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Hi Mr.Sinise, you came and visited my unit in Alaska back in 2012. It was a medical unit, for soldiers that had been injured in Afghanistan, and I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with us. It was truly an honor.

Just one question, How is your day goin?

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Definitely agree about the no ego part. He and several celebrities came over to Afghanistan several years ago while I was deployed there. Every celebrity was ready to leave except for him. He said he was going to stay until every service member that wanted to and available to meet him, got the chance. Amazing dude.

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I had a friend who was a dancer, and one of the other girls there had only one leg and said she generally made the most money.

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I know that NOAA puts out a prediction every year, but how active do you see this season being? Named storms? Landfall?