Greetings everyone!

As the title suggests, I have breast hypoplasia (asymmetrical breasts)- which has been noticeable since puberty. I recently had a consultation with a surgeon who diagnosed me with a rare condition known as Poland Syndrome

Feel free to ask me anything.

Here's my proof

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runner191861 karma

How many times have people made the biggie smalls joke to you?

lajoyanoir46 karma

I’ve lost count 🥲

JealousUnicorn61 karma

Just wanted to say you’re really brave for putting yourself out there and bringing awareness about Poland Syndrome. I also have it and it ruined my self-confidence literally for life. Thankfully, I found an amazing plastic surgeon in adulthood. How did you get through school and what has been the greatest challenge for you? Also, if I can provide some advice on an implant, please don’t do it. Ask for a “fat transfer” or make the big one small, I did an implant and developed breast implant illness which was killing me. (Look that up if you’re not familiar)

lajoyanoir34 karma

Oh wow it’s so nice to meet someone else with PS! I relate so much with the self-confidence thing. I teeter between embracing them and being ashamed of them I won’t lie.

I talked about how I got through school in another comment but I basically got teased by a couple of friends about them and that led to me stuffing my bras and wearing a normal bra and sports bra on top. We had a school uniform (private Christian school) so “luckily” I wasn’t in many situations where my chest was exposed. I was mostly focused on other more grave personal issues in my life to care most times.

I’ve heard of breast implant illness before, especially the past few years as influencers are getting theirs removed :( I’m very conflicted because I’ve heard fat transfers don’t always produce the desired results and may change over time. I do want what is best for my mental and physical health tho so I will definitely take what you’re saying into consideration.

degecko47 karma

Do you have any weird inclination for archery at all?

lajoyanoir36 karma

Lmao no but I’m really good at tennis if that means anything

djb253 karma

Actually, maybe the small boob would help with your serve? Or backhand?

lajoyanoir3 karma

Probably does help with backhand haha

Light_Dark_Choose2 karma

How did you get good at tennis?

lajoyanoir5 karma

My mom built a tennis court in our yard at home so I basically grew up playing it with my family

picomtg7 karma

Wow this is very nice, my parents only built emotional walls.

lajoyanoir2 karma

Lol oh don’t worry, one day I’ll do an AMA on the scary things they put me through and I’ve seen. All parents have their flaws.

I_am_Castor_Troy46 karma

Which one is your favorite?

lajoyanoir87 karma

The bigger one lol

johndoe19853 karma

Has your dating life been affected. Any surgery to fix this ?

lajoyanoir1 karma

Nope and yes a breast augmentation and/or reduction

drock4237 karma

Are there custom bras out there for this?

lajoyanoir52 karma

I personally haven’t seen any local companies make them so I just shop for the larger breast

diggertb29 karma

This is genetic in my family. My uncle and sister had this. Have you considered therapy or have you adjusted well to it? My family members were clearly affected by it socially.

lajoyanoir32 karma

I’ve never really considered therapy specifically for this but it’s definitely something I’ll look into now that you mention it

aBelligerentRacoon29 karma

OP - I’m sorry. Women have to wear these badges publicly.

If this was some dudes balls, he’d just tell his partner, “yeah - that’s Hank and that’s Frank. Hank lifts, Frank doesn’t - let’s bang…”

But you have to live it in the open. Good luck, you look lovely anyways and at least you can work this out with some plastic surgery? Or just be you and don’t worry about it?!

Good news is that there is a solution if you want one…

lajoyanoir33 karma

I’ve met so many many with asymmetry down there or just one ball altogether so you’re right haha! It never bothered me and made me feel less “abnormal” so it’s cool :)

sleepruleseverything28 karma

What has your mental health been like in regards to this, during puberty up until now? Did you try to hide it for a while with prosthesis? I had something similar, and it caused me a lot of depression and angst during my younger years. Wish I could turn back time and convince myself it’s mostly superficial, and that people’s parts come in all uniqueness.

lajoyanoir53 karma

I think I only really became (self)conscious of my breasts in high school when my “friends” pointed them out and made fun of their asymmetry. From that point on I made sure to stuff my bras with whatever I could find to try mask the difference. I held on to the notion that they’d even out and had other pressing issues that kept my mind off of them for a while but the past few years have been extremely difficult overall for my mental health and I won’t lie, they’ve added to the stress at times. I constantly compare myself to other women and because I do online SW, I’m seeing “better” all the time. Being “body positive” is wayyy easier said than done and I have the utmost respect for anyone who publicly embraces anything out of the norm. I hope to get to that place some day!

