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My foundation supporting anti-bullying and childhood obesity initiatives: The Quinton Aaron Foundation will educate young children and teenagers by creating attention, awareness, support and solutions to the issues of childhood obesity and bullying, both of which Quinton experienced as a kid.

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Hey your a pretty cool guy, what's your favorite food?

QuintonAaron88 karma

I'm a sucker for soul food and BBQ but, I can't mess with that stuff right now while trying to live a healthier lifestyle

cricket3431 karma

Ever need an actress? Haha I just wanted to let you know that your performance was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see more :) I'm extremely impressed by your foundation and I hope that it flourishes! It is so important to raise awareness about childhood obesity and bullying. You are absolutely inspiring

QuintonAaron43 karma

Thank you so very much I appreciate and love your support!

QuintonAaron40 karma

Hey Cricket! Thank you so much for your kind words! Please tell your people about what we are doing with the foundation.(Twitter & Facebook) My executive director is working hard to generate revenue to take our 30 day tour. I am really looking forward to meeting as many fans as I can. I hope you will check back in a few weeks to see if we will be near you!

cricket3413 karma

I definitely will! I hope I get to meet you :)

QuintonAaron35 karma

Please send your contact info to [email protected] He will also put you on the email list of where I will be visiting. He can also contact me directly as I also do personal appearances for other things!

QuintonAaron25 karma

That goes for anyone who would like to support the foundation in any way and to help me save the lives of these kids in desperate need of our help!

VigilantBanana30 karma

What was your favorite part of filming The Blind Side?

QuintonAaron69 karma

All of it was a dream come true to me a lot of memorable moments definitely the proper hug scene w/ Sandy

VigilantBanana16 karma

How did you like Westminster's campus?

QuintonAaron42 karma

A beautiful campus really and its huge

Phantoom10 karma

Wildcats 4lyfe!

I mean, if you are into rich white preppy schools, which I totally am.

QuintonAaron10 karma


TypicalRedditName26 karma

What was it like working with Sandra Bullock? Was she as charming off camera as she seems on the camera?

QuintonAaron64 karma

Yes she is she's a sweetheart! I loved every second of just being around her

zdevon24 karma

Just here to say I loved your role in the movie :) Glad to see you on a place like Reddit.

QuintonAaron55 karma

Why thank you so much! I appreciate you

Frajer19 karma

What was it like making SVU? Did you and Ice-T get to hang out at all?

QuintonAaron43 karma

Man working on that show was amazing I love the cast and crew they were all amazing and Ice T is my homey

CircumsizedDog16 karma

howdy? Do you work on stage at all?

QuintonAaron34 karma

I started in theater when i was younger butI love working in film

CircumsizedDog10 karma

Film must be neat. You have a good 'presence' for the stage. You definitely stood out from the other people when I met you once at a bowling event for your foundation. How is that going?

QuintonAaron21 karma

Going great actually we have a lot of great promising things on the horizon

CircumsizedDog7 karma

Good luck on that! Did the film get you interested in this problem or is it more personal- why obesity and bullying??? Why not prostate cancer or something else??

QuintonAaron89 karma

Hey Dog! I chose obesity because I struggled with it as a child. I chose bullying because kids are literally dying to escape it. On top of that, over 160,000 kids every day stay home from school to avoid bullying. Billions of dollars are donated every year for cancer, and I hope they find a cure. I just wanted to do something that was near and dear to me, to keep me motivated and to make a difference!

ajenkala15 karma

Did you play football in high school? We're you good?

QuintonAaron32 karma

Yes I played one year but didn't really have the skills back then mainly because I didn't want to

DontStepOnLegos13 karma

I loved the movie ! What do you like to do during your spare time?

QuintonAaron59 karma

I am actually a very competitive bowler I also love singing

SneakySniper6 karma

I'd challenge you to bowling

QuintonAaron19 karma

Your on!!

cleverlyannoying23 karma

Quinton Aaron does AMA, comes back 15 hours later to continue commenting.

Quinton Aaron is the shit.

QuintonAaron10 karma

I actually got an email from someone telling me that there were people online still asking questions. I had a function to attend last night, but I really did want to stay and asnwer questions. Thank you! Clever!

Timbojh172 karma

What is your average man? I am on my high school's competitive bowling team

QuintonAaron3 karma

Just over 200

LoneliestThief12 karma

How did you get into acting and what other projects are you working on now?

QuintonAaron33 karma

I've always wanted to be an actor and currently i'm co-produing my first feature now which is a faith based christmas movie which is in development as we speak

QuintonAaron40 karma

Also I recently started my own foundation, called “The Quinton Aaron Foundation” ( My foundation will work towards ending childhood obesity and preventing bullying. We will work with school administrators, psychologist and other industry specialists, parents, local and national governments to address physical, text, verbal, indirect, social alienation, intimidation and cyber bullying. On the obesity side, we will partner with organizations like First Lady, Michelle Obama and her program, “Let’s Move.” We will also work with the NFL’s program, “Play 60.” Our goal is to support, provide, education and motivate our youth into healthier lifestyles. If you would like to support the foundation, please contact the executive director of my foundation at [email protected]

CircumsizedDog3 karma

Any trailers or spoilers for us???

