Hi! I was born with complete uterus didelphys (there are many degrees of this mutation but I have the most severe). I have two seperate vaginas (one labia and clit) each vagina has its own reproductive system that angles outwards towards each hip. On each vagina I have a cervix, uterus and only 1 ovary attached.

I posted on here a few years ago actually when i was an escort here in Australia (where in person sex work is completely legal) and I was able to use one for work and keep one for my boyfriend. Haha it worked well for us, emotionally and physically made work a lot easier. It definitely had its advantages

Any who since then Ive had 2 babies from my right side via c section, both babies extremely small. I want another baby but we have to use my left side ive been told and unfortunately i dont orgasm from this side often so im rethinking my decision! I 'm now married though in an open relationship, and we make content together.

I drew a pic of it to make more sense Ive had a couple of people ask If i can do an AMA! And yes this is 100% real I have a photo of both uteruses taken during my c section and have provided medical records. Theres also videos online. So clearly I cant lie about this.

Ask me anything ❤️

Diagram of what it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/u3ljCS3

Medical records with legal name with held for privacy (sent to mods): https://imgur.com/a/kd413kL

NSFW medical image of both uteruses taken during my c-section: https://imgur.com/a/wegh63o

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Ronin_18613103 karma

Wait a min…. One vag for work and one vag for the boyfriend? My mind is fucking blown!

evelynuncovered2328 karma

yes it was great I used my right for home/personal life and the left side was for escorting

simple_mech1016 karma

How’s that work with clients? You must’ve had to clarify all this?

Give new meaning to “is it in the right hole”.

evelynuncovered1428 karma

haha As i said below i actually tried to keep it secret. There are review platforms here and i didnt want it public knowledge. In bookings due to safety i always put the condom on and guide in. so i always went left. occassionally it would slip right so i would move my body a bit to change it. I did have a heap of guys figure out there were 2 holes though

simple_mech493 karma

How’s that conversation go? Lol

evelynuncovered1731 karma

one was a gyna so that wasnt fun he turned the booking into a medical exam and then i had to fuck him it was horrible haha. Another thought id had a sex change maybe or was intersex or something he was real freaked out but usually they're shocked and excited

Sgarn0n791 karma

he turned the booking into a medical exam and then i had to fuck him


evelynuncovered650 karma

it was during an escort booking ( im no longer an escort i quit years ago)

Mister_Bloodvessel409 karma

That must've been an odd sexual experience. I can only imagine the dude was caught between a rock and a hard place (heh) between professional curiosity and horny. I can imagine that being much less pleasant for you.

evelynuncovered378 karma

hahaha this is exactly it i could see him go from curious doctor to "how can i get back to the sexy part? oh yeah she has to do it 😂"

Sgarn0n194 karma


evelynuncovered119 karma

haha oh god no

poop-machine2707 karma

Kangaroos and koalas have three vaginas. Do you think it's an Australian thing?

evelynuncovered1604 karma

haha love this i mean i should be added to the national symbols next to the kangaroo for sure

Raspberrylipstick1894 karma

So I guess you have two periods as well? Are the cycles synchronized?

evelynuncovered2897 karma

yes i do it sucks they sometimes are a day or two off so one might start just before the other or like atm my right one goes linger as i had a baby 6 months ago. so i need to use two tampons at the same time and then just whichever one is longer

bigfatmatt011000 karma

When you were pregnant did the other uterus stop menstruating?

evelynuncovered1304 karma

I had breakthrough bleeding throughout im not sure if i ovulated or not in the other its impossible to tell. my doc just told us not to use the left side while pregnant just incase

iamathrogate1041 karma

Oh good lord! Does that mean that there was potential for you to have two distinct pregnancies simultaneously?!

evelynuncovered1410 karma

yes i can! crazy hey from different dads if i wanted haha (my husband wouldnt agree obviously)

ychtyandr386 karma

You should be allowed to have 2 husbands.

evelynuncovered662 karma

trust me ive argued this point many times 😂

BigFloppyCockatoo151 karma

Hey it's me your second husband..

