I have been working for several years as a professional Haunt actor. I got my professional level start at Valleyscare in Shakopee MN in 2008, although I had worked at smaller attractions off and on for a couple of years prior.

In 2010, I moved to Western Wisconsin, where I worked for two separate locations. The Asylum in Eau Claire in 2010 as Patchwork, and the Village of Terror in 2011 as Leather Face.

The year is now 2012, and I am working at a Haunt near the Twin Cities of MN.

Last year alone I had 372 visually confirmed pants wetters, five people who lost bowel control, and one person who grabbed their chest and went to the hospital with signs of a heart attack.

Me, as Leather Face http://imgur.com/8sOGI My album from the last several years. http://imgur.com/a/rxD9E#0 Leatherface album from last year. http://imgur.com/a/yJp4T#0

Edit: WOW! My first Front Page post! Awesome guys. I am enjoying the feedback here. Have to go start makeup in an hour, and then head for Haunt...

I will answer up to that point, and then can continue more tomorrow morning if there are questions left unanswered.

Edit 2: Off to scare little children and old ladies... Come see me, if you dare... And if you do come to visit, please don't go all "zOMG YOU WERE THE GUY ON REDDIT!"... Just come and enjoy... :D I'll be back tomorrow with more AMA if there are more questions...

Thanks for a wonderful time!

Edit 3: One more for the night, then I am out to scare. :D Enjoy. http://imgur.com/YXp5C

Edit 4: Great night at haunt. Twisted an ankle, and broke my oak staff... Time to replace it with the spare... Also, I have caught up on all questions and am headed for bed now. Thanks all!

Final edit: Reddit Gold! Thank you! Also: Interviewed for a newspaper article today in another country because of this post. I NEVER expected this to take off this way. Thank you all for a VERY warm welcome to Reddit.

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hereticjones379 karma

About the body drags, are you dragging other actors, or actually dragging visitors away by their hair?

If it's visitors holy crap, you guys must make them sign one hell of a waiver.

Synssins483 karma

Actors. Always safe, always entertaining. :)

Keksus_207 karma

Are they some kind of actors who just act like normal visitors?

Synssins435 karma

Yeah. She'd sit in the prison cell and sob, begging people to let her out. I'd walk into the room and she'd shriek, and cower into a corner...

Runny mascara and all...

jubydoo137 karma

I just watched the "Drag" video -- were the 'friends' actors as well, or did she just bring some actual friends along and screw with them?

Edit: Forgot to link to the video.

Synssins175 karma

They were aware of what was happening. They played their roles very well.

kelevra84298 karma

Have you ever been attacked by a scared patron? I've heard this happens...

Synssins455 karma

Yes. It is fairly common, actually. I had one girl, maybe 90lbs soaking wet come at me as if I was the thing she hated most in the world.

It was a complete fear reaction on her part. We refer to it as fight or flight.

impshial280 karma

I find it awesome that a 90lb girl's reaction was the "fight" aspect. Tell the truth.... was she a badass?

Synssins603 karma

She was, until I had her curled into the corner. I was screaming at her "YOU DO NOT TOUCH! I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR SOUL!"


Well if she was Ginger that may of been a problem

Synssins287 karma

Thanks for the laugh. Just got me in trouble at work.

kelevra84131 karma

Has this ever resulted in you or a co-worker being injured? How do you handle it? I mean, if the threat of soul devouring doesn't work...

Synssins280 karma

Yes. If the injury is small enough, you keep on keeping on. Large enough, and you are usually done for the night. The patron gets talked to by Security/Police...

I've never pressed charges.

Shuyo247 karma

Did you ever find out people's names and then call out said names?

I worked at a 'haunted hotel' style haunted house, and we had the front desk do 'check-in', where people would give their names.

As they made their way deeper, the front desk guy would run down to the basement (the most disturbing, people creeping around in the dark bit) and I would scrawl "I see you, [name]" or something similar on the wall in fake blood. The reactions were brilliant.

