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What is on your bucket list?

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How often are you offered something aside from cash as payment? Strangest thing you've been offered?

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After the German publication made the story about the NSA's spying on Tor users and others, you made a tweet that implied the story was using documents not leaked by Snowden. Do you think there is another NSA leaker?

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Recently, the "NSA sharing raw intelligence about US Citizens to Israel" leak pointed out that not only does the NSA have programs that collect data on elected officials and Supreme Court justices, but they also hand that data (along with other data on US citizens) over to Israel in trust that they will dispose of it.

The NSA likely has files on every person in the position of power to stop their surveillance/economic espionage operation. Do you agree with this statement, and if that is the case how do you think America can take steps towards limiting the power and abuses of the NSA?

Thank you... For everything.

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Great to see you back on Reddit! Your last AMA was really informative!

Due to shops being opened to the general public in 2014, and it being illegal to sell it to another person (even if they are both 21), there seems to be a bit of gray area onto how one is supposed to acquire marijuana right now legally if they do not have their medical card. I've seen on Craigslist people offering marijuana in return for "donations" made to a cause, but that seems to be possibly illegal. This leads me to two questions:

1) Has your department been strict in enforcing the illegality of selling marijuana since Amendment 64's passing? Piggybacking off that is it legal to acquire marijuana from Craigslist?

2) What legal route(s) would you suggest for someone over 21 looking to acquire marijuana at this point in time? The only other way I can think of is growing your own, which is difficult given Colorado's dry climate and the restrictions placed by many landlords/property management companies, as well as fiscally irresponsible this close to January 1st (for those who would buy from stores when they open).