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If you can't scare them, entertain them. I'll toss out the "scary voice" and be a smartass, or say something to get them to laugh... Then I'll ask them for a scream, and most of them will oblige and move on. I've heard from maze supervisors that people come through and remember me cause I made them laugh.

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Agreed! There really is nothing better than a perfectly timed chainsaw rev. I have my saw tuned well, and it starts on the first pull every time once it is warmed up.

Unfortunately, I'm a massive dude, so I can't really be sneaky in most of the environments I've been in, unless it's to step out in front of or immediately behind a group when they don't know I'm there. Since I don't have anything that gives away my location when I'm moving around between groups, I get most of my solid scares this way. The saw gets most of the scares, my size and costume get the rest.

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Yes. More times than I can count. I had one young lady about 1/3rd my size (I'm almost 6'5" and a big dude) punch me square in the forehead. The foam latex prosthetic I was wearing at the time prevented be from being injured... She got hounded through the rest of the maze by the other actors/actresses. It was fun!

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Yes, actors/actresses have had sex on-set before/after (and in one case I witnessed, during) haunt.

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One was a younger guy who had an unknown heart condition.

I had been following him through the haunt, and then ducked into one of the back passthrough tunnels that are hidden from the patrons. When I popped out in front of him, he pretty much just collapsed and became non-responsive. We did an all-stop, which is where we shut the maze down, kick the lights on, and first responders (the staff outside of the actors) got to him. He survived and made a full recovery last I checked.

One was a much older guy who had a known heart condition and still came through. I was in my robe getup as Patchwork at the Insane Asylum in Eau Claire, WI at the time, and had been dragging an axe across the concrete floor behind him for part of the maze. He freaked out, turned around to yell at me and did a full chest grabber. He also survived.