Synssins293 karma

Yes. We do that quite often... We listen closely to the people in front of us, and whenever I yell out a name, you can hear five or six people further into the woods start whispering/repeating it over and over.

sakuyuichiro214 karma

I'm one of those guys who go to these attractions with friends (especially chicks) just to watch the squirm and get them glomping on me. When these actors start laying on the scares a bit thick for the said girl I would usually put up a hand and motion for them to move on. I do it politely because I don't want the girl to start tearing up, my question is, what can a guest do to ask the actor or actress to stop and move on to the next victim that is regarded as polite and is generally accepted?

Synssins370 karma

With little children, I do my best to show them I'm just a normal guy with makeup when they are really scared...

For the girls, you can just say "Ease up"... Most of us will.. But we are also being paid to perform. I've been known to move to the next group if someone asks me to chill, and then, when they think they are safe I'll come back and get one final scream.

AsteroidShark172 karma

My son keeps asking to go to a haunted house/haunted hay ride. What is the youngest child you've seen? How do they usually deal with it? How young is too young? I made the mistake of taking him when he was very little and he bawled his eyes out the entire time and everyone looked at me like I was a giant piece of shit, so I think I'm more scarred from that than he is.

Synssins549 karma

I've seen people bring kids in in strollers...

Two of my most memorable (to me) scares involved little children.

I worked as a vampire at Valleyscare in '08. I had one little boy, about 5 walking with his dad..

My area involved a hallway with a 90 degree bend to the right in it. You'd walk out of the front room, into the hall, and have to make an almost immediate right about 5 feet in.

I was hiding in the corner on the inside of that right turn in a curtained "boo-hole" as we call them.

This little boy comes in and you can clearly see he is terrified.. But he doesn't make a noise, he just keeps looking straight forward.

I snuck out behind them as they made the right turn, and I leaned forward and said in his ear "I'm right behind you" in my dark and sinister voice...

I am going to hell.. I am the sole person responsible for years of therapy for a young child... He didn't say a word, but his entire body spasmed. It looked as if his skeleton was doing it's best to rip it's way out of his soft tissues...

Another scare involved the same hallway.. Young boy, around 5 being carried by his dad. I popped out behind them, he looked at me and his eyes got big. He then whispers very loudly in his dad's ear "He's right behind us." He then gave me a HUGE grin... That one made my night.

One more scare. Same corner. Girl of about 14 comes in in a wheel chair, her family is all around her. I didn't see that she was in a wheel chair until I popped out of the curtain, looked down and said "Oh! MEALS ON WHEELS!" and then ducked back behind the curtain. I thought for sure I lost my job, until she started laughing, as did all of the other vampires within earshot.

As for your son... Bring him. Explain to him it isn't real, and that it is OK to be scared.

If it gets bad enough, tell an actor/actress, and they will escort you out. I do what I can to help these children know I'm just a normal guy.

Benny086 karma

That is the most amazingly insensitive and hilariously awesome thing I've ever heard in my life, lmao.

I remember when I was younger, I was in a haunted house. At the end was a really short guy, and I decided to 'protect' my family, since they were all freaking out. I recall acting like it was a little kid, and telling him "isn't it past your bed time?" He asked me to lean in, and just yelled at me, and I jumped a mile haha. I totally deserved it and it was absolutely hilarious. It was a ton of fun though, I totally need to go back to one. Ever since I was really young, I've always had horrific nightmares regularly, so haunted houses are a pretty surreal experience for me :3

Synssins88 karma

I like the short short ones (to me they are all short)... I'll go "OOOH, You brought me a SNACK PACK" to any groups of short people, or refer to single ones as snack sized.

Omer9779200 karma

On your original /r/AskReddit post you mentioned how you've caused to heart attacks. What did you do? What happened? Please elaborate because I'm curious.

Synssins401 karma

A heart attack is very serious business...

The first heart attack I caused was in '10. The ax I had was very real, but blunted. I had spent an hour at the hardware store dragging different axes up and down the aisle to find the one that made the perfect sound.

I had been following this guy off and on since he entered the structure, dragging the ax. Metal on concrete is hard to miss..

He ended up collapsing. Emergency stop. ALL LIGHTS ON! Call 9-1-1. We had several people with CPR/First Responder experience who jumped in and took charge. He survived with no ill effects thanks to their quick thinking. We inspected the maze, reset, and continued on.