Do I get righty or lefty?

evelynuncovered195 karma


Goodgoditsgrowing310 karma

I’m just imagining what happens if you conceive at very different times - like what if you go into labor with the first pregnancy while the second pregnancy is only at 5months? I fear the result would be the second uterus also going into labor from the hormones your body produces during labor. I can’t see how the second uterus wouldn’t go into contractions.

evelynuncovered399 karma

my obs wouldnt let me go into labour its too dangerous for me and the baby ive had scheduled c sections at 36 and 37 weeks, so i assume if this happened they would take one out and leave the other for a while longer maybe? not even sure if i could physically deal with having a c section and still carrying another baby though!

DansburyJ9 karma

How much did your babies weigh? I saw higher up you said they were small. (I went into spontaneous labour at 36 weeks).

evelynuncovered10 karma

I hope your baby is doing well ❤️ 2.5kg and 2kg

ethaise110 karma

This is so interesting, do you find that your periods are abnormally heavy? I can’t imagine a having a heavy flow x2

evelynuncovered179 karma

I find my cramping realllly bad because its x 2 either side of my hips. Its hard to know what to compare it to really i guess theyre quite heavy. since having both babies from my right my right has been longer and way worse

uvasag14 karma

How do you know which one is menstruating? I can't tell much of my own down there. Can't imagine having to figure out which side is doing what.

evelynuncovered79 karma

haha just put a finger in see which one its coming from haha

_ser_kay_1383 karma

You mentioned you only have 1 clit. Do you know what the internal structure is like? Like normally it’s a “wishbone” that wraps around the canal, so does it wrap around both canals for you or just one?

evelynuncovered883 karma

im actually not sure its in the centre at the top sort of far away from both of them! my urethra is in the centre of the wall between each vagina so thats in a weird spot i forgot to add it to my diagram haha

JaeJinxd610 karma

So a clit actually has an internal part that wraps around muscles of the vagina, if I had to guess OP your one clit wraps around your right vagina and that's why the left is harder to orgasm from. What do you think?

evelynuncovered513 karma

you could be correct! i actually never thought too much about it haha my husband just always goes right less effort

t4m4597 karma

Did you see the 2 clits lady's ama?

evelynuncovered587 karma

no i didnt but i actually think she messaged me on tiktok!

noocaryror597 karma

Just wow, so can you use one as everyday, and save one for special occasions? Don’t mean to be crude but you have put it out there.

evelynuncovered924 karma

yes sure can! my husband and i are quite open so if im with another guy ill always use the left side. the right is like my commitment to him haha

edit_thanxforthegold142 karma

Is the right one better somehow? Do you have one you like better?

evelynuncovered593 karma

yeah the right i can orgasm easier from the left is hard work so i give the husband the easiest task. Everyones a winner

johnyb6633131 karma

So the right is your favorite? I feel the same about my balls! Righty is my fave

evelynuncovered137 karma

haha i love that you have a ball

KWilt42 karma

I'm curious, do you have any idea why exactly that vaginal canal would be less sensitive?

My best guess would be that the nerve endings that normally 'connect' to the vagina ended up mostly associated to the right, so the left has a lower sensitivity to pleasure, but my degree was in business so I know fuck-all about human anatomy.

evelynuncovered48 karma

i have no idea i think you're right though- i dont know if its just the positioning something being in the wrong place haha im lucky ihave one easy one though it wouldnt be very fun having two difficult vaginas 😂

Pickledicklepoo49 karma

This is the best Reddit thread I have read in 14 years I am truly dying laughing alone right now ah thank you for doing this

evelynuncovered27 karma

haha thanks for reading!

thephloxisjinxed488 karma

You ever refer to them as port or starboard? You also got the stern in the back. If not then missed opportunity

evelynuncovered401 karma

ill bring this up mid sex with hubby next time

Double-Previous423 karma

can you feel if the guy is penetrating you in the left vagina or in the right vagina without you seeing it?

evelynuncovered962 karma

yep they both feel very very different as they angle outwards they arent straight. so depends on the size and shape and position as to which feels better. my husband is bent for example so i prefer the right in missionary but left in doggy

