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I thought you made that first YouTube video.

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Except, for capitalism, you have to add in all of the third world countries which Western Capitalist Democracies had a hand in exploiting, because if you can blame exploitation done by communist governments against people they had control over, it is only fair that you add in the exploitation done by capitalism, which includes both companies and the governments that empower them, to those totals. Once you do that, you see that "capitalism" actually has killed more people per capita than communism. Now, was Communism fucking grotesquely brutal? Yes. Was is perfectly efficient? No. Did it still make huge economic gains that are demonstrably a part of a history of empowering those areas? Yes. But capitalism was actually more brutal. The difference is that The West exported all of its brutality to other nations, and then claimed that those nations were not capitalist, even though they very clearly were being leveraged by capitalist institutions.

In essence, you had two options (and which one you got was picked for you when you were born): 1: Communism, where everyone in the system shares in the day to day brutality and scarcity of chasing a fair consumerist ideal. 2: Capitalism, where you are either lucky enough to be born to a well off enough family in a rich country, and you experience the mild brutality of working in a Western Country for some grand consumerist ideal, or you are even luckier, and are born into the upper crust, and can experience and even greater consumptive ideal without having to work at all if you don't want to. Or you are born into one of the countries whose population they exploit, and work pretty much just like someone in a Gulag, and who suppress your freedom pretty much like a communist dictatorship, and whose labor product they send mostly to a Western Country, where they take advantage of that product.

If you live in a Western Country, you have the luxury of being able to justify capitalism to yourself, because you are the beneficiary of our equivalent of gulags.

Also, just to note: this is not saying that I think that what communism did was necessarily the most perfect system possible, just that, from the average worker standpoint, when I think of "the average worker" I am not considering "the average worker" to be some middle class American, most of whom are part of The Global 1%, I am throwing the people who we enslaved with debt, initiated by force, into the mix: there is a good argument to be made that globally, nominally, "communist" nations have been better for the average worker. For the same reason that you count The Gulags as part of communism, I think of debt slaves to capitalist imperialism to be part of capitalism. When you do that, you see that the picture is far more complicated.

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Did you do anything for Invader Zim or Avatar The Last Airbender? Those are still my two favorite shows on Nick (no offence). Also, what was the sense of humor of the staff over at the studio? Did any of the voice actors tell any off color raunchy jokes in the voice of show characters, for example? Also, Viacom: Great evil, or The Greatest Evil?

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Is this a quote from: The Fault In Our Stars: "I believe in something, but I don't know what it is. But it is something, like a capital S Something."

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On Legend of Korra: IMO they did a rather crappy deus ex machina wrap up of the first season, was this because the writers were only given a green light for a one season mini series? Also, when can I expect season 2, I'm still game. :)