Dale Murphy

former Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman. During an 18-year baseball career, 1976–1993, he played for three different teams, but is noted for his time with the Atlanta Braves.

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Mike. Trout.

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I'd love to face Craig Kimbrel--Just to see if I could make contact.

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Not a fan of the one game playoff. Too many weird things can happen (as Braves fans saw last year) in one game. Would love to see it be at least a best-of-3 series.

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I'm a huge Wilco fan and have gotten to see them a few times live. Incredible! As for other artists/bands I'm listening to:

-The Civil Wars -The Avett Brothers -Markarians -The War on Drugs

Walk-out songs weren't really around when I was playing, but if I were playing today it would probably be "Daft Punk is Playing at my House" by LCD Soundsystem. Not sure why, but that song gets me pumped!

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Unofficial referee.

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Both positions have their pros and cons, but catching was definitely my favorite. My defense at that position was a bit of a liability though, so I was moved to OF and felt much more comfortable there.

After playing catcher one game (a game that featured several stolen bases) in spring training, my dad was speaking with a scout and asked him what he thought of my defensive performance. The scout told him he thought I would have played amazingly if guys had been trying to steal centerfield.

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I've always said--anyone who admitted to using steroids, or tested positive, shouldn't get in.

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  • Tough one. I'm gonna take the easy way out and say it's a tie between Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt.

  • Not fun.

  • Hitting a homerun off of Nolan Ryan.