PM-Ur-Natural-Tits345 karma

Is there a particular vagina that you seem to receive more pleasure from?

evelynuncovered516 karma

right is my fav left gets neglected haha hence why i used it for work

throw123454321purple316 karma

Are gynecologists utterly fascinated by your condition? How do they react the first time you’ve met with them?

evelynuncovered372 karma

yeah they are they dont come across this severe mutation. Often i have to explain it to GPs theyve never even heard of it

slothurknee125 karma

Do you have to get two Pap smears?

evelynuncovered58 karma

Yes I do I’ve had irregular results in my right cervix so I need this side checked more often they label them right and left!

Just-Seaworthiness39290 karma

During puberty, did you tell friends? Or was this kept secret?

Also, did your periods start at different times in your life, or did it not matter…

evelynuncovered489 karma

I kept it a secret kids are mean i didnt want to be teased and more than i already was! So i didnt actually find out what was up until i was 20

Im not sure re period i assume as its hormonal both were at the same time when i got my period at 13 i wasnt aware i had two holes. I always tried one tampon like normal and it never worked i still bled obvs i had the other vagina there. As i was older and realised something was up I avoided a lot of sex etc because i wasnt sure what I had

becomesaflame119 karma

How did you actually figure it out?

evelynuncovered1008 karma

I fell pregnant and i may get some hate on here but im pro choice and im lucky to live in Australia. I decided to not go through with the pregnancy and thats when it was discovered. * I was 20

Mister_Bloodvessel251 karma

That's a very honest answer.

And real talk, had you tried to progress through naturally without knowing, that might very well have ended your life. There is a lot of blood connections down there.

Follow up question in that same vein (ha!), but did you have regular OBGYN visits as a teenager and it just wasn't caught/noticed?

evelynuncovered159 karma

yeah its great to now be aware of it thats for sure.

nah i didnt actually ever see a obgyn and stupidly didnt have a pap smear til after I was 20

thatguyoverthere345264 karma

So 2 in the pink on in the stink, is more of a bowling ball grip?

evelynuncovered170 karma

HAH this is my favourite, yes like a bowling ball (not as many germs though) 😂😂

kori08254 karma

During fun time with yourself, have you tried using two dildos? How did it feel like?

evelynuncovered419 karma

yes all the time- really intense i use one during sex too in the other side

chronos700093 karma

If you use a vibrator in the one, does the guy in the other get vibrations too? I would think so...

evelynuncovered56 karma

Haha this is a great question sometimes when I dildo the other side my husband can feel it

mediumokra251 karma

So one vagina is for work and the other is for your boyfriend? Do your clients try to use your boyfriend's vagina instead of the work vagina? ( Never thought I would ever type that sentence ) . Do you stop them or let them know they only get that vagina? Do you do anything if they proceed anyway? Also any reason you picked that one?

evelynuncovered363 karma

I actually wouldnt tell clients unless they figured out something was up. In Australia there are these review forums for escorts and I didnt wanna make it on there having two vags because you could imagine the kinds of requests that would come in. Usually with escorting everything is up to us, due to safety we put the condom on and direct them in so I was always able to direct to the left. Fingering I didnt allow because men are SO aggressive this needs to be public knowledge. Occasionally it would slip in the right side depending on position and their size and shape and id quickly move my body to make it go back haha. I did have a heap of clients figure it out ofcourse one was unfortunately a gynaecologist and it turned into like a medical exam and no one wants to fuck their gynae 😂

oh and i picked the right because i orgasm way easier its just always been my fav

Imconfusedithink78 karma

I feel like you could totally make some big bank by advertising that and get some big spenders but you're probably right that there'd be some very weird requests.

evelynuncovered106 karma

yeah its funny escorts are actually usually incredibly introverted, very very private you have to be for judgement, risk of clients finding your personal details and stalking etc no social media, small circle of friends. So yeah i definitely didnt want this to come out it would have made money but i was a GFE escort so i didnt do anything full on

shocksmybrain215 karma

Have you ever met the guy with two penises?

