Quinton Aaron

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is an American actor whose first lead role was as Michael Oher in the 2009 film The Blind Side.

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Hey Dog! I chose obesity because I struggled with it as a child. I chose bullying because kids are literally dying to escape it. On top of that, over 160,000 kids every day stay home from school to avoid bullying. Billions of dollars are donated every year for cancer, and I hope they find a cure. I just wanted to do something that was near and dear to me, to keep me motivated and to make a difference!

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I'm a sucker for soul food and BBQ but, I can't mess with that stuff right now while trying to live a healthier lifestyle

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All of it was a dream come true to me a lot of memorable moments definitely the proper hug scene w/ Sandy

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Yes she is she's a sweetheart! I loved every second of just being around her

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I am actually a very competitive bowler I also love singing

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Why thank you so much! I appreciate you

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Man working on that show was amazing I love the cast and crew they were all amazing and Ice T is my homey

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Thank you so very much I appreciate and love your support!

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A beautiful campus really and its huge

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It happens almost every day that I am called "Big Mike"! I don't mind because it means that they saw the movie. I usually just tell them my real name and continue talking with them. Almost everyone I meet is very nice to me and approach in a respectful manner.