We are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (/u/jordan_peele) of Comedy Central's Key & Peele. Might we interest you in sampling some of our sketches? Oh we might? Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3h6es6zh1c&list=PL83DDC2327BEB616D&index=1 Tomorrow night is the season finale of Key & Peele (Wed. 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central) so to celebrate/mourn we wanted to talk to you, dear Reddit folk. AskUsAnything. For reals. Go for it. About Us: Keegan: I am a producer, actor and writer in Los Angeles, CA. Proud alum of The Second City, MADtv, Penn State and The University of Detroit-Mercy. Good day to you! Jordan: I am an actor, writer, producer. I lived in Amsterdam for a time.

Thank you all so much for participating. We had a blast! happy holidays to one and all.

Thank you all for asking your questions. This was super fun! Watch our season finale tomorrow at 10:30/9:30. <3, Key & Peele

Proof! We're real! https://twitter.com/KeeganMKey/status/413095433259319296 We are taking last questions now, we have about five more minutes.

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missimagination2421 karma

Any chance for any skits parodying the relationships of black women and white men? Last weeks with the white women in the bar discussing black men was HILARIOUS! Love from WV

Keegan-Michael-Key2872 karma

That is a great area to explore, I think you may have just planted a "scene seed" my friend. :0

1234ross1654 karma

When you two put a skit together in the style of a movie it feels great and like we are actually watching a movie. Is there a Key & Peele related movie that could be seen at any point?

Keegan-Michael-Key2675 karma

Yes, we are developing a movie with Judd Apatow right now, as a matter of fact. we have some other stuff in the works as well.

iratewit1424 karma

When writing a sketch, do you keep budgetary constraints in mind, or shoot the moon and worry about costs later?

Keegan-Michael-Key2021 karma

We are a "shoot the moon" kind of outfit over here. Great question.

AintNoSoop4u1207 karma

Who came up with the names on the East-West Bowl?

Keegan-Michael-Key1756 karma

Jordan came up with every name in the first E/W Bowl sketch. We were talking about football names and then he just came in one day with the script done! Finished! He's amazing. In the second one Jordan did it again, well i came up with one name. the Samoan guy.

rombituon345 karma

And who came up with "Cartoons Plural"?

Keegan-Michael-Key503 karma


Titty_Sprinkles_III1100 karma

Just wanted to say I really appreciate what you guys do, your comedy and sense of humor and the charisma, just the sense of togetherness you guys radiate on stage, has gotten me thru some really tough times.

And for that, I really appreciate and do thank you guys immensely.

Keegan-Michael-Key1303 karma

Boy, You just officially made my day.

AUSHTEEN922 karma

Have you and Jordan ever considered going on SNL?

Keegan-Michael-Key1698 karma

Jordan was going to be on but there was some contract issues with MADtv. He was going to play Obama on the show.

The_Fallen_Angel856 karma

Is it hard to keep a straight face during some of the skits? Will there be another substitute teacher?

Keegan-Michael-Key1069 karma

We've done two, but we're not sure yet if we're going to do a third.

magik_man_762 karma

Was Key eating funyons whenever he came up with Bizmo Funyons Florida state University.

Keegan-Michael-Key2205 karma

Actually Peele came up with it and he may have been eating a pot brownie at the time.

Misita210619 karma

Key & Peele,

Any chance we'll see Coach Hines on the show or does MADTV own that character?

Keegan-Michael-Key918 karma

We can't show Coach Hines due to legal reasons. He is a MADtv character and they own the intellectual property. Which means we could never use any of the catch phrases.

bboyauron418 karma

Im a local sketch comedian(in north carolina, right next to high point actually ;). How do you make the next "leap" career-wise?

My troupe and I have been doing local shows monthly for years and getting excellent praise for our sets at festivals.
Do you recommend moving to one of the big 3 cities? Do you think a web presence is more valuable? Any advice I could bend off either of your ears would be amazing.

Thank you

Keegan-Michael-Key776 karma

I think having a web presence is invaluable. The more ships you can get sailing the better. But it seems like eventually you will have to move to one of the big 3 I'm afraid to say, to get any real traction. If you're happy where you are and can tolerate what you love as a hobby and not a job then you would be okay to stay put.

snuffles44276 karma

The first time I saw your work was in a college class. Since then, I keep seeing/hearing about your videos in an academic setting.

What are your thoughts on your work being studied?

Keegan-Michael-Key554 karma

I'm actually honored that we may actually be of some social relevance.