evelynuncovered494 karma

hes a fake apparently 😞 but if someone with 2 penises does exist i would love to meet them

hottempsc210 karma

Have you taken any drawing classes?

evelynuncovered93 karma

lol i should

justapizzabagel165 karma

Since no one else said this, congratulations on your babies! How are you enjoying (or not enjoying, that's OK too!) motherhood?

evelynuncovered170 karma

aw thanks so much. its SO much harder than i expected i had my son june 2021 and my daughter june 2022 so they are both very small and need a lot of my time. Its the best and most rewarding gift in the world though I would do anything for them.

dream_of_reason133 karma

Do your parents know about this and do they feel bad that they never noticed when you were a baby?

evelynuncovered264 karma

yes especially my mum as she actually worked in a reproductive clinic for IVF as a nurse haha so it was a huge shock to her.

lupadim116 karma

Did you choose to be an escort because of that natural gift or is that just a coincidence?

evelynuncovered197 karma

I actually have a degree in healthcare but ive always been sexually open and adventurous ( i was a handful for my parents) the adult industry always intrigued me. So i quit my secure respectful job and dived into it. I knew Id have an upper hand/benefits due to my condition but it wasn't the reason i chose to try escorting. I never openly advertised it

labadee115 karma

Do you need to get Pap smears from both sides?

evelynuncovered193 karma

yes i have 2 pap smears, i need 2 std checks and i can also have thrush etc just in one of them.

My right side has had abnormal smears so i need them more regularly in that one

danarexasaurus67 karma

I’m wondering what talking to the insurance company is like after every damn procedure. “I had two Pap smears. I have two vaginas”

Tkcat99 karma

She lives in Australia so insurance companies aren’t as horrible.

evelynuncovered61 karma

yeah we are very very lucky its free

evelynuncovered48 karma

yeah! im very lucky australia has free healthcare for everyone though i do have private insurance it helps for tax reasons ❤️

binaryblade103 karma

When you were pregnant, did you still get a period from the other one?

evelynuncovered138 karma

i had breakthrough bleeding in one side but hormones should regulate the cycles so when pregnant technically i shouldnt ovulate in the other but it could happen

Justin-Bailey100 karma

At what point in the relationship did you tell your husband? Or was it just a surprise and see if he noticed?

evelynuncovered209 karma

i always tell guys in my personal life before we have sex so they arent terrified 😂 they never believe me until i show them its funny

sparkchaser91 karma

You answered the questions I had so here's a random one.

  1. What's your dream vacation destination?

evelynuncovered161 karma

I live in Gold Coast, QLD Australia. Its a holiday destination in paradise im so happy here I dont really ever feel like i need to holiday haha PLUS i have two tiny babies theyre 6 months and 1.5years (born exactly 12 months apart) so lets be honest im not going anywhere any time soon 😂

AtTheLeftThere27 karma

I spent a month there when I graduated. Amazing place.

evelynuncovered27 karma

Love this you're so lucky. im from South Australia and feel blessed to live here. Everyone needs to visit Queensland ❤️

pewterpetunia86 karma

How much space between the two vaginal openings? I’m imagining a thin wall since there’s not much space down there. I’ve never heard of this, it’s fascinating!

evelynuncovered126 karma

its a thick wall like thick cartilage, its where my urethra sits too like in the centre of both. but then they sort of go out into a V shape away from each other ☺️

Blinky_73 karma

Do you think or speak about them with some names/designations for them? Like “1 and 2,” or “Left and Right,” or “A and B”?

evelynuncovered104 karma

usually left and right because some people imagine them being on top of each other but they're side by side

IggyWH63 karma

Your left or my left?

evelynuncovered76 karma

haha good question, my left your right(depending ofcourse on the position if we gonna get techincal)

NecessaryUsed390559 karma

How common is this? And does it cause any other complications health wise? I know someone who had one opening which split into two vaginas/uteruses inside - seems like a variation of what you have

evelynuncovered150 karma

the mutation is actually more common than you think but ofetn its a bicornate uterus or as you said above one vagina with 2 cervix or 1 vagina 1 cervix 2 uterus etc. my. condition is the most severe form of the mutation where i have 2 of everything and seperate vaginas and both are fully functional. Just childbirth being high risk i cant give birth vaginally and my babies are tiny one needed a lot of care in hosp for a few weeks. Also 2 pap smears so i have a higher risk of cervical issues with 2 cervixes

