My name is Heorhii Sigal (proof) , I have been doing photography for over two years and almost immediately I started shooting in the nude genre. My works

I was the top 35 nude photographers according to the annual competition 7Th international 35Awards (proof)

For several years of work, I have accumulated a lot of funny, curious stories. How do we take pictures during an air-raid warning, threats from the boyfriends of the girls I work with , behind the scenes myths at nude photo shoot.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Ask me anything.

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JustaRandomOldGuy3682 karma

As a nude photographer, do the models ever ask you to put your clothes back on?

snegwy2108 karma

I couldn't come up with a decent joke im sorry

justsmilenow90 karma

Why does Instagram say your page was removed for me.

snegwy133 karma

I don't know my page is ok

MrWhiteRaven524 karma

How did you get into photography? And did you start out with nude genre or move into it?

How do you approach people when you want to photograph them?

Bonus Question: What is your favourite part of the human body?

snegwy876 karma

I was in a relationship with a girl who worked as a model, sometimes I had to wait for her from photo shoots, I watched the work of photographers and I liked it.

I bought a used canon for $ 100, practiced on a girl, friends, probably tired everyone with my camera then

I usually just tell the person "I like the way you look, let me take a picture of you"

Are the eyes part of the body? yes i love eyes

Prostheta234 karma

I viewed your work via the Instagram link, and yes, I would agree that you have a very sympathetic eye for the eyes. Very good work, as I feel many of the photographs have something to say and have innate personality.

Eyes are amazing, absolutely.

snegwy71 karma

Thank you so much)

greek_geek499 karma

Why do you only shoot girls? Would you do guys?

snegwy698 karma

I tried to find a guy to shoot, but there are still a lot of conservative views in Ukraine, for some reason people think that a guy should not do this

kayuh331 karma

I was in Kharkiv recently and the guy working the street food cart is a model who had to get a job at the cart due to the war, I can put you in touch.

snegwy257 karma

That would be great, please write to me!

snegwy5 karma

I already answered this question, please find it

CumGoddess-CumDemon352 karma

How much photoshop do you do with their bodies in terms of slimming down (not lighting or blemishes)? Is this something they request or you do?

I noticed in a few of the IG pics I reviewed that some of their inner thighs seemed heavily photoshopped so was curious about the process behind that.

snegwy639 karma

Yes, I do plastic surgery in Photoshop, but this is exclusively at the request of girls

some people want to look better than they really are

CumGoddess-CumDemon270 karma

That’s a funny way to put it.

elegantjihad35 karma

Given they are from Ukraine, English is probably their second language and there may be nuanced connotations they aren’t meaning.

Just a guess.

snegwy67 karma

I really don't know English perfectly, sometimes I use google translate. Thank you.

elegantjihad40 karma

You know more second languages than I do. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Stay safe.

snegwy17 karma

Thank you!

EpicFloyd279 karma

How do you get money from your photos, and how much?

snegwy430 karma

frankly, I spent more, good equipment is expensive.

I could shoot weddings and earn more, but I believe that if you do not set yourself a goal, but do what you like, then you will succeed

Housing_Affectionate190 karma

How has the war affected your work?

snegwy470 karma

there are significantly fewer orders, people are thinking about how to buy food, photography is the last thing they need now

Ksp-or-GTFO85 karma

Honest question have you thought about photography for news outlets? Could be a source of income in tough times and help to keep up awareness. Or this is a terrible suggestion.

snegwy117 karma

I would not refuse such earnings, but I have no experience in this area, I have never filmed reports

Ksp-or-GTFO35 karma

I haven't either. But it could be worth reaching out to BBC or Associated Press to ask if you are interested.

snegwy55 karma

Wow, the level of the BBC and the Associated Press is too far out of reach for me right now.

splitcroof9250 karma

you can always try mate! an email sent is free!

snegwy35 karma

Thank you, i will think about this!

Revolutionary-Dish299 karma

Please do not underestimate your own potential. If you consider this a possibility, have trust in yourself and give it a try! 💪🏼

snegwy6 karma

Thank you very much for believing in me, I will definitely try!)

SvampebobFirkant158 karma

What are your photos used for, what's the business model? Who usually pays for it?

