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Im a local sketch comedian(in north carolina, right next to high point actually ;). How do you make the next "leap" career-wise?

My troupe and I have been doing local shows monthly for years and getting excellent praise for our sets at festivals.
Do you recommend moving to one of the big 3 cities? Do you think a web presence is more valuable? Any advice I could bend off either of your ears would be amazing.

Thank you

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The world was awesome. I wanted more of the world and less of 1-dimensional characters and awful writing.

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I only started watching star trek cause my wife loves it(started about a year ago). We've watched through everything up to half through Voyager. Your characters relationship with Janeway is just...amazing and perfect. This AMA has made me incredibly sad, not because of the spoilers, per se, but because the writers would do that to such a perfect and amazing relationship. You guys really hit home every moment between the two of you, and do very very well, the difficult and rarely seen relationship between a powerful woman and a male subordinate.

The moment in year of hell where you give her the gift, and she tells you to put it back in the replicator.....your emotions.....so perfect. Thank you thank you! And Im so sorry the producers and writers end up ruining the characters.

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I didnt feel there was any balance really. The world seemed really cool and I wanted to learn and know more. The characters were poorly written and seemed to wreck the world when they didnt fit into it.

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I used to work with your daughter in nyc. She always told me you'd come in one day and she'd introduce me cause I love your work. Then you showed up one day while I was off. Well played sir. Hope shes doing well though, resturant work didnt seem to suit her.