Keegan-Michael Key

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best known for starring in the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele and for his six seasons as a cast member on MADtv.

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You know man, I like the one where he was the second one when he was the computer monster, and he was talking about, "I'm here right now, but I will be back as well." That's like the greatest line that was ever in a movie ever.

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Oh, you talking about Schwartsie? You talking about Arnold Schwartzenburgers? Arnold Schwartzenburgers is my shit. He's my shiznits.

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1....2....3....He's Garfunkel.

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1.....2....3.....I'm Simon.

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That is a great area to explore, I think you may have just planted a "scene seed" my friend. :0

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Yes, we are developing a movie with Judd Apatow right now, as a matter of fact. we have some other stuff in the works as well.

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My all time favorite sketch for Key and Peele would have been Michael Jackson Halloween. It was one of the first sketches where we just kind of said, "Alright, let's just do it." It wasn't about the lines so much as it was about literally making Jordan laugh, and then hearing him pepper these one liners back at me, which was really just very free pure joy. I really enjoyed that sketch.

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If the beginning and the end of the scene did not exist, I have no qualms about living in NegroTown for the rest of my life.

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"You good," is the first thing I said. Um, what did I first think when I met you? I guess I just thought you were tremendously talented because I saw you perform before I met you, is that right?

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It just happened two minutes ago. I came out of the bathroom on our break, and someone just yelled it. And I said, "What is your name sir?" He said, "Bartholomew."

So, very often. It happens very very often. It's interesting when people just say it, because I go "That's not my name..."

But they feel free. It makes them feel good, so who am I to stop them?