The second one was the stereotypical clutch the chest and collapse. He showed all the symptoms. Same deal as before. We had police on hand, they stabilized, and EMTs showed up. He ended up being fine, showed symptoms, but no long lasting effects.

comitatus189 karma

What has been your best reactions with the meals patrons?

When I was a "cannibal redneck hunter" during last Halloween, my best was with one who went along with my act and discussed hunting tactics and hunting grounds while I held up a gore-y "human" head, plus "skinned" arm for added effect. We talked for a couple minutes before they had to move on, but not before we wished each other happy hunting. Then I went back to chewing on the arm.

Synssins265 karma

I've had a couple of those... Had a group come in last year when I was Leather Face... My chainsaws had both failed on me, so all I had was a fork.

One girl in the group had very pretty eyes... So I said as much, while I held the fork up close to her...

I said "I bet they taste as good as they look." Her friend joined in the conversation and was talking about other parts, fried up, etc...

The girl with the eyes was one of the reasons we had to shut down and mop the floor.

The fork is visible in this picture. :) http://i.imgur.com/7J36d.jpg

AirhornSonofFoghorn186 karma

What's the most bizarre reaction you have ever seen by someone being suddenly scared shitless?

Synssins371 karma

I actually saw someone's face the moment their logical brain shut down and went into panic mode...

VERY hard to describe, but totally worth seeing.

Arwin915133 karma

I nearly got into a fight with a haunted house actor one time. I said some dickish comment and he broke character and started acting all tough and threatening.

Just wondering, how did you get started in this? Did you just go over to your local haunted house and apply for a job?

Synssins271 karma

A friend told me I should apply. I did, and have since found it to be the thing I look forward to the most... As for the actor breaking character... BAD ACTOR! NO BODIES FOR YOU!

apz1118 karma

What are thoughts on Blackout Haunted House? I'm too much of a wuss to try it.

Synssins181 karma

I'd like to see it behind the scenes..

I can't be scared in a haunted house.. A normal one that is. People have tried and all of them have failed...

This one looks like it may actually scare me, primarily for the water boarding they do... Memories of a rough childhood with an abusive dad and a swimming pool.


Has anyone ever tried to hit you back due to reflexes? I'm going to my first haunted house tomorrow. Nice costume work on leatherface!

Synssins191 karma

Thanks! The sunflower tie was the crowning piece. Hunted high and low for a cheerful tie.

I have been hit many times. I was actually on break during my first year at Valleyscare, and during my break, I'd go out in character and wander through the line. I came up behind a girl, and her friends began giggling. She cringed a bit, and then turned around, just as I leaned forward into her face and screamed at her.

Involuntary reaction from her, she swung and popped me right in the center of the forehead. Fortunately for me, I was wearing a foam latex prosthetic, which absorbed the swing.

As stated, we refer to it as fight or flight.


When you dragged those girls by their ponytail did any of them get hurt? I thought you weren't allowed to touch any bystanders. Either way seems like a cool experience.

Synssins412 karma

Copy/Pasta from the thread that got my AMA started...

Yep... One of the actresses at the Village would stand in line with her friends.. She wore a full body harness under her clothing... Once in a while, I'd come out of the building, wander through the line casually inspecting people.. I'd get close to some girls and make a very obvious sniffing sound/motion, but would not say anything otherwise.. The girl I end up dragging has a handle under her pony tail. I'd grab it, yank her so she fell on her ass, and then she'd claw at my hand and shriek like crazy as I dragged her in. Her friends would practically assault me to get me to let her go. I'd drag her into the building, slam the door shut, and then fire up the saw. Her shriek would get cut off halfway... The line would usually lose about half of the people at that point, and then as word spread, would get twice as long as it had been... All of her friends were in on it.. :)

No injuries. We were always safe.

Laschow80 karma

What did you have to do during your original interview for your first professional gig? Did they ask you to do some improv, scream at someone, or just test you out somewhere?

Synssins129 karma

Actually, nothing! They just said "Welcome aboard..."

Oddly, I didn't actually have to audition until last year at the Village of Terror. I had already made contact, interviewed and provided my portfolio... But EVERYONE had to audition, no matter what. So I did, even though I already knew I was in.

