We are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central's Key & Peele also of MadTV. We half-did an AMA a couple of weeks ago but Reddit was "down." That's what you call it, right? Anyways- we wanted to come back and do this thing for real! We are down to talk to you about all things comedy, improv, sketch, the election, anything at all. Oh yeah. And. You should watch our show tomorrow night at 10:30/9:30c. Okay Reddit, as long as you aren't broken again, let's do this thing. AskUsAnything

Want a taste of our comedy: http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/key-and-peele

And one of our favorite election videos: http://www.comedycentral.com/video-clips/43qxix/key-and-peele-obama-s-anger-translator---i-sunk-your-battleship--bitch

Thank you Reddit- that was awesome. A lot of you asked what Luther's take on the election will be...and the answer is... watch Key & Peele Wednesday at 10:30/9:30c. First sketch of the show!

Stay safe you crazy kids, K+J @KeeganMKey and @Jordanpeele

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Mr_Celsius1639 karma

I know these were probably one-off sketches but I'd love to see some more gangsta dungeons and dragons as well as zombies being racist.

Keegan-Michael-Key1085 karma

Aha. That is useful to know.

Inspector-Gadget637 karma

Which of your sketches on Key and Peele is your favorite?

My personal favorite is "I said biiiiitch".

Keegan-Michael-Key646 karma

My favorite is Baby Forest Whitaker. ( this is Keegan) but also bitch for nostalgic reasons. since it was one of our very first sketches.

Keegan-Michael-Key413 karma

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone. We are at the Comedy Central offices in New York City! Ready to break it down.

laterkater322 karma

Since The Whitest Kids U' Know ended I have been searching for a sketch show to fill the hole in my heart. You guys hit me straight in the cockles. Thanks for the AMA!

What is your relationship like off the show? Do you guys spend much time together?

Keegan-Michael-Key322 karma

We actually spend most of our time together due to our work schedule. Outside of work I (Keegan) spend most of my time with my family. That's my wife and my two dogs. Jordan hangs out with his girlfriend and other comedy buddies.

Gartbrez320 karma

Got some schmutz on your shirt

Keegan-Michael-Key522 karma

What? Where. . . . NNNOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!

dcmichigan930239 karma

Are you aware that there are two potential All-American Defensive Ends named Barkevious Mingo and Jadeveon Clowney? And are you sure you guys didn't come up with those names yourselves?

Keegan-Michael-Key315 karma

Oh boy! Are we aware of them. I am obsessed with unusual names since I have one. Those names are better than some of the ones we came up with.

Keegan-Michael-Key187 karma

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djcdominic183 karma


Keegan-Michael-Key983 karma

Breaking Bad. hands down.

Keegan-Michael-Key169 karma

Thank you so much for all the great questions everyone. Jordan and I have to take off. Please make sure to tune in tomorrow at Wednesday 10:30pm/9:30 Central to see Luther's reaction to the election results. Everybody, go out there and vote!!!! There's still time.

traexl167 karma

It cracked me up when I was watching Wanderlust and you guys were in the movie. It changed the whole movie for me.

Do you guys plan on making a movie any time soon?

Keegan-Michael-Key652 karma

At this moment there is a Key and Peele movie in the early stages.

r_d_olivaw161 karma

What happens if Obama loses tonight? Will you keep the Luther skits going, but translating Obama's anger throughout his daily, non-presidential life?

Keegan-Michael-Key299 karma

We will probably stop for quite some time. But if the moment is right there's nothing saying we won't do a scene where we translate his anger in normal public life.

dcfcblues114 karma


So, hypothetically, let's say someone was to come across a big bag of marijuana. Now...and this is hypothetical, would that person get in trouble if he sold it?

Keegan-Michael-Key252 karma

BUt the real question is hypothetically, hypothetically though, is what if you find a severed head underneath the marijuana? Hypothetically, of course.

hackerheck107 karma

Do you know David De Angelis? He used to be my neighbor and I think he works with you guys but I'm not sure.

Keegan-Michael-Key194 karma

Yes I do know David Deangelis. He's a dear friend of mine from college. His children are my God children. He's a producer but not on our show.

Benevolent1101 karma

Okay which one of you thought up the Luther skits?

Keegan-Michael-Key207 karma

We both thought them up. We felt, given the President's cool demeanor he should have a surrogate for whenever he got upset about something, could express anger for him. Since he's not in a position to do so as leader of a nation.

miditlse85 karma

Just thinking of Jackmerius Tacktheritrix brings a HUGE smile to my face. So thank you for that and working so hard to make such a great show.

My question is when will the next season be starting? (I can't wait!)

Keegan-Michael-Key122 karma

Alas, we don't know if we have a third season yet, but should in a couple of weeks.

drewflags75 karma

Have you guys ever seen this video? im a fan but your magic school sketch reminded me of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJc9zpBnf-A

Keegan-Michael-Key121 karma

We have not seen this video. Thanks for showing us. ( we mean it. no sarcasm.)

dg6ty71 karma

How long have you guys been doing comedy together?

Keegan-Michael-Key140 karma

We have been working together since 2004. We started on MADtv together.

birksterkatz69 karma

Keegan, do you have any plans to bring Coach Hines back?

Keegan-Michael-Key126 karma

I do Coach Hines in our live shows that we do. But they are some legal issues with doing him on the air. So we have to steer clear for the time being.

YB12363 karma

I think I watched the "You Can Do Anything" video at least 25 times a few weeks ago. Absolutely brilliant. If anyone hasn't seen it, watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlD9JYP8u5E

What is the process like for writing something with such absurd lines like this skit? Do you ever need to pull yourselves back from getting too crazy?

Also, what are your thoughts on The Mighty Boosh?

Keegan-Michael-Key82 karma

I keegan, absolutely love the Might Boosh. My brother turned them on to me a few years ago.

BigDaddyDan47 karma

How do you feel about Liam Neeson?

Keegan-Michael-Key181 karma


iguessimnic42 karma

Did you guys vote today?

Keegan-Michael-Key87 karma

We both voted by absentee ballot last week.

jet_tripleseven23 karma

Have you been thinking at all about the post-election Obama/Luther sketch? I'm anticipating that more than the result itself.

Keegan-Michael-Key48 karma

Well we have already shot three different videos. to address three different outcomes. We have a concession speech, a victory speech, and a (gulp) tie speech. So we're anticipating which one we're gonna' use.

fotismaximus23 karma

I loved the "Man Up" and "Coach Hines" sketches from MadTV. Did the mannerisms of Luther evolve from Coach Hines?

Keegan-Michael-Key37 karma

They may have. It would be some unconscious tendencies. I wasn't trying to do that, per se. i think Luther is broad, but a little more grounded than Coach.

jai_kasavin17 karma

  • What do you think of British sketch shows? I must know!

Keegan-Michael-Key49 karma

They're kinda' are favorite! As we started devising the show we looked to a lot of British comedy. Fry and Laurie, Mitchell and Webb, Katherine Tate, Saunders and French. We love 'em.

BarackOFlocka11 karma

Have you two had a pretty consistent friendship? Also, has your success strengthened or hindered it?

Keegan-Michael-Key15 karma

I think it has definitely strengthened it. We spend a great deal of time together and it allows us to get to know each other better personally.

KeyandPeele8 karma

How was it working with Joe Stapleton at Mad TV?

Keegan-Michael-Key20 karma

It was Heaven on Earth every single day!!!!1