I should ad dim very lucky to conceive i was told it would be impossible as its unknown if both ovaries release an egg every month or they take in turns so theres no way to know which side to have sex in each month

ricotobolic58 karma

Were you on the Howard Stern show?

evelynuncovered69 karma

Yes! i was haha you remember. That was really fun ❤️

watakushi57 karma

Is it possible for you get pregnant on both uteruses (or uteri) at the same time? (other than the risk that may pose physically, dunno how that would work)

evelynuncovered165 karma

Yes I can fall pregnant in either or both at the same time. They could even be from two different guys! And also different gestations.

Its very high risk my doctor told us hwen i fell pregnant in the right to be extremely careful and stay away from the left it was out of bounds haha.

As my uteruses are both tiny my babies were very very small one needing to stay in hosp a while. Im not sure how my body could cope with a double but its definitely possible.

Actually due to not having any more babies in the right ive been considering donating my right ovary eggs to those who are having fertility issues

truedoom35 karma

That was my first question, could you theoretically have two pregnancies by two different people. That is wild! The human body and it's variations are amazing.

Thanks so much for the AMA - super interesting!

evelynuncovered32 karma

my pleasure ☺️ its nice to be open about it, everyone is different living different lives x

Chaseus_Clay-35 karma

Do you think that potential recipients would care to know about your (for lack of a better term) promiscuity? Is behavioral info like that considered when donating eggs or sperm?

evelynuncovered2 karma

lol i can see you're already getting hate so i wont give you any. But no it's not a question thats asked. I quit escorting many years ago. I believe they are interested in your health and the viability of your eggs or sperm. Here in Australia you arent paid for donating

ThePinStripeDynasty49 karma

Does your gynecologist charge you more then their normal rate?

evelynuncovered41 karma

haha thankfully not

Flexatronn43 karma

you ever get triple penetration? Srs question

evelynuncovered101 karma

ofcourse i have. how can i be born with 2 vaginas and not try thing like that haha

Poggystyle34 karma

Well being that you have children and you're Australian, what do you think of Bluey?

evelynuncovered40 karma

my sons 18 months so he hasnt really got into TV much yet. but cocomelon, dinosaur train and wiggles. kill me now

lawbotamized31 karma

Do you have a reduced size preference for men or toys or not even?

evelynuncovered81 karma

yes really girthy guys are incredibly painful but for some reason my right side is better for them. it really depends on the size and shape and position as to which side i choose now in my personal life. I enjoy using a toy in one and hubby in the other

k800728 karma

Is it genetic, do you know if you've passed it on to your kids?

evelynuncovered58 karma

my daughter doesnt have it, though internally there could be a mutation but we wont know until she older. its unknown why it occurs

tobor_a25 karma

So since you ahve two reproductive systems, do you know how centered they are within your body? Or when you had your children it kind of pushed it more center? Lopsided during pregnancies?

evelynuncovered74 karma

I actually have some crazy pics my bump was completely lopsided to my right as babies were in my right uterus. During the first c section i lost heaps of blood they didnt know what exactly to expect and I was extremely vascular. So the second time they had blood ready for me.

Mcginnis19 karma

When you have your period does each one get a tampon? Or I imagine a pad is simpler?

evelynuncovered27 karma

yep! one one in each side its sometimes uncomfortable but i live in the tropics always swimming so use tampons more

Musaks19 karma

I want another baby but we have to use my left side ive been told and unfortunately i dont orgasm from this side often so im rethinking my decision!

That threw me off a bit. Can you explain why "not having orgasm on that side" makes you rethink the decision to have another child? Ofcourse orgasms are better than no orgasms...but when going for a wanted pregnancy for me it would not be a deciding factor

evelynuncovered25 karma

it was more just my humour ofcourse id have orgasm-less sex in order to conceieve

cinemachick18 karma

Kinda a downer question, but if you were to get cancer in one uterus, could it spread to the other one? Would a partial hysterectomy work, or would the whole set have to go?