NapsAreAwesome21 karma

Do you have any other issues with asymmetry?

lajoyanoir17 karma

Fortunately not

dystopiaincognito19 karma

Will you ever consider surgery to even then out?

lajoyanoir42 karma

Yes, hopefully by the end of this year 🤞🏽

Karaja414 karma

I'll be the curious pig and ask, is that just a one implant job or would you be getting one on booth breasts, or would this be a completely different kind of surgery all together?

lajoyanoir21 karma

I need to go for another consultation to hear exactly what will be done but it sounds like it will be a specialised surgery/case with different procedures on either side

jbmaun18 karma

Do you find with the weight differences you have a hard time standing up straight / do you have any back issues?

lajoyanoir19 karma

Not at all! If I ever do appear to have bad posture that’s just due to my own bad habit or slouching in class lol

TwoIdleHands13 karma

I’m a small B, in my 40s. I have large chested friends with back problems, they have permanent divots in their shoulders from bra straps, my aunt got a reduction in her 50s. I’ve had two kids and still go braless in the summer. You’ve said you’re looking at an implant and a small reduction/lift. Get what you want but think about the long term effects of large breasts and talk to your surgeon. One and done is good and you’ll be with your new girls the rest of your life. Get ones that you can be happy with long term!

lajoyanoir7 karma

You’re right! The goal is to be comfortable and happy in the long run. I have a lot of thinking to do for sure

ultradip10 karma

Why is the condition named for Poland?

lajoyanoir7 karma

I have no idea 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve only had the diagnoses for a few weeks so I need to do more reading up on it/consult my doctor

PauseAndEject3 karma

After reading the link you provided, I'm surprised that your diagnosis is so recent! (Although, I've experienced my fair share of oblivious doctors, so maybe not too surprising...)

From your link:

In those with the condition, there is typically unilateral absence of the pectoralis minor and the sternal or breastbone portion of the pectoralis major.

Have you ever had a chest X-Ray prior to your diagnosis? I am guessing your case is quite mild compared to others, as I imagine such absences or even underdevelopments of those muscles and bones to be pretty obvious to medical professionals.

Thanks for sharing, I'm officially counting Poland Syndrome as the new thing I learned about today :)

lajoyanoir7 karma

To be fair I’ve never really consulted a doctor about my breasts or brought it up as an issue and the only reason I even diagnosed was because I went to see a plastic surgeon and he happened to be familiar with it. I also come from a place with not the best medical professionals so I was never gonna get a proper diagnosis back home.

I get yearly chest x-rays as a part of my visa requirement and only in 2016 do I recall it mentioning abnormalities. I’ll have to dig up the report to see what exactly it said but I’m certain it was referencing the asymmetry in muscles so you might be right

Askymojo10 karma

I never knew that x-rays were required for VISAs. Are they checking for tuberculosis?

lajoyanoir7 karma

Yup! TB is what they’re looking for

PauseAndEject3 karma

The plot thickens! I wonder how far back in your scan history abnormalities can be seen with the advantage of hindsight.

One thing I have had luck with in the past when it comes to medical scans is to request a copy of them in "DICOM format" - DICOM is a standardized file format for medical imaging & communications data, literally files you can open on Windows or Mac at home (with the right free software installed) that have a ".dcm" file extension. The DICOM data is the most complete set of information about your scan available, literally you will be working with the exact same if not more data than your doctors. I had an MRI done last year and the DICOM data let's me see every individual image in the set, details about the machine at the time that image was taken, and even make a 3D reconstruction of my head! X-Rays absolutely use the same format - all medical imaging systems do, unless there's some obscure ones I don't know about.

I can't speak for everywhere in the world but many places will have DICOM data going back years, filed against your patient file, so it should be simple enough for your G.P. to collate all your historical X-Rays and give you complete copies of the .dcm files.

