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When I was 13 I was placed in a hospital. I was there for 3 weeks. The last week one of the counselors told me that the staff has came to an agreement that its my parents who belong in a hospital. When I turn 18 I should consider moving out as fast as possible.

One of the most frustrating things in my life. I had a brother that was in on the abuse also. When I was 16 he put a gun to my head and threatened to kill me. My parents felt I did something to deserve it and punished him by having him keep his gun in his car instead of the house. I contacted my psychologist from when I was younger. He told my parents in front of me that they kick my brother out (he was 19) or he goes to the police.

My abuse wasn't as bad as yours OP, but I know the feeling. My mother and brother believe they have food allergies and tried to make me believe I had them also when I was younger. Just weird shit.

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RIP Soulja Boy. He ate an asteroid shaped like a cock to save the Earth.

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They were serving a warrant. You were at the scene. You became apart of the scene. They can detain you until the investigation is over for a certain deemed fit length of time. This is in case you need to be arrested or you become a suspect. Also, because by extension if you left the scene you could ruin their warrant for the suspect.

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How about a glory hole for upper management?

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Some advice for you, I still have a relationship with my parents. I keep them at a zero tolerance policy. When they start telling me stories of how so and so did something insane I ask them not to tell me these stories. Sometimes I'm brutally honest and will tell them they are lieing. If they attempt to argue back ill get up and leave. Sometimes I've left restaurants. When you are older it will be your choice if you have a relationship with them, but never put them into a position of power (money or shelter dependent).

My wife can barely put up with them. I just had a nasty fight with my brother this week in fact. I hadn't talked to him in over a year and me and my wife had a complication. My mom told my brother and he wanted to reach out and give his support after not talking to me for a year. I asked him to not do so and then in response recieved text messages of him going down the same rabbit hole of attacking me for the exact reason he reached out to me and saying I was the outcast of the family.

Something so normal and mundane in my family turns into the biggest guilt trip or blame game. My mother constantly tells me I see her family to much and I have to tell her she should expect that because she wasn't there for me when I was young.

It will be tough that your natural instinct is to want a relationship with your family, but you'll need to be strong enough to be on your own and expect to not have a relationship with them. I went 8 years not talking to my brother and not seeing my nieces grow up. I went 5 years with no contact with my parents. It's never easy.