I'm curious as it seems like such a niche field

snegwy220 karma

Commercial orders, patreon, shooting for contests with prizes, promotions.

I recently sold my first print

SvampebobFirkant33 karma

Thanks! Followup question, what kind of commercial settings are they used for? Lots of your work is fully nude, I'm guessing it cannot be used in actual commercials and marketing, and its too pretty and artistic to be in porn magazines?

snegwy90 karma

girls order photography for onyfans, patreon and page in webcam

Schwickity17 karma

How much do girls pay photographers for this?

snegwy60 karma

An hour of shooting costs $ 30, this is not a bad amount by the standards of Ukraine

significantGecko41 karma

That's cheaper than I anticipated. I have some (non nude) Photoshop/graphics work that I don't have time to so myself, would you be interested in something like that?

snegwy35 karma

Yes, I'm interested in this

BerenMiriel6 karma

May I ask you how much time the whole shooting takes? So, incl. editing and stuff?

snegwy26 karma

When it comes to creative photography, there is absolutely no middle ground.

I had shootings that lasted 5-6 hours, we were in absolute ecstasy from the process and could not stop, and I knew in advance what color I wanted to get in Photoshop.

It happened on the contrary that we come to the location, shoot for 20-30 minutes and I understand that this is all, there is no point further.

Schwickity8 karma

What kind of commercial orders?

snegwy30 karma

just personal footage that the girls use for their own purposes and for which I do not have copyright in the future

ImastrangeJack135 karma

Hi and merry Christmas. What are the top curious stories that you can share?

snegwy390 karma

Once I shot a girl with silicone breasts, I asked her a few questions from the category "how long has she done it, does she like her look, etc."

She politely answered and asked if I had never touched the artificial breast, having received a negative answer, she said "you can touch it"

ClosetLink156 karma


snegwy336 karma

what do you think?

badass410218 karma

How'd they feel?

snegwy146 karma

Like a ball, too hard, I didn't like it.

salientecho15 karma

How did they photograph?

snegwy83 karma

It was a commercial shoot for her onlyfans not very creative, I don't really like those, but they pay for them.

pnjtony17 karma

Chainsaw man?

snegwy31 karma

i still haven't watched this anime but i heard a lot of good reviews that it looks like jojo

MadCactusCreations129 karma

Is there any reason you use Instagram, which forces you to censor your work, as opposed to a platform like Artstation that doesn't censor nudity?

snegwy209 karma

In Ukraine, Instagram is the most popular

My clients find me on Instagram, so unfortunately there is no alternative, I have to accept the rules of the game

2deep4u22 karma

How did you build a following on IG?

snegwy68 karma

I ran targeted ads a few times.

Basically, everyone came with the help of "word of mouth"

JohnnyBoy1122 karma

Did targeted ads work for you?

snegwy69 karma

Not really, I'm not good at this, I should have consulted a specialist, but I tried to do everything myself and it turned out badly.

Trumpassassin77799 karma

Are you nude or the person you photograph?

snegwy129 karma

anything happens😂

dcheng4771 karma

What are some of the biggest myths you’ve heard about nude photo shoots?

snegwy151 karma

that all photographers have sex with models

Minkiemink89 karma

I modeled back when I was young. Several nude or semi-nude art shoots. Much like the poses in your photos. Never did I ever sleep with one of the photographers.

snegwy89 karma

Thank you

a very stupid myth that models sleep with photographers on set

Trumpisaderelict36 karma

So then have you ever had sex with one of your models at a shoot? How was it? Was it a one night stand?

snegwy80 karma

right on the shoot never, but outside of it, the acquaintance can continue

GRNC9870 karma

How did you find models for this? I mean most women will barely model for a normal portrait.

snegwy139 karma

When I first started and I did not have a quality portfolio, it was very difficult to find a model. In the eyes of girls, you look like a pervert who just wants to look at them.

I filmed my girlfriends girls with whom I had an intimate relationship

GRNC9851 karma

Exactly. And how did you convince your gfs to let you use the photos for your portfolio? I guess most women would find these kind of photos very intimate to share with others.

snegwy54 karma

Of course , not everyone allowed, but the photographs that I took of them were not too erotic,

GRNC9815 karma

And after you started building up your portfolio with clients you knew, how did you source new ones?

snegwy32 karma

I just offered photosets, shot more, gained experience, and over time, girls appeared who were ready to pay me themselves

Jhe9055 karma

Photo shoots in a air raid...thats a whole new challenge.