Then you would be able to load them up in chronological order and compare/contrast any significant developments between scans from the comfort of your own home! I'm familiar with the process of loading and viewing the files now, so if that is something that interests you but you don't know where to start, I'd be happy to assist if you can obtain the files :)

lajoyanoir3 karma

I was given a CD with the report for that 2016 scan, I’m going to assume everything you just mentioned is on there lol! It was so long ago and I never even looked on it but I’ll try find it and then send you a copy of whatever I find. Thank you for your help!😊

TheWasabiEyedrops10 karma

Based on the link in the post, it states that people with this syndrome also have underdeveloped muscles and ribs, do you have any other abnormalities(such as missing ribs or shorter fingers)besides the underdeveloped breast?

lajoyanoir19 karma

The breast asymmetry and underdevelopment is the only visible deformity I have.

ThundrousProphet8 karma

My wife has Poland syndrome and it has affected her entire life so thanks for spreading awareness. Do you tend to have a lot of chronic pain as well and does anything help you? Thanks 😊

lajoyanoir7 karma

I only get aches and pain on the side with the bigger breast but I’ve always associated it with the size rather than PS but I guess I should get a medical opinion about that when I can. I usually alleviate the pain by laying down or putting on a good fitting bra- basically adding support or relief. Probably not helpful advice, I’m sorry :(

xubax8 karma

Best of both worlds! How're you doing?

lajoyanoir5 karma

I’m doing good thanks! How are you?

cellenium1256 karma

Have you thought about breast implants or reduction of the other side?

lajoyanoir11 karma

I’ll hopefully be getting an implant and reduction + lift soon

cellenium12512 karma

That’s great. Of course you are beautiful as you are but we all crave symmetry. most of us get braces, this isn’t any different.

lajoyanoir5 karma

Thank you 🫶🏽

fliberdygibits5 karma

I know most women have one breast slightly larger than the other. Is this just an extreme of that same thing or is this fundamentally something different?

lajoyanoir17 karma

My asymmetry is due to a congenital deformity unlike milder cases of asymmetry which are natural

Prodiuss5 karma

Is one more sensitive to touch than the other?

lajoyanoir7 karma

Simple touching no but more intense stuff- the smaller one is more sensitive

Prodiuss2 karma

So just as many nerves, but concentrated into a smaller surface area?

Another question. If you became a mother, does those condition affect the ability to breast feed?

lajoyanoir5 karma

Hmm I don’t know the science behind it but I’ll say yes that makes sense lol

I’ve definitely read somewhere that milk production on the smaller breast (it is tuberous) may become an issue.

salsanacho5 karma

Has it affected your romantic relationships at all?

lajoyanoir31 karma

Not in the slightest, men irl really don’t care/mind. None of my long term ex bfs even brought it up! I will say it contributes to my own personal insecurities which may play into how I give/receive intimacy

Diver_Gullible3 karma

Idk if this is a weird question but is lactation going to be affected?

lajoyanoir1 karma

Possibly on the smaller side it will

PhilinLe3 karma

If there was a magic option to make the smaller one bigger or the bigger one smaller, would you take it?

lajoyanoir4 karma

Definitely 🥹

GabTheRandomGuy3 karma

At what age did your breast start developing and when did you first notice the asymmetry?

lajoyanoir5 karma

So around 12/13 is when I started developing but the asymmetry only became apparent after 14

JoeMorgan762 karma

What’s the treatment for this?

lajoyanoir17 karma

Plastic surgery is the only real “treatment”. Some opt for an augmentation and insert implants to even them out but a reduction and lift to the larger breast is also an option.

JoeMorgan763 karma

So, and please correct me if I’m wrong, you go bigger adding an implant to one side and a lift to the other? Or you go smaller with the larger one having a reduction and a lift to them both?

lajoyanoir9 karma

I think each case is different and it depends on the severity in asymmetry (both size and shape) as well as personal preference. In my case it was recommended that I get an implant in the smaller one only and that the larger one would be lifted and reduced slightly.

disdkatster2 karma

A side to this topic but does anyone know how much it cost to remove breasts or reduce them in size? How painful is it if you are not removing lymph glands? I know when you are young they are a big part of self image but I would love not to have mine. I'm 74. We actually had gym exercises in school where we chanted "We must, we must, we must develop our bust!". I have been 36C since my early 20s and now wish I were as flat chested as possible.

lajoyanoir4 karma

I think it depends on where you get the reduction done. I live in South Africa and it costs about 73000 rand which is $4000. I wouldn’t know much about the pain level but I know the recovery time is quite short

Blastoxic9992 karma

Does it hurt?

lajoyanoir8 karma

Generally no but I do get what I think is normal discomfort associated with larger breasts on the left side

kitrookie2 karma

i also only have one fully developed breast. i haven’t been formally diagnosed, but have done a lot of researching and operate on the assumption that i have poland syndrome, too.

