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I don't have a questions, but just have to give you credit for using "IAMAn"

Schwarzy122 karma

glad i could make you wet

gradual_republican132 karma

What exactly does your job consist of doing?

Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question

Schwarzy1152 karma

Since im new, i get to tell people to fill in corcles completely, no checks or x's, f and to follow all directions. I also take their 'confirmed registered' tickets and han them a ballot. Other jobs include Registering voters, confirming pre registered voters, and handling problems, such as voting more times than allowed in a section

seriouslytaken140 karma

You look like a perfect candidate for checking details.

Schwarzy184 karma

:) i dont check for errors, i tell people how to not make errors

puncturebmx54 karma

can a wizard love?

Schwarzy1137 karma

if hes okay with the fact that his lover will die and he is immortal

Katypants46 karma

What schooling is required to be an Election Judge? And what's your background qualifying you?

Schwarzy1103 karma

You have to watch 8 power points describing the 7 jobs at a polling place. Then you have to take a test on your knowledge, and get zero wrong, but you can retake it as many times as you want

Bristol_Larkin80 karma

The most important question that nobody has asked; What of 7 jobs is so important that it get TWO power points?

Schwarzy150 karma

one involved logistics, such as payment and shifts and set up and clean up

bardobill3 karma

You get paid? How much?

Schwarzy17 karma


Katypants20 karma

What are the 7 jobs? Are all 7 your responsibility or do you choose from one of those jobs?

Schwarzy139 karma

Well there are 7 jobs between all election judges at a location. they are Welcomer, Election Day Register, pre registered confirmer, The guy who says fill the buble competely, guy who hands them a ballot, guy who tends to handycapped accessible voting machine, and head judge.

ShagBiscuit21 karma

What were some of the questions like? Were they insultingly easy?

Schwarzy140 karma

some were easy (when do polls open? where does the us flag go?) others were hard (where do the headphones go?) otheres were silly (who is the last person to vote? a)last person in line at 8 pm, b) the guy running and screaming from the parking lot at 8pm)

all were multiple choice and basically nobody finishes it on the first try.

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all were multiple choice and basically nobody finishes it on the first try.

I did.

Also, why not post as a poll worker? "Election Judge" is going to make people think you're part of the justice system.

Schwarzy1109 karma

I dont make up my job title.

The_Dane32 karma

So which is it on the who votes last question?

Schwarzy129 karma

last person in line at 8 pm

d3matt26 karma

be prepared to get yelled and cussed at for violating people's "rights" after shutting the door...

Schwarzy147 karma


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*handicapped. Good god you're a judge man.

Schwarzy129 karma

it was saturday, mom

LazierThanYOU21 karma

Why do you have judge in your title? What are you judging?

If someone showed up clearly drunk or wasted, can and do you deny them?

Schwarzy143 karma

we judge fairness and openness i guess. theres no real reason. i think we should be election officials, which is what our name tags read, but my job title is election judge.

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Schwarzy112 karma

We are the election officials and do all those jobs.

TheDukeOfSwagger9 karma

Hi there! "Election Official" is a term used throughout federal law for the municipality or county representative. "Election Judge" is likely codified in your state's law as having certain responsibilities.

Schwarzy110 karma

we get called both. but on my pay time sheet, we have to put election judge under explanation of work

Youre_A_Redhead18 karma

What is the biggest problem you expect to face on Tuesday?

Schwarzy143 karma

People not knowing where their location is. We actually have to do paper work for that.

abbarach22 karma

As someone who's precinct was moved last election, with no notice to me (or anyone else that voted at the old precinct), thank you. I rolled into (what I thought was) my precinct, only to find all the lights off and the doors locked. Headed back over to where I knew another precinct was (actually closer to my house than where I was supposed to vote) and the poll workers there called the county election office. Once they found out where I was supposed to go, they even gave me directions. This really helped, as I live on a major road in a very rural area, and had no idea where the new location was. I really appreciate the effort they took to make sure I got where I needed to go.

Schwarzy117 karma

My county has all that information online, and large maps at every location and big signs all around locations. we work hard to get you were youre going :)

MD_NP1215 karma

What made you decide to become an Election Judge? How did you get it? And I guess I'll just ask if you have proof...

Schwarzy125 karma

There were posters put up by the Political Sciene teacher next to every drinking fountain in the school las year. I looked into it and in my county, they pay you money, your boss is required to give you a paid day off. Sounded like a good deal. I have proof, but im pretty sure i trashed it. Ill check

MD_NP125 karma

cool, thanks.