Is that the weirdest stuff you ever done?

snegwy71 karma

probably yes, emotions go wild, fear eats from the inside

spaycedinvader52 karma

Which picture that you have taken do you consider your favorite?

And which one do you think is your best?

snegwy95 karma

a photo that was recently bought from me, a girl lies in the sea among orange algae, she is in my profile

mojaX747 karma

Hi. Reading this thread, you seem like a great guy. You respond to all comments, have a sense of humor, and has an air of a humble guy who is just doing what he loves. Kudos to you.

What is your most important advice to all the budding photograpers out there who may be struggling?

snegwy52 karma

I would recommend filming a lot. When I bought the camera, I never left the house without it. Practice is important in any business, and photography is no exception.

Any my exit from the house, even to the store, was accompanied by a camera.

It is also important to develop taste, to watch the work of famous world photographers, high-quality films, such as the work of Wes Anderson, for me the standard of fine art.

Also, do not spare money to invest in training, I spent a lot of money on video courses of different photographers, not all of them were useful to me, but this is an important experience

For me, the most difficult thing was emotional burnout, I was always motivated by people who reacted to my work, criticized or praised, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is feedback

mojaX78 karma

Also, do not spare money to invest in training, I spent a lot of money on video courses of different photographers, not all of them were useful to me, but this is an important experience

Thank you! This is actually very good advice. Not everything may be useful to you, but they can be useful to someone else. And even if you don't find it useful NOW, at you may find it useful LATER on. When you have the passion and resource, investing in training is really one yhing you should not hold back.

Follow up question, what do you think of the state of mobile photography today? Do you think they are on par, or at least an alternative if you don't have the resource to buy a dedicated gadget for photography?

snegwy19 karma

Сamera is just a tool. An expensive camera will be more convenient, but look at what masterpieces Richard Avedon, Yousuf Karsh, Irving Penn and many other photographers of that era shot, and they shot on film cameras that were 100 times worse than an iPhone camera.

So don't think "I'll buy an expensive camera and take good pictures" it doesn't work like that.

GleamyAxiom46 karma

Do the subjects of the photo ever stir naughty feelings in you in the moment or are they they objects which you want to capture for the art form?

snegwy172 karma

I am a healthy man, so I think it would be strange if this "naughty reaction" did not occur. But in I am completely immersed in the shooting process, I don’t think about it and everything passes.

angwilwileth41 karma

What part of Ukranian do you live in? How are the blackouts affecting your daily life?

snegwy120 karma

I live in Odessa, this is the south of Ukraine.

blackouts are terrible, it happens that there is no electricity for 3-4 days, phones and power banks are discharged, batteries are expensive, and you can’t put a generator in an apartment building.

we have to charge equipment at gas stations, cafes, etc.

mj190431 karma

Do you have an uncensored online gallery? How do you feel about having to sensor your photos for Instagram and other popular platforms?

snegwy40 karma

I post uncensored photos on patreon.

I love to process photos, change color, create the atmosphere I need, but I hate Instagram censorship

CBtheDB3 karma

Do the subjects give you consent to post the nude photos behind a paywall?

snegwy15 karma

With the girls I work with for the first time I conclude a model release so that there are no problems. With my permanent models, we manage with verbal consent.

kikiubo21 karma

How do ask someone to model naked for you without sounding creepy?

snegwy59 karma

If you're not a photographer and don't have a minimum portfolio this will be really creepy.

There are two options, beg your girl friends. Or pay money to nude models.

When you have a beautiful portfolio, people themselves will ask you to shoot.

l4ina20 karma

Do you only photograph nude women? Why?

snegwy21 karma

I already answered the question why I don’t have photos with the guys, please look

DoctorGigglz19 karma

What is the best and worst model interaction you have experienced?

snegwy114 karma

As for the best, it's hard to say, I'm usually always pleased at photo shoots.

the worst was when, a month after the shoot, she asked to remove the photo from instagram because her new boyfriend was against it -_-

defaltusr22 karma

Well thats why you have contracts that clearly state if you have to remove her stuff if she asks for it or not.

snegwy49 karma

yes, now I always conclude model releases

PornoPaul14 karma

Merry Christmas! What does your family think of your profession?

