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What happens if Obama loses tonight? Will you keep the Luther skits going, but translating Obama's anger throughout his daily, non-presidential life?

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It's true that private companies are collecting a lot of data on you, but as even President Obama acknowledged in his NSA speech, companies don't have the power to arrest you, throw you in jail, tax you, etc. The government has a lot of unique powers that make its surveillance much worse than companies'.

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What's your take on this analysis from TechFreedom? "The FCC may have lost today’s battle, but it just won the war over regulating the Internet. By recognizing Section 706 as an independent grant of statutory authority, the court has given the FCC near limitless power to regulate not just broadband, but the Internet itself, as Judge Silberman recognized in his dissent." (read more)

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What do you want, the V for Vendetta Act? The Screw the NSA Act? I'd much rather have something with a "typical" name that actually passes than a failed bill with some "edgy" title.

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What's the most out-there (either offensive or just plain crazy) sort of speech you've had to defend?

Mostly wondering if you've had any cases like Skokie (for those unfamiliar, when the ACLU defended the rights of neo-Nazis in Chicago)