Schwarzy110 karma

I found a pay stub tht says 'elections', will that work?

MD_NP129 karma

It's fine. Mostly, I only care if you have some way of proving yourself. I'm not too picky. I'm totally fine with it! Enjoy the experience!

Ihmhi16 karma

In the future, if you have proof of identity that you'd prefer to be confidential, you can send it along to the moderators via e-mail (there's an e-mail address for this purpose on the sidebar over there -> ).

They keep your private information private, and they post in the thread stating that you've provided proof of your claims.

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spilled_fishguts14 karma

I'll take my ballot here in Oregon to the local library and drop it off thank you very much. Oregon is a vote by mail state (the only?) and compared to voting at a polling place, I think this is a far better way to vote. Do you find people tend not to vote on local issues because they weren't aware of a special local tax initiative or candidate?

Schwarzy114 karma

i cant really disclose results, because i have not worked the end of the day shift yet so i have no idea how people vote.

formergonewild10 karma

Who do you support in this election?

Schwarzy141 karma

Gary Johnson.

Drakka7 karma

I can't figure out why his slogan wasn't: "Gimmie 5(%)"

Schwarzy115 karma

Because if he gets 5 percent of the popular vote he gets to be treated like a major party, not a 3rd party. i believe.

Drakka5 karma

i know that, I said I can't figure out why it wasn't his slogan.

Schwarzy12 karma

im pretty sure his website reads that on a splash page

pinkloki778 karma

So, what happens if someone shows up with their voter registration card but doesn't have an id? Do they get to vote?

Schwarzy127 karma

If you are registered and your name is on our list you dont need id in Minnesota.

pinkloki779 karma

I wish I was still in Minnesota. Great state.

Schwarzy16 karma

Come on down! what area?

mtupyro7 karma

Upvote for Minnesota. I'm actually voting for the first time this year in Minnesota, is there anything I need to know to not embarrass myself? I plan on walking into my voting place and assuming everything will be pretty self explanatory.

Edit: I did register before hand, if that changes things at all.

Schwarzy18 karma

if you know your name and can say it out loud AND write it, youre in the clear.

JUST TO MESS WITH PEOPLE: request to use the electronic/automatic voting machine. its for handicapped people but anyone can use it if they ask. and about 0 people will use it anyway so itll be fun.

mtupyro4 karma

Awesome, thanks for the response. Here's hoping you don't deal with too many crazies come Tuesday. Don't know where you are but I want to make it as easy on my Chaska peeps as possible.

Schwarzy14 karma

the worst type of person is the one that doesnt know their polling location or house on a map :) cos we have a giant map with polling locations shown, but no street names. We only had one like that in august for the primary, but he was respectful about it. and dont get me wrong, those people arent bad, things go smoothly the whole time

zap_the_p_ram7 karma

Do you need to be a lawyer or judge to do this? I'm interested in keeping the polling places free of fraud and intimidation - can I be an election judge?

Schwarzy119 karma

Its probably too late by now, but fuck, anyone can do it. even 16 year olds can, if they do training.

TMaster7 karma

I have some questions, I'd really appreciate it if you could answer all questions you know the answer to!

  • Do you use paper ballots exclusively?

  • How do you submit the totals?

  • How do you deal with accessibility issues; blind voters?

  • When do you verify whether there are enough ballots?

  • What happens when there aren't enough?

  • Do they get stored? Where, by who and how long? Who has access?

  • What are your ballots like - that is, how do they look? Are they butterfly ballots?

  • Can you see what party a voter registered with?

  • Have you received instructions about limitations on who can be present during the counting of the votes?

Schwarzy18 karma

in the polling place, its all paper.

We have a machine that voters put ballots into that reads the ballot, and remembers the information. at the end of the day, we open the machine and tell it to print, and it prints the HUGE list of all the votes, and at the bottom it says the totals. we call the county and tell them those totals.

We have a machine that will read a ballot aloud for blind people. no one ever uses it so im not sure how it works.

since we do election day registration here, the amount of ballots can be tricky. but they usually give us twice the amount needed anyway so we never have a run out problem

The extras are brought back to county with the booths and machines

ballots look like a multiple choice test. question, then answers below.

if they election day register, i guess

We dont count votes (except write ins). our machine does, but everyone is presnt when we read results.

shaggorama2 karma

we call the county and tell them those totals.