Also out of general curiosity, how bad was your period pain? Like, was it "mild tummy ache" bad or "kicked by a horse" bad?

evelynuncovered45 karma

im actually not sure but for example ive had bad pap smears results only in my right cervix my left is good. As they dont connect to each other really i dont know i could prob just have it in one side and i could have one set removed completely. I could have a hysterectomy and still possibly have children which is a bizarre statement.

kicked by a horse, get me icecream or ill murder you kind of bad

NOT00018 karma

did u have to tell customers "wrong vagina" ?

evelynuncovered42 karma

yes sometimes but only when they were aware I had two, i tried to keep it a secret its not something iwanna scream to the world as an escort

rogert214 karma

So... two periods, then?

evelynuncovered33 karma

yes twice the feelings 😂

Cool_Guy_fellow12 karma

So theoretically, If you were to only use one for your whole life and you never used the other one, would that mean that you would have lost your virginity and still technically be a virgin?

evelynuncovered7 karma

yes you would be correct!

Qwerty_Asdfgh_Zxcvb12 karma

I would watch a TV show about you. I'm imagining Fleabag.

Question: who would you want to play you in the show?

evelynuncovered4 karma

I havent seen it 😞

Imtoobusy12 karma

At what point growing up did you realize something was different? And how did that affect you or your first intimate relationship.

evelynuncovered18 karma

I realised something was up when i got my period i would use one tampon and i would still bleed i used to tell my mum all the time they didnt work and she would brush it off. Then once i started having sex it was always different always felt completely different everytime and occasionally if they pulled out to go back in would like smash into the middle wall part and hurt both of us i thought i had like some bone or something wrong in there. Im 30 now so when this was happening there wasnt access to internet like there is today, it was very very new- dial up haha. I also lived on a farm with my dad so i had no one to ask to talk to about it. I didnt find out exactly what was up til I was 20

RedRabbit2812 karma

Stupid question here, in your previous pregnancies, did lefty have sympathy contractions? Or where the c sections done/scheduled prior to going into labour?

Also, with this third pregnancy now on the left -the low orgasmic one- are there any medical concerns either from you or your doctor(s)?

evelynuncovered13 karma

yes so the left actually build up a lining and was acting like it was pregnant but i would get bleeding so it was not known if i was still ovulating or not. I had both c sections scheduled easrly to avoid labour. my son at 37 weeks and my daughter at 36 weeks she stopped growing and had to be in special care for a few weeks in hosp.

My cervix on the left is shorter and uterus small so the same risks prem labour and growth restrictions

JustwinTimberlake10 karma

So you can basically have a triple penetration? Asking for a friend

evelynuncovered12 karma

yes its the best

RogueDevlin10 karma

Do you ever get female clients?

Also, even if it sounds double the fun it also comes with double the cramps?

evelynuncovered18 karma

i quit escorting years ago but yes i had heaps of female clients i really enjoy women.

Yes correct two uteruses isnt fun haha

Gr3yShadow7 karma

How often you need to tell your client "No! my left, your right!" ?

and do they confused which one to go after changing position from front to back or vice versa?

evelynuncovered2 karma

i quit escorting many years ago but i actually tried to keep it secret from clients

oldtimeblues7 karma

Is one tighter than the other one? Sorry not sure how to ask this modestly

evelynuncovered7 karma

the left is shorter in length so it feels tighter if a guy is particularly large id opt for the right. but in some positions the left is more comfortable due to the angles of them outwards like a V

amense5 karma

How is the Only fans work? Do you get a lot of requests for custom or fetish content?

evelynuncovered20 karma

its good though filming with my husband is sometimes a nightmare. Jusyt image arguing about something silly like the dishes and then having to really look like you're enjoy the sex 😂 i must note its alot harder for him he has to 'perform' i can still fuck when im mad at him. Yes heaps of double vagina stuff and customs I also filmed through both pregnancies it was really eye opening to see how common breeding fetish/pregnancy fetish is often I would have to do custom videos telling them ":the baby isnt theirs i cheated" OR "i cheated on my husband with them and im preg"

mhall8124 karma

Were you on Howard Stern?

evelynuncovered6 karma

yes i was!