What did you do before becoming a photographer?

When shooting outdoors, do you have a back up plan in case the weather turns lousy quickly, or in general in case of unforseen issues?

By the way, nice portfolio. I think my favorite is Alis with the candle outdoors, or the redhead in the field (Missed her name). Funny enough I don't think either set had nudity.

snegwy31 karma

my father of course likes photos, he always asks to show something new: D mum just glad i found my life's work

before photography, I worked as a customs broker

it was for bad weather that I bought a waterproof camera, on the street I shoot usually in the summer, and the rain does not scare us)

Thank you:)

Error4040412 karma

Why only women?

snegwy8 karma

I already answer on this question

nanosam10 karma

If you had a chance to do a shoot with nude Putin, how do you imagine you would shoot him?

snegwy44 karma

I would not retouch his wrinkled face and increase the sides with plastic surgery.

"Oh yeah, I'm bad guy”

TuckingFypeos9 karma

Thank you for continuing to capture beauty while so surrounded by war. Art and culture are important to maintain. How do you manage to work as a photographer without being mobilized? I was under the impression there's a general mobilization / draft going on in your country.

snegwy31 karma

in our country, first of all, people with a military specialty, or who served in the army, are mobilized.

I have minor health problems, I did not serve in the army, but I am fit for military service. If they call me, I will go.

TigzyGee9 karma

With the war going on currently in Ukraine, how are you finding the time to continue the photography business there?

Have you thought about temporarily switching over and taking photos of the current war going in to show the wider world audience the life and struggles currently experienced by the Ukranian people?

snegwy25 karma

I answered earlier that there are practically no orders now, there were 2 shootings this month, the main income now is Patreon and retouching orders.

I would like to cover the war, but you need to get the appropriate permission for this, something like a document of a journalist / reporter

Now we have a strict ban on shooting public places, because a military object can get into the frame.

Sealance7 karma

Nice photos. Do you ever do any old-school analogue photography?

snegwy7 karma

I use an analog camera, but mostly for home archives, I give printed photos to my models.

rayrayrayray7 karma

What type of camera are you using and what are some of your dream pieces of equipment to shoot with?

snegwy23 karma

nikon z6 fix lens 24mm 50mm and hellios 44/2

leto787 karma

That is you typical gear? Do you use several cameras and or lenses per shoot, or do you tend to stick with one camera and lens for the entire shoot?

snegwy12 karma

I usually use two lenses, for creative shooting I sometimes take a film camera

mikemojc6 karma

Looking at your work, I see a variety of styles of lighting. Do you preplan your lighting, or just figure it out in set?

snegwy13 karma

I like to surrender to intuition and emotions, I never plan my shooting to the smallest detail

TheKingMonkey5 karma

Have you ever tried to do one of those massive nude shoots with dozens or hundreds of subjects like Spencer Tunick?

snegwy20 karma

it can be difficult to gather even three girls for a shoot, not to mention such a number

ithinkmynameismoose5 karma

How do you think you experience in this field compares to that of any female counterparts?

I’m honestly very curious to see how this AMA is received when compared to that woman who does something similar.

snegwy12 karma

I would not want to separate men and women, because experience depends on your work, and not on the number of x and y chromosomes

I can only say that at the beginning of my career, I faced rejections from filming just because I'm a guy.

blackpieck5 karma

Saw your works and the pictures are really stunning 💓 I'm just curious though, have you worked with plus sized people for your nude photoshoots? I'm sorry for using the term plus sized, for the lack of a better term.

snegwy31 karma

I spoke on this subject, but I will repeat.

Unfortunately, girls with such a weight in Ukraine are very shy, I would really like to find a model of this type, I believe that every person is beautiful!

Sithlord45 karma

What’s the worst piece of equipment you’ve had or used?