What prevents local voting boards from reporting invented numbers to the county? I can easily imagine a corrupt voting board deciding that they don't like the numbers they got, reporting their own invented numbers, and then "loosing" the ballots in case their results were questioned.

I feel like there has to be more to this than a phone call.

Schwarzy12 karma

we also bring ballots back, and there are equal dems and repubs at every location. one side would have a riot if the other manipulated.

treehugger3124 karma

I did this in 2006. Be prepared for extreme boredom and stupidity. I had someone legitimately ask me what the difference between Democrat and Republican was. >_>

Schwarzy14 karma

i know, i did it during the state primary this year, boring but worth it

papa_bear_uk4 karma

How easy would it be to rig?

Schwarzy113 karma

VERY difficult. 3 people are keeping counts of how many votes are cast an how many voters go through, and 8 or so people from all parties recognized by the state are there at the end to report results.

SirMothy4 karma

How much money do you make?

Schwarzy19 karma

my county does 10/hr, my friends does 6.55/hr

darkstarling4 karma

Can you come back on here after election day so you can answer what the most ridiculous thing you saw someone do?

Schwarzy113 karma


BoozeoisPig3 karma

Any comments on the demographics of the voters coming into your station vs the demographics of your area? I am guessing you see few young people go into the polls.

Schwarzy19 karma

I dont think any minorities actually live in the area my location services. No, i can think of 2 families. This neighborhood is in a upper middleclass white suburb, so most families are middle aged parents with young children. few kids stay around after they turn 18, so pretty much no kids (18-21). maybe a few.

naegelii3 karma

Have you ever pooped... a balloon?

Schwarzy12 karma

Once or twice. but i like to keep it a secret

roneman8153 karma

Can you tell us what state you are working for?

Schwarzy112 karma


Ihmhi3 karma

1) When do the election workers get to vote?

2) Do the election workers vote at the place they work at, or do they have to go to a different place?

3) Have you ever observed someone violating the law (pressuring voters, trying to vote twice, etc.) in your career?

Schwarzy15 karma

before/after their shift or absentee

they can only vote at their location. if you work your location, you can vote on down time


thebends8882 karma

I realized yesterday that my voter registration forms were filed under a misspelled name. Will I have difficulties voting or will I even be able to vote at all?

Schwarzy12 karma

in my county you have to fill out paperwork but it takes 2 min then you get a ballot

Dowew2 karma

Have you been trained in how to deal with pesky "True the vote" teabaggers?

Schwarzy112 karma

nope. but i would refer them to the head judge.

APairofDocks2 karma

X-Factor or American Idol?

Schwarzy13 karma

here comes honey booboo

i kid, i kid

chevychaise2 karma

You doubted there would be any interest, and yet have landed on the front page. You are a judge, but I question your judgement.

Schwarzy11 karma

it baffles me anyone would be interested.

sex_throwaway_2 karma

So what if I don't have my registration card? Or haven't received it in the mail yet?

Schwarzy13 karma

if youre on our list and pre registered, you dont need id in Minnesota.

TheDukeOfSwagger2 karma

Where you told anything about electronic devices in the polling place? I have found many people have been violating there own ballot secrecy in the polling place this year and posting voted ballots to Facebook and twitter (which kind if starts down the vote buying/selling route)

Schwarzy12 karma

there is a no electronics sign out the door of the room we are in, but hey, we cant follow them behind the curtain to stop them.

Nesnesitelna1 karma

Who are you rigging the election for this year?

Schwarzy16 karma

Gary Johnson


TheColdBeerReport1 karma

Where's the proof you're an election judge?

Schwarzy13 karma

i posted it on a comment. look for it, its a pay stub

oh look its still on my paste

Janet_Coquette1 karma

You're a judge, not an Election Inspector - so you're not really running the election at that polling place, right?

Schwarzy11 karma

no, we run the election. and the county call us judges.

DarkGamer1 karma

As someone familiar with the process, do you believe that ballot tampering happens?

Schwarzy13 karma

Not on my watch

[deleted]1 karma

Do you have a clipboard?

Schwarzy12 karma

nope. i have a spindle to puncture tickets though

lostwonder1 karma

Does your state have early voting? if not, why not?

Schwarzy14 karma

we have absentee balloting and election day registration. no excuses.