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This is my question as well. I know there are hospital UVC filters that produce fairly negligible amounts of ozone at the specific UVC wavelength used, but it's negligible compared to the huge volume of air being pushed through the hospital.

When you have a device that is sending air directly to your lungs without any dilution, it seems like you would have to be extremely careful because even a relatively small amount of ozone production could be very damaging and irritating, which could ironically make someone more susceptible to infection.

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I was lucky enough to see several operas at the Met around 2010-2012 and I was blown away at how good the Met Opera pit orchestra was. They were the best live performances by an orchestra I have experienced and better than the NY Philharmonic, imo. Does the Met Orchestra ever perform just as an orchestra without the opera singers?

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How does a cochlear implant help with tinnitus?

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Would your wife have interest in becoming a lighthouse keeper after you become permanent principal keeper somewhere? And would they give her preference to be your assistant or would she still have to work her way up doing relief work for years?

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What's your opinion of non-religion-based mindfulness practices like Jon Kabat-Zinn's MBSR program? What do you think Chan Buddhism teachings and practices add that you wouldn't get from a Westernized program like MBSR?