LeinadSpoon79 karma

Do the actors try to scare each other as well?

Have you ever been scared while on the job?

Synssins105 karma

Yes, we try all the time...

I scare my lead actress every time she comes by... Last night I had her trapped in one of the areas at the haunt, banging on the walls with the stick I have...

I have never been scared by a fellow actor/actress.

carthis74 karma

What made you decide to want to become a professional Haunt actor? Did you just wake up one morning and say, "Hey, I'd love to scare a bunch of people!"

Synssins127 karma

A friend suggested I apply where she worked. I went in with a little bit of experience, but nothing on this scale...

I was actually nervous during opening night, but then discovered I could practically do or say anything I want and get away with it. Within reason.

Poggus65 karma

When I was growing up, some of our haunted houses allowed the actors to actually touch the visitors (this was maybe 16 years ago at a major theme park). It was terrifying. Do you feel the rules are too strict now or wish you could go a bit farther?

Synssins160 karma

Liability is an issue in this day and age... I'm actually fine with the no contact rules... Although I do threaten people with the following when I am a line greeter: "DO NOT TOUCH US, AND WE WON'T TOUCH YOU. IF YOU DO TOUCH US YOU ARE OPEN SEASON!"

ertlijhgie62 karma

After looking through your pictures, I have just one question. Would you do anything for love?

Synssins214 karma

Yes. But I won't do that.

Punkergirl1462 karma

Can you explain how people get so scared by something they know is not real, they have paid to see, and is perfectly safe? We don't really have these types of attractions in the UK as Halloween is no where near as big a deal. You're obviously amazing at your job, but I can't fathom being scared by someone I know is an actor. What happens to people to turn them from paying customers into nervous wrecks?

Synssins104 karma

Copy/Pasta from the thread that got the IAmA started... Rationale goes right out the window pretty quickly when things are taken out of your control. Most people have control of their lives in all aspects... But once you enter a location such as a haunted house, that control is gone. One part of your mind says "They can't touch me, I'll be fine." and another part of your mind is cringing and saying "OH GOD OH GOD MAKE THIS STOP NOW!". One of those reactions takes precedence when the hormones kick in. The people I hate the most in a haunt are the ones who come in and act tough... Why are you here if you aren't going to enjoy yourself?

weirdnamemike59 karma


Synssins84 karma

They are real chainsaws... In my LF role, we removed the chains... But they were 100% real otherwise...

The prop saws have real motors with friction "clutches" that create sparks.

Molluskeye53 karma

Is it seasonal work just for halloween, or is it a year-round attraction?

Synssins104 karma

Seasonal... I don't know if my body could handle year round... This is a VERY physically demanding job.

michigandolphin46 karma

What do you do for a living between seasons? (If you don't mind me asking.)

Synssins113 karma

I'm actually a systems admin (IT). The physically demanding aspect: Being on your feet for several hours non-stop, constantly moving back and forth... Some characters require stooping motions and posture... I have a 6 foot staff made of solid oak. I swing that and bang things with it.

lewis1012349 karma

Have there ever been any 100% legit superserious literal shit-themselves moments? Like full on fecal matter, fo realz

Synssins87 karma

Yes. At least 9 in my career. Five of them alone last year.

samwazere198748 karma

It's a silly question but it was the first which came to mind. Have you ever scared someone so much they shit their pants or pissed themselves?

Synssins91 karma

Yep. As I posted in my summary... Last year alone, 372 visually confirmed, and corroborated by a co-worker, pants-wetters... And five people who shit themselves. Two of them were bad enough and runny enough we had to shut down and clean.

samwazere198738 karma

Sorry I kinda skimmed through the description bit, my bad. That's hilarious!!! Do you get a sense of satisfaction, that your doing your job to its full potential?

Synssins52 karma

Of course!

samwazere198721 karma

That's fantastic!! You should be very proud. Do you have a particular character you would like to play in the future?

Synssins34 karma

Nothing yet. Leather Face is my crowning achievement so far... But I look forward to seeing what happens.

laurenboyd39 karma

What is the pay like?