Fantastic body of work you’ve got! Feels like a mix of 60’s-70’s classy sexy and modern day lighting/camera technique!

snegwy4 karma

My first camera was a canon 1000d, I bought it at a flea market for $ 100, at that time I had an Iphone 5s and I can say for sure that he shot better: D

JohnnyBoy115 karma

Youre awesome for answering all the questions.

Do you study other photographers? Who are some that you admire? What do you think is separating your work from say the top 5 nude photographers?

snegwy13 karma

Of course, I follow many popular photographers, and also studied the work of the classics of the old era.

It seems to me that my photos lack depth, I would like to convey a certain message through the photo, and not just show a beautiful wrapper.

I'm working on it

cistacea4 karma

Would you consider submitting your work to the Seattle erotic art festival?

snegwy13 karma

I have not even heard of such a festival, but if it is possible, then of course I would like to!

greatvgnc14 karma

how many of the models are doing only fans, webcams, porn? I know Ukraine is quite big for that stuff right now. Seems like any somewhat attractive Ukrainian women is used to showing off their body

snegwy6 karma

Yes, now a lot of girls are looking for themselves in this business. Many of my friends also have pages on onlyfans

piedras694 karma

Do you use filters ?

snegwy6 karma

Processing in photoshop and camera raw

lpbale03 karma

I can sound and blend some Cyrillic words, and noticed that you wrote your location as "Ukraine, Odessa", where as most places are referred to as the city then state, then country in english, so like "Chicago, United States". Is country first city second the norm in Cyrillic alphabet using locations?

snegwy5 karma

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I don't remember exactly how, according to the rules of the Ukrainian language, it is necessary to write the country first of all or not .. sorry

highlander6666663 karma

How you able to work with war going on? Hope you safe ?

snegwy6 karma

There are practically no orders now, people are not up to it now.

Thank you for your concern, I am relatively safe, my city is not a frontier city, artillery is not firing at us , but we are not protected from missile attacks

BlackonBlue3 karma

Do you ever get cold taking pictures naked?

snegwy6 karma

No, I'm warmed by such jokes)

ByteEater3 karma

Hi, photographer here too, how do you deal with your mood with everything that is going on there since several months? Have there been moments where you didnt feel like to create or has it affected your photography style in any way ?

snegwy11 karma

I did not pick up a camera for three months after the start of the war. I had complete apathy, I updated the news feed every minute, those times were the terrible

My friend pulled me out of it, suggested a cool idea, and gradually I got out of this depression.

pryjar2 karma

Do you have standard poses that you have the model do if they're someone who's won a contest and this is there first time?

snegwy17 karma

I have a basic set of poses, we use them for the first 20 minutes, and then we improvise depending on the location and the girl

Turkeyduck012 karma

The lighting in your instagram photos is stunning. Do you prefer working with natural or artificial light sources, and what's your favourite time of day/night to shoot?

snegwy4 karma

Favorite sunset and dawn, this is the most comfortable and pleasant light. But many of my shots I took with cloudy light, or hard sunlight but with the help of a reflector

hpofficejet3302 karma

Do you own a studio or do you shoot in their homes?

Do you own the clothes or do the models?

snegwy3 karma

we rent studios or apartments.

Odessa is a big city so the choice is also big

Prostheta2 karma

What is the experience range of your models? For example, do many of them have their own level of expertise in photography, such as lighting, composition or even directing the range of photos within a set shoot? Do you try and elevate the proficiency of models so that they have more confidence and ability to self-direct with experience?

snegwy10 karma

I took pictures of girls who only took selfies before meeting me

and I’ll tell you that it’s very nice to work with such people, they listen to you very carefully, they don’t tell you “oh don’t shoot me from this angle, my stomach seems big there (or something like that)”

I always compliment the models during the shoot to make them feel more confident, it really works

drail182 karma

How do you get people to pose nude for you? Do you pay them?

snegwy8 karma

never paid a model for shooting, if the photo session is interesting to me, I can pay for the rent of the studio or apartment

in cases when shooting is ordered from me, the model pays for my work and other expenses (rent, props, etc.)

UltimateBronzeNoob2 karma

Hey Heorhii, I love the elegance displayed in your shoots, it's beautiful. I was wondering about what the process is behind picking a location and setting, is that all on you?

snegwy5 karma

The selection process takes place in a dialogue between me and the model, we discuss different options and decide which one is best.

