We are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central's Key & Peele. Should we mention it's on tonight at 10:30/9:30c? Well, we just did. If you want to see some of our most recent work - check this out: http://cc.com/key-and-peele. But really. Just watch. Tonight at 10:30/9:30c. We are sketch and improv comedy folk. We're ready to do this thing, Reddit. AskUsAnything

About Us: Keegan: I am a producer, actor and writer in Los Angeles, CA. Proud alum of The Second City, MADtv, Penn State and The University of Detroit-Mercy. Good day to you! Jordan: I am an actor, writer, producer. I lived in Amsterdam for a time.

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TyGar2331420 karma

Did you really call your girl a bitch? Like, you really said it?

Keegan-Michael-Key518 karma

LOL! No way! Never! I mean I said bitch!! To no one in particular :)

Frajer254 karma

How crazy was it for you when Obama said he was a fan?

Keegan-Michael-Key439 karma

The craziest! It was one of the best days of our life and totally surreal. we had always hoped he'd find out. But that kind of confirmation was amazing.

Obamawantsyourweed232 karma

Coach Hines, do you still wear those shorts to the gym?

Keegan-Michael-Key443 karma

Every single frickin' God Lovin' DAY!!! THEY BREATHE WELL!!

Keegan-Michael-Key231 karma

Hey sports fans, something is wrong with Reddit so we are going to re-schedule. BUT we want to share this clip with you it's from tonight's episode (10:30/9:30c) : http://www.comedycentral.com/video-clips/b4ojzk/key-and-peele-preview---bone-thugs-and-homeless You guys are the bessssst!

Keegan-Michael-Key128 karma

Hey Reddit, Jordan is having trouble making comments. can you message him instructions? Pretty please.

guitarboy93110 karma

Also, did Obama say anything about your sketch of his college years?

Keegan-Michael-Key190 karma

He has not. We don't know if he's seen it yet.

Peeba_Mewchu100 karma

Key: do you smoke as much weed as you imply you do on your show?

Edit: this is for Peele, my boyfriend wanted me to ask you this and I got you two confused. I fuck up the one time I actually get to ask a question in time!

Keegan-Michael-Key162 karma

No that's actually Peele who is the marijuana enthusiast. and the answer is a resounding yes.

jswolfie31680 karma

How did you guys get your start on MADtv?

Keegan-Michael-Key136 karma

We both went through a pretty traditional audition process. We audition with characters and then they just throw you into the fray, as it were.

tiltntumble71 karma

Hey guys! I'm a huge fan and a fellow hybrid. How did your partnership come to be? Did you meet on MadTV and just hit it off? Or did you know eachother before then?

Keegan-Michael-Key135 karma

We met in Chicago in '02 and found we had a ton in common comedically. Being on MADtv together was just dumb luck, good dumb luck.

Goobz2465 karma

  1. How did you two first meet and start doing comedy together?

  2. Which one of you is blacker, and why?

  3. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Keegan-Michael-Key113 karma

  1. We first met in Chicago. We started working together at MADtv.

2.Keegan's from Detroit Jordan's from NYC. You make the call.

  1. One horse-sized duck. because he doesn't have that lethal kicking power. The mini horses would hurt.

edwardhasnewgoggles59 karma

Hi Key and Peele! I am a new fan of yours from the first season after I saw the "I Said Bitch" skit on Reddit. Awesome job in the second season so far! Do you have any skits that Comedy Central said you couldn't air?

Keegan-Michael-Key79 karma

There really are no sketches that they said we couldn't air. But they do get to give us notes about sketches i.e. what they like and don't like. ANd then we discuss all that stuff.

guitarboy9353 karma

How much improv do you guys do for the audience recording?

What are you guys favorite skits?

Once you guys answer then we can bup-bup-bup-bup. Full on baby elephant walk!

But really, y'all are fucking awesome.

Keegan-Michael-Key118 karma

Our live stuff is mostly improvised. Like 90% we have a vague idea of what we're gonna' say but nothings really planned. I would say Bitch and Auction Block and The Football players are some of our top ones. I love Baby Forest Whitaker more than life itself.

CrutchedIce51 karma

Did you both come up with the idea of having a sketch show of your own while working together on MadTV?

Keegan-Michael-Key103 karma

NO. THis idea came up after we were off MADtv. We both had just finished projects and our manager asked if we would like to do a show together. we said of course. Keegan

kairsh49 karma

What's the process like when you come up with an episode? I've read in an article that the author assumes it's something as simple as "Key or Peele walks in with a single idea, such as 'Keegan freaks out when he hears dubstep', and the entire skit is elaborated from there." Is absolutely everything scripted, or is there some improv that has made it through?

Do you write sketches specifically for certain episodes, or do you have a pool of them that you just pull out and apply?

During the filming of a season, what's a typical day like for you guys?

How helpful do you think your degrees were in making it 'big-time'? I've heard many people say that studies weren't as good as experience when it comes to show business, but I'd like to get a viewpoint from those that have completed a rather high degree of studies.

Keegan-Michael-Key85 karma

The process varies depending on the scene. What you just wrote about us having certain experiences and extrapolating from there is one of our processes. But we also do sketches that our writers bring in cold. With no initial input from us.

A typical day when were shooting is about 12-15 hours. we shoot about two scenes a day and watch edits of previous scenes that we shot and do casting for upcoming scenes. It's always a jam-packed day.

I think (Keegan) that a degree has been exceedingly helpful for me in my career. I believe it goes both ways. There are some things, technique-wise, you learn in school that you wouldn't be able learn out in the world and vice-versa. Sometimes it comes down to efficiency. You might learn something in training in three months that it could take you three years to discover out in the field.

iliketopartywg38 karma

Keegan, what's like to go from hosting Planet's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet to playing numerous characters on MADtv to having your own show on Comedy Central?

Keegan-Michael-Key55 karma

Well, actually Planet's Funniest Animals came AFTER I started MADtv. So I was doing those at the same time. It was pretty strange. Tow completely different styles of performing. And Key and Peele again is different in that it's not as character based as MADtv and SNL are. It's a really "fluid" journey, but an immensely enjoyable one.

MattDamonsNipples36 karma

Who is your favorite Tribe member?

Keegan-Michael-Key86 karma

smo. . . . .Smoky? ;) (you know it's gotta be Q-Tip)


TehSexualNinja25 karma

What's your favorite show you've appeared on and why MadTV?

Keegan-Michael-Key52 karma

Key and Peele is the favorite right now, because we get so much freedom to do what we want to do. I had a lot of fun working on a sitcom called Gary Unmarried about three years ago. It was directed by James Burroughs, who was one of the creators of Cheers.

Krysanth13 karma

Yes! So excited you guys are here. I love your show! I drew you guys a picture. Do you like it?


Keegan-Michael-Key25 karma

That may be the best key and peele picture I have seen yet. Nope it is!!