Synssins68 karma

Somewhere between 7 bucks an hour, and 40 bucks a night depending on experience/skill.

raven1245634 karma

Your most creative moment or "ah-ha" moment of pure evil genius? A time when you realized, "If I do this, then it will make the guest do that and make it that much better".

Synssins118 karma

Ping-Ponging a guest off of someone else is always fun...

I'd say the time I popped out next to a big football player sized guy (bigger than me)...

I came out of hiding, thought "SHIT, He's bigger than me!" and then said "I bet if I get close, then when he turns his head and finally notices me, he'll flip."

Worked better than expected. He turns, screamed like a little girl, slammed backwards into a floor length mirror (plastic).. Broke it in numerous spots, fell on his ass, and proceeded to wet himself visible.

Spinwheeling34 karma

Someone already asked something similar, but I have a few more add on questions. One of my friends has been kicked out of haunted houses because he punched the actors in the face (fear response). You said you have been attacked, but have you ever been punched or otherwise hurt? What is the policy with these people (bans, lawsuits, laughing it off, etc.)?

Also, do you guys ever just go out to eat in your costumes?

Synssins96 karma

Fight or Flight response is a natural reaction to stress stimuli.

If someone reacts fight, I break character and yell at them. If they seem truly apologetic, I make the suggestion that they should not be here if that is how they react. If they are dicks, I report it. I'll follow them out, or flag a fellow actor/actress and notify them I am leaving for a bit to report someone.

Give full descriptions (as best you can.). How many in group, which one, what color clothing, etc...

It's a sad truth, the actresses get groped a lot... I have always maintained my professionalism in a haunt, but do not tolerate anything like that. I've taken several actresses under my "protection" in a haunt to the point that I have made my scare attempts go beyond the normal "boo" to be more the mocking/abusive style scare. It usually works.. Then the patron gets reported.

Yes. :D The reactions are GREAT. Shopping for bleach at a 24 hour store when you have to wash your costume for the next night is awesome. You'd be surprised how many parents have their kids with them at 1AM.

steady_riot41 karma

Can you detail some of the "mocking/abusive" style scares?

Synssins77 karma

When they start crying, I'll join in... "Boooo Hoooooooo... I'm soooo scaared..", etc...

Someone smarts off to me "DON'T BE A SMARTASS, DUMBASS"

perona1333 karma

What' the name of the haunt you're doing this year? I live in MN and am curious

Synssins33 karma

tylerburton32 karma

Favorite scary/horror movie?

Synssins123 karma

Cabin in the Woods. I actually don't care for horror movies of any kind. I don't find them scary at all.

I enjoyed Cabin in the Woods purely for it's tongue in cheek plot.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is also high up there for me.

BandBoots31 karma

Do you have to provide your own costumes, or do the attractions set you up?

Do you learn special tactics to scare people, or are actors just trusted to know intimidation naturally?

What has been your favorite place to work?

Do you ever get tired of people asking you if you've ever been attacked on the job?

Synssins46 karma

Depends on the location. I usually provide my own, as the costumes at some leave a bit to be desired.

Valleyscare teaches "Scare U" or "Monster U" as in University. They teach you the basics there... I've built on that ever since.

Village of Terror. Easily. Leather Face. What more needs be said?

Hah. No.

steelcity_30 karma

I'm sorry if this is too personal, but.. in the last picture of your photo album, there is a picture of what appears to be your normal face. Is the scar real? If not, it looks really good. If it is, may I ask how you got such a scar?

Synssins61 karma

It is fake. Rigid Collodion. About 6 bucks for a small jar. Brush it on. Let it cure.

CaitDoyleSucks29 karma

I volunteered a few years in a row at a local haunted house. one year I stood on a hidden platform dropping fake bugs on people's heads. one girl freaked out so badly she started thrashing around hysterically and had to escorted out. do you get a lot of people like that? that think they can handle it but can't?

Synssins103 karma


Someone I worked with at a previous location was just AWESOME at getting people to react.

She was about 90 lbs, and only 4'9". She'd wear full body PJs (toe to neck one piece), and she'd draw pictures for people in blood. Basically acted like a little girl...

