baseball Hall of Fame on my Facebook wall and my aunt commented that you were my great-grandmother's all-time favorite player before she passed away back in the 80s.

If there was one rule about the modern game of baseball that you could change, what would it be?

DaleMurphy323 karma

Thanks for your support! I'd institute some rules to speed the game up: Widen strike zone, 10 second pitch-clock, etc.

rv49er5 karma

I know you can hear the hecklers. What are your favorite things they say? How do you keep from reacting to them?

DaleMurphy37 karma

You're right, you always hear them. But if you react, it gets worse.

CunthSlayer5 karma

How big of an effect does the altitude at Coors Field really have? Did you think it was overblown, or was it very noticeable when you played for the Rockies?

DaleMurphy37 karma

Definitely helps.