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"Beg pardon, sir, but could you kindly get the f-ck out of the way? Just asking dear chap"

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What are your thoughts on steroid era players and getting in the HOF?

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A tremendous honor to ask you a question! Everyone invokes Hitler, Nazi's so easily (and carelessly in my opinion) today, but do you see anything today that you would want to tell people to watch carefully?

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Merry Christmas! Thank him for his service! Having fought for freedom, what does he think about the state of world freedom today? Also, advice for living a long, wonderful life?

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Don't waste time and energy thinking about what might happen in the future because if you do you will die a thousand deaths every day. Realize that in this moment, you can choose to be happy or sad, and you, only you, are the one in charge of what happens inside your head.<

That is seriously a wonderful philosophy for everyone because it is so true. Thank you for writing that.