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Bonus Points if he duets with Leonard Nimoy.

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Does he look like a bitch?

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Hey Keegan and Jordan! You guys ROCK!

I have a few questions for you guys:

Keegan, you had lots of really funny characters on MADtv, including the "CRAZY AS HELL!" guy, and Coach Hines, and my favorite, "SHOT... IN... THE HEAD!" What was your inspiration for some of these characters?

Jordan: What was the inspiration behind the "Flicker" sketch?

And I also have a request: Can you guys do a parody of the Maury show next season? I think that would be hysterical.

Thanks for the laughs guys!

P.S. That Mexican Standoff video was awesome... how did you guys get in touch with FreddieW?

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Hey! I saw your story as a feature in PC Gamer a while back. Is it true that when George Lucas came in to look at your game, he wanted Darth Talon to join him as a companion, even though they are almost 200 years apart in lore? Can you elaborate on how that was going to be solved in-game? I was always interested in this project (being a fan of the original Jedi Knight games). Sorry it worked out like it did.

There is still an interest in this kind of game in the market, especially something with competitive multiplayer value (Like JK2 & JK3 still has) Maybe you could come up with your own IP of laser-sword badasses?

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"In Space, no one can hear you say Biiiitttcccchhhh."