She was climbing back up to a position above the hall after scaring a group, and the next group came in. One of the guys went to push her up and she started screaming "BAD TOUCH DADDY! BAD TOUCH"...

The guy FLIPPED and sprinted through the rest of the maze...

Guilty conscience or panic reaction? I have yet to know.

sakuyuichiro27 karma

My next question, has anyone ever threatened you and you were actually scared for your safety?

Synssins74 karma

No. I may be a fat man but: Black Belt in Judo. Big guy. Asshole. :D

gustabusta26 karma

Whenever I go to one of these things, my reaction is laugh uncontrollably. Like, I can't breathe or talk I am laughing so hard. It's incredibly annoying for everyone I'm with, but maybe the lack of oxygen to my brain makes me feel euphoric and I don't feel as scared. (It might also be an adrenaline thing, I laugh hysterically on roller coasters as well.)

Any experience with this kind of reaction? Would/does it bother you?

Synssins39 karma

Laughter is a fear coping mechanism. Your body releases the chemicals... Your brain reacts with laughter... You may not realize you are scared, but your body is now in fight/flight mode.

Get_Low25 karma

Are Haunted House gigs something you can "work your way up" in? Is there a haunted house (anywhere in the country) you aspire to work in?

Also, what do you do during the rest of the year?

Synssins41 karma

Yes/No. The more you work, the more experience you acquire means you can be paid better... Once you have experience and a portfolio, you can apply wherever and hope they accept you...

I'm actually a systems admin.

EnigoMontoya23 karma

If you didn't have to worry about a budget, what character would you be to scare people and why?

Synssins36 karma

I don't think I've ever worried about a budget. HAH! My Leather Face mask last year is movie authentic and set me back 105 bucks with shipping.

I dunno... Hard question. Let me think on it.

CheeseMonkiesAttack20 karma

Have you ever scared someone so much they passed out?

Synssins44 karma

I've had people collapse, but never a blackout. Lots of hyper-ventilation though. I break character for stuff like that.

goliathbeetle20 karma

Oh man I wanted to work at Valleyscare soooo badly when I was in college in MN, but I couldn't justify the hour long drive every weekend, especially during midterms. Now that I am in medical school, I don't think I'll ever get the chance, but scaring people is so much fun! I don't like to go to haunted attractions because I get jealous and wish I could be the one doing the haunting.

I guess my question is... how much leeway do the attractions give you to come up with your character and costume? Do you like to plan out your character's back story and personality to give him more depth? Thanks for sharing.

Synssins55 karma

Valleyscare says "You will be in this attraction" when you get hired. They provide a basic costume. The rest is up to you.

I wrote the backstory for the Asylum that was in use in Eau Claire, and based it around a facial prosthetic I wanted to use as Patchwork. It worked very well. Sadly, they received their first two complaints, ever, because I scared two girls badly. They scrapped the story the following year, and got rid of all "headliner" characters.

For Leather Face, I was told I was going to be Leather Face... So I was. But I made the character my own.

Anyone can scare.. Bang on a wall. Make a scary noise. Hiss. Whatever...

GOOD actors play a role and do much more than the above. I'm a smart ass with my victims. I scream at them, I mock them when they need it. In general, I entertain. If I can't scare them, make them laugh...

If I make a group laugh, I then say "Good, now, I'd like the obligatory scream." and they all shriek and laugh.

Tijuanatim8 karma

Could you share the backstory for Patchwork and the asylum? Or is there somewhere we can find it? The costume looked fantastic, and it is even better since you took the time to craft a story

Synssins17 karma

Back in the 1900's the Eau Claire Insane Asylum was run by a group of doctors, dedicated not to their patients, but to the evil experiments they ran on the inmates. In October of 1950, Seeking to understand the inner workings of man, they created a being pieced together from the bodies of several of the inmates, both alive and dead. Called the Patchwork Man, he was kept in isolation, except when the doctors performed various tests, many of which were tantamount to torture.

His mind was a shambles, literally pieced together from various others. All of them insane and fighting for control of his body.

During one especially long "observation" session near the end of October, Patchwork escaped from his restraints. He went on a rampage, slaughtering the doctors and most of the inmates in horrific ways, many times toying with them before the end.

