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Ihmhi2045 karma

"Fuck this bullshit game! I'm rich, I'll build a real motherfucking rocket and show those little green assholes! I'm going the fuck to MARS!"

We later discover that Tesla exists because Mr. Musk got his ass kicked at Gran Turismo a few years back.

Ihmhi1300 karma

One of the worst AMAs and one of the best AMAs in the same GIF.

Edit: Woody Harrelson's AMA, see for yourself.

Ihmhi1140 karma

Man, can you imagine Ron Perlman being your dad? I mean what a motherfucking jackpot.

  • Every year's Halloween costume would be baller as fuck.
  • Bully giving you trouble? Ron Motherfucking Perlman will sort 'em out.
  • Can't sleep? The sweet, soothing tones of Hellboy will knock you right the fuck out. (Or else.)
  • Want to talk to dad honestly about drugs? Mr. Perlman is probably still coming down from the contact high from working with Wesley Snipes in Blade II.
  • Forgot to bake cupcakes for school tomorrow? He'd probably get up early and bake you the most motherfucking awesome cupcakes you ever did see.

Ron Perlman = Best Dad/10.

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Is Joe Pesci standing in the room waving a gun right now? Blink twice if you need help.

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Well, perhaps it's a comment on Sinbad's theological perspective.

"Original Sin, Bad!"