QuintonAaron8 karma

nope not yet

mikenglish1311 karma

Does everyone come up to you and call you Big Mike now?

QuintonAaron40 karma

It happens almost every day that I am called "Big Mike"! I don't mind because it means that they saw the movie. I usually just tell them my real name and continue talking with them. Almost everyone I meet is very nice to me and approach in a respectful manner.

QuintonAaron13 karma

yep all the time lol!

[deleted]10 karma

I just wanted to say I thought you were so amazing in that movie! And you seem like such a sweetheart! :)

QuintonAaron20 karma

Awww thank you so much I try to be!

prototato9 karma

What kind of roles are you looking for now?

QuintonAaron17 karma

I have been kinda doing my own thing on the creative side of things. In which I've come up with ideas for a Love Story, a Drama, an action movie and a futuristic sci-fi action thriller. so instead of looking for roles I've more so been looking for funding for projects and what not.

jawzman8 karma

Did you ever feel like you were being used as a token to make white suburban families feel good about themselves and good about US race relations just by going to the movies?

QuintonAaron14 karma

Thats a great question Jawman! Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy didn't see color when they took Michael in, they saw a young, homeless boy who needed a place to stay and a proper meal. I can honestly tell you that they don't see color, they only see the good in people. I truly hope that the movie WILL help race relations in the US, but that was not the intention of the film or the Tuohys.

Thanks for your question!

seals97 karma

Hey man thanks for being here, you were great in The Blind Side...

Couple questions..

  1. Are you a redditor? Or is this your first time here?

  2. 3 girls... Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox you gotta screw one, marry one and kill one- Go

QuintonAaron22 karma

Lol No this is my first time but not my last i'm having a good time answering these questions as for question no. 2 no comment! lol!

seals97 karma

You have a great heart sir... PLUR

QuintonAaron10 karma

Thank you Seals! The reason I am on here tonight is to also discover the kind hearts of others. If you also have a great heart, please let your friends, family and and co-works know about the work I am doing with my foundation. It's an opportunity for people like you to join me in the fight to make this world a better place for children. Please help if you can!

frankferri7 karma


QuintonAaron14 karma

I don't have a favorite line, but I do have favorite scenes. As noted above, the hug scene at the end of the film

frankferri5 karma


QuintonAaron19 karma

Hey Frank! They were all the real coaches.

frankferri9 karma


QuintonAaron9 karma

I love to sing, and I am a pretty good bowler~

robbykooch6 karma


QuintonAaron12 karma

The Packers and the Giants. He still does play left tackle some plays. Michael is that good, so they use him as often and where they need him.

drtyler666 karma

Hey Quinton! Where do you like to visit when you have free time?

QuintonAaron14 karma

Hey Doc~ My favorite place is still to go home to the Bronx NY to visit my family and friends there, but my new adopted home is now Tampa Florida. The board of director for my foundation is there, my executive director is also there, and the people in Tampa are just outstanding. I always stay at the Wyndham Westshore hotel, and they take great care of me, and the weather is awesome. I am really looking forward to the tour next year so I can meet people in other cities and maybe adopt a few more places!

SConnelly535 karma

Hello. I'd just like to thank you for playing one of my favorite movie roles ever. Keep up the good work man!

QuintonAaron4 karma

Thank you so much Connelly! I will do my best!

TheDuskDragon5 karma

How did you prepare to take on the role of Big Mike?

QuintonAaron9 karma

I had to start doing football related training. I lost some weight because I was much bigger than Micheal. And I also studied the script and prepared to do as good a job as I could.

wbdane864 karma

What's Tim McGraw like? Is there one actor/actress you'd give anything to work with? I loved your performance in The Blind Side, and I hope to see you in many more movies! :)

QuintonAaron9 karma

Hey Wbdane! Tim is very very cool! I would actually love to work with Meryl Streep. I met her at a social gathering at Oscar weekend and she is amazing. Also, all her movies get nominated for Awards!!!,

savannahholz4 karma

As an actor, was it difficult or easier to play the role of Big Mike, who did not speak much?

QuintonAaron12 karma

it was easy for me because most of it had to do with putting myself in an emotional state to able to express what he was feeling as best i could

Ubermage3 karma

Any plans for future movies?

QuintonAaron9 karma

Yep hopefully getting my movies out there and launching my own production company

ckyfan513 karma

Hello! Have you been able to travel to other countries through your film career? Where is your favorite place to visit?

QuintonAaron9 karma

Not yet but hopefully soon, my love story for the most part takes place in Italy

rlseafor3 karma

How hot was Sandra bullock in person? Because on screen, she was a 10.

QuintonAaron3 karma

Sandra is just an incredible woman. She is professional, poised, and just down right personable! In my book she is a 12!

cbryantl1203 karma

Hey Quinton. What was it like seeing yourself on the big screen for the first time?