JayceIsLove2 karma

Wait op idea. why not hit up the guy with 2 dicks?

evelynuncovered4 karma

ive been told hes not real

JM_Flynn2 karma

What caused this? Were you supposed to be a twin?

evelynuncovered5 karma

i answered this below as an embryo as we grow we are in 2 parts and i didnt fuse properly. Its unknown if genetics play a part but common to be missing a kidney ( i have 2)

TheKaiminator2 karma

Ever said "oops wrong hole?" Either honestly or as a joke?

evelynuncovered3 karma

yes when we are filming i say it all the time haha

Wildlyoriginal2 karma

What did you feel like growing up? When did you realize most have only one? Thank you for sharing your story.

evelynuncovered2 karma

I knew something was wrong but as ive mentioned before i didn't have access to internet and grew up with my dad on a farm so i kept it secret i didn't want to ask kids at school because id be teased. I sort of tried to ignore it to be honest and was so relieved when i knew what was up

CzernaZlata2 karma

You said you finally figured it out at 20? How did it happen? Also what music do you like?

evelynuncovered4 karma

I had a pregnancy termination thats when i found out. I like metal and hardcore what music do you like? ☺️

Lovelyterry2 karma

Can we see a picture of your two vages?

evelynuncovered3 karma

i drew a diagram above x i also clearly make adult content so its all over the internet

Phenotyx1 karma

Wow are both like fully functioning, for lack of a better term?

evelynuncovered3 karma

yes correct ive been pregnant in both sides and i can have sex in both without any pain or issue

wheatgrass_feetgrass2 karma

What made you want to get pregnant in both sides? I have a total bicornuate uterus and my son was on the left. If I got pregnant again I would NOT want to go to the right, I wouldn't trust it...

(I also have a picture of my c-section but mine looks like a mitten with the sad unused side all small. My OB had never pull a baby larger than 6.5lbs out of a bicornuate and my son was 8lbs at birth so she wanted a picture to show her OB friends haha)

evelynuncovered3 karma

wow see theres so many variations! congratulations ❤️ i hope your son is well. Ive been told i cant use the right again my daughter was 2kg at 35 weeks she stopped growing. They think my uterus is so small the scar tissue from 2 c sections will restrict it even more. so need to use left next

TheFrontierzman1 karma

Riiight. We all remember the two weiners guy with proof.

evelynuncovered0 karma

sir, there is literally hundreds of videos of it online i make porn lol how can i hide this. Also there is a photo of both uteruses above and ive send medical records AND my ID AND a photo of me with my ID and my reddit name to mods. Not sure what more proof you need?

MojordomosEUW1 karma

So, you can basically get double pregnant? Also, do you have more sensation in one than in the other? And if so, do you prefer one for private business?

evelynuncovered3 karma

yes i can carry two babies at the same time in each side (or slightly different gestations) and with different fathers if i wanted to. I prefer the right

insaneintheblain-62 karma

When your kids grow up and see this post, will you pay for their therapy sessions?

evelynuncovered42 karma

Lol sure. We are a sex positive and open family. Sex work has given my husband and I the opportunity to give our children so many opportunities and we have freedom to spend time with them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sex work ❤️

insaneintheblain-45 karma

Yes, it’s not about right or wrong but how it will affect impressionable children

evelynuncovered28 karma

clearly im not going to teach my CHILDREN about sex work, we will have a conversation with them when they're older and can understand what we are saying.

insaneintheblain-37 karma

I don't doubt it :) but suppose they were to come across this or other content at a young age before they can understand?

evelynuncovered3 karma

they possibly will but im just as worried about them using tiktok thats so so so shocking to me some of the underage sexual posts. we clearly need to educate children young and create an open and welcoming environment fot them to talk to us if they have quesitons.