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defaltusr30 karma

Hey, thanks for the opportunity. Congrats to your doctor title. My questions:

  1. How and when did you decide that you want to become an astronomer?

  2. Have you ever taken an IQ test (whats your score) or do you think you are way smarter than others?

  3. I am thinking about studying astronomy. What career choices do you have when you are done. Are there many jobs?

  4. What was your studying technique? I imagine you have to be good at studying because astronomy is tough.

Thanks for your time and have a good day :).

defaltusr2 karma

I am really sceptical with the moon base thing. There is no real application for it right now. We still face huge problems on earth (Climate, Rich/Poor, Weather extrems,...) and now we want to go to the moon for just the sake of it? Don't get me wrong, as Carl Sagan said we have to became spacefaring or we will go extinct but we don't need it right now. We have better things to do with the money. It's the same problem as 50-60 years ago: "Whiteys on the moon". We spend money for things we don't need while at the same time we destroy earth. Open for discussion ofc. :)