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I'm generally curious. Can't we package the waste and launch that shit off into space to never return?

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Same for me. I started at 23. I teach in the same district I grew up in. I was the first in my family to go to college, first to graduate college, first to “make it out the hood”. They could relate to me much easier because I was (am) them.

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Yup, charter schools are a new-aged form of segregation.

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Bullshit, yes they can. They get put on a contract and if they break the contract they're out. I get "bad" kids at least once a week who get kicked out of their charter for either failing grades or behavior problems. They tell them to go back to their "home" school (withdraw), which is the public school. Happens all the time here in Florida. Funny thing is, those "bad" kids are not even that bad.

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I am a teacher in Florida.

What will you do to support teachers?