QuintonAaron26 karma

It was honestly very emotional just to be able to see what i've accomplished and feeling that my mom and grandma god rest their souls was looking down on me in that moment and thinking well done my son!

QuintonAaron8 karma

Absolutely! I will be touring the country next year for approx. 30 days, primarily visiting schools and community centers speaking about the issues of bullying and childhood obesity. My team is also in communication with the Discovery Channel, working out details for me to film an episode of American Choppers. They would like to create a custom bike for the foundation, and I have always wanted to learn how to ride. Now I have a reason! In a few weeks, there will be more information about the tour on my website, so please check back for details of when I will be close to your city.

justamania3 karma

Has Michael Oher ever contacted you since you did the movie protraying him? If he has, what was the conversation like?

QuintonAaron8 karma

No..I did meet him after the film. We met at a Ravens game. Conversation was simple. He said overall, he enjoyed the movie.

justamania5 karma

I know he has said in interviews there was a few misconceptions in the movie(such as that he didnt know how to play the game). What was the most interesting thing about his story overall that you learned?

QuintonAaron19 karma

How incredible a woman Michael's mother is!

Piton_Falls2 karma

Hey Quinton, do you have anything interesting happening in 2013?

QuintonAaron7 karma

I actually have been creating and coming up with movie concepts and ideas that are amazing if i might say so my self but, am actually seeking investors and what not to help with the development process of turning these ideas into movies. While I have people interested in shooting some of them already I just need to be able to afford to hire writers that I want to write the project.

anchorchain2 karma

What was it like working with T-dog?

QuintonAaron2 karma

T-Dog was great. He didn't have a large part in the movie, but great actors always make the most of their scenes. As you can see, without him in the movie, there are some AMAZING scenes that just wouldn't have been the same. Much respect for his abilities!

InsaneGenis2 karma

If your movie is on cable, why does my wife eventually end up on your movie though she has seen it a million times?

QuintonAaron3 karma

You tell your wife that I am honored that she continues to watch my movie. I can't take all the credit because the entire cast did an amazing job, all the directors, producers, writers, and anyone associated with this film made it what it was. Please have her contact me through my foundation so I can send her an email.

DeLiri0us1 karma

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

QuintonAaron2 karma

I love the standard bacon and eggs, toast, juice and pancakes. However, in a pinch, I love ceral also!

thesavorytrim1 karma

The Blind Side is one of my all-time favorite films. I remember going into it with zero expectations and being absolutely blown away.

Do you have any upcoming projects that we should be aware of? You were fantastic in the blind side.

QuintonAaron1 karma

Hi Savory!

Thank you so much for your kind words!I went in to filming the movie with zero expectations also. I never expected the response to it to be so incredible. I am filming a movie this December, and I also just started a foundation dealing with childhood obesity and bullying. I will be on tour next spring for 30 days. I hope to see you while I am out. Please feel free to support us if you can. Thank you!

MrKoillette1 karma

Have you ever meet Michael other?

QuintonAaron2 karma

Hi Mr Koillette,

Yes I have met Michael, but only after filming the movie. It was great to meet him!

erjroy1 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! Do you remember a tall car valet running into you on the red carpet two years ago outside of the oscars? That was me! I ran into YOU and YOU apologized to me. I've told everyone how nice you are since then.

QuintonAaron2 karma

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I am the same person I was before Oscars. When you bump into someone, you apologize. Fights usually start when two people bump into each other and both think it was the other. If all people just apologized when that happened, imagine how many less fights there would be. Doesn't ever hurt to say I am sorry if your right or wrong.

fillhumpfree1 karma

What was it like filming the car accident scene? That was a really powerful point in the movie.

QuintonAaron1 karma

I knew that this was going to be a significant moment in the film. A time where the real Michael Oher would be known for the type of human he was. A kind, caring, gentle person.

Dsimbf1 karma

What is ONE thing you are set on doing before you die?

QuintonAaron2 karma

The one thing I am set on doing is following in the footsteps of others that used their status to do good things for others. I know my mother is proud of me for the success of the movie that she actually encouraged me to audition for. However, I know that if I help people in need, if I extend a hand out to someone on their back, I will truly have done something special. My new foundation will allow me to do that. We are embarking on a 30 day tour next year traveling around the country to make a change in the lives of those struggling with obesity and those that are being bullied. We want to address the issue from both ends. Stopping the bullies, and lifting up the bullied!

beautyisabeast1 karma

Worst part about filming that movie?

QuintonAaron2 karma

The worst part was just the waiting. Some times you want to just act, and be in front of the camera doing your thing. The other worst part was when it was all done, and the months and months before it actually comes out!

bobbyblack1 karma

Hey there big fella. Congrats on portraying such a touching character...did yih ever meet Oher or get any word on what he thought about his story being transmogrified to the screen?

QuintonAaron2 karma

Hey Boby! Thank you! We did meet after he saw the movie. I think overall he liked the film, but he wasn't especially fond of the fact that they portrayed him as not knoing how to play, because he has always been a standout athlete.