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Legal or physical... I'm cool with either.

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I watched a documentary on HBO a few years ago where a guy did the same. Honestly it was like 4 in the morning they showed some of the farms and the mistreatment of animals such as cows, pigs and chickens. Some of the images I will never ever get out of my head.

One was where they were transporting baby pigs by throwing them like footballs. Some would die by the result of hitting their heads and they would just throw them in the trash after.

One was where there was a giant pig and it needed to be put down. But instead of using poison or shooting it... They hung it by a forklift. While the pig was struggling, the men were hitting it with shovels, shooting it with guns, punching it, etc. this would take up to 20+ minutes for it to die.

Then there was the burning of the beaks on chickens. They would do this so that the birds would eventually stop squawking. It one of those things that I watched and regret yet don't at the same time.

It honestly makes me sad to be a human, Because there is nothing we can do to stop it. I mean I stopped eating anything pig because I was more disgusted by the way they treated the pigs more than any other animal. I was a 23 year old man at 4 in the morning, who legitimately starting crying because of what I saw.

And to top it all off, the only one who received any punishment was one man who got a 50$ fine for the transportation of the baby pigs.

Sorry for the rant

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Oh you need a good paying job and your are behind on payments? Here let me put you in prison so that way it will be twice as hard to get a job.

Yep that sounds like America.

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How hot was Sandra bullock in person? Because on screen, she was a 10.

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Do you think that you can ever view sex as a good thing? I new a girl who was raped once, and she never got over it. Mentally scarred her for life.