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Does this in any way pose a risk of the Chinese government being able to arrest protestors based on the geo-data they provide to Truepic?

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Hi Tim! I don't know if I'll ever meet you in person, so this is awesome. hug
My question: After all your seasons on Project Runway, is there a particular look or designer that stands out in your memory? (Also, any challenges you were especially fond of in Under the Gunn?)

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Seconded. Women's magazines definitely trade reviews for money from companies (or at least give off that impression) and I'd love some objective answers. Even something as simple as "this clothing brand is tailored to women 5' 9" with a bust smaller than 38 inches" would be of great use!

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I'm guessing the heat would dry your eyes out pretty quickly, along with any irritating particles in the smoke.

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UPS employee here: you'll be facing a challenge on a couple fronts. First, alcohol is flammable, so most places won't ship it on principle - the Post Office (USPS) won't send it at all. You'll need to have a liquor license and work with a private shipping company just to send within CT or across state lines. Then, for international shipments, you'll need to wrangle Customs. Check to make sure that the receiving country allows alcohol from outside its borders (not all do!) and let the receiver know there will probably be duty/import fees they have to pay. Oh, and expect to spend at least $100-200 dollars for a small package if it's not staying in North America. Not saying it's impossible, but you'll need a lot of patience your first time! Here are links to FedEx and UPS's policies on wine shipments.