i’ve been self-conscious by this since i was 13 and it started to become noticeable. i never go braless, wear low cut or strapless shirts. i spend a lot of money on inserts, and haven’t been able to find one i really like. do you have an insert you’ve used and liked? or have you just been able to overcome the self consciousness associated with it?

lajoyanoir1 karma

I’m sorry to hear that love, I know the struggle but it warms my heart to know that we’re not alone, we’re in this together🫶🏽 I am also limited in my fashion choices because of this condition :( So up until very recent I just used to stuff my smaller boob with cloth or tissue but I bought this silicone chest pad which has been very comfy and feels more natural (I don’t advocate for buying on she*n but I’m limited by my financial choices and location).

So my insurance company is pretty basic and I’m on the student option which makes it even worse- they rejected my request for coverage :/ But I have heard that reductions are covered in some cases. My surgeon said my case was in the extreme and would’ve warranted coverage but alas. It’s about $5000 here so I’m slowly raising funds to get the procedure done.

Malf15322 karma

That is a conversation starter. Have you met any guys that just want to know if you're okay?

lajoyanoir1 karma

Lol two French guys (on different occasions) just paused when they saw it and asked why it’s like that, “I was just born like that” I said, then we proceeded to you know what. Other than that, no one ever brings it up or cares

al32372 karma

This is the first time i am genuinely interested in seeing someone breasts for pure curiosity and nothing sexual, do you have different sensibility in each one?

lajoyanoir2 karma

Lmao happy to intrigue. By touch they’re equal but nsfw activity is more intense on the smaller one

30carbine2 karma

What is your favorite soup?

lajoyanoir1 karma

I use Lux so I’d say that

Birkeland19922 karma

Are your areolas the same size for both breasts?

lajoyanoir1 karma

The left is slightly bugger in circumference but not by a huge margin. They’re both large lol

ITeachAll2 karma

Surgery in your future?

lajoyanoir2 karma

Near future I hope

Sleepymuff2 karma

Do you have any plans to use the surgery options? They can be so expensive so…

lajoyanoir1 karma

It’s very expensive but I’m saving up! I’m hoping to get them done before October 🤞🏽

Robobvious2 karma

So you're considering augmentation to bring them more in line with each other, have you set your mind on that already or are you still weighing your options? Before doing so I might suggest having a sexy photoshoot done just for yourself. Everyone should love themselves and feel comfortable in their own body and a good photographer can help with that! Nothing wrong with wanting something different though either, everyone has to make the choice that's right for them and I wish you luck as you're figuring that out. Just know you're still beautiful as you are now!

lajoyanoir1 karma

I don’t think I’d feel comfortable in front of a photographer but I’ve taken plenty of my own :) thank you 🙏🏽 🫶🏽

Its_O_possumTYVM2 karma

What’s most frustrating about breast hypoplasia?

lajoyanoir1 karma

Feeling like an alien and not being able (or being comfortable enough) to wear certain outfits

flck1 karma

Lots of people asked about surgery and implants, kinda leaning towards increasing the size of your smaller beast.. Just curious - what do you want?

Between option A - reducing the larger breast or B - increasing (or getting implants) in your smaller breast?

Your smaller/right breast is perfectly normal for many women, and your left is something other women get implants to achieve... tough choice!

lajoyanoir2 karma

I wanna get both 🥹 meet in the middle reduction and implant

pookshuman1 karma

Does it make you sleep on one side?

lajoyanoir1 karma


Salty-Leg85351 karma

Does one side of your back hurt more ?

lajoyanoir2 karma

The left side does but it’s mostly discomfort more than pain

breakfasteveryday0 karma

Do you have an underdeveloped hand to match?

lajoyanoir3 karma


fliberdygibits-1 karma

Also PLEASE tell me you've had the opportunity to flip the "Size doesn't matter" script on it's ear?

lajoyanoir26 karma

My most used phrase is “best of both worlds” (like Hannah Montana) and I’ve recently started saying “one girl, two cups” (if you know what I’m referencing there, sorry for the gross flashback lol)

[deleted]-11 karma


lajoyanoir10 karma

So everyone else explicitly marketing their books, companies, documentaries, products etc… on here is okay but I, who has made no mention of that in the slightest and kept it to my profile, am “shilling”? 👍🏾