Several rescue attempts by the authorities outside resulted in failure. Anyone who went into the Asylum, never came out. Blood curdling screams could be heard at all hours of the day and night, until the night of October 31st, 1950. An eerie silence descended across the Asylum grounds.

The Asylum has been boarded up ever since. Some say that the inmates still haunt the halls of the Asylum, where they lived... and died. They also say that every year, during the anniversary of the events that took place, you can see Patchwork roaming the Asylum grounds. You are the first to enter in sixty years. Will you come out alive?

Synssins11 karma

Also, for the Village of Terror, I took their existing story, threw away all except the name of the town and the idea that some things are not meant to be forgotten.

This land is full of secrets. Dark secrets, hidden deep and once forgotten. Some secrets are not meant to be forgotten.

The Ojibwe once called this the Land of Wendigo, named for an evil spirit known for it's cannibalistic ways.

The land, shunned by the tribe was settled by people from the East, seeking their fortunes. Unheeding of the warnings by the Ojibwe people, the settlers made their homes in this verdant valley alongside the river.

Simple lodgings and small farms sprouted. A town known as Adderdale was founded, and life was peaceful... For a time.

It began on a dark night after the Fall harvest. Strange noises, issued by neither human or animal throats were heard coming from the blackness surrounding the town. Families huddled inside, cringing as the sounds neared their small cabins.

Children, awakened by horrible dreams would tearfully describe to their parents visions of a dark being coming toward them out of the void.

As the sun crept above the horizon, the townsfolk gathered to discuss the events of the night prior. Panic swept through the crowd when it was discovered that nearly a third of the residents were missing. Home to home searches discovered horrific scenes of violence.

Livestock had been slaughtered. Mounds of still warm flesh lay rotting in the sun. Even the flies had forsaken this place, for none were to be seen.

Front doors were splintered, gore streaked the walls and what the search parties found inside was the source of unspeakable nightmares.

In fear for their lives, the people of Adderdale abandoned the town, telling their story to any who would listen.

But memories fade with time. People have built homes here, Many have unknowingly sensed the evil in this place and left. Those who have stayed have stains on their souls. A darkness lurks within.

They say time heals all wounds and buries secrets better left alone.

Some secrets are not meant to be forgotten.

Welcome to the Land of Wendigo. Welcome to Adderdale... Welcome... To the Village of Terror.

waiting_for_rain18 karma

As an amateur haunted house actor/volunteer, I read your post about faking being a prop and then scaring guests. I love that tactic and apply it when I can. The body drags sound great but I haven't worked anywhere that would let us do something with a live actor being dragged. What are some of your other favorite tactics?

Also, I'm only 5 foot 9 inches, so I don't get the height advantage in every scare. I try for sliding or using fog to my advantage but its not as reliable. Any tips for us shorter folk?

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Pop scares work well (the old fashioned startle)... I've always been a fan of hiding in plain sight, and then moving after they quit worrying about me.

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You sir are my hero

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I seem to have an uncanny knack for walking softly, and thus being very close to someone without them noticing. How helpful is this in your line of work? Whats the smallest (stature) person you've had work at a haunt? I've been to 1 haunted house in my life and I was drunk off my ass. I was leading a group of about 5 girls and figured out about halfway through that if I go around a corner and scream, they all scream whether there is anything there or not. I ended up laughing at almost every actor/scene I saw (does that piss you guys off?). There was a police office by a stairwell and I walked up to him and told him he was the scariest thing I saw there that night. I'm very curious to try the haunted forest/house where the actors are allowed to touch you. How do you feel about those operations?

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That is a GREAT knack.. I'm a fat man, and 99% of the time, they don't hear me sneak up on them. My shadow or something else gives me away.

I've seen a Little Person (tm) working at a haunt.

Laughing at us does piss us off if it is not a good-natured style laugh... Only because you don't seem to be there to enjoy it... I am fine with people coming through and not being scared... But laughing at us or being a dick just ruins it.

As for touching... I'm fine with it... But I'd rather not participate in a haunt like that. Too many people complain about inappropriate contact. Professionalism, all the way.