Nuclearapple295188 karma

Which sketch did you have the most fun doing?

Keegan-Michael-Key447 karma

The Michael Jackson Halloween sketch was my favorite.

emanresutiddereht176 karma

If you had add a third member to your group, who would you add?

Keegan-Michael-Key478 karma

I would resurrect Harpo Marx's ghost.

PinkFloydJoe147 karma

Hey Keegan and Jordan! You guys ROCK!

I have a few questions for you guys:

Keegan, you had lots of really funny characters on MADtv, including the "CRAZY AS HELL!" guy, and Coach Hines, and my favorite, "SHOT... IN... THE HEAD!" What was your inspiration for some of these characters?

Jordan: What was the inspiration behind the "Flicker" sketch?

And I also have a request: Can you guys do a parody of the Maury show next season? I think that would be hysterical.

Thanks for the laughs guys!

P.S. That Mexican Standoff video was awesome... how did you guys get in touch with FreddieW?

Keegan-Michael-Key192 karma

In regard to the MADtv characters, they are mostly inspired by real people in my life i would say 80% of charcters for me. As far as Freddie goes, we are all fans of each other's work and thought it would make sense to do some stuff together.

hman9294143 karma

Keegan, you were on Whose Line is it Anyway? Do either of you guys have any live comedy battle stories? Edit: Spelling

Keegan-Michael-Key223 karma

I was on WLIIA last season. and will be on this upcoming season. Can't wait. No real live comedy battle stories, maybe with audiences, but I can't recall in this moment.

AnIrishgEnt52135 karma

Favorite show on Comedy Central that isn't yours?

Keegan-Michael-Key427 karma

I love Drunk History. That would be it for me.

MisterMH114 karma

Have you guys ever considered doing a tour of some of your standup work for universities?

Keegan-Michael-Key277 karma

We've considered it so much that we have done it! Several shows last year. We're taking a break right now as we write the 4th season.

Pfloyd33389 karma

Do you fear death?

Keegan-Michael-Key178 karma

I do not fear death, I am a spiritual person so, I like to think of it as a transition.

piroski79 karma

Hi Keegan and Jordan, thanks for stopping by! I just wanted you to know I love you and you're both my boyfriends in my mind. I just wanted to know, when you're shooting, which one of you is usually the first to crack up?

Keegan-Michael-Key165 karma

I"m pretty sure that's me keegan. In fact 90% of the time. Part of it is that im just giddy to be at work.

starcaster563 karma

What was it like to work with the guys at ERB another time? I loved your portrayals as Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, as well as Gandhi and MLK!

Keegan-Michael-Key129 karma

Peter and Lloyd are fantastic. They really are so colloborative and clever and creative and other c words. but not the c word, they're never that.

CuJo3162 karma


Keegan-Michael-Key120 karma


almostaboveaverage60 karma

Will we every see an origin story to the substitute teacher?

Keegan-Michael-Key156 karma

You may see it in a motion picture in the near future, but no promises.

Shadowfax908 karma

Other than Obama/Luther, the first couple seasons were full of unique stuff. This season, however, I have been annoyed at times when you piggyback off of the success of previous sketches. Some of them feel like a movie sequel that you know people will watch but will never be as good as the first one. Was the decision to reuse characters made by you, producers of the show, or a combination? Do you plan on making certain sketch ideas keep coming up in future seasons?

Keegan-Michael-Key21 karma

The idea for recurring characters came from us. We like the challenge of trying to widen the world in which some of the characters live. The way we look at it, is as if you are seeing another scene in a movie about that character. As opposed to a sequel to the scene.

laneymg7 karma

Do you like the cars, the cars that go boom?

Keegan-Michael-Key9 karma

That's the only kinda cars I like.

drivingsock7 karma

If you could choose to be a different ethnicity, what would it be?

Keegan-Michael-Key83 karma


FenwayFranks4 karma

It was weird seeing SNL do your airport waiting skit live the same week yours aired for the first time. Who's the snitch on your staff?

Keegan-Michael-Key6 karma

we wrote our sketch about 7 months ago and then aired it a month and a half ago. I think that since so many people frequent airports, it was actually a coincidence.

Dan2d223 karma

Just wondering if you 2 were gay who would be the "catcher" I have an Idea but just want to confirm it and Jordan looks good in a dress even my wife says so.

Keegan-Michael-Key17 karma

well now it seems like you may have your answer, my good friend. ;)