I sometimes look for places through google maps, just poke in a random place and walk around the 3d map

-colorsplash-2 karma

What kind of threats did you get?

snegwy8 karma

jealous model boyfriends sometimes texted me that they would find me because I posted photos of their girlfriends (although I signed a model release with publishing rights)

but things did not go beyond verbal threats

congob0ngo2 karma

Nude photographers or your clients search or have the need for some specific type of body?

Because a lot of nude models that appears on reddit seems like they have some characteristics which most of the other nude models have.

They have a tall, thin and sort of athletic body.

snegwy3 karma

I love natural beauty, I like it when a girl has natural lips, breasts. I do not allow excessive makeup on my shoots.

I offered shoots to "plus size" girls, but they are too shy of their body and refuse me, it's sad because I think they are also beautiful

Scarce_Sabyseo2 karma

How do you find models who are willing to do nude photo shoots?

snegwy7 karma

I met some of my models on tinder.

but usually I just write to the girl on instagram "hello I like you let's shoot!"

of course not everyone agrees, I think about 50%

cdn_redshirt2 karma

What has it been like as a photographer during the war?

snegwy10 karma

I already answered a similar question, in short I will say that, in principle, living during a war is very bad

princesslalaaa2 karma

Why do you prefer nude photography instead of photos of models clothed or in underwear or something? Has it got anything to do with the controversial factor of like showing naked bodies or..?

snegwy6 karma

I like the aesthetic of the nudity, I think that people should not be ashamed to show it. Naked body does not mean sex.

I answered a similar question in more detail.

jacksonelhage1 karma

do you eventually want to move on or expand to other types of photography, or just continue to do nude photoshoots? and what draws you to doing specifically nude photography?

snegwy5 karma

I have a lot of projects that I would like to implement, but it takes a lot of money.

while I am pumping my skill, I meet interesting people from the field of photography.

in nudity, I am attracted to its essence, God created us naked, why should we be ashamed of it? I consider absolutely any body type to be beautiful, regardless of weight, skin color, each person is beautiful in his own way.

But unfortunately, girls with a weight above socially acceptable refuse to shoot, society made them feel ashamed of themselves.

HoldorScalp1 karma

Why just nude young girls and no men or older people? And you make no money out of it? Shady to me, can understand concerned parents or bf.

snegwy1 karma

I answered these questions, please find them.

Rubberduckrampage1 karma

This seems exploitive, especially since you mentioned in some of your later comments about touching some of the models breasts... How do we know you aren't just doing this for the "perk" of seeing all these women naked? How is this not creepy?

snegwy3 karma

I told about the most curious story, when a model with artificial breasts herself invited me to touch her. It was an isolated case, I do not allow myself any vulgar hints towards my models, this is my job.

chenhanlin1 karma

I guess here’s a question…how many of your female models have tried to sleep with you?

snegwy11 karma

no one molested me right during the shooting (that would be strange), but acquaintances continued with some girls outside the photo studio

waituntilthis-1 karma

Are you trying to profit off of the war by giving your business more exposure in this AMA?

snegwy2 karma

Of course, man, war is very profitable, losing people you know who went to war, being under rocket fire for several days without electricity and water, waking up from the sound of an air raid alarm is the most profitable thing in the world.

I wish you never get such a benefit.

waituntilthis1 karma

I mean you can pull the victimcard here but lets adress the elephant in the room, you are just promoting your porn business.

snegwy2 karma

I just shared my experience, talked to people, is it forbidden?

I take nude photos, but it's not porn.

Why are you trying to see this as a selfish trick

Infamous_Dimension99-1 karma

How you control your feelings when taking pictures?

snegwy3 karma

I just think about the process of filming, how to set the light, what angle to choose, and so on.

I don't have time to think about something else

fullonavocado-2 karma

Why do you only photograph girls?

snegwy2 karma

Already answer on this question

Laxberry-42 karma

How often are you jacking off to your own photos?

Do you recognize that there is an underlying element of perversion when you do this?

What is your reasoning for only shooting women and not men?

snegwy11 karma

I have never masturbated to my photos, they do not make me sexually attracted.

it's like a